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Due to the lack of diversity, there are limited resources and involment within the school to express or even learn about your culture.
The billing portion is pretty weird and hard to understand. The campus is pretty new though. It a good commuter school, I've never lived on campus. I wouldn't want to live in the area.
I would recommend this university. The application process was simple. The professors are kind, professional and will work with you. The students are kind. The campus is clean and something is always going on to help better then students.
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It's a quiet campus if that's what you're looking for and good tutoring. Diversity wise, you most likely won't see someone that looks like you if you are a minority that often. The clubs they have are really cool and student run if you want to get involved.
I toured Eastern this past summer and thought the campus was great! I loved the dorm set up and different options. The learning center and library have great resources to check out. It is a smaller school so you have to be ok with not having the huge student life options of a big university, but Uconn is right down the road. I didnt try the food, but we walked through the cafe and everything was tidy and clean, plenty of options at each meal. The campus was the perfect size to be able to get to class in time. The campus is also beautiful, filled with nice landscaping and picturest CT country. I am excited to start my educational journey with Eastern CT State University.
The professor we're amazing. They respected their students. It was less of lectures and more of communication between peers and professor
Throughout my time at Eastern I learned many things but here's one thing that I learned. I wouldn't be able to move forward if fully committed to achieve my goals.
This school has a highly acclaimed education program. I was astounded by the wonderful professors that I took courses with! They made the classes very engaging and fun to learn.
My experience on campus is very boring because it is as very small campus so there's no much to do but the good thing that s good about this school is the class sizes because the professor learn your name and you can get one on one time with the professor.
Eastern is an okay school, they don't prepare you enough to graduate. It's almost like they want you to mess up so that they can keep you there longer. The advisors are really bad at telling you what classes you need to take until it's to late. Some of the teachers are really good and some are awful and don't want to teach. Dorm life is good the dorms are nice, although the campus can get boring they have activities every now and then. the parking is awful. good luck ever getting parking. There needs to be another parking area near South campus. Otherwise its a blood bath of everyone fighting for a spot. Registrars office has an attitude and is disorganized. I really don't recommend coming here.
Eastern is not too and there are events fairly often. When there aren't events it can be pretty boring but the Ra's try to make up for it. Overall though I would totally recommend it to people looking for a smaller place to go rather than something overwhelming like UCONN.
ECSU is a great school if you are looking to attend a small university where professors and advisors are able to give you more attention. The opportunities are endless !
I am an international student at Eastern, I transferred from Three Rivers Community College to ECSU to finish and get my bachelor degree in Business Management and Administration. ECSU does a great job welcoming international student, showing the campus around, teaching us everything from safety to academics topics. Life at ECSU is enjoyable, professor do an excellent job at teaching, although I do find older professors better at teaching the subject than younger ones. Campus is fairly big, and it does offer everything a student needs, starting from the sports centre, to the houses/dorms. Food is good as well and affordable!
One negative aspects about this college it the amount of money an international student has to pay, which is not even close to what a U.S. citizen pays. However, overall Eastern Connecticut State University is a great college and I would recommend it to other students.
The campus is beautiful and very eco-friendly. The students here are very friendly and welcoming to every new and incoming student. The professors are very nice and smart, as well as accomadating to any question or concern student may have. I'm so happy I chose Eastern and wouldn't want to experience college anywhere else!
As a current student of ECSU, I love the atmosphere and the people. The campus itself isn't large, and it gives students the feeling that they're really interacting and being noticed by everyone. It feels like home to me, and that's why I love going back every year.
I am delighted with the prospect of continuing my education at Eastern Connecticut State University in the fall of 2018. I met with Dr. Belles, the head of the music department and left after my interview with a very positive experience. Dr. Hwang, the head of the piano department, made me feel warmly welcomed and expressed her delight of teaching me in the fall. Additionally, the university has a brand new fine arts building as well as campus grounds that look immaculate. This university has obviously received much federal funding to for construction and repairs and now looks like a new campus.
As for improvements, I would like this educational institution to offer a bachelor of music degree as well as a music education degree. Its staff is definitely equal to the tasks.
My experience so far has been good. The staff is helpful in guiding me toward where I need to be. The big campus is overwhelming compared to my other school but I have gotten a lot of help finding my way around. I would recommend Eastern to anyone because I believe it will be a great teaching school for me to finish my degree. I participated in orientation and I believe it was a helpful experience and I will be using all my knowledge throughout my years at Eastern. I got the opportunity to meet different students and get their outlook on Eastern from being there. It was a good opportunity for upcoming students and I can't wait to continue my journey.
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I love my classes at Eastern! Sometimes it was hard to find parking at the library and the commuter lot was far away from where my classes where held. I'm an Art Major and I wished the studios would be open longer for student use.
Horrible university, impossible to get a hold of administration who can actually answer your questions, they just send you in circles. I had to leave the university for medical treatment out of state mid-February of my spring semester, just says past the deadline to withdrawal and they made me pay for the whole semester tuition. They were easily contacted to inform me of how much I owed but no one could direct me to a person I could speak with about my medical leave.
The community at Eastern is unlike that of any other school around here. There's a lot of people who have your back and are willing to help make sure you're successful.