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Eastern Illinois University Reviews

1,165 reviews
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I love the campus! Its not too big and not too small. The people on campus are very friendly and welcoming. I plan to swim at Eastern Illinois University and the swim team is just what I have been looking for. The coach is great and the team is awesome. I really like all of the athletic facilities. And on top of all of that, Eastern Illinois University has the major I want. Charleston is a great city and I can't wait to attend there in the fall of 2017.
Eastern has very good academics and a beautiful campus. After only spending a semester in Charleston I absolutely love it!
A close-knit community with a great student to teacher ratio that will encourage one's education.

Academically, it really varies in each department, but everything is really straight forward.

It isn't too diverse, but are taking steps to be. There is an emergence of more international students as time goes on.
Eastern Illinois University is a wonderful school. I love that it is a very close and small community. Everyone you meet at Eastern helps you out in the long run of being there. Down from the professors to the janitors, no one there wants to see you doing bad. Another thing I love about Eastern is the small classrooms. I feel like I can connect with my classmates better and also the professors. All in all Eastern is one of the top colleges in my opinion in the state of Illinois, it's safe, fun, and enjoyable.
My experience at EIU has been very good so far. I have made some new friends and I have learned a lot about my self. The environment is really good and I have had some pretty good professors. I have learn a lot in just a short amount of time. I learned that you are responsible for your own success. If you are not willing to put the time and effort into your success then you are not going to make it. This school has shown me that hard work and dedication will help you to succeed. You are in control of your own future and you have to want to be successful.
I'm in my freshmen year and so far it is really fun being here. My professors are great and the classes are challenging. I would change the food, but other than that everything is great.
I have been honored to be able to call Eastern Illinois University my home. The small campus is friendly and inviting. My teachers have a passion for their jobs that makes learning from them all the more worth while. The food on campus is amazing, the best food can be found at Stevenson Dining hall. Booth library is an oasis of learning on the campus. Students on campus show their panther pride wherever they go. I love this University and would not change a thing about it.
Small class sizes. Big university education with a small school feel. The community is very safe. On Wednesdays, we eat grilled cheese.
I like how connected the students are and how friendly students are around campus. Everyone around campus just naturally gives off good vibes, and the students are always willing to help one another. The days when the weather can be hazardous, there always people on campus to assist with us students getting to class and making the commute as safe as possible. The one thing I would like to see improve is the library hours. I feel the place should be open 24hra because the library is the place that all students can get their work done at a very high rate.
This is a great university. There is a lot of diversity, the facility are great, and the teachers really sit down and get to know each student. Class room sizes are small so it's better because you can really interact with the teacher.
I like how the college looked, I also really like how the college have a lot of majors. At Eastern Illinois University their are also a lot of opportunities for jobs and internships in the college. The financial aid office is amazing. The atmosphere is amazing. The school spirit is uplifting. The teachers are great, the College also have many creative people.
EIU is a great school. Professors are good teachers and provide great help. Not only that, Eastern is resourceful and has great people and organizations to fall back on.
I absolutely love EIU! Making friends is so much easier than I expected. The school size is perfect for people who like small class sizes and also want the same opportunities offered by a large school.
I like that there are many resources to finding jobs and internships
  • College Freshman
  • 5 months ago
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I have loved being here so far. I like my professors, I like that I am actually learning. I love my schedule, and I feel the coursework is appropriate for my level of education. I like that classes are smaller and even if a professor doesn't know my name at least they know my face.
There are many health resources to choose from and it is a very safe campus.
I love where I stay, and how easy it is to get to all my classes. The people in my hall are friendly. Room and board takes up the bulk of my tuition and fees so I'm not too keen on that. The food is much better than I expected it to be.
  • College Freshman
  • 5 months ago
  • Housing
I love the school spirit.
In all my classes I have been taught by the professors themselves and not by teaching assistants. It's very easy to get around campus. Everyone is friendly. There are many resources to use, academic and otherwise. The campus is safe and it is a good study environment.
The admission process went smoothly.
  • College Junior
  • 6 months ago
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