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I am a freshmen student at this college, I would like to improve the way the offices at ELAC treat students, they do not treat as we deserve.
After being at ELAC for a few years I have had good and bad experiences. Some professors in the Business Dept are very passionate and teach very well, while others don't seem like they want to be there. I definitely suggest always checking RateMyProfessor before registering for ANY class. And always register for extra courses as some are always cancelled last minute for low attendance.
so far from my experience, I love everything. I am not a Theatre major but what I have seen is amazing I am very much interested in taking more course in the Theatre arts
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Overall great staff and diversity of students. Everyone is kind and friendly, the area is great, but the organizational structure of the online system and website could be improved.
I have enjoyed my time at East Los Angeles College in the recent time that I have been there. I have learned to delve deeper into working towards my educational goals. I feel I have a greater sense of calling, dedication and devotion and I am looking forward to transferring out of the campus to a 2 year UC university or Regent university.
ELAC is a diverse academic environment with staff that is friendly and approachable! I would encourage for professors and campus staff to reach out to their students. Public interaction is comforting and helps explore different points of view.
professors are nice and they teach all the details. Also, many buildings are very organized and clean. Lots of tutoring programs, they helps students a lot. In addition, the corses are very tight and it makes students study if they want to.
I like but they should change a lot of proffesors because they are not good teachers. But there are good that teach well and that know how to teach student
I am a 19 year old student who is a full time student at East Los Angeles Community College and also a part time employee, and being a student at ELAC I feel very supported by the amount of help and opportunities that have been given to me.
Overall I love the environment and the diversity. There are many resources there that are available to any student daily.
Most teachers try to go above and beyond to help the students in and out of class. But you tend to get the run around a lot when it comes to counselors giving you different information. You need to keep track of everything because sometimes things are not communicated correctly or things get lost.
Great school and I have fallen in love with my professors. They are all beyond helpful and always go the extra mile for their students
My experience at East Los Angeles Community College has been a very good one. The professor's are there to help and guide you, as well as the tutoring services provided on campus. There are also many informal events for students to help guide them through college. The upgrades are a major plus to the campus!
I'd have to admit but in the beginning of my enrollment I didn't feel content for ELAC as I do now. When I first started going, the campus was in heavy construction, and what wasn't in construction did look pretty bland. But the professors for the most part have always been excellent, along with the administration there. Yet as time passed, there's been less and less construction, and great improvements to the campus such as; student life, campus structure, food, and services for the students.
My experience at Elac has been so wonderful. There are so many resources on campus and everyone who works there are more than helpful.From not knowing anything about transferring to universities or how to get classes for a semester , I learned from programs that i signed up for and was able to get work study here on campus. It is very diverse so there is no need to feel uncomfortable because of your ethnicity and the food is great. If you dont agree with the food at our cafeteria , they have fast food places nearby that are within walking distance. I really loved the experience here as a first time college student and now i feel like the professors and program advisers got me ready to transfer to a school with enough information that i need.
The professors are so awesome and have opened my point of view on earth in so many ways! I feel more excelled and confident attending my local community college rather than directly transferring to a university from high school. Go Huskies!
Although I have no brilliant achievements, I have certain ability and potential to develop my future. For 10 years. 10 years of good planning and good guesswork. I can say boldly what will be sent after ten years. But if I guess tomorrow is difficult, because tomorrow will be very soon. What does this mean? The short way is not to say what, the road is long, and who is the last winner.
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East Los Angeles College offers so many great resources that are very useful. The college has aspiring professors who have motivated me to pursue and seek higher education. However, academically East Los Angeles is amazing but construction is always taking place. It happens all around campus and in the parking structures making it really difficult for anyone to find parking and to get to class. Hope they can resolve this issue quickly.
Here at East los Angeles community college (main campus)the teachers and staff are helpful and understanding. It is a very warm family like environment . Even the students are helpful in assisting with questions or concerns. The campus is very clean and the counselors are outstanding with assisting you with your academic path. I do both school and work full time and enjoy the help I revive from East L.A.
The campus is amazing makes you feel like it's the best choice for community college education before transferring.
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