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My experience with Eastern Connecticut State University Community has been a very welcoming and helpful. The school is a very open diverse community, with lots of activities and clubs to participate in. Faculty members here actually do care about your success. They want to see you succeed, they help you stay on task and meet deadlines as well.
I currently play on the Men's soccer team at Eastern and consider that a great experience. My housing for this year is off campus and is a short walk from classes.
I love eastern! I am a freshman here and I have had the best experience with everything from housing to professors.
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My overall experience at ECSU has been good. I enjoy the classes and even though my dorm is one of the furthest on the campus, it is a smaller hall and I its been easier to get to know the other students living there.
Too small and closed minded. I prefer a larger campus near a metro area where I can become employed. Also I am not black and I am not a rich white, so I don't want to be mistreated. (attractive smart thing white woman)
Eastern has a beautiful campus with great opportunity for all students. The freshmen dorms are the best in the state. The only negative to the school is you don't really want to go off campus, not the best area and not alot to do.
As an incoming freshman I was misled quite frequently by ECSU. To start off my year I moved on campus and was placed with people not even within the survey I filled out. Once I moved out of that room I moved into another dorm and the room mates treated me horribly. Trying to talk to anyone there about the issues got me no where.

Trying to handle anything financially at the university was a struggle on the student behalf. The customer service in the Bursar was horrible. I had to get my parents involved almost every single time. It made it very frustrating.

The educational part of the university was also a horrible experience. I was in the Health Sciences program and I couldn't understand what they were saying most of the time. The online program Launch Pad I had nothing but issues the whole semester. The professor I had would not work with me on those issues at all. I practically had to teach the course to myself because the professor had no idea what they were teaching.
This school seems to actually care about its students. The facilities are great and the services available are fantastic. This is a place where I feel supported and able to succeed. The class size is perfect so I can learn and make a connection with professors. There is always something to do, from the abundance of student organizations to the large number of campus events. People here are friendly, it's like a community so it's easy for this place to become a second home. Eastern is small so that you feel at home, but still big enough to get the college experience and expand your view of the world.
Great campus and amazing staff. The students and staff here are excellent and very accepting of all races, genders, sexualities, and walks of life.
As a commuter student at Eastern, my experience has been a little different than those who live on campus, but I enjoy my time on campus. The professors are wonderful and I feel welcome.
The group off financial iad it’s really good and help to with anything. Give you options and making the students comfortable.
The lay out of the campus and updates made to the facilities, dorms allow easy access to classes, food hall and bookstore. Selecting classes was extremely easy, the classes, professors are engaging and allow a real positive atmosphere for learning. I am fortunate enough to live in a suite, which provides much more room and the ability to mingle with many other students throughout that dorm. There are a variety of sports, club sports and clubs to join. There are grocery stores, dining and retail stores relatively close. I enjoyed my first semester and look forward to the upcoming semesters.
I have attended Eastern CT for my junior and senior years. When I left the university in 2006, I was one credit away from my BS in Accounting. When I came back, I was unaware of the new program (LAC) and I ended up having to take 3 classes to graduate. When you pay that money out of your own pocket and you were only expecting to take 1 class, it hurts! Be sure to check the requirements for coming back to the university to make sure you understand what you are looking at for classes and graduation requirements.
I really love this school. I get individual help from professors and the ability to get to know them. Because of this I have been asked to conduct research with some of them! I feel I’m in a challenging program that pushes me to be the best I can be.
Eastern provided me with many opportunities to serve the community and gain practical leadership experience in diverse setting.
The problem with this school is EVERYONE goes home on the weekends. The campus is absolutely dead and it's very hard when you are out of state and are stuck on an empty campus. Some nice people but unfortunately lots of people know each other from high school making it hard to get to know others. The school does offer fun events during the week and it's a nice campus. Would only recommend if you're from this area.
I transferred into ECSU taking more than average amount of credits and finished in 3 semesters. Got my bachelors of science in Business Information Systems. The career fairs are very great and Eastern is known around Connecticut so if you do well, you will most likely get an interview at any company in CT. I got many interviews after graduation at big companies and ended up doing contract positions in New York. I am now back in CT with a full time.

I've studied at UCONN also and it felt like courses at ECSU were easier to get an A in. This doesn't mean you learn less, more so that the professors are more forgiving. They will teach you if you want to learn and the resources are there too. The best part is the class size is exponentially smaller so you get more 1 on 1 time with professors and classes feels like a big group instead of many strangers.
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My experience being a first year student at Eastern has been great. There is always something to do which was soothing for me because I was homesick the first few weeks here. There is a writing center and math lab that help if you are struggling in your courses. I believe everyone here wants to see you succeed.
Eastern is a decently sized school that makes you feel like you're home. They always have activities to do to stay busy and plenty of clubs. The classroom sizes are small and the one on one interaction with the teacher makes you feel like you can achieve anything.
Food in Dining hall is gross, Most professors are kind and car if you get good grades but some are snotty and don't care at all. I love my RA and most of the other students are very cool.

Again food in Dining hall is horrible ... Horrible I tell yah