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So far I have had an okay experience with ESU. I really like the professors there; the ones I have taken already anyway. If I could change something about the college, I would say they need more convenient parking for commuters. The parking lots are so far from the buildings, unless you are lucky and get a good spot, which are limited. Also, I have had issues with trying to get someone on the phone that I need to talk to. I had a lot of issues last semester when trying to resolve issues with my financial aid. I got the run around several times.
East Stroudsburg University is a great college to attend. All the faculty and staff are helpful and hands-on. ESU is very diverse and welcoming! I love it here and would not want to be anywhere else!
Although the occasional issue occurs with safety, the officers are quick to respond and increase presence on campus afterward. Classes are pretty easy for the gen eds for the most part and you do get many different types of services available to you to seek help in finding a job or help do a resume. The professors are great and the campus during the day is quite nice. Parking is absoulutly horrendous for commuters however. They take more parking away to build dorms, but fail to realize that there are a ton of communters. Many times you have to walk half a mile or more to get to class and it takes 15 minutes to find parking.
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East Stroudsburg is a great school, what I love most about it is the teachers they actually care about you and your grades, and when you need help they will help you one on one or help you set up for a tutor.
My professors are my favorite part here in the school. They are all very involved with my studies and help me out every time I have an issue or have a question.
Being on the cross country team here, I noticed the athletics here are really outstanding. The coaches care so much about not only your athletics, but your academics as well. The professors are also very personable and always available. So far, I am loving my first semester here.
Campus is a nice size; not too many lecture classes. Computer Science Department at least seems very accessible. Strong program.
My experience with this school has been satisfactory. In the beginning, I was unable to keep up. However, as time went on and began to use the facilities more, I was able to catch up. The professors never gave up on me and continued to help me get on the right track. This school also supplies enough entertainment to allow for students to never be bored.
ESU is a great school. It's a place where you can make a lot of new people and get a great education. ESU also provides a good safe environment for everyone.
The campus is pretty big despite the way it looks ESU has a lot to offer to incoming freshmen or kids that are transferring.
Completed the MA political science program. Academics: Solid program for your time (1 1/2 years to complete) and money (PA in-state tuition), convwnient evening classes and opportunities to intern for credit in Washington, D.C. and NYC thanks to the roster of well-connected professors and practitioners.
I graduated from ESU with a B.S. in public health. There are some really great professors, but some were less than qualified, in my opinion. I transferred in junior year and had a hard time finding a niche, but you meet the mosf people by getting involved in clubs and organizations. I enjoyed my time here.
Honestly, even though I don't know many people on campus who are not a theatre major, as a graduating senior, I have to say I've enjoyed my time at ESU. They have lots of activities to get people involved and to meet new people. In the theater department especially, the campus loves the work that we do and they do support it by coming to see our shows. ESU is pretty close knit and after you've adjusted to the campus life and are no longer feeling homesick, it really is a nice humble college.
I'm an incoming freshmen to ESU but already I can tell that the next four years are going to be good. ESU has got a quality campus with a wide range of groups and activities, academically ESU is a fine school with good connections for future internships.
The professors at East Stroudsburg are very helpful. It is very obvious that they want their students to succeed. Also, the campus is very nice.
I love East Stroudsburg University! The Art and Design program has given me a lot of great opportunities! The teachers really show that they care and will always help you. Our Art program with 3D printing has made our program grow and I have learned so much about 3D Printing.
Overall, the academics is probably the best thing they have going for them. There is nothing all too special about anything else. The local area is boring unless you have a car to actually go anywhere.
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East Stroudsburg University is a great school with wonderful teachers that motivate you to do better. The atmosphere is great and you can always find a friend.
I transferred from another college to ESU and I can't even fathom the difference. Not only are the students so much more willing to grow, learn, and care for other people but the faculty all takes those extra crucial moments to connect with their students on a personal and academic level. I feel no only safe at ESU, but I feel as though I'm in an environment where my beliefs and skills are fostered and tuned so that I can feel confident when I graduate and enter my field.
School really doesn't seem to car about students. The reason why i feel this way is because they make all these mistakes with your things and don't even make an attempt to fix it or even tell you know it is a problem.
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