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East Stroudsburg is a very good school for the affordable tuition costs. They have excellent professors and a great campus.
Being at ESU for coming up for two years has really shaped me. I am a Spanish major and a Chinese Culture and Langauge minor. I have had opportunities to meet like minded people wanting me to succeed and go far in life without worrying about the consequences or barriers as a minority female student.
ESU is an affordable university with decent professors. The Exercise Science program probably had the best professors in the whole college. If you are a student seeking a future in Exercise Science, Athletic Training, or Cardiac Rehab, ESU is a great school for you. If you are looking to get into a Doctorate program that is not through ESU, good luck getting the guidance you may be needing.
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I really enjoy my time here at East Stroudsburg University. Everyone has really been very open with anything that I need ever. I can always find a place to do my work and there are always people that I can go to that will help me to get my work done properly. To go to this school, one needs to have an open mind and be accepting of people from all backgrounds.
The campus is very diverse and has a lot to offer to the students. I am a commuter student and I still found ways to be involved such as a joining the Stroud Courier, the student newspaper, and Public Relations Student Association. Communications professors were awesome.
East Stroudsburg Design department has improved since 2014. However, what needs to improve is the Career Development Center. It is unfortunate that I missed FYE as a freshman. I look forward to hearing about FYE improving students.
Diverse campus and community. You see the money you spend coming back to you in a multitude of different improvements on campus. TONS of clubs and organizations as well as Greek Life. Lots of housing options, and very friendly faculty and staff. Student faculty in admissions are some of the best I've experienced in my college search.
The school is diversity in culture that and the professors are easy to get hold of. The dorm room are old and in need of some major repair and update.
The academics is terrific and there are a lot of resource for help if you need it.
East Stroudsburg University of PA is one of 14 state-owned universities in PA. It is located in the Pocono region of PA and is situated in a populated area. It has a quaint college town atmosphere and very diverse campus. The teaching faculty at ESU are top-notch. ESU is known as a teaching institution, therefore instruction is of primary importance. There is a wide range of activities available for anyone to engage in. Housing in and around campus is a mixture of very old Victorian and newer styles.
Good overall experience. Had a really good social and night life scene, and classes were easy. The biology department needs new professors, most of them do not care about students doing well.
Education/ Professors; I feel the professors at ESU have a large knowledge of the subject they teach and that they truly want the students to succeed.
Campus; The ESU campus is well maintained and has a lot of amenities for their students. However, parking could be better.
The Clubs that are available, mentors that help freshman with any questions, RA's in the halls are always welcoming and free for any questions that need to be answered
I like East Stroudsburg University. When I talked to the admissions counselor even doing my own research I fell in love with the university. I feel like it’s meant for me to go there like this college is meant for me.
Very nice campus, competative D2 Sports Conference. Quality professor that put their students first.
So far I have had an okay experience with ESU. I really like the professors there; the ones I have taken already anyway. If I could change something about the college, I would say they need more convenient parking for commuters. The parking lots are so far from the buildings, unless you are lucky and get a good spot, which are limited. Also, I have had issues with trying to get someone on the phone that I need to talk to. I had a lot of issues last semester when trying to resolve issues with my financial aid. I got the run around several times.
East Stroudsburg University is a great college to attend. All the faculty and staff are helpful and hands-on. ESU is very diverse and welcoming! I love it here and would not want to be anywhere else!
Although the occasional issue occurs with safety, the officers are quick to respond and increase presence on campus afterward. Classes are pretty easy for the gen eds for the most part and you do get many different types of services available to you to seek help in finding a job or help do a resume. The professors are great and the campus during the day is quite nice. Parking is absoulutly horrendous for commuters however. They take more parking away to build dorms, but fail to realize that there are a ton of communters. Many times you have to walk half a mile or more to get to class and it takes 15 minutes to find parking.
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East Stroudsburg is a great school, what I love most about it is the teachers they actually care about you and your grades, and when you need help they will help you one on one or help you set up for a tutor.
My professors are my favorite part here in the school. They are all very involved with my studies and help me out every time I have an issue or have a question.
Being on the cross country team here, I noticed the athletics here are really outstanding. The coaches care so much about not only your athletics, but your academics as well. The professors are also very personable and always available. So far, I am loving my first semester here.
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