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Whether it be required classes, classes for majors, or for your own interest, East Los Angeles College offers courses you won't find in any community college. Administrators are there to help you if you are lost before, during, or after application. They hire some admirable professors who give great advice on top of the lecture, and make it easy to learn the material.
Great start to reinvent yourself for a better future. excellent campus and staff. I started from the bottom with the lowest grades and expectations. Everything from the environment to the people around will help build your focused career.
It's ok. I am a freshman. I am still learning about the campus. I like the food and the teachers. I'M there is wifi because I have no wifi at home. Overall, I like it.
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I love the diversity, faculty and deans. It's a close community and there is so many resources available for struggling students.
I love this school and everything it has offered me. The only thing I hate is the financial aid office, sometimes they don't know what they're doing/telling their students. But other than that, I love this school, I spend a lot of time at their library.
What I like about East Los Angeles College is that it’s usually full with people that want to learn. People are very friendly there and it’s very fun to go there. The professors are really into their job and will do things to make the class fun but for you to learn what they’re teaching
So far i’m completing my 2nd semester of my freshman year here but it’s a great school. i love the campus and the professors. everything about this school is amazing.
So far on my journey to get my associates in Administrational Justice, I'm having a great time studying there and trying to save money for the books as every student there is doing.
I truly read the yelp reviews to confirm that this is the school I wanted to go to.
They are truly the best which includes fees and also the quality of education they provide is excellent. No Fluff! Just what you need to master the skills and pass the exam. It was such a blessing to find this school. Ms.Kay is a sweetheart. She taught our batch, she is the best.
First day I got in, I was a lil nervous but Ms. Kay came in after the orientation and started teaching us and the rest was history....
We all passed the exam thanks to Ms.Kays awesome notes and guidance.
Again don't look any further if you are looking to become a Phlebotomist. The best deal, easy to understand and also you finish off quick.
It is a good college, the majority of the people I have interacted with have been polite, the only thing I will say is that it does lack on resources. There no guidance of where or how to get to where you want to go.
ELAC is a wonderful campus that have professors and councilors that help you every step of the way. With new remodeled buildings the classrooms are amazing, and gave all new equipment. Highly recommended for any engineering majors, wonderful programs.
East Los Angeles College is a great educational institution that offers a unique experience for students. The college has many professors who are willing to take the time to ensure you understand the class material.
As I transitioned into college I thought it was going to be difficult but I was able to join some programs the school offered which helped me understand and learn more about what elac has to offer
Very friendly place and friendly people that help you get are the two campuses. Nice buildings and nearby food places to study and eat.
It was very hard for me to get the classes I want when I attended ELAC. So, I had a lot of bad experience taking classes there. In addition, the quality of the courses varies. It really depends on which professor is teaching, and there is no standard of teaching for the professors to follow whatsoever. However, my goal was to transfer to another 4-year university. Eventually, I successfully transferred to one of the UCs anyway. I would not recommend this college to other students.
The campus is amazing and they offer many courses. Also, the main priority is to keep the interest of students at a high level, for them to know that they are safe and can be welcomed at any place they go. They create a safe community.
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My experience has been fine overall. the students and staff are welcoming. What I would like to see change is more tutors for English and math.
I am a freshmen student at this college, I would like to improve the way the offices at ELAC treat students, they do not treat as we deserve.
After being at ELAC for a few years I have had good and bad experiences. Some professors in the Business Dept are very passionate and teach very well, while others don't seem like they want to be there. I definitely suggest always checking RateMyProfessor before registering for ANY class. And always register for extra courses as some are always cancelled last minute for low attendance.
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