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The campus is very well kept and the staff always holds your best interest. They care about you understanding the curriculum and have been so kind when I did not understand things. Eastern Arizona is a great school.
There are small class sizes, cheap tuition, and most classes transfer. The small class sizes really allow the teachers to focus directly on students to ensure their understanding. The tuition is extremely cheap and will allow any college student the opportunity to eat food other than ramen. The fact that many of the core classes transfer over to other colleges is a god send. Before you go to a university go to a community college first!
It's such an amazing experience going here school faculty and administration are fantastic. They helped me out through the application process and made it an easy transition from my previous school.
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So far I have been having a good experience. I do like it how most of the teachers try to get to know their students. I also like how campus isn't to huge where you literally need to drive across campus to get to class in a timely manner.
Im a student at EA, and like it here. Its a pretty good Junior College, in terms of sports and academics. Theres not much to do in the town its located in though.
The professors at EAC are very attentive if you show that you really care about your education. When you live on campus it is very easy to get involved with the activities on campus. Something that I would change is the fact that EAC is a sport driven school so basically if you're not going to school on a sports scholarship then your needs aren't as important. Basically, I would just change that perspective and make it easier to get an academic scholarship as well. The classes are a little challenging depending on how you learn and how much you study throughout the week.
If you are looking to complete prerequisites, look no further. Eastern Arizona College is the college for you. As it is the cheapest community college in Arizona, you cannot go wrong with the instructors, student life and experience. It has a amazing and beautiful campus with everything within walking distance. But the best part about the college is the instructors. It was so nice to be in a class room where you weren't just a number you were a person; rather than being at a university. The instructors cared about you and wanted you to succeed. Also, every single one of my credits tranferred from EAC to the school I am going to now for Dental Hygiene. I would recommend this school to anyone!
What I like about Eastern Arizona College is the students there are very welcoming . You would always feel as if you were at home , everyone is really caring . A change I would like to see at Eastern Arizona College is how they don't really offer help with scholarships or if you are attending the college without a scholarship for sports your not really good enough to play . I believe everyone deserves a chance to try out because not everyone receives scholarships .
Eastern Arizona College (EAC) is an outstanding college! I think it would be a great college to go to for prerequisites for a major or to an Associates. The instructors are very helpful and are so much fun! I feel like I learned more in one semester of being a full time college than I learned in grade school. EAC is in a small town area which with so many friendly people! I would highly recommend attending Eastern Arizona College.
Eastern Arizona college is good school to start off at. I found the classes and professors challenging. The campus was beautiful and the community was very friendly. I saw progress from my first year and the school was very affordable. There was a strong LDS community as well!
It has been flexible and the teachers care about students. They are always there to help.
There are not an abundance of job opportunities in this area compared to the number of students pursuing the same careers. It will be very competitive in finding a job here after graduation.
I love my instuctors! They really are the best.
There are both positive and negative aspects to this college. As far as the education I am receiving I am very happy. Some of the staff in FA did not want to help me at all. My honest, personal opinion is that one religious preference is very dominant here. Most if the staff. And all but one person possibly in financial aid belongs to this religion. I see that they are the ones receiving the good financial aid offers. Others who do not belong to their church do not receive the same treatment by far.
The classes are great, always full of new knowledge towards my career in type health field. I am completely satisfied with the education I am receiving. I applied for job opportunities (work study) and did not get it. There are a LOT of caring staff, instructors and students at EAC. However, I know I did not get the help I should've from financial aid. That is why I am searching for assistance from outside resources.
My instructors have been amazing and have brought the health profession to a reality for me. I learn so much valuable information in every class. But the stories my instructors tell have impacted me greatly. I can more fully understand the significant difference we can make on a patient's life in the medical field. my life even more purpose.

On another note, the was one very nice, helpful lady in the financial aid office who did her best to help me with my FA. I don't feel that any of the other staff in that department tried to help me at all although I probably qualified for much more aid than I received. I received a Pell Grant for $1400 for this semester which covered tuition and books. That is all they wanted to give me. I am struggling financially but will stay committed to my education.
The flexibility is absolutely the best. Lets say you have a job and it interferes with your hours well you are able to se your instructor and possibly work something out. If not your able to see your advisor and he or she will help you from there to fix the problem.
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The online courses are great. They are very simple to use and there aren't any lags. With the right type of internet connection things can be completed in no time, plus studying. The media center is open until the late evening which is great. And if you have trouble with a course it's pretty simple to go to the tutoring department and get help instantly.
The services here are excellent, there's a lot of consideration from the instructors. You would expect them to be lean back but they're actually interested in the students success. They'll do anything in there power to pass you as long as you cooperate with their simple instructions.
The sizes of the classes can vary but trust me when compared to a university the class isn't as huge as you would thing. It's convenient, they get to know your name and actually answer questions of yours. There can be one on one teaching you just need to ask. I would estimate about 17 to 25 students in each class. The quality of teaching is excellent, I do not regret choosing this school one bit.
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