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Eastern always makes me feel at home. It was hard findin a college that would offer exactly what I was looking for. They’re very welcoming and excited when freshman come in.
It's a good school just need to make changes in things related to diversity. Need to tailor more things to the minorities such as change of food offerings.
When I first stepped on this campus I was scared and did not really know what to expect. But now that I am here for a second year I proud to say that I have officially made this campus my second home. I was welcome and greeted by nice people and by the second week of college my freshmen year I have been making a lot of friend and getting involved on campus. Seriously if anyone was looking for a college Eastern Illinois University is your place.
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The family went here so I did too. It's really nice. Its not overwhelming . If you need to get work done you will and still can go party .
There doesn't seem to be a great deal of student involvement. There seems to be a lot of staff employed who don't lack the capacity to do they job properly ( Specifically in the international/ foreign affairs department). People have lost their visas due to the lack of competency in that department. There are very few professors who actually teach, mainly their concern is their research ( which though is understandable because it can be stressful and lack of research can get you relieved from your position). A lot of my peer, alumni, and international student will admit that a few of the departments are " a joke". But with stating the bad, I must admit there are professors who make your time at Eastern enjoyable, entertaining, and interesting. The ability to meet people from different cultures through different multicultural events is very inviting. Lumpkin and Dounda are beautiful inside and have a lot to offer.
What I like about EIU is the fact that the campus is considered very small compared to some surrounding schools. Having a small campus makes it easier to get to know people and the walks are a considerable amount shorter to get to dorms, classes, and the dining hall. Although some of the aspects of the school are “average,” there really isn’t something i would change about Eastern Illinois University.
I chose to come to Eastern Illinois University because of the diversity and the strong benefits that the school provides with my major. Exercise science is big when it comes to this University. This school is also one of the cheapest schools in Illinois and it is 3 hours away from home, so traveling is very convenient. The food is manageable and there are parties going on every weekend.
I enjoyed EIU because of college experience. It is not an overpopulated place or school, so you can really take time to learn and focus on your academics without all the stress of a large class size.
I am very happy with my experience at Eastern Illinois University so far. It has gave me many opportunities, and I think it is preparing me for my goals very well. It is a school that isn't too expensive, has amazing professors who teach very well, many fun things to get involved in, and is diverse. I love the school!
The people here are so friendly. The campus is small and very quiet. They have a lot of fun events that everyone would enjoy. The class sizes are small, and you really get attention for all your professors. There are a lot of tutoring offered for difficult classes.
The college looks nice, but they don't seem to care that much about prospective students. When I was accepted, I didn't get so much as an email, and only found out when I checked MyEIU. It was months before I got an actual letter of acceptance. For the most part, the only emails I got were ones telling me to check MyEIU, and I would only to find nothing new from the last time I checked. The most helpful email I received from them was one with a link to a survey that let you cancel your application. They canceled my application in April, and after that, I finally started getting emails about stuff at EIU, and they are still coming. I can't say I regret canceling my application, and if they cared so much then they should have started sending these emails last fall.
Small university with a rather diverse population for a rural town. The professors are knowledgeable and personable and the smaller class sizes allow for a lot more interaction between students and teachers.
The school is really invested in your academic success. However, they tend to overreact and assume things instead of investigating them further. the students and staff here really care about each other and that shows.
I would like the school to be more involved with bringing every student together. The first week when school started they planned a lot of things that weekend so we could be involved. Also if something happens on campus the school should notify us instead of hiding it.
I love Eastern Illinois there is alot of diversity here and you see it as soon as you step foot on the campus.
I like that EIU is a good diverse school where you can meet new people from different cultures and they have the majors I wanted to take.
Being a student at Eastern Illinois University has been very exciting and helpful in many ways. The campus is the perfect size to walk to and from classes, and it is absolutely beautiful. Almost everyone on campus is very friendly and willing to help if you have any questions that need to be answered. The majority of your professors will encourage you to meet with them one on one and be very helpful and considerate of anything you may need help with. They are down to earth and very easy to talk to. Many of the professors here like to see you succeed and they will push you even when you don't want to push yourself.
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Comfortable, small campus, but spread out enough. Teacher/Student ratio is good. Quality of teaching is about what I expected. Dorms are decent.
EIU is an excellent value for an in-state option for Illinois residents. With soaring costs to go away to a four year university EIU offers an excellent education in a very safe and confined campus. The social life is what a student wants to make of it. You can always find someone to have a good time(not just partying). Just go to the Student Rec Center and you can find a pick up Basketball game in minutes or get a work out in to get rid of some academic stress.
Professors for the most part are approachable and willing to help out. The campus community is very inclusive, in my experience. Every class is within walking distance. The food court could be better, but there is still a decent variety of dining options throughout campus.
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