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Small university with a rather diverse population for a rural town. The professors are knowledgeable and personable and the smaller class sizes allow for a lot more interaction between students and teachers.
The school is really invested in your academic success. However, they tend to overreact and assume things instead of investigating them further. the students and staff here really care about each other and that shows.
I would like the school to be more involved with bringing every student together. The first week when school started they planned a lot of things that weekend so we could be involved. Also if something happens on campus the school should notify us instead of hiding it.
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I love Eastern Illinois there is alot of diversity here and you see it as soon as you step foot on the campus.
I like that EIU is a good diverse school where you can meet new people from different cultures and they have the majors I wanted to take.
Being a student at Eastern Illinois University has been very exciting and helpful in many ways. The campus is the perfect size to walk to and from classes, and it is absolutely beautiful. Almost everyone on campus is very friendly and willing to help if you have any questions that need to be answered. The majority of your professors will encourage you to meet with them one on one and be very helpful and considerate of anything you may need help with. They are down to earth and very easy to talk to. Many of the professors here like to see you succeed and they will push you even when you don't want to push yourself.
Comfortable, small campus, but spread out enough. Teacher/Student ratio is good. Quality of teaching is about what I expected. Dorms are decent.
EIU is an excellent value for an in-state option for Illinois residents. With soaring costs to go away to a four year university EIU offers an excellent education in a very safe and confined campus. The social life is what a student wants to make of it. You can always find someone to have a good time(not just partying). Just go to the Student Rec Center and you can find a pick up Basketball game in minutes or get a work out in to get rid of some academic stress.
Professors for the most part are approachable and willing to help out. The campus community is very inclusive, in my experience. Every class is within walking distance. The food court could be better, but there is still a decent variety of dining options throughout campus.
I am a second semester Freshman at Eastern Illinois University pursuing a degree in Music Education. So far my time at Eastern has been tough, but memorable. Many think college is just a place to come party and occasionally go to class. However, it is true that you must go to class to pass, and many of your professors expect you to show up.
When it comes to the food, expect to only be eating chicken strips or tacos for the four years that you are here. It seems to be that those are the only meals that the dining halls can prepare.
In terms of campus safety, we have had a few incidents on campus/in Charleston this past fall, but overall you can feel safe when walking back to your residence at night from the library.
All in all, if you are looking for a small campus with that small town feel, then I highly recommend EIU for you. However, if you are longing for the big university in a city feel, I would look somewhere else.
I love Eastern because everyone on campus is so friendly and helpful. The first time I ever visited EIU was my senior year of high school and I walked around campus and just felt as if I was at home. The campus is just so welcoming and inviting.
Eastern Illinois University has been a great help to me. They offer so many RSO's that an individual can get involved with and meet new people. The most important thing that I noticed about EIU right away, is that the faculty and staff treat you like family before you ever make a decision. EIU has done an awesome job at welcoming me, providing me with an awesome education, and making a difference in my life! Coming to EIU was one of the best decisions ever!
Didn't live on campus but I loved every day at EIU. My teachers were great and VERY helpful. The campus took a hit when money was tight but the workers keep it clean and looking good!
I have had a great experience at EIU. The professors are all there and willing to help. Every student on campus has a smile on their face when going to class, and are always willing to say hi. If I could change one thing about EIU it would be the parking. The parking situation at EIU is not the most ideal.
EIU is a medium sized school with a thriving international and transfer student population. The student-teacher class ratios are about 15-20:1. I really enjoy being able to create lasting relationships with my professors.
Love the class sizes and the campus is easy to get around. Most professors in the Political Science dept. are wonderful!
It was good, I enjoy my time spent in class and walking around classes. Its great to stay active and talk to your professors on campus
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I have been attending Eastern for a year now and the professors are great. Their main focus is educating the students in the best way for the student. Students are very friendly and is also willing to help each other.
I like the resources and the support on campus that helps you excel in your classes. The staff on campus wants the students to be successful in their career field and be safe.
I liked that the university was safe and friendly. It was in a good environment. I didn't like that laundry cost so much and I also didn't like that choices of food they offered.
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