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East Tennessee State University is an all-around excellent college. It has a large variety of majors and minors. One thing that I would personally change about this University would be the fact that there should be more resources and better help for those who struggle with paying tuition. It can sometimes come across as if the University does not particularly care whether or not you as the student needs help. However, the University is a nice college and has excellent professors. There are numerous academic organizations that students can be involved in. Plenty of parking, however, if you want a good parking spot; you need to arrive early in the mornings.
Its a beautiful campus. Everything is easily found. Classes are a good size not to big. It also has a variety of places for food. I would maybe add more parking if its possible. Not enough student parking for the amount of students that attend.
I loved the size of the campus. Even though it is a state school, the campus is easy to get around and not very busy. I enjoyed using the CPA because it was fairly new. I hated the housing department at ETSU. They are not good at answering emails and getting back to students. I would like to see improvements there. During my time at ETSU, there was quite of bit construction, so I think it would be more beneficial if ETSU waited till summer to begin renovations. Also, ETSU needs more parking!!
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I love how diverse and friendly everyone is!! However, I've made appointments and the staff member not even show up and I had to see someone else.
this school simply needs diversity in everyway. the administration has no true intent past their check and it shows. they also have no real connection with other cultured communities on campus
I am a transferring Senior to East Tennessee State University and have received so much help from the faculty and professors here. They really try to make you feel included here.
Solid teachers, good campus, neat city. I've had a good experience here overall and would recommend it.
I was worried that I wouldn't be able to fit into the community at ETSU, but the professors and other students made my freshman year amazing. I have taken both in-class and online classes that were flexible with my schedule. I worked well with the professors and my fellow students. I joined clubs that are enjoyable and there are other clubs for different activities and hobbies. I could not ask for a better place to be.
This university was difficult to take seriously when my professors didn't seem to know their own material, when the professors were not being paid for their job, and when the school severely lacked in standard practice in dealing with students going through family loss.
Being from small town Wyoming, I came to Johnson City because it has the same feel. I am going into my second year at ETSU and have enjoyed it this far. It is a gorgeous campus, the faculty are wonderful and helpful in every way possible.
I transferred to East Tennessee State University (ETSU) in the Spring of 2015. I had decided that I wanted to go on to Physician Assistant school after completing my undergraduate degree, so my major was Physical Education with a concentration in Exercise Science. I graduated in the Fall of 2017 and all throughout my college experience at ETSU I remained happy. Of course I was extremely stressed a lot of the time with the courses I was taking, but overall I had a wonderful experience at ETSU. My advisor was extremely helpful in leading me in the right direction and making sure that I was not missing anything. I am proud to say that I am an ETSU alumni.
Ever since I first arrived at ETSU for the freshman orientation, I was welcomed into a community that is best described as a family. From that moment, in the midst of registering for classes to attend in the fall, I knew that ETSU was where I needed to go. After orientation came Preview, a jam-packed weekend dedicated to helping new students acclimate to campus and connect with other students in the same shoes. Preview made it so easy to meet the student organizations available and helped me to find my place on campus. I have also learned that ETSU really cares for its students. I see that in the way the faculty and staff are willing to work with students to help them succeed in everything from financially to academically to personally.
Overall, I have been impressed with the type of experiences I have been able to receive at East Tennessee State University. As I am studying to be a future teacher, I have had many opportunities to work with young students at the University School on campus. This has allowed me to gain experience with students by actually doing my lesson plans with real students. Almost all of my professors have been enthusiastic and passionate about the content they have been teaching, which creates a more engaging classroom. The campus has many different options for food and entertainment, with weekly emails about upcoming events. With over 200 student clubs and organizations, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved on campus, make friends, and develop new skills!
I love how the professors actually care about you and your education. They are there if you need any help. One thing I would change is the amount of classes they offer. They need to add more classes, because they get filled up fast and you have to wait another semester and that may put you behind.
I liked the campus and most of the professors. Most professors have a good style of teaching and don't make things too difficult. I would like to see the prices for the apartments on campus go down and the conditions in those apartments increase at least a little bit. The one thing that everyone would say is bad is the parking. There are just not enough parking spots, but there's not necessarily enough room to create more. The bus saved my life.
ETSU is a great school! I love Johnson City, the people here are great, the parties are great, the campus is great!
Campus activities are very Greek life oriented, for those that do not enjoy the environment that fraternities and sororities provide it is difficult to engage in campus events.
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ETSU is a great medium sized school. There are tons of resources and research opportunities on campus and plenty of ways to branch out into just about anything you wanted to do.
The professors I have encountered want their students to succeed. Most foster a good class atmosphere and conduct their classes well.
I love a good majority of the professors of ETSU. I also quite like how the classes are rather difficult; it's nice to know I had to challenge myself to get through the program, and that many people don't make it. If we're talking negatives (not necessarily related to the classes), I hate the parking situation, and I wish the layout made it easier to get from building to building.
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