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I really like ETSU. I love the location, the school is beautiful, and I love living on campus. All of my teachers are very good and dedicated.
The campus is beautiful. The environment is amazing, so inclusive and friendly. The dorms can be a little outdated, but the overall experience and quality is a ten out of ten.
ETSU has a very welcoming campus and staff. There is a lot of school pride, which I love. I can't wait to attend in the Fall.
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I really enjoy going to ETSU. All my teachers are warm, caring, and helpful. I feel like they sincerely want me to succeed. The learning environment here is great.
East Tennessee State University has a beautiful campus with well kept greenery and many outdoor activities available to anyone. They also have a very nice gym, but it is not 24-hours which is something I would request to be changed. The library on the other hand is 24-hours and has many resources for every student, such as computers, printers, study tools, free tutors and many other things. I know one of my favorite things is the coffee shop in the library.
I love my school. The atmosphere is great and the campus is a good size. They always have events going on on campus. I love it here, it is close to downtown Johnson City and they also provide a shuttle service which is cool. The only problem is they have been under construction for awhile so it makes it harder to get around, and there aren't many parking spots.
East Tennessee State University is a fine academic institution with a friendly environment and inviting campus and community. The campus offers many different clubs and organizations that fit most peoples linings and if there is no club gor one's interests then a club can be made. The faculty and staff is very friendly and always happy to accommodate anyone who needs anything or is simply looking for an area on campus. The only real problems is the local life around the campus is very dull as one will quickly find that there is really nothing to do in the city of Johnson City where it is located. That can be overlooked but the major problem is that the financial aid office is very unreliable as many students turn in forms and they are somehow "misplaced" several times and make the beginning of the semesters very stressful as it is hard to purchase required materials for classes.
East Tennessee State University is a great school for those who like smaller communities. It's a beautiful campus with many different opportunities for a variety of interests. The classes and professors are challenging but interesting, and it's clear that the staff cares about your success.
ETSU is a beautiful campus nestled in the Appalachian mountains of Tennessee. Although the campus is not very large, it offers a good variety of on campus food options and clubs to participate in. ETSU is going under many renovations right now which should make the college more prospecting in the future. This college offers studies in many fields, so finding your passion should not be an option. Overall a very enjoyable and peaceful campus in a small city with plenty of activities and nature around.
I love the campus because it’s big but not too big. The staff cares. Great athletics. Being involved in cross country and track is also an amazing opportunity.
East Tennessee is a great school. Its very diverse and welcoming. The etsu staff makes you feel like you’re home, and their always there to help you with anything you need. The food is great and the campus size is perfect not to big or small.
ETSU is an exciting, diverse school where I feel free to try new things. It had allowed me to be a member in two clubs and take part in monthly activities hosted by various groups. I'm eager to learn and attend my classes, for the instructors I have had thus far have been highly motivated and influential individuals. The location of the campus is gorgeous and always well-maintained. I always feel safe and at home here.
I am a transfer student and hope to have a great college and professional experience. I am majoring in chemistry this fall of 2018 and all of the staff that I have met are friendly and have helped me along the way so far.
East Tennessee State University is an all-around excellent college. It has a large variety of majors and minors. One thing that I would personally change about this University would be the fact that there should be more resources and better help for those who struggle with paying tuition. It can sometimes come across as if the University does not particularly care whether or not you as the student needs help. However, the University is a nice college and has excellent professors. There are numerous academic organizations that students can be involved in. Plenty of parking, however, if you want a good parking spot; you need to arrive early in the mornings.
Its a beautiful campus. Everything is easily found. Classes are a good size not to big. It also has a variety of places for food. I would maybe add more parking if its possible. Not enough student parking for the amount of students that attend.
I loved the size of the campus. Even though it is a state school, the campus is easy to get around and not very busy. I enjoyed using the CPA because it was fairly new. I hated the housing department at ETSU. They are not good at answering emails and getting back to students. I would like to see improvements there. During my time at ETSU, there was quite of bit construction, so I think it would be more beneficial if ETSU waited till summer to begin renovations. Also, ETSU needs more parking!!
I love how diverse and friendly everyone is!! However, I've made appointments and the staff member not even show up and I had to see someone else.
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this school simply needs diversity in everyway. the administration has no true intent past their check and it shows. they also have no real connection with other cultured communities on campus
I am a transferring Senior to East Tennessee State University and have received so much help from the faculty and professors here. They really try to make you feel included here.
Solid teachers, good campus, neat city. I've had a good experience here overall and would recommend it.
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