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I really like this school. It is an easy to handle format in the portal, the self-service page is an amazing way to see what is happening with your grades and/or financial aid. The page lets you update demographics or just make minor corrections. Some things you have to call in or maybe it can be handled by email. Work is very relevant to the course.
I’ve been here at Eastern Gateway for three semesters now. I love this place so so much! The classes are small, which allows for the students to be more active in the classroom. It also allows for the professors to be more involved with their students by being able to get one on one conversations. My first semester I was quite scared at first, because college is scary at first. I learned my way around the school, and I started to talk to people making friends! I became more active in the classroom! Which is amazing because I’m not afraid to ask for help anymore. My favorite part of being at college so far is the professors, most of the professors at this school are so kind and willing to help you on the spot. They don’t mind explaining things better to make sure you understand what they’re saying.
I took online school and I loved how much the teachers would stay connected with us. They helped put out clear directions and gave us updates and feedback on assignments.
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I decided to take my courses online so my experience is different, however I'm still getting the same education.
Staff is very friendly and helpful. Classes are pretty easy and straightforward. Teachers are willing to help and give great feedback.
I have just recently started and it has a pretty good and solid community college program. I like how teachers are always there 24/7 outside of the classes. I also like that although I am an online student I can communicate with the people within the class freely and easily. I also appreciate how there are requirements and deadline s for when all the homework within a week is due.
It's almost impossible to get answers to questions from anyone. Classes have been cancelled at this last minute because an instructor "didn't show up." The coursework is NOT rigorous, to say the least. The only reason their doors are still open is because they're the only game in town for people who can't afford to attend Franciscan University. My advice is, save your money and attend a decent online school - you'll get more out of it.
The college really cares about their students. It is a great environment and they really make you feel welcome there!
communication is great! they offer free tuition based on your union through work that's how I am attending for free!
I currently live in Seattle Washington, and I am attending Eastern Gateway located in Ohio. I am an online student. This college has been great, it was fast and easy to apply and start classes. Overall the online classes have been great. The loudcloud site they use takes a while to load but other than that the user face is easy to use. I wish they had an app like "canvas" for on the go times, but overall I am very happy. I graduate in August 2019.
I really enjoy my instructors at Eastern Gateway Community College. I have received a well-rounded education. I feel EGCC has prepared me to pass my Nursing licensure exam. Tuition is very affordable and the campus is safe.
Awesome.............. :) the teachers awesome................ :) The office worker are awesome ....... :)
Eastern Gateway Community College has a great nursing program with great instructors who seem to really care about the students success.
I am a student in the LPN program. The program is great and the professors are very knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to the learning process. Clinicals offers a lot of hands on experience and the instructors are always willing to introduce new situation to offer a diverse experience
I like that they took all of my credits from a previous school I attended. Transferring was very easy and not stressful.
They a lot of classes for different careers. Most teachers will help you if you are struggling with the material.
I am in the LPN program and this class is very good for teachers that are helpful in understanding the material, they offer many classes on campus and online, overall a very good campus
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I'm in the LPN program at EGCC. The class schedule is good for those who need to work evenings. It's Monday through Friday which includes clinical time. Program directed classes, like the LPN program, at this college are great, but some prerequisite classes are lackluster depending on the teacher. I've personally only come across this once or twice in my 2 years of taking classes off and on here on campus and online.
The college has made plenty of upgrades since I graduated in 2016, I am currently here again furthering my education. Overall pleasant experience, although I never used the services, I think the free tutoring option is amazing.
I have been going to Eastern Gateway for many years now, I came here because I live in Jefferson County and they give you 2 free years with the horizon grant. I first started out with pre requisite for another school but I enjoyed EGCC so much that I decided to start a program here. I started with their LPN program and I am currently enrolled in the RN program. This college is very accommodating to students, they have a fantastic tutoring center and are always willing to help. The teachers are amazing and I have learned so much! I highly recommend this College.