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The thing I like about Eastern Florida is that the tuition is not as expensive as other state colleges and its affordable for those of us who cant recieve financial aid.
I love the area! It is close to the beach. The bridge that leads to Cocoa beach is near the campus. The academics there are wonderful. I learned all necessities for business. I am looking to pursue in the business management field.
Eastern Florida State College is a very good college, especially for those who doesn’t like big campuses. The classes are small and intimate so you can get that one on one with your Professor. The professors are very caring and want to see you pass, with an exception of few. They take their time with you and help you with materials you may not understand. However, the campus officers can be mean and will give you unnecessary tickets. The campus has a scenic view, so when you can go outside and do homework or watch the waterfalls. The food is alright , depending on which campus you go to you will either have a cafe with different fast food restaurants, or a small cafe with a chef who makes all the food.
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I love the friendly, professional and laid back nature of this college. The staff and professors are very interested in their students success, and setup many programs to assist in the success of all students. They really have worked hard to foster an environment that is geared towards encouraging learning. I highly recommend this College.
Being in eastern feel like participating in a real college, Eastern state college have amazing professor, and the change I will like to see is teacher being patient with students.
So far I enjoy all of my teachers. They are very knowledgeable of the subject they are teaching. They are always available to answer any questions I may have. The teachers are very helpful. They also encourage students to get involved in the school's student activities.
The staff is knowledgeable and very helpful. The experiences have been very delightful and the veteran service center is dedicated to help fellow veterans.
EFSC is a very well-rounded college that which offers its students both 2 year and some 4 year programs. Students who are interested in obtaining their AA degree are able to do so at a lower cost without having to sacrifice content. EFSC is also offering a few 4 year programs, one of which has great reviews The Nursing degree at EFSC is a limited access program that prepares students to become an RN. All classes taken at this school transfer to all State run Universities in the state of Florida and has a Direct-Connect with the University of Central Florida, which also has a satellite campus next to EFSC in Cocoa, FL
My overall experience and employment with Eastern Florida state college was great. I was offered a job the same week I applied for my schooling. The people were friendly and help guide me through my path.
There are no dorms. There is very little "Student Life". Depending on which campus you choose to take classes on depends on how many people you will see. That also determines your professors. I have had four good professors for every bad one. The work is a little easy but it is a great transition school into a university.
Having previously attended Daytona State College, I must say that EFSC is, hands down, the better school. Not only does one receive a better education here, but the instructors legitimately care about their students.
I have attended this institution for three years. For two out of the three years, I attended as a dual enrollment student and one year being a high school graduate. The transition as a dual enrollment student to a high school graduate was smooth sailing. The advisors and Student Recruitment center really helped answer all my questions, concerns, and provided advice on my academic journey. Eastern Florida State College has four campuses and I have encountered three out of the four campuses over the past three years. Every campus shows love, encouragement and welcomes all students to help guide them on their journey of academic excellence. Thousands of schools in Florida and this school was perfect for me.
College professors here at Eastern Florida State College seem like they are just showing up for a check. Most professors don't try to engage their students , which generally is a big problem. They just lecture for an hour not even caring if students are getting the material being presented to them. What I would like to see change is professors being more enthusiastic about the material they decided to teach for the rest of their lives.
The teachers were kind and very helpful. They do not accept many credits from outside schools, but the advising team is great at helping you get through that. Really great teachers and financial aid office.
I love Eastern Florida State College. I'm a dual enrollment student and I love that Eastern Florida gives me this opportunity. It is a great college, the teachers are great, and there's always so many different activities for students to enjoy.
I attended this college as a dual-enrolled high school student for a year. My first semester I took only three classes and the next I was full time. I loved the campus and saw the potential for growth and expansion. The writing lab and tutoring centers were an amazing resource on campus that helped not only me, but many others. The professors I had were knowledgeable, professional, and ready to help me succeed. They always answered emails in a timely manner which was a plus. My experience was something I would never give up. Eastern Florida prepared me for what I would see and come into contact with in the four year university of my choice. I was able to get an education that I felt was more than satisfactory and have a good time doing it.
Efsc is a great starting point for me, it's main draw is the AA program which easily transfers to other colleges and is way more affordable. I don't know about staying for a full bachelor's degree, but it does provide an excellent foundation to begin a full degree at places such as UCF
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Eastern Florida State has a wonderful Campus which is very beautiful, and there are new opportunities around every corner. There is a great library full of books,computers and even friendly people who are willing to help each student. Which I personally had the chance to go to this Campus before,it became Eastern Florida State, It was called Brevard Community College and it was there that I attended in 2002- 2007 and I graduated with Dental Assisting.
This is a good college if you are just getting you AA, AS or the medical field. If you are interested in going to school for art this school does not offer much.
I graduated from the college in 2002 and recently returned to the college in 2017 to help me earn pre-requisite credits to go to med school/
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