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I think that if you are looking for a school that is affordable and in pretty much in the heart of downtown then this is for you but other than that its meh . it needs a LOT of improvement though for example helping students connect better with each other , there is no lunchroom just a small "student" lounge and you don't have that college feeling here or vibe compared to the other Chicago city college . so overall it was okay for me , if you want to get all your requisites out of the way for a affordable price come here .
OK staff, not many major choices, overpriced cost of attendance. Overall a pretty average university but too overpriced.
I've always liked the small class sizes and the location of the school. Many of the professors seem to care about students grades and will offer help if you're falling behind. The tuition is kind of high but they offer lots of scholarships to assist in paying for classes.
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Friendly people, helpful staff, always there when you need help. Great professor with awesome experience.
The academic councilors should be engaged into each individual student's career path to ensure they are taking the necessary classes to achieve their goal. I have made a lot of decisions on my own, in which I regret to this day, due to lack of parental assistance and guidance from the university council. I believe I would be at my desired education level should I had better assistance throughout the process.
Yeah their are alot of jobs and internships but you have to know what interest u to do
They help u with everything you need like homework and they help you understand the lesson
So far its great because the professor's dont let u fail they will find a way to help
Working on my major which is Business Management, the professors are very helpful when it comes to teach us the skills to have in this specific industry . For example, Mr. Gaines who is one of my business professor, and the chairman of business department; gives his student real life situation and cases that will help us with exams, the real world and etc.
So far my school experience is going very well. I have a B average on the GPA scale and I'm proud and working harder to become successful.
I love the small class sizes
I have no idea about that.
I hope the tuition will be less, then I can afford it.
I feel just so so.
if there are more activities associated with this university I will be more involved
I prefer in class learning
The resources to the campus is the best
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Its a really good school and the tuition reflects that but its reasonable and they give you plenty of scholarships
Everyone is nice and help is always offered it makes school a lot easier
I don't know anything about the online courses
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