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My first time coming to East Tennessee State University, was two years ago when I was a freshman in 2016. At first I was a little hesitant because it was my time actually being an responsible adult on my own. In the beginning of freshman year I started to meet friendly new people and getting involved with the campus. I joined a group called, "Black Affairs". It was great experience for me to meet new people. East Tennessee State University is a great campus to get involved and everyone there cares about you and help you to your success. I struggled a lot through my freshman year because I was used to the new college life. But with help from advisory, students, and professors that keep me motivated to succeed, I planned to do better each step of the way and to stay positive.
Nice campus, it is smaller than most bigger universities. The people are great, most professors are great. Other staff members are not so much helpful, such as financial aid office. The dorms are great to live in and the library is awesome! Basketball and football games are enjoyable and the greek life is a great way to get involved.
I came to East Tennessee State University after graduating high school and taking a few courses at a community college. I can say confidently that deciding to go here was the best decision of my life. The teachers are very helpful and there are plenty of available places for tutoring. You will be given many options to help you work your way to success. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and the disability office has worked with the entire time I've been here. Great school.
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Great environment of students and educators. Beautiful campus as well. My only complaint is that there aren't as many late-night activities for students under the age of 21.
The scenery is beautiful. The mountains go well with the architecture of the school. Friendly people, the small town of Johnson city is a great place for student to hang out and do projects or work in general .
I love East Tennessee State! I love the environment and the nice students there! I’m made the choice in going to East Tennessee State!
Actually, the college is kind of average to me but maybe because am an international student. There is few part time job for the student to enroll in and there is no much scholarship for the international student. The school academics is actually okay.
I LOVE East Tennessee State University. The academics in my field are great, there are over two-hundred clubs and organizations you can join, the campus is beautiful, the people are friendly, and it is just an overall welcoming community.
studying at East Tennessee State University has been the best experience so far. Dedicated professors and conducive environment for learning. The Chemistry department has the state of earth equipment.
The campus I the most beautiful one in the state. You are 10 minutes from great hiking. It's a same city. The dorms are great. It's a great school for pre health kids. It's very tough but if you do everything and work hard the professors will help you out. You are never just a number at this school.
Best college ever! Amazing teachers and i feel so at home there. I’ve made so many amazing friends and i honestly love the sorority life, I’m so greatful to be in Sigma Kappa
My experience was decent. I would like to see more activities that engage the entire campus to be involved. There are certain activities that occur but they all cater to specific races or groups of people.
89% of their activities are perfect and fair. The environment is also very amazing. Conducive atmosphere, very nice people and what a view.
My first time experience at ETSU was great. When i first started I thought it was going to be bad, but it turned out to be really fun. It made me grow up and realize you are really on your own. No teachers are there to remind you when things are due or how many times you have missed class, you are really on your own. I did meet wonderful people. If I could suggest anything to new comers I would tell them to pick a schedule that's good for them, because it could really affect you in the long run.
ETSU is the only college I recommend! The education I have received here is truly top notch. I honestly feel so prepared for my field of study. I attend a cohort campus, and the president of the college actually took the time to meet with our off campus location and allowed us to ask questions and make suggestions.
East Tennessee State University is a medium to large sized school with a small town feel. The staff is personable and honestly cares about each and every student. The registration process is smooth and easy to follow for everyone.
I love this college. The nursing program has been decent but it is unorganIzed. Many organizations, nice main building, awesome library. The dorms are also pretty good.
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I decided to transfer to East Tennessee State University at the very last minute. Everyone was very helpful from the get-go. My professors are very educated and are amazing at what they do. I have attended several different college and this is by far my favorite.
This is a great university. Sigma Chi is a great fraternity on campus with great brothers and a really good community. Highly recommend attending this university.
The campus is beautiful! ETSU resides in a medium sized metropolitan area and has options for night life for students. The math and science courses are exceptional, preparing the students for careers in those areas.
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