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I love eastern Idaho technical college. It has a very small school feel. The teachers are great and are always willing to take the time to personally talk with you if you have any questions or concerns. The classes aren't very big and all in all I've had a great experience so far.
My classes have been very flexible, I have had to miss one of my classes due to a death in my family, and the professor allowed me to do the homework assignment outside of class and submit it for full points.
I personally have not taken any online courses through my school, but a fellow student in one of my classes has taken an introduction to healthcare professions class online and she said it was a very good class, and everything went extremely smoothly.
Review Eastern Idaho Technical College
Alumni come by and do inspirational speeches and offer tutoring for struggling students so I would say its amazing. I enjoy my school very much.
The degrees of graduating students are extremely great job placement rates.
All of my current Professors have been extremely helpful and even have helped our class get a tutor for microbiology that we all are benefiting from. we all work together to get through the hard parts and the professor is right by our side ready to answer any extra questions that any of us students may have.
The school workload is heavy if you are going full time like I am. It's definitely possible to do it full time, but you have to do it a certain way to be extremely successful. The advisor can help you in which they did do for me, set up a plan for you so that you have an idea of which classes you will take during which semesters. Job opportunities and job placement for graduates of the Medical Assisting program are very high and actually have good starting pay. The advisor will show you those statistics as well.
I most definitely would choose and am choosing to continue attending Eastern Idaho Technical college because they are extremely supportive instructors, and the group of students on campus are very nice. On my first day of classes, I didn't know where to go to for my first class, and when I asked a student in the hallway she just took me all the way to my class. I felt like the Student Orientation that we went to before classes started was very well organized and extremely informational. For example, that is where I found out that after they helped me set up my .edu email account, that I could link that email account to also come through to my main email account whereas then that way I could get my school email messages all the time no matter where I was. My personal email was already linked to my cell phone so it worked out very well for me. The Professors that I have had so far at my school, always are very prompt in replying to emails, even at late hours of the night when we've been cramming for exams and ran into questions that our study group needed clarification of..our professor replied at 10:30pm. It was very helpful, and she was very supportive.
the professors are easy to talk to and provide valuable information.
they have multiple shops they keep in contact with.
it was quick and easy experience
You work on customers cars and you are in a fully functioning shop
You get hands on experience
I love being able to choose my class schedule to fit around my work schedule as I have to work full time while I go to school. It also helps that I have an employer that will work with me regarding my school schedule and is very flexible that way.
I do not take online courses as I want the in class interaction. For me, online is not a good learning experience and I only take online courses if that is the only option for the required class. But when I have had to take courses online, it was easy to communicate with the instructor/classmates via email but the hardest thing is getting a response. Not everyone checks their email on a regular basis. I had one on campus instructor who rarely checked email but that was the only way to communicate with him except for when we were in class.
Since I am still a student, I have not had to utilize the post-grad services at school but I would assume that they are excellent.
Since this school is a technical college and they teach in a lab setting, the graduating students are more equipped to apply what they have learned since they have been practicing it since the start of their education. Students are not afraid to get out there and apply what they have learned since they have already been doing it in a lab setting and there is no fear of "messing up" when they have to do it in a real life setting! The value of a degree from this school is a lot more valuable than one from a standard college or university based on the hands on learning aspect of the degree.
Review Eastern Idaho Technical College
I have had some personal issues that have set my education back by a semester or two but my instructors and advisors have been really great and have worked with me to overcome the obstacles.
Again, academically, it is great! Hands on learning is the only way to go and that is why I chose EITC.
I love the school as it is more hands on rather than book learning. I prepares you for the actual career you are attempting instead of teaching you from a book and then throwing you out there and saying "here, you read all about it, now do it!"
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