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The college offers many courses taught by several professors. The student center helps with practically any need a student may have.
Eastern Florida State College is an excellent school with great facilities equipped with experience and knowledge in order to help students achieve their goals.
The professors are great and extremely helpful even when someone doesn't fully understand something. School staffing are easy to work with and always try to find ways to help the students.
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It's a pretty good college with teachers that have a connection to what they teach. Some are able to make it interesting and fun even if the subject isn't. Every semester the college has some sort of kickback that brings out all the students to have fun and grub.
Easy guided enrollment, student information online access. Advising and administrators easy to speak with. Many clubs and volunteer opportunities.
Professors are very helpful and the classes are flexible. Staff and Admin are very helpful when choosing classes. They take the time to show what credits are needed and the best track for your major. The campus is very large and clean and I enjoy the vending machines that are placed because it is access to snacks after class. The parking is usually empty so there are plenty of spaces for parking and there are many lights so it is very safe at night. Campus police are very friendly and will walk students to their cars if they feel unsafe which is great.
Overall the service is excellent at the school. The teacher want you to be successful and they are used to working with a diversified group of students. Ideas for improvement could include more courses to choose from and pretty campus.
The academic experience at EFSC has been remarkably much greater than my expectations. Due to its small class size, A student is able to enjoy the benefit of individual attention. This ultimately helps stay Scholastically focused and motivated.
I started at the Palm bay campus in September. I am currently taking two classes and the professors are cool. The campus has a chill vibe very aesthetic.
I enjoy Eastern Florida Sate College for a number of reasons. That campus has small class numbers so I can better talk with my Professors and understand the material further. There are also a wide variety of courses available for all sorts of interests and fields of studies. The professors are also very good and easy to work with. Very good college.
It is a very good school where the teachers actually care about you and make sure you are learning. Unlike other school the teachers don't stroke their ego and actually try to teach you properly.
It is so big that I don't get a personal feel. As of yet I've had limited help finding a major that works for me. I need to do more research but I need more help from their end too.
If I have questions or a problem, the staff was always eager to help and they did the best they possibly could to prepare me. Overall a very nice college experience so far.
Good deal $. Beware of academic advisors who may have scant knowledge of your degree and of financial aid rules. Verify their advice with financial aid. Pick your professors carefully. Some are great like Mr. Piva. Some are really bad. Some professors don't keep up with technology, barely understand their subject matter themselves, and aren't prepared for class. Many classes you actually go to use online teaching platforms anyway- which means you teach yourself. The professors in these classes may add little to your learning. You can get all the help you need in math, English, and writing courses using private and free tutoring sessions in the library. Don't delay getting your parking sticker, and don't park where you aren't supposed to; you will get ticketed. The Cocoa campus is in a slum. The Melbourne campus is in a nice area with decent stores and not far from the beach. Traffic can be awful getting to the ok Palm Bay campus, which is quite far from the beach.
It was here at this college that I discovered my passion for acting, and acquired a lot of experience. If it wasn't for this school, I would not be the actor that I am today. It was affordable, and opened a lot of doors. Because it's local, made a lot of new friends, and was able to received my Associate's degree, which has really helped me when applying to universities.
A quality college that offers a great foundation for students entering college and for those looking to complete specialized degrees or certifications in law enforcement or EMT training.
Good local school for students who can't relocate, faculty cares about the students. This school has multiple campuses located throughout Brevard county, Fl.
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Decent college. Academics aren't stellar, but they get the job done for gen ed requirements for other colleges.
The classes are small so it is easy to get help from professors, and to develop relationships with other students. It is an easy to navigate campus with a friendly and welcoming staff. The learning lab is frequently open for free tutoring, proctored exams, or peer reviews on papers. The in-state tuition is relatively inexpensive, and they offer a variety of different classes for different degrees. I have enjoyed my time there throughout my career as a student for my associate in arts degree. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a small and efficient college in Brevard County.
Classes were flexible, and many were offered online. The instructors were all very well-read in their respective fields, and always willing to help after hours.
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