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This school has transition from a terrible school to a state of the arts institution that has benefit every student coming to this campus. It has allowed many student succeed in school. Including myself
The campus has been modernized and the buildings look great , it feels like a univeristy with so many people and so much help fromf aculty.
Almost every teacher I've had so far are the nicest human beings I've ever met and really helped me to become comfortable with college right after high school.
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I like how there is a food store in the campus. It is very convenient to get food. I like eating the cup noodles, which are only $1.00
From my experiences with the school East Los Angeles College is an excellent two year with teachers who are always there and willing to help students who are ready to learn. With diverse group of students and campus life.
Easr Los Angeles College is a great place to grow professional and academically. It’s a great place to discover what you are interested and what you want to study. This campus focuses on social justice and community service. Although this campus need more counselors. ELAC offers great student services and resources for people of all background and needs.
There's so much help here at ELAC. THere are programs to help you pay for your books called EOP&S, a single parent program called CARE, tutoring, etc.
I had many misconceptions about the school- and have thus far been proven wrong on every negative perception that I'd been socialized into believing. The professors I've worked with have been largely kind, and some of the very best (I'm looking at you, Mr.Lee, with the *awesome* Biology lectures). There are many resources on campus, from the Transfer center that helps you every step of the way with guidance and feedback on your college applications, to the Writing Center, where your work is critiqued by the helpful tutors they have on board. My appreciation of the staff aside, our school has several new buildings, and the campus has definitely grown more beautiful in the past two years that I've been attending. I'm transferring out this semester, but ELAC will always be a very special place to me.
Has a somewhat bad reputation but the academics are fairly solid. If you are an engineering major, this school has good math professors and an exceptional engineering department. Take your physics elsewhere, though. The atmosphere is friendly, decent amount of clubs, printing is cheap, and it is not difficult to get the classes you need (there are programs that give you priority registration).
My experience at East Los Angeles College has been memorable thus far. There are many exceptional qualities and opportunities this college provides. One example is the student service center where they assist students with supplies. Even though there are many great features this college provides, there are a few things they can be improved. For instance, this college can improve on the hours that the library is accessible to students.
I’ve had a good experience attending ELAC. It has become a very diverse school, filled with amazing professors. A change I would suggest is having more people working in the financial aid office, as well as admissions to avoid the long wait/lines.
My experience here at East los angeles college has been amazing. Professors and counselors have helped me every step of the way. Wish there was housing.
East Los Angeles College has so many resources and services to help any student who is committed to succeed their education goals. The professors at elac are awesome and have years of experience. They have new buildings and more space for students. i really enjoy being a part of ELAC.
Whether it be required classes, classes for majors, or for your own interest, East Los Angeles College offers courses you won't find in any community college. Administrators are there to help you if you are lost before, during, or after application. They hire some admirable professors who give great advice on top of the lecture, and make it easy to learn the material.
Great start to reinvent yourself for a better future. excellent campus and staff. I started from the bottom with the lowest grades and expectations. Everything from the environment to the people around will help build your focused career.
It's ok. I am a freshman. I am still learning about the campus. I like the food and the teachers. I'M there is wifi because I have no wifi at home. Overall, I like it.
I love the diversity, faculty and deans. It's a close community and there is so many resources available for struggling students.
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I love this school and everything it has offered me. The only thing I hate is the financial aid office, sometimes they don't know what they're doing/telling their students. But other than that, I love this school, I spend a lot of time at their library.
What I like about East Los Angeles College is that it’s usually full with people that want to learn. People are very friendly there and it’s very fun to go there. The professors are really into their job and will do things to make the class fun but for you to learn what they’re teaching
So far i’m completing my 2nd semester of my freshman year here but it’s a great school. i love the campus and the professors. everything about this school is amazing.
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