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EAC has been great for helping me achieve my AA degree while still in high school! The staff are always polite and they keep the students well-informed.
Eastern Arizona is a great economical resource for 2 year-education as well as a great resource for 4-year degrees. Several Arizona universities have concurrent programs with EAC that allow me to get my Bachelors in Nursing for a lower cost and with the highly praised EAC nursing program backing me.
EAC also has small class sizes and professors that care about passing their class without doing mental or emotional harm in the process. Each professor I have had a class with has just seem called to their subjects. My anatomy professor stands up on her desk just to show us where areas like the patella are. My CNA class's professor has taught for years and been a practicing RN before that. With a lot of practical experience and passion the teachers here really make it obvious without telling us that they care.
The Nursing Program needs a massive change in leadership which is preventing those with families to participate in a program by forcing a commute from Payson-Globe in order to continue their studies 2 times weekly. The refusal to bend or listen to students is a massive downfall and easily could be fixed by listening to the student body.
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I am not currently attending the Eastern Arizona College Campus in Thatcher, but rather Gila Community College, in association with Eastern Arizona. The campus in Payson is great, and I enjoy learning here. It is clean, beautiful, for that matter, and I would recommend it. The teachers here are great, and ensure everyone is on the same page.
They have great small classes to make learning easier. The professors really know their subjects. The campus is so beautiful.
A good school to start off with before transferring to a university. Good professors, but kind of a boring town. There’s lots of Mormons here. The price alone makes it worth it though.
I'm a high school student at San Carlos High school and my opportunities of visiting Eastern Arizona College have been excellent due to all that I have leaned to what kind of programs they offer to what classes you need to take.
I have taken EAC dual enrollment classes as well as in class at EA. My experience has been good. Id say its just a little bigger than high school. Classes are very small and you get lots of interaction with teachers, students, and faculty.
They are a very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. They genuinely want every student to succeed.
I could not have had a better experience at any other school. The teachers were phenomenal and always willing to help with grades, extra credit, or even side tutoring to those who needed it. The campus life was so fun and there was always something fun to do for all walks of life. I suggest this school to anyone about to graduate high school.
When visiting Eastern Arizona I felt at home, safe, and comfortable. Walking around campus i couldnt see my self going anywhere else.
Eastern Arizona College is a great school for those just getting out of high school and are looking for a small college that doesn't have a lot of people. It has amazing instructors that are there to help you at any time that they can. It also has several dedicated tutors per subject to help as well. It is a great environment and has many fun things to do as a college student to stay involved in the school.
The College is really great, the faculty and the curriculum for each course available is amazing. The school gives many choices for degrees and choosing the Nursing program was the best idea for this school. The faculty for the Nursing program are very helpful and very tentative with each and every student.
The campus is very well kept and the staff always holds your best interest. They care about you understanding the curriculum and have been so kind when I did not understand things. Eastern Arizona is a great school.
There are small class sizes, cheap tuition, and most classes transfer. The small class sizes really allow the teachers to focus directly on students to ensure their understanding. The tuition is extremely cheap and will allow any college student the opportunity to eat food other than ramen. The fact that many of the core classes transfer over to other colleges is a god send. Before you go to a university go to a community college first!
It's such an amazing experience going here school faculty and administration are fantastic. They helped me out through the application process and made it an easy transition from my previous school.
So far I have been having a good experience. I do like it how most of the teachers try to get to know their students. I also like how campus isn't to huge where you literally need to drive across campus to get to class in a timely manner.
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Im a student at EA, and like it here. Its a pretty good Junior College, in terms of sports and academics. Theres not much to do in the town its located in though.
The professors at EAC are very attentive if you show that you really care about your education. When you live on campus it is very easy to get involved with the activities on campus. Something that I would change is the fact that EAC is a sport driven school so basically if you're not going to school on a sports scholarship then your needs aren't as important. Basically, I would just change that perspective and make it easier to get an academic scholarship as well. The classes are a little challenging depending on how you learn and how much you study throughout the week.
If you are looking to complete prerequisites, look no further. Eastern Arizona College is the college for you. As it is the cheapest community college in Arizona, you cannot go wrong with the instructors, student life and experience. It has a amazing and beautiful campus with everything within walking distance. But the best part about the college is the instructors. It was so nice to be in a class room where you weren't just a number you were a person; rather than being at a university. The instructors cared about you and wanted you to succeed. Also, every single one of my credits tranferred from EAC to the school I am going to now for Dental Hygiene. I would recommend this school to anyone!
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