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I graduated from the dental assisting program in 2015 and then went back and graduated from the EFDA program in 2018! I have never had teachers that care about their students and their success like the ones in the dental program! They didn’t only teach me how to be an amazing EFDA and assistant they also taught me compassion and ethics along with many other life lessons I will hold onto forever! To this day I stay in touch with most of my teachers I had and they are still mentoring me and guiding me in the right directions! Highly recommend it!
I am a 2008 graduate of the Dental Assisting program at Eastern Gateway Community College. This is a great program, with wonderful instructors who are extremely dedicated in their teaching, as well as watching their students succeed. My instructors were so wonderful and encouraging, that I went on to receive my Associate Degree in Applied Science after receiving my Certificate in Dental Assisting. The instructors gave me the confidence and FOUNDATION to continue on, as I applied to dental hygiene school. I had such an advantage by having the tools and knowledge from my time in the Dental Assisting program. I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in dental Hygiene in 2013. I consider myself so lucky to have been able to get the education that I did at Eastern Gateway!
I attended EGCC right after high school in 2012. I started out in my prep classes and the professors where great! In my third semester I got accepted into the Dental assisting program. Of you are interested in the dental profession this program is excellent! With the dental profession growing I was able to find a job in my career path within four months of graduation in 2014. I highly recommend this school. With it being a community college you have more one on one with your professors and they all truly care about your future! The program goes Into great detail on teaching you the dental knowledge you need to know along with the hands on in the clinical atmosphere. The program director and the professors within this program have been beyond helpful even after you graduate. They remain in contact with you when you need to just ask a simple day to day question. Even if you don't want to be in the dental profession there are many other programs you can get Into with the same help!
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My experience at Eastern Gateway was pretty great! My first year I got most of my pre recs out of the way so I could get into the dental assisting program the following year! My second year I entered the dental assisting program and it was amazing. The teachers and learning experience was great. I highly recommend if you are planing on that as a career to attend that school for the program!
Mrs.graham goes above and beyond for her students in the dental assisting program. I am a graduate from the dental assisting program, highly recommended!
It was a great experience. The director of the program made it worth it. Highly recommend going through the dental assisting program at this college.
I took the Dental Assisting program at this school and had a wonderful experience. The women I had as teachers were phenomenal. They did all they could to make sure their students understood the material and advanced to the next semester. I learned so much about my major and retained all of the information. I was fully prepared for the job I have now and the boards I took the following summer. I highly recommend this school for this program.
I'm enrolled in The Health Information Management program which can be completed in as little as two years. All classes for the degree are online, which make attending that much easier. This program has really opened the door for me to see the employment possibilities after graduation. The on-site practicum done in our final semester allows us to gain hands on experience in a hospital setting, enforcing all we have learned in the previous courses. I can’t say enough about the program director for this program. She is always available to encourage us and puts the students first. I am so grateful I chose this program and know that my future is full of opportunities.
The instructors are great. I am able to manage all of the assignments on time. I am happy that I will be able to apply the course work to my career and personal life.
It’s a cool cheap school. You will find more of your non traditional students here but as well as traditional. I just come on campus for class and nothing else.
My experience here have been overall rating of a 100 percent excellent, I am able to manage to juggle school and work and a parent all at once, I was given this opportunity to attend this school while working thru the In Home Support program so I can extend my educational goal in obtaining a degree thru school online, this has been a excellent program for me and at this point I have been a doing a great job. I will be the first to graduate in my family of 8 siblings I will earn a degree and become something in my life. Attending this school I have made great changes in my life. It was easy process and I hope to continue on my journey and become very successful in my endeavors. Eastern Gateway community college has given me great expectations and experience to doing online education. They have assisted me in many different aspects and I attend to further my education earn a even more higher degree to become a much better person.
Been very excited about the choice I made coming here. Everyone is helpful anf wants you to succeed..
The application process was quick and easy and they offer a free college benefit for people who are part of a union as well as there family members.
Just started college back in August. So far the professors are wonderful. Get back with you in a timely manor. Considering Im doing all my work online it makes it nice. The counselors were very helpful on getting things set up. A few things I'll have to figure out but have no doubt it will not be an issue.
My overall experience at Eastern Gateway has been good so far they really helped me get back in to learning and being back in school .
I'm a online student at this place and honestly to be honest there's a LOTT OF IMPROVEMENT because really think this college has a place in the educational system I really do but it need desperate improvements and more degree programs as well. Financial aid took forever to fill out because I'm part of a union. Call the offices after offices after office to have probably the most stressful thing know to man. If you request an extensions of your work before the class is over they give you incompletion and if you complete it the teacher will submit a form to change the grade to the grade you earned and if the offices don't change it they will send you a register warning/financial aid at stake and so I had contact them to make sure they will change it for me and remove my warning... which it was pain. Overall it's an okay school with a good gateway system but overall their offices and communication need to be improved big time.
I took Business classes in the online program. I was given some terribly incorrect info from one of the staff who register students for classes, but everyone I spoke with afterwards was pleasant and apologetic. Most of my profs were fine but a couple were just plain awful (i.e., unresponsive, misinformed) and there was nothing I could really do about it (except to drop the course and take it later with someone else). Fortunately, the good ones were great so it was an overall pleasant experience for me.
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I like the small class size. A respectful interaction between peers.
There is a need for more attention towards the non-traditional students that need evening classes. Students need to have access to textbooks at a more reasonable price.
I was an online student, but I really liked the program. The curriculum was rigorous and most of the Professors were well engaged and informed in my learning. The Professors truly were concerned about your performance in their classes. I felt very supported by the college and the Professors.
I only took one class with Eastern Gateway andd it was online so I don't have enough experience to leave a developed opinion but from what I did experience this community college is ok. I personally did not like the online glass though.