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I was a transfer student. It was difficult to get plugged into student life activities because I was not involved with the type of church at the time. There were some extremely talented professors. Some of the better instructors have left and and only a few remain.
East Texas Baptist University provides a fantastic education along with a set of dedicated staff that desire to see you do your best. The campus life is extremely supportive and feels like family. There was never a time where I felt like I was drowning in studies or loneliness because there were always encouragers, whether it be professor or fellow students.
I loved my time at ETBU. Hands down the best part of this university is how much the Professors care about their students. Being a student with dyslexia school was hard for me but I graduated with the help of my amazing professors.
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I enjoyed my time at ETBU. I was able to achieve a degree in a timely manor and was completely prepared for the work force after graduation. Athletics is a huge part of the student life at ETBU (was an athlete) and there is always an event to attend on the weekends. If its a hockey game, baseball, concert, or CONEXUS there is always something to do! ETBU is a family and those connections can be found even after graduation. I had a great experience as a student and love how much the campus has continued to grow! They even have full size beds in the dorms! Crazy!
I like the professors willingness to help, and interest in seeing each student succeed. The professors at this university have helped not only myself, but many of my friends and classmates with class related problems. I feel that by the professors doing this, it makes for a more positive learning and studying environment.
The atmosphere at ETBU is like home. The people are very friendly, and the education is excellent. Professors are very helpful and want you to succeed.
ETBU its great it has grew me into a better person but as well in my faith with God. I have met people I never thought i would meet. ETBU might not been my dream school at first but it definitely is now.
I love ETBU. I knew on my first visit that this was where I wanted to go. The campus is beautiful. The people are great. It is a little expensive but I know it will all be worth it.
Great campus and great school. Very caring professors and workers. Many opportunities for student to get involved. Not a large campus but growing in size. New buildings added in the last several years and added football back to the school several years ago. Academics are high standard. Many classes require a research paper, even physical education classes. The campus is small enough to enjoy the walks to and from class. The quad in the middle is a gathering place for some activities. The Alumni association is very active. The students can enjoy sports as there are many on campus teams that are not associated with athletics. The dorms are nice and safe. You make friends for life here.
I would like to see change in the staff department's conduct. For an entire week, I had a fiasco with receiving my financial aid award and for the entire week, the financial aid department was not on one accord with my file. Therefore, I jumped through several hoops and went in several circles when the solution was simple from the get go. Then, today, I called the student affairs department to adjust my tuition plan, and the woman hung up in my face while I was in the middle of asking a question. I have not attended the university yet, but so far my experience has not been to pleasant.
Everyone has been very friendly and helpful, so far. Located in Marshall, Texas, it is a beautiful campus.
I like that East Texas baptist University is a small school because I did not want to go to a school where there are 300 students in a class. I love the atmosphere and all the students and staff and professors are so welcoming and are willing to help you if you need it.
My experience at East Texas Baptist University has been enjoyable and coming in as a transfer, they made me feel welcomed. Being in a small and a small campus everyone there is almost like one big family. The students and staff support us on athletic teams a lot and we really appreciate it. Most of all, the love of God and His presence is so abundant across campus.
East Texas Baptist University is a diverse and well rounded institution, dedicated to academics, leadership, and faith. The entire student body and professional staff share a strong spiritual connection and place a strong emphasis on faith! Everyone is family here.
ETBU helped mold me into who I am today. During my time there, I had my ups and downs with the school and town but you will have people there that truly care about you. I met my best friend for life there and we still talk every week even though we are over 6 hours away. Dr. Franklin, the head of the communication department, was the best mentor I could have asked for. He cared about my education as well as my well being and pushed me to become my absolute best. I will never take my years at ETBU for granted.
ETBU was a fantastic school to go to. It is not a party school, nor is it one for students to go crazy at once they leave their homes. They truly stick to their name-East Texas BAPTIST University. They are not as strict as they used to be, but they do enforce good morals. There are places to eat around town and a Walmart about 2 miles from the school.

The academics are top-notch. I felt that I went into a teaching job fully prepared for what was ahead. The professors truly care about their students and have kept in contact with me since graduation.

Overall, ETBU was a great experience and I will continue to recommend it to anyone who asks!
I like the campus and the up to date and well kept facilities. What my main concern was about what the students and some of the students there. It is a predominately white school and during the first few weeks of school there was a huge tension between the white students and the other students of all races
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I've been attending this campus for a while now. I can honestly say that what i was shown the first i visited the campus is completely different from how it is when i started my freshmen year. At the current state of now it doesn't feel the campus i once experienced. While the staff is helpful in making you succeed but they also will make you take unnecessary classes that aren't required for your major. The president is never really involved with student activities on campus except for chapel. The sports are really decent some better then others but they are nowhere close to top tier in D3.
My experience from visiting East Texas Baptist University was simply amazing. I started off really enjoying the Chapel Service. Everyone there has such an amazing spirit and is so kind. After the Service, I was able to go into a class that matched up with the major we want. I was in a Chemical Concepts class. The professors are all very nice and such great teachers. I really enjoy how the professors actually take the time to explain what you may have trouble on. It is also very beneficial that the classes are small. After the class, I got to see how the cafeteria was like. Their buffet was very delicious. After lunch, a student showed us around the dorms. I fell in love with the Centennial Hall. I also think that it is very awesome how you're able to fill out an housing application to room you with people you would most get along with. East Texas Baptist University is an amazing college and I honestly would not change anything about it.
The courses and professors are amazing I've seem I have build a good relationship with them
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