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I love that the Professors are very helpful and can teach very well. I think they should remodel the dorms. Their food is also not that good and need to upgrade on that. But overall educationally, party, investment and working towards your degree wise, it's a great school to start off at !
First, my experience in college has given me a chance to sharpen my skills in my field of choice. There have been, and there will continue to be, many opportunities to learn more ways of improving my craft as a result of my time in school, which I am truly thankful for. For example, the Writing Center at my school has taught me many writing tips and rules that I was unaware even existed, and would still be unaware of had it not been a part of my experience. Because of this, I realized I still had a lot to learn despite what I thought; but this allows me to improve my skills more as I continue to attend school and also gives me more confidence in my area. And as a result, I know one day this valuable experience will help me in my search for another one-a rewarding
East Mississippi Community College has opened me up to the rest of my college profession, and provided me with some of the best professors. Being a dual enrollment student, I sometimes found courses a bit challenging, but was helped by the incredible staff.
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This was a great school. It was an easy transition from high school to college without jumping right in to a big University.
Those that know this College, knows it's the best out there! I was nervous on the first day. Who isn't? However, all that nervousness disappeared. I felt at home. Everyone was outstandingly nice at this College! The professors there are amazing! They're willing to help you succeed with one on one's (personal help). They make you feel welcomed with so much care for each of their students. The classes here are easier to pass than most think. These professors make the hardest subjects look and seem easier as 2+2. The food is great, healthy, and tasty. Yum! They even have churches there where anyone can go to pray and/or attend bible study and lots of other activities. The living is spectacular. You have security all around. Police patrol the campus everyday and night to make sure everyone is safe. We act as a community, but really we are a family.
East Mississippi Community College gives students all over Mississippi an opportunity to a great start. This community college help aspire students to go above and beyond educational benefits, leadership, and most importantly a quality education.
I am at East Mississippi Community College it is a great place to go. The professors at great and will to work with the student. The Campus is very nice, and the campus has a awesome learning environment. There is many events on the Campus that encourage student involvement. The money that you spend at the school is worth it for the great quality of education that you are getting.
I have a great relationship with my professors I am able to talk to them about anything. Registration was a easy process. I am not to over loaded with work, but I get good size amount of work. Some peers are nice others not so much.
I have had a good experience with class flexibility because I was able to put all the classes that I needed at a time that worked around my busy schedule.
East Mississippi provides a great learning experience.
Online courses are easier to me, better to work with,
Great academics, the teachers work with you if you need help any classes. Learn alot of things
EMCC is a great community college to start off at if you're not fully ready for an university and ready to get your basic classes out the way.
I think it is best for you to register yourself for most classes that there are not a lot of mainly science classes. Some classes most people do not need tend to be early in morning at 8, which sucks for me because that describes a lot classes I need.
It is best to sign up for online classes on the first day of registration because most classes fill up very quickly.
Most of the teachers at East Mississippi CC seem to really care about their students. Most class are small with no more than 25 students but most classes have less.
EMCC does not have any internships that I know of but they do offer work study. I found out with the hard way that all the good jobs go fast and f you do not apply early you ending up with a undesirable job or no job at all.
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It is a good school with a lot of good teachers who really seem to care about their students. Although some teachers are very boring and get off of topic very easy. Another good thing is free tutoring for all EMCC students.
It is a great school for anyone especially for someone just graduating from high school.There are a lot of teachers who willing to help you even if you are not one of their students.
Hard because this is my third year on campus and limited classes and cannot take to many in order to transfer
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