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My classes are a set schedule that I have no option in changing but I accepted this and am dealing with it accordingly. My issue has been getting financial aid which has been all but impossible.
There are many various programs at my school - veterinary studies, a care assistant program, photography, event planning, audio engineering and more. Registration is very easy. Tutoring is available from other students who have done well.
I love the program I'm doing - it is short and compact. The workload is very heavy but that is to be expected in such a compact program. The facility is very small but we have a lot of hands-on instruction; there is a lot of useful equipment so we can interact appropriately. We have a mandatory 16 hour job shadow and a 1600 hour practicum placement to do and I think that will be essential toward furthering our careers.
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Instructor-student relationships are excellent; the instructors know all of the students individually. The registration process was very easy. The workload is heavy but the program is short and compact, so this is to be expected.
I'm satisfied with the education I'm getting for the amount that I've paid. Getting financial aid has been virtually impossible, however, as the school does not offer financial aid and the Canadian government will not give me financial aid as I'm a US citizen. I tried to apply through FAFSA and my school is not covered. My financial aid office has not been able to offer many suggestions but they have been trying to work with me as much as possible.
There are a few computer labs, which is great for the small size of the school. One of the labs is for MAC computers only and the others are PC, so the availability of technological options is excellent. The wireless is always running well and easy to connect to. Printing is free!
The academic programs are very interesting and the various students mesh well together. There are opportunities to get involved with other programs as well.
I love my school and am glad that I chose to attend. I would do it all over again if I could. My instructors are great and the class material is interesting and enjoyable.
There seem to be students of all types at my school which I enjoy - it is not mainly one type or another. There are varying degrees ethically, economically and politically, as well as varying sexual orientations and all the students seem accepting of one another.
There are many different activities on campus but the school is also small so it can be hard to organize events. The student leadership council is also very small and it seems to be hard to get others to join.
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