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ETSU is a great school! I love Johnson City, the people here are great, the parties are great, the campus is great!
Campus activities are very Greek life oriented, for those that do not enjoy the environment that fraternities and sororities provide it is difficult to engage in campus events.
ETSU is a great medium sized school. There are tons of resources and research opportunities on campus and plenty of ways to branch out into just about anything you wanted to do.
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The professors I have encountered want their students to succeed. Most foster a good class atmosphere and conduct their classes well.
I love a good majority of the professors of ETSU. I also quite like how the classes are rather difficult; it's nice to know I had to challenge myself to get through the program, and that many people don't make it. If we're talking negatives (not necessarily related to the classes), I hate the parking situation, and I wish the layout made it easier to get from building to building.
I have been here for almost a year now, I am really enjoying the university and the teachers that are here really show that they care about us as students. I have come to the conclusion that I made a really good choice with coming to a different state to further my education I love it.
I am a transfer student. I will begin at ETSU this summer. I have toured the campus so far, and when I did I fell in love. It feels like a perfect fit for me.
East Tennessee State University is my new home away from home. I have intelligent professors who care about my success. There is always something to do on campus from movie nights to painting classes. ETSU is adamant about safety. I love the Safe Voyage program which offers free walks to and from class, dorms, or anywhere else on campus. While ETSU is still working on our football team, we do have a brand new stadium and an award-winning basketball team. I am very pleased with my stay at ETSU so far and cannot wait for the years to come. Go Bucs!
I can say nothing but great things about ETSU. The community is full of welcoming people. It is a very beautiful environment with many reserve spots for hiking. Transitioning from high school to ETSU was easier than i thought. ETSU's amazing community made it much easier to settle in. Living 3 hours away from my family was a worry for me but overall i know that my future is in the palm of my hand.
I love the atmosphere here at ETSU! The campus is beautiful during the entire school year. I have yet to have a bad teacher here. I really love being a student at ETSU.
ETSU makes everyone feel like they have a place they belong. It feels like my home away from home. The reason I did not give a 5 out of 5 is because I personally think that the out of state tuition is a lot of money for as small of a college they are.
Overall, it is a pretty decent school. Sports teams could use some work. Academics are good, lots of majors offered. Professors are decent with a few shining gems. A few sororities and fraternities, but overall ETSU is not huge on greek life.
East Tennessee State University is a very welcoming school with lots of diversity. There is many activities and groups that a student can be involved in. Tutoring sessions of different kinds are very helpful and at different times for your convenience. It's over all a very good school with a small town feel even though it is fairly large. However, if you live on campus you must pay for a meal plan and that is not very convenient for those that do not eat at school.
I enjoyed having welcome week and sports. If I could change anything about ETSU it would be better food and more parking for students.
The campus environment is great and many new programs are being brought to campus as well as some redesigning. However, some of the advisors are little vague when going to to get help which can cause problems if you arent sure of what you want to do with your life.
It's a great campus, not too big once you learn your way around. A lot of really nice, caring teachers. Although the cafeteria is not that amazing, it's decent.
Personally did not like my nursing advisor. I enjoy the pretty campus, food options, new parking garage, and football team/stadium.
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I really enjoy the campus and the instructors. Everyone was willing to assist me with anything I needed. I also enjoy the feel of Johnson City, not once have I ever felt like I was in any sort of danger. I would recommend this college to anyone that is looking for a big college with a small town feel.
I really enjoy the small campus feel of the college. ETSU has so many great people that run these great programs and organizations. Preview, Intramurals, and the CPA is where I have met all of my ; the more I participate in these areas the more people I meet as well.
ETSU feels safe and like home with great outdoor activities. Since a lot of students are commuters, I feel like there should be more outreach to get them involved.
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