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Love that there are many options available to take classes. There is always something to do on campus and they even put out a employment list to help those that are looking for a job. They care about their students and make it easy to succeed.
I like the first college experience, it wasn't as scary as it seemed. I came to the school with no clue on how to get to any of my classes, but luckily there's friendly students and great faculty to help you. On another note, the campus is beautiful, there's a lake and a view that makes the whole campus beautiful. The professors here are very helpful and resourceful, they make sure that you're included in everything that's going on. These professors make sure that if you're late or even absent that you're provided with the information that you've missed. The only thing that I would critic about this school is the lack of team sports that should be included, but other than that its a great college. Im glad that Eastern Florida State College was my first choice of college to attend.
From a General Education student, the majority of the history-based and science-based classes are easier than the far more intensive English and Mathematics courses.
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I appreciate being able to build a school schedule that works for me. My professors so far have been very helpful and I feel I have learned a lot about the field I'm studying in -- Graphics Technology. I wish the campus was improved a bit, some of the furnishings and buildings are outdated and falling apart.
Eastern Florida State College is a great place to get an education. There are many program options to chose from. The professors and other staff are extremely friendly and helpful. They offer Dual Enrollment for high school students as well which is a really great opportunity. I enjoyed getting my Associates in Arts Degree at EFSC and I look forward to continuing my education and getting my Nursing Degree at Eastern Florida.
I'm 46 and returning to college for a change of career.
I've enjoyed returning to my local college and all my experiences so far have been great, the staff is friendly and on top things.
I am a mother of 3, I hold a full-time job and EFSC offers online courses to make it easier for me to access my courses throughout the day to complete my assignments. There is also tutoring on campus that I have used to help me fully understand my work. I was skeptical about returning to school to earn my degree in nursing but EFSC has made it such a smooth and easy process from admissions to taking my online courses. I couldn't be happier. I am now on my way to providing a better life for my children and all the lives that I will come in contact with throughout my career. Thank you EFSC!
My experience with eastern Florida state college it's a great one. I like the fact that the college is divers. I also like the fact that the campus is nearby . I like the fact that the professors take pride in what they do .
The academics for the IT degrees are fantastic.
We even hackathons every year. The teachers really know their field. A lot of the teachers are still working in their field as well as being instructors. They are very helpful to those that are passionate about the IT field, but they won't hold your hand. So don't join these classes if you don't have a strong desire to learn both in and outside of the classroom.
The students that succeed are the ones who research and experiment outside of class on their own.
The thing I like about Eastern Florida is that the tuition is not as expensive as other state colleges and its affordable for those of us who cant recieve financial aid.
I love the area! It is close to the beach. The bridge that leads to Cocoa beach is near the campus. The academics there are wonderful. I learned all necessities for business. I am looking to pursue in the business management field.
Eastern Florida State College is a very good college, especially for those who doesn’t like big campuses. The classes are small and intimate so you can get that one on one with your Professor. The professors are very caring and want to see you pass, with an exception of few. They take their time with you and help you with materials you may not understand. However, the campus officers can be mean and will give you unnecessary tickets. The campus has a scenic view, so when you can go outside and do homework or watch the waterfalls. The food is alright , depending on which campus you go to you will either have a cafe with different fast food restaurants, or a small cafe with a chef who makes all the food.
I love the friendly, professional and laid back nature of this college. The staff and professors are very interested in their students success, and setup many programs to assist in the success of all students. They really have worked hard to foster an environment that is geared towards encouraging learning. I highly recommend this College.
Being in eastern feel like participating in a real college, Eastern state college have amazing professor, and the change I will like to see is teacher being patient with students.
So far I enjoy all of my teachers. They are very knowledgeable of the subject they are teaching. They are always available to answer any questions I may have. The teachers are very helpful. They also encourage students to get involved in the school's student activities.
The staff is knowledgeable and very helpful. The experiences have been very delightful and the veteran service center is dedicated to help fellow veterans.
EFSC is a very well-rounded college that which offers its students both 2 year and some 4 year programs. Students who are interested in obtaining their AA degree are able to do so at a lower cost without having to sacrifice content. EFSC is also offering a few 4 year programs, one of which has great reviews The Nursing degree at EFSC is a limited access program that prepares students to become an RN. All classes taken at this school transfer to all State run Universities in the state of Florida and has a Direct-Connect with the University of Central Florida, which also has a satellite campus next to EFSC in Cocoa, FL
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My overall experience and employment with Eastern Florida state college was great. I was offered a job the same week I applied for my schooling. The people were friendly and help guide me through my path.
There are no dorms. There is very little "Student Life". Depending on which campus you choose to take classes on depends on how many people you will see. That also determines your professors. I have had four good professors for every bad one. The work is a little easy but it is a great transition school into a university.
Having previously attended Daytona State College, I must say that EFSC is, hands down, the better school. Not only does one receive a better education here, but the instructors legitimately care about their students.
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