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My sophmore year is my first time dorming and I must say that i am really enjoying my time on campus. The darms are not loud and annying. I have my study time and alone time. All the dorms are central and close to all other builllding on campus. The professors in the STEM department are willing to answer your questions and they are very helpful with subjects other than just class work. Overall, my time at ESU has been amazing so far.
I really like the process of housing and the dorms themselves. The options that we have access to really make for a pleasurable experience.
As a transfer student that went into a city school it was such a relief to find a school that had such warm and welcoming atmosphere that brought you in. Community is everything, and just looking around it really was a home away from home.
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Everything is wonderful! I would reccomend this school to anyone! I am a very proud warrior! I met such wonderful people here including the professors! They are all extremely accommodating and willing to go out of their way to help their students. It has an upbeat and outgoing exteriority and appearance and has the same feeling from the inside. THERE IS NOT ONE BAD THING to say about this university!
It's a very open and friendly place to be. It's in the center of town, so there's things to do nearby, and everyone is very helpful. Staff are willing to go out of there way to assist, and even the departments such as Financial or Billing will do everything that they can to help and make attending ESU easy and comfortable.
I enjoy the environment and the people here. There are a lot of great people I have met and I look forward to going back next semester.
I feel as if East Stroudsburg is my second home. I am a full time student who lives on campus. I absolutely love all of the opportunities available to you. It is a very diverse college. You have many choices of what classes that you would like to take. The professors really want everyone to succeed and do all that they can to help you understand the material. There are many clubs and activities on campus so you will never be bored. The local area of East Stroudsburg is a very cute townt that has a lot of good food choices. I can not wait to continue my education and get my degree from East Stroudsburg University.
Not a terrible school, but pretty average in every sense of the word. Academics and majors/minors provided are eh. Food is poor to average. Poorly ran extracurricular activities, poor sports. No real incentive to do anything but party after classes are done.
As I've had the opportunity as a non-traditional student to be associated with professors that takes the time the energy to teach a class to explain themselves and to be available when needed by student I've also gain more knowledge and all different way of thinking in the field of Social Work I've learned the availability of what's needed in a community, society where homelessness and hunger is at all-time high, as well as mental illness. I am given the skills to apply to those who are in need of assistance and availability of resources to them, leadership skills is a great asset in their teaching, facilitating groups as well as family sessions is a must-have for any social worker.
I love how its a small school, it makes me feel at home. I always feel welcomed wherever I go. I joined Tri Sigma and it was the best decision I've made since I started ESU
East Stroudsburg University is a very welcoming school. I enjoy it because it’s very diverse. The teachers that I have had so far have been all helpful and useful in ways I, a Early Childhood Education can learn from!
East Stroudsburg University is just right for me. It carries what I want to major in, there are a ton of activities to attend to, and my professors were excellent. They were also a lot of help when I had trouble with my tuition; they answered any questions I had and were extremely patient.
Academics and Student Life definitely thrives here at ESU. The sizable campus is big enough that you can always meet someone new, yet small enough that you always see a familiar face walking to class. Classes and professors that I have taken/had in the past two years have been wonderful. The courses are great, and all of the professors work with their students and are very helpful. One thing I wish that would be different about campus would be food and parking. There should be better/healthier as well as a bigger variety of food choices in all of the places around campus where food in accessible. As for parking, I wish that "Resident Parking" was not so far away from everything, especially dorms. Walking home at night to your dorm you should feel safe and not worried about your 10 minute walk back to your bed.
During my visit to East Stroudsburg University, I was amazed at the variety of activities and organizations. There was a sense of community throughout the campus. The atmosphere was that of productivity and focus. Professors are very passionate about their topics of discussion. I instantly fell in love with ESU.
Very nice environment. I love how diverse it is here. Some professors care deeply about their students, while most do not. The food is ok, would not say the worst, but definitely not the best. Traditional dorms are nice for being cheap.
East Stroudsburg University is a place filled with diversity and opportunity for students. With several friendly professors willing to help you, it is very motivating and evident that you are being led down the right path to a future filled with success. There are wonderful academic programs, a helpful tutoring and mentor program, community service and volunteer opportunities, many work study positions available, and many more resources on this campus.
East Stroudsburg is a very good school for the affordable tuition costs. They have excellent professors and a great campus.
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Being at ESU for coming up for two years has really shaped me. I am a Spanish major and a Chinese Culture and Langauge minor. I have had opportunities to meet like minded people wanting me to succeed and go far in life without worrying about the consequences or barriers as a minority female student.
ESU is an affordable university with decent professors. The Exercise Science program probably had the best professors in the whole college. If you are a student seeking a future in Exercise Science, Athletic Training, or Cardiac Rehab, ESU is a great school for you. If you are looking to get into a Doctorate program that is not through ESU, good luck getting the guidance you may be needing.
I really enjoy my time here at East Stroudsburg University. Everyone has really been very open with anything that I need ever. I can always find a place to do my work and there are always people that I can go to that will help me to get my work done properly. To go to this school, one needs to have an open mind and be accepting of people from all backgrounds.
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