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At this campus you can get help with anything and everything. They have resources for everyone. Super encouraging. Also all the building are new and nice now.
The campus is very clean and up to date as a big named university or school should be. Most of my professors have been pretty good but there are some every once in a while that i would not rate as some of the top.
I like the type of classes that are offered to us, students. The professors help you a lot when you can't make it to class or have missed work.
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I love this college because they have everything I need. They have campus tours to universitys and it is fun
Not only is it a beautiful and growing campus, but the people there are very amiable and open to questions. Overall, friendly atmosphere with both professors and students and staff.
I like how this school has a variety of programs that can help students. Some professors demonstrate interest in helping students succeed. Parking and transportation is also very helpful for students that live a bit further away.
I found ELAC to be a good transitional school when transferring to a 4 year university. The professors were excellent, the students were friendly, I couldn't have asked for anyone better, a wonderful experience.
East Los Angeles is a great school. I love that it truly allows for your time here to be what you make of it, whether you want to be active in the community and join clubs, or if you just want to go to class and focus on academics.
My experience in East Los Angeles College has been one of the most greatest experiences! I love how the professors very caring, and I love the food. The programs that they have are very helpful. For example “La College promise” is a great program that helps and really cares about their students. They give to students book grands, and the coaches are always trying to help you when ever their students need them. Also, Eops” is another program that helps a lot when it comes to pay for our books and giving counselors to keep track of our progress. Overall, being in this college has been an amazing experience that i can happily help whoever if they need my help.
I've learned so much going here for my education. Its a great college and i am planning on finishing most of my academic goals here.
All the professors are involved in student academics and want you to suceed. Food prices should be fixed at a resonable price.
A good college to attend when you're focusing on a transfer. Helpful counselors, detailed assessment, and easy to complete online orientation.
My overall experience has been great at ELAC. They have made many changes around campus. Lots of updates have been made as well as its environment. The professors there are really caring and help so much. They take the time to help outside class hours as well.
I only attended one semester on Campus at it was just okay. There we not too may food options on campus but plenty of local fast food options.I feel that the administration staff could be more helpful.
This school is like a second home to me, the teachers are very welcoming and would go out of their time to help me succeed. Teachers from this college care about students well being and safety. This college is located in a safe area where students are most likely not harmed. This community college has the second highest students transferring rate. Elac has good job opportunities such as job fairs, and job filers. This school has massively improved here are starting to build more college building and reducing bungalows. They are also starting to provide more classes that have never been offered there before as a way benefiting students. Elac's is big on Art, Technology, Music, and Kinesiology. If you live in Montebello, East Los Angeles, Boyle Heights, Huntington Park, Bell or South LA, I would recommend Elac if you are looking for a school around your area.
Excellent College . Huge campus. Best Professors in the county. With so many programs no wonder why is a popular College. It is a greatly organised system.
I have attended East Los Angeles Community College for years. The campus has expanded and is now more aesthetically pleasing. The teachers are all helpful the resources are great and always available to students willing to take advantage of them. If i could change anything about my school i wouldn't change anything. Besides the fact that i cant obtain a bachelors at this school it has been good to me. It has never made me feel out of place and has welcomed me and others like me with open arms. If i didn't feel this way i would have surely transferred to another school by now.
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It is a very friendly environment and I enjoyed all the sceneries the school itself provides. Overall I have not yet to complain about any professor for I was able to join the First Year Education program (FYE) and they were able to provide me with two classes I would need and free tutoring. I was also able to join the MESA program that is available. Within this program I joined the cohort and I was once a gain provided with the math classes I needed for the career I am currently pursuing. Also free tutoring was available as well as an exclusive counselor for MESA students only. Therefore I was able to speak with my counselor several times throughout the semester and get the right classes I need.
Pretty nice college. When I went, the school was very clean and organized. The staff and workers are very friendly and help you when you need it. It is very easy to commute, because there are a lot of transportations.
East Los Angeles College is a newly renovated college with nice facilities. It's engenders learning through its environment, professors, and its mission. The student center employees are very helpful and polite.
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