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well I didn't do well at all because i can not learn just online i tried though o top of that I wouldn't be able to afford next year so i'm worried about that as well
well I didn't do well at all because i can not learn just online i tried though o top of that I wouldn't be able to afford next year so i'm worried about that as well
East Stroudsburg is a great college, the professors and the advisors and staff around you always make you feel safe and welcomed! There are tons of clubs and campus activities to become involved in. I found my forever friends joining the Honor Fraternity on campus!
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Online courses are a great way to catch up on classes or to focus on work or other things on your own time. The professors at ESU are always great and understanding when it comes to online classes, especially with the current circumstances!
Before the Covid-19 pandemic forced millions worldwide to stay at home, I was able to attend East Stroudsburg University for a semester and a half. From September to mid-December of 2019 and January to mid-March of 2020, I indulged myself in the culture of campus life. While not perfect, East Stroudsburg University offers a range of activities that tailor to many students. Clubs, athletics, and events to raise money for various causes that occur daily. Not a single day passed where if any student struggled to find something to do, an opportunity did not present itself. The library consists of multiple different types of desktops and an indoor café area. The lounges are uniquely comforting with varying setups, and the teachers and staff I have interacted with on campus are kind and willing to assist. If I could suggest any particular facet for change, updating the desktops on the main floor of the library would be a priority.
East Stroudsburg University is an institution that would benefit most individuals if attended in person. However, under current circumstances, the professors succeed well in what they have to use. The usage of Zoom calls and other websites to monitor student's success or struggles works better for some professors better than others. Using certain software, such as D2l in the case of ESU, observing changes to the syllabus and other criteria, along with asking questions and submitting assignments, has never been more crucial.
I chose ESU because it is really close to my hometown, but also far enough away from it so I could get the full college experience. The campus isn't huge, but it's big enough. The dorms, especially the suites, are incredibly nice. It's like staying in a hotel! Most professors are amazing people. The actual town of Stroudsburg has so much character and culture. There are plenty of small businesses to support. The tuition rates are incredibly low. I love my school!
Personally, I love remote learning. It is so much more easier for me to get my work done on my own time instead of constantly trying to meet deadlines. The professors had to figure out how they were going to teach their classes. I definitely suggest skipping a semester if you don't do well working from home because at times, it can definitely be challenging.
I took all of my freshman first semester’s classes online, what did my first experience class I feel like I look at the most without it freshman year would’ve been very hard but I made it, ESU is a great school.
If you’re looking for a school that will feel like home,
Where are you can be yourself and the upper class men are really nice. ESU is the school for you. I’ve made friends for life as a freshman.
All of my courses as a freshman have been online due to Covid, but they are great, and so I know in-person classes are just as great or even better.
Very flexible with pandemic. Very diverse community and a true community. Professors are great. I am a new freshman so I have not been on campus but asked for input from friends who are sophomores and juniors.
East Stroudsburg University is a great college to be in. The community is amazing and the staff is always there when you need them.
Entering our Spring semester in only two weeks, East Stroudsburg University has really shown that their students are their first priority. Professors are always checking in making sure their students are safe and healthy; as well as always being there is they need extra help with learning during this crazy time. My experience thus far with ESU has been amazing, and I see it continuing through the spring and the rest of my academic career.
I love all help that is available at all times. If you need a tutor for any class, they are available. If you need to talk to the teacher, there is office hours. They make online learning easy and clear up confusion.
I love the online learning mostly because you can work at your own pace. The teachers zoom meeting are informative and helpful. I take all 6 of my classes online for this fall semester as well as the spring semester.
It is my first semester and I love it so far. I had. Some issues clarifying my schedule because I was switching majors but my transfer advisor really helped me out.
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Online learning is really tough but my professors at ESU are trying their best to ensure we are retaining and understanding the information.
My experience for online learning the first semester was difficult, but this second semester of remote learning has been smoother!
East Stroudsburg University is a very well rounded campus. I love how diverse the school is. Most of the staff are very helpful and want to see their students become successful. My favorite part about the campus is the library. The library is the most peaceful place to study.
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