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My experience with this college was life changing and eye opening to what my future has in store for me. I really enjoyed the small classes and how the classmates treated each other fairly. Every day was a new adventure and new view on how things can be taught.
The teachers and academics are great. Most teachers are involved and will help you achieve the best grade possible. Campus is easy to figure out, and locate class rooms. Only downside is administration, hard to get in with a counselor even with an appointment.
This is a fairly new four year university. Although, the teachers are great! The classes are smaller, but the learning environment is excellent.
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Professors are great! All of my courses taken so far were taught with very understanding professors who cared about your education. Class sizes are not large whatsoever, probably seating 30 students max. All campuses are great but I prefer the Cocoa campus. Highly recommend attending Eastern Florida State College for your first 2 years of education. Classes range from 16 weeks to 8 weeks, which is convenient. It's cheaper than going to a University, and you also have more time to decide on a major. Go to EFSC!
EFSC has offered me an inexpensive, but quality education. I would like to see more support from the Arts and Humanities professor on staff.
This is a college who just received their credentials to become a four year college. With that being said, they are still trying to get their things in order. I have had positive experiences with most of my teachers and my guidance counselors, but here have been two instances where I feel that my education was being cut short of what I was paying for. All in all, Eastern Florida State College is a decent school for those seeking an education beyond high school.
My guidance counselor at EFSC has helped me immensely to point me in the right direction regarding classes to take and my future. He was there from the start of my days during dual enrollment up until my graduation for my Associates Degree. The teachers I've had were kind and determined to help us no matter what. For example; my college algebra teacher allowed us to take pictures of our notes, retake low test scores and stay after class if we had any questions. He even let us use our notes on our test for assistance. My career wheel teacher made us feel comfortable with others in class by encouraging group project participation. I always felt very safe there especially with campus security cruising around the campus watching traffic. Everyone is willing to assist kindly and professionally.
I think this college is amazing for where it stands right now. I believe this school has room to grow in the way of transferring from a community college to a university as of recent.
Eastern Florida is more of a commuter school so students are not as involved, but there are plenty of clubs students can become involved in. Also, it’s a stepping stone for many students to transfer into a 4 year institution giving students the ability to gage how college classes are on a smaller scale.
Great scheduling for working students, staff is very friendly and helps tailor your schooling to other activities in your life.
It's a good transition college! They have a few programs here as well that makes it a four-year university and those options are amazing due to the price and the more one-on-one relationship between the student and the professor. One thing that I can say is that (at least my campus) mainly treats you like you're still in high school; that becomes frustrating when you're an adult with a job and you skipped one too many classes because your kid was sick and even though you're keeping up with the coursework you still get booted from the class. I understand that they have the policies they have in place due to the large concentration of dual-enrolled high school students but it would be better if the full-blown college students who are actually paying and the high school sophomore were treated a little differently. Otherwise, it's a great school and worth looking into as a stopping place when you're looking to get yourself all figured out.
I was fortunate to be part of the Dual-Enrollment program that was offered in my high-school to have the chance of free college. I have to admit, it did take a lot of hard work and sacrificing to be able to do the program. After I graduated high school in 2017, I continued my studies at Eastern Florida State. My plan is to finish my General AA in the Summer of 2018. And so, I’ve had the experience of being in the campus and taking classes. But my experience wasn’t always perfect. The school lacks a lot of involvement from other students. There isn’t a lot of pushing and offering scholarships or paying internships from advisors. You don’t really see mentors, unless you take the time to find them. Unfortunately, the thought of quitting college is always on my mind. But I always push myself to improve.
In overall, I have found plenty of professors to be very interested in their students’ wellbeing and willing to work with them to best understand material. Also, I am so thankful to have such helpful student activities staff. It didn’t take long to get very comfortable with many of the head staff as most all of them see us as budding leaders within our peers and treat us with respect.
Eastern Florida State College is a fantastic college to go to if you are in high school and would like to receive an Associates Degree or if you want to receive a bachelors degree at a cheap, and affordable cost. This college is great for people that want a jump start on life.
Overall, it was an okay experience. Had trouble with the advisors in the admissions office. Incompetent. I wasted 2ye ars on a degree I didn't need, because they didn't know what they were talking about and gave bad advice.
There's plenty of good things to talk about with this college. Tuition isn't as bad as other places, the restaurants in the cafeteria all serve good food, the professors make it a point to be extremely helpful to their students, and overall, everyone seems nice. Plus, there are four campuses throughout Brevard county, so if you live there, you're bound to be near one of them.
I attended this school when it was still BCC, and was the last graduating class before they changed the name.
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As with every school there are some teachers that you want to avoid but overall I think I am getting a good quality education for a great price. They have events after events geared towards student success, learning, and even for the students to have fun. They have plenty of scholarships that you can apply for and opportunities to further your learning without classes.
Love that there are many options available to take classes. There is always something to do on campus and they even put out a employment list to help those that are looking for a job. They care about their students and make it easy to succeed.
I like the first college experience, it wasn't as scary as it seemed. I came to the school with no clue on how to get to any of my classes, but luckily there's friendly students and great faculty to help you. On another note, the campus is beautiful, there's a lake and a view that makes the whole campus beautiful. The professors here are very helpful and resourceful, they make sure that you're included in everything that's going on. These professors make sure that if you're late or even absent that you're provided with the information that you've missed. The only thing that I would critic about this school is the lack of team sports that should be included, but other than that its a great college. Im glad that Eastern Florida State College was my first choice of college to attend.
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