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My experience being a first year student at Eastern has been great. There is always something to do which was soothing for me because I was homesick the first few weeks here. There is a writing center and math lab that help if you are struggling in your courses. I believe everyone here wants to see you succeed.
Eastern is a decently sized school that makes you feel like you're home. They always have activities to do to stay busy and plenty of clubs. The classroom sizes are small and the one on one interaction with the teacher makes you feel like you can achieve anything.
Food in Dining hall is gross, Most professors are kind and car if you get good grades but some are snotty and don't care at all. I love my RA and most of the other students are very cool.

Again food in Dining hall is horrible ... Horrible I tell yah
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I hate this school so much. The school is literally in the middle of NO WHERE. The only thing that's "close" is UCONN Storrs campus. The shuttles that the school provides to Walmart and the East Brooke Mall is WAY too small. Often times students will stand or sit on the floor. AND OH MY LORD DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE PROFESSORS. I ended up dropping my general chemistry class because the professor could NOT speak english. I understand that many professors have accents but this chemistry professor couldn't even understand US. How do you expect for student to learn from a professor that can't even answer students questions? What makes me even more furious is that the advisors wouldn't let me switch to a different professor. It's a shame that my money has been wasted on professors that do not understand their own students. If you're a planning on being a health major I STRONGLY recommend that you look at other University's before attending this school.
I wish that there was better parking for commuters. But it is nice that they offer commuter events where we are able to network with one another.
Eastern is a very beautiful campus. It has many majors that are available to students. Many of the professors are amazing, they want to make sure that you pass and enjoy college.
I really enjoy the classes and professors. However, the food is very rough. The Professors are all generally nice. They are understanding of a college students busy schedule and they give you all the supplies you need to succeed. This includes study guides, detailed notes, and extra help. The food is the only negative about this college. There is only one dining hall and the food is constantly cold and under seasoned. There is a student café in the student center but you must pay to eat there, so it gets very expensive.
Eastern is a very diverse school and an easy campus to navigate. Professors are very personable, easy to approach and very committed to helping you succeed. As well, as there are a number of different ways to get involved on campus whether it's joining a sports team or choosing from a variety of clubs. If Eastern doesn't provide a certain club you're allowed to start your own as well. It is very easy to meet new people at this university.
It is great place to go. constituently updating facilities and always working with students to improve the campus and make it work for all that are involved.
I started going to Eastern almost 10 years ago, but then dropped out. I have recently started the process of going back to school to finish my degree. Everyone has been helpful and supportive of my decision to go back to school. They even made an exception to accept me back- my gpa was very low, but I met with someone who said I seemed to really be motivated this time around. They accepted me on the basis that I receive B grades or better in the first classes I registered for, which I did. Eastern has a decent amount of classes that can fit around a working schedule, and also some online classes. It would be nice if they offered more online classes- I would like to do as much online as I can.
As a student, especially as an out-of-stater, I can truly say my experience at Eastern has been nothing but pleasant. In just my first year, I have had the privilege of being a tour guide for the Admissions office, I have also been a student orientation counselor during this summer and I will become a writing tutor this upcoming fall as well as a student worker for the president of the university. Overall this is a great university with a ton of opportunities and if there's one that a student finds missing, there is always room to create it.
I like the enviorment, it feels safe calm welcoming like coming home. It is very diverse and it is embraced all around campus through different activities clubs organizations and events.
ECSU is a great school and the teachers are willing to help you as long as you want to put the work in. They do a great job doing being involved in the community. I would like to see another dining hall or perhaps another dining area. Also, there are not many places to study that have good lighting besides the library. My favorite class was psychology because the teacher was engaging and I did very well because I put the work in. I also would improve the dorms conditions because it does get very hot without having air condition.
Eastern was in fact a great institution for me to experience my freshman year at! The dorms were always kept clean and the staff were incredible! The student life was exceptional and offered lots of club and activities! There was a lot of school spirit/pride and among the students and professors and that was something sweet to be part of.
For what Eastern Connecticut lacks in size and grandiosity, it makes up for in its close knit community, passionate professors, and culture.
I am about to be a senior at Eastern and I absolutely love it!! My professors have been really helpful and given me opportunities to do research with them. I'm involved in some other clubs and intramurals too and that's how I've met all my roommates!
I love this school. One of the best decisions of my life that I have made was to go to this school. I have made friends that I believe the friendships will last a lifetime while receiving a good education. There are many social events available for students to go to and most are fun including pancake night every week.
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Overall, I really enjoyed being part of the ECSU community. The academics are rigorous without being unmanageable. I love the campus because it is on the smaller side and after a while you would see familiar faces from your classes or dorms, etc. I have joined the women's lacrosse team and found that the camaraderie is wonderful and it helped me to meet new people. The new dorms are beautiful! I was very happy with my suite set up, had a beautiful view of the campus and really liked all of the new buildings and upgraded technology as well as the state of the art amenities that were offered to students! Overall rating A
ECSU is a school that is not only one of the best liberal art schools in the northeastern part of the U.S but it is also a school that gives you a chance to get your education. I have been here for a year and I also did a program called STEP/CAP. Since I had an amazing summer experience I'm not only very comfortable to be here but I have obtained many resource/network skills from attending this school.
Eastern is a welcoming community that accepts everyone no matter who or where you are from. The professors know who you are and want to help you succeed here.