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Online learning is ok. Teachers try to fix problems as fast as they can to fix problems if they show up. Many teachers don't know how to switch over to online learning at all.
Emcc feels like its a inbetween for highschool and college. The teachers are pretty good but there is nothing to do for campus life. Food is also above average.
I love the teachers! They are very helpful, they understand my weaknesses and help me improve on them. I also love how the campus isn't too big or small. It's just the right size to walk to any class.
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As a result of Covid-19, I took online classes this summer. I have been homeschooled since the 6th grade, so I am very comfortable with online classes. These classes were very well organized and the content was given out in a way that allowed me to understand and comprehend the information.
Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, my time on campus was cut short and I had to transition to online classes. I found that the online classes were very innovative and easy to follow. The professors break the work down into linear modules that ensure that you stay on track. It also very easy to communicate with the professors and other students through email. Overall, my online experience has been good.
East Mississippi Community College is designed to meet the needs of the student. It provides extremely versatile programs and schedules to ensure that you are on an education path that best suits you. It provides a variety of academic tracks as well as industry-relevant and career-technical pathways. My personal experience with the university has been great. Within a few days I developed numerous acquaintances and friendships with other students and staff. The professors are very caring and are willing to help in anyway possible. Overall, East Mississippi Community College is an excellent start to your college pathway.
I took four online classes and my teachers were very nice and understanding. I would very much take online classes again if i could. The studies were not too hard. I am very much grateful that EMCC attending Dual Enrollment.
EMCC is the best college I have ever seen in my life. The teachers are so nice. The scenery is amazing. I highly recommend anyone to attend school there.
I first came to the school mainly for the excellent band program I had heard about. As a college, it is very underwhelming even for it being a community college. Not many teachers care enough to help you with your career and the advisors are not much better. Campus life is awful, there is nothing around the school for at least 20 miles and you are treated like a kid. Examples of this is having a curfew at 10:00 and not being able to move around campus without getting a fine. Not being allowed visitors (if you are a male). And you can even get stopped for walking with someone of the opposite sex at any time past 7:00. Overall the education is mediocore, the campus life is fun for only the athletics and nothing else, and there isn't much else that the college offers.
The thing I like most about EMCC is the games that the school to students to interact with each other. Also, I love the support students give the sport teams.
The Computer Science team is excellent and very helpful. I hope to attend myself, and have many friends who do attend, and they all say the same thing- go to EMCC, it's smaller but closer community of students and professors make the entire college experience more comfortable and overall more fun!
The head of the Computer Programming section is very hands on with his students and will not leave anyone behind if they are struggling- he is quick and effective to teach fundamentals and complicated ideas equally to all students.
The best thing about this school is the food from the grill and the ability to use the library for studying and printing out anything you need. However the diversity in the students needs to improve. Some of the teachers also need to improve their teaching skills and techniques so that students can have a better understanding of the material.
My experience at East Mississippi Community college has been great so far. I have enjoyed all of my teachers and always feel like they are invested in my education and learning experience. Everybody learns in different ways and they have sought to accommodate those different abilities within reason. Besides my teachers, the other members of staff, such as the ones in the financial and business offices have been friendly and helpful. They likewise seem interested in my future.
Their campus has a good environment and good housing. The students and teachers make sure their students are working hard and maintaining a good GPA and make sure all their students are ready to learn.
The ease of registering, as well as the staff and instructors. The school provides several job entry programs that produce students who are ready for the workforce. Class sizes are ideal for students who are not ready for the university setting.
i had the best experience while attending emcc. they staff was always so nice and helpful, as well as most students. i’ve built relationships with a few of my teachers that i will always remember. it was such a friendly and peaceful environment.
I attended EMCC for two years and had a very good experience and received great help when I began trying to transfer!
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There is nothing there but the college. Which has about 600 on campus students. Football team is the greatest.
I attend EMCC as a high school junior. This school has been really great for me, and it had made me feel really good about going into a university. This is a great first steps for students. This campus does not have dorms or athletics, but it a great environment! The professors are willing to help you at any time. I have not met one that has turned me down. Every Wednesday is fried chicken, so that’s great. No classes on Friday is the best!
I mean as far as students, it’s kinda like the buffer zone between high school and college even though it is college. The faculty on the other hand: the teachers are great for the most part but listen when others tell you not to take a certain teachers class, admissions was easy to deal with, I haven’t had any issues with the business office, and the counselors are great as long as you also know what your doing or wanting to do, we are assigned adivisors I haven’t really spoken to mine much because some of the teachers are very helpful when it comes to scheduling classes
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