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I am delighted with the prospect of continuing my education at Eastern Connecticut State University in the fall of 2018. I met with Dr. Belles, the head of the music department and left after my interview with a very positive experience. Dr. Hwang, the head of the piano department, made me feel warmly welcomed and expressed her delight of teaching me in the fall. Additionally, the university has a brand new fine arts building as well as campus grounds that look immaculate. This university has obviously received much federal funding to for construction and repairs and now looks like a new campus.
As for improvements, I would like this educational institution to offer a bachelor of music degree as well as a music education degree. Its staff is definitely equal to the tasks.
My experience so far has been good. The staff is helpful in guiding me toward where I need to be. The big campus is overwhelming compared to my other school but I have gotten a lot of help finding my way around. I would recommend Eastern to anyone because I believe it will be a great teaching school for me to finish my degree. I participated in orientation and I believe it was a helpful experience and I will be using all my knowledge throughout my years at Eastern. I got the opportunity to meet different students and get their outlook on Eastern from being there. It was a good opportunity for upcoming students and I can't wait to continue my journey.
I love my classes at Eastern! Sometimes it was hard to find parking at the library and the commuter lot was far away from where my classes where held. I'm an Art Major and I wished the studios would be open longer for student use.
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Horrible university, impossible to get a hold of administration who can actually answer your questions, they just send you in circles. I had to leave the university for medical treatment out of state mid-February of my spring semester, just says past the deadline to withdrawal and they made me pay for the whole semester tuition. They were easily contacted to inform me of how much I owed but no one could direct me to a person I could speak with about my medical leave.
The community at Eastern is unlike that of any other school around here. There's a lot of people who have your back and are willing to help make sure you're successful.
I love how beautiful the campus is. I would like to see better dining options and food choices. I love how many new buildings there are. Massachusetts and Rhode Island residents are eligible for regional rates which makes an education at Eastern Connecticut State University very affordable.
Eastern Connecticut State University is a very good school and I would rank it among the top 10 schools in Connecticut.This school is well sound in academics, sports, campus life and all other college activities. It is a very affordable and offers very good scholarships to students in order to meet their needs. I really like everything about this school and I highly recommend it to all individuals who wish to further their education and are in their college search process. You will really love it.
I enjoyed the campus activities that are given on campus. The campus interactions is very friendly and entertaining. The classes here whether it's the arts or liberal is a very exciting experience and I learn something new everyday while on this campus.
However, I don't necessarily think they care about the students well being when it pertains to financial issues or housing lifestyles. Safety does come first when it comes to housing, but dealing with roommate issues is always a difficulty. As well as the school being quite assertive and needy with the money aspect of college rather than it's well being.
Love to stay on campus, always fun events going on! I have great relationships with most of my professors and the classes are super interesting. Eastern is my home away from home.
Eastern Connecticut State University has a comfortably sized campus, not too big not too small. As an art student, I was especially happy with their new Fine Arts building which includes plenty of natural lighting and modern architectural designs.
Eastern is a great university! Small class sizes allow for the students to form one on one relationships with their professors!
My experience with Eastern Connecticut State University Community has been a very welcoming and helpful. The school is a very open diverse community, with lots of activities and clubs to participate in. Faculty members here actually do care about your success. They want to see you succeed, they help you stay on task and meet deadlines as well.
I currently play on the Men's soccer team at Eastern and consider that a great experience. My housing for this year is off campus and is a short walk from classes.
I love eastern! I am a freshman here and I have had the best experience with everything from housing to professors.
My overall experience at ECSU has been good. I enjoy the classes and even though my dorm is one of the furthest on the campus, it is a smaller hall and I its been easier to get to know the other students living there.
Too small and closed minded. I prefer a larger campus near a metro area where I can become employed. Also I am not black and I am not a rich white, so I don't want to be mistreated. (attractive smart thing white woman)
Eastern has a beautiful campus with great opportunity for all students. The freshmen dorms are the best in the state. The only negative to the school is you don't really want to go off campus, not the best area and not alot to do.
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As an incoming freshman I was misled quite frequently by ECSU. To start off my year I moved on campus and was placed with people not even within the survey I filled out. Once I moved out of that room I moved into another dorm and the room mates treated me horribly. Trying to talk to anyone there about the issues got me no where.

Trying to handle anything financially at the university was a struggle on the student behalf. The customer service in the Bursar was horrible. I had to get my parents involved almost every single time. It made it very frustrating.

The educational part of the university was also a horrible experience. I was in the Health Sciences program and I couldn't understand what they were saying most of the time. The online program Launch Pad I had nothing but issues the whole semester. The professor I had would not work with me on those issues at all. I practically had to teach the course to myself because the professor had no idea what they were teaching.
This school seems to actually care about its students. The facilities are great and the services available are fantastic. This is a place where I feel supported and able to succeed. The class size is perfect so I can learn and make a connection with professors. There is always something to do, from the abundance of student organizations to the large number of campus events. People here are friendly, it's like a community so it's easy for this place to become a second home. Eastern is small so that you feel at home, but still big enough to get the college experience and expand your view of the world.
Great campus and amazing staff. The students and staff here are excellent and very accepting of all races, genders, sexualities, and walks of life.