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it was like any college orientation/enrollment
having to pay remaining tuition out of pocket is pretty hard. i don't feel like i got a lot of support as to how to get more money for school. the only other options they gave me were scholarships, but those are really hard to get.
because of the nature of the material studied, those who stay on as students are very dedicated
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there are no online courses
the policies on assignments and attendance are very clear.
i have never had such consistently fun, relaxed, and friendly professors
from what i hear, most alumni return to the school for continuing education and events.
the dean and the professors are so encouraging, and are always looking for ways to help us out.
95% of the material on the tests are covered in the coursework and the texts. the classes are very informative and fun.
The financial aide office was a great resource for scholarships and grants. Because I already have a bachelors degree I was concerned about not being eligible for federal aid but the financial aid office set up a payment plan that I could handle.
I think the accommodations made for different student situations are about average. Teacher know that we have lives outside of the program but they also ask a lot of us and expect us to do our best. The class schedule is flexible enough to work almost full time while in the program. It is hard work and takes dedication but it can work if you are passionate about a new career.
students at my school are very career oriented and cooperative. we need to work together a lot to practice massage techniques. Although there are not a lot of tutoring resources, the student body is a great place to look for student organized study groups.
my school over prepares it's student to succeed in the massage therapy field. whether you are studying eastern or western modalities, East West college has excellent training and faculty resources. during school, there are so many opportunities to get out into the community and network. In addition, the career center is an amazing resource to jump into a career right out of school. The campus has a lot of great spaces to study and practice that during the program it is really a home away from home.
the campus is small but the resources for hands on practice and academic exploration are available in one place which is very convenient. the campus is centrally located and very easy to get to by public transportation.
The library has research computers which are convenient if i don’t have my laptop. Most resources I can find online or at the public library if the resource center on campus does not have something available. Because of this, it is not a problem that the physical book library is fairly small. The wifi on campus is excellent but there are limited options for printing. Although printing resources are limited, the central location has the campus near kinkos and public libraries which are easily accessed.
My massage college is the most highly rated in Oregon. All of the staff have been very helpful and welcoming and made the transition into school very easy. I feel very positive about my future career prospects.
The professors are great! They're one of the reasons that make the school so amazing. I would not have done it if it wasn't for them.
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The only thing I wish East West would do differently with their curriculum is include the certification costs into the tuition. That way you don't have to worry about getting enough funds by the time you graduate. Other than that there's free tutoring if you're behind, they always check up when you are behind too. The program can go as fast or as slow as you want it, and the facilities are always clean and professional. They hand out job openings in their alumni newsletters too about 2-3 times a month.
You have to give trades in most of the classes you take. So the students are really good at being connected and making sure we can help each other out. I lived an hour away from the school and never had a huge issue in getting help with someone.
Need a personal computer. They do have a lab but it is slow and the computers are ancient. Copies are .25.
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