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Eastern Gateway Community College Reviews

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I'm a online student at this place and honestly to be honest there's a LOTT OF IMPROVEMENT because really think this college has a place in the educational system I really do but it need desperate improvements and more degree programs as well. Financial aid took forever to fill out because I'm part of a union. Call the offices after offices after office to have probably the most stressful thing know to man. If you request an extensions of your work before the class is over they give you incompletion and if you complete it the teacher will submit a form to change the grade to the grade you earned and if the offices don't change it they will send you a register warning/financial aid at stake and so I had contact them to make sure they will change it for me and remove my warning... which it was pain. Overall it's an okay school with a good gateway system but overall their offices and communication need to be improved big time.
I took Business classes in the online program. I was given some terribly incorrect info from one of the staff who register students for classes, but everyone I spoke with afterwards was pleasant and apologetic. Most of my profs were fine but a couple were just plain awful (i.e., unresponsive, misinformed) and there was nothing I could really do about it (except to drop the course and take it later with someone else). Fortunately, the good ones were great so it was an overall pleasant experience for me.
I like the small class size. A respectful interaction between peers.
There is a need for more attention towards the non-traditional students that need evening classes. Students need to have access to textbooks at a more reasonable price.
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I was an online student, but I really liked the program. The curriculum was rigorous and most of the Professors were well engaged and informed in my learning. The Professors truly were concerned about your performance in their classes. I felt very supported by the college and the Professors.
I only took one class with Eastern Gateway andd it was online so I don't have enough experience to leave a developed opinion but from what I did experience this community college is ok. I personally did not like the online glass though.
I've been at EGCC for 2 years and I've absolutely loved it! I've done the online Criminal Justice program and I highly recommend it. The only thing I would change is their reception when you call them. At one point, I couldn't get through to them for 6 months.
It’s a ok average community college in Steubenville Ohio. The food is way over priced for poor community college students... you get treated ok here by staff members, the professors are all nice. Like I said the school is average didn’t expect much coming here
I am supposed to start school this month and already is having second thoughts. I am already having the problems others have mentioned. No phone calls back with multiple messages, last minute telling me im missing documents which prevented me starting 2017 and now going through the same thing! Classes start this month and I cant even get a phone call back to even register for classes!! I have never attended a school that is soo unprofessional with student service. But I guess since its free with my job you get what you pay for! I will definetly be letting my Ascme union know about how they treat there students...
I attend this college online through a program provided by my union. When you attend, be sure to never have an issue or you'll be calling every day for months to have it resolved. A professor input my grade wrong and it literally took 11 calls to have it corrected. I am not changing my major and different people call me every day referring me to someone else to do it. Your frustration level with the school will be ridiculously high if you expect any kind of professionalism.
Took for ever to enroll into this place dealing with financial aid. Terrible. Almost missed deadline since they kept telling me they had everything then say i was missing something. Once i enroll they switched to loud cloud. Terrible mistake canvas is better. They decided to let the students test it out with all the bugs included. I had the privilege to take the final exam online a week before the semester ends and the next day be told loud cloud deleted it and i have to take it over!!!!! I spent over 2 hours on it. plus i have to get started on other finals. Get rid of loud cloud this is ridiculous. After this semester if things can't be fixed I'm done with doing online classes and I'm changing schools.
Eastern Gateway Community College Valley Center- Youngstown, Ohio. This 2 year college is perfect for someone who wants to stay close to home and not go broke while attending. The professors care about their students and their success. However, things such as the parking garage,which could use some major renovation especially after spending $65 a semester to park in. There were giant pot holes, dim lighting and no security, so the safety of this facilities parking garage was not up to par. The academic advising could be more organized. Though they are there to help, I felt I was doing all the work and often times felt discouraged with this department. The students were very friendly but the student activities set up by the campus' student activities director were a bit childish in an adult learning environment. Overall, this school gets the job done in a short amount of time.
The things that I like about eastern gateway is that its in Youngstown and this is where i was born i love the people and the school itself. The community is surrounded by good people and the teachers that will help you succeed in every way. The campus isn't big which which isn't a problem for me because i like a small college where i can focus and keep my mind on school. The area is great because my home isn't far so i don't have to walk very far or drive.
Eastern Gateway Community College is a joke. The online degree program employs instructors who don't update the syllabus or bother to grade assignments. You get an email telling you to do something and a contradictory email the very next day. I have never witnessed such unprofessional and unorganized instructors. If you contact the college to ask a question you will get transfered to four different individuals and no one even knows the policies of the college they work for. It's similar to a diploma mill. Very poor education. One instructor repeatedly asks students to "site your work". A college professor does not realize the correct term is cite your work!
I have enjoyed attending eastern gateway community college for the last two years. The main reasons being is the small class sizes and one on one attention provided from professor to student. Also another reason i choose to further my education at this institution is the affordable price of each credit hour. I am currently an LPN going to school to become an RN at this institute.
When I first started this program, I was worried about not being able to work as well. But as time passed, I began to realize I had nothing to worry about! You have many different options to attend classes within the morning, evening, or even weekends. It helps a lot especially for someone who has a family or job.
I have actually been involved with online courses through this school since my junior year in high school! This has helped me tremendously to apply for the program and get in right out of high school. It's a great opportunity.
I feel that it is the best because you're pushed to pursue your degree. No one is left behind. You will always have someone to talk to, to make sure you succeed.
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I can't say that I've ever been let down by my professors at this school. They tell great stories to help us learn from their experiences, they push us to our best to become the best, and will help in any way they possibly can.
I was actually shocked when I seen how much this school is involved in helping you get a career, having alumni services, and etc... You're treated as an individual like everyone else, and not just another number for their scores.
Not only do you have a classroom experience, such as power points, notes, book work, and etc... But you get a lot of hands on experiences that'll help you to remember a certain thing to succeed!
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