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East Georgia is a nice college with a very clean environment. The professors here are willing to help when asked.
The school is great and the professors are extremely serious about their profession. The staff made my transition from high school to college easier.
My experience at East Georgia college was Average. It was a little rocky at first coming here but the teachers i had made it very easy for me to fit in and get comfortable in the learning environment. They were very organized and helpful.
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Everything and everybody is just beyond amazing . The school itself makes you feel welcomed and at home . They also have an amazing faculty & staff .
It's a small school with small classes which gives me the advantage to have more attention and activity within my classes.
My experience at East Georgia was pretty good for a Freshman. I loved the fact that the campus wasn't that big and it wasn't many distractions. Always that it took me 5-10 minutes to get to classes from my dorm room, that the dorm were apartment like and everyone had their own space. It was easy to get from class to class and not feel like I had to rush. Also the people their are so friendly and easy to get along with. Food was amazing, loved that we could choose what we wanted to eat . But what I think can change is the café needs to stay open 24/7 because on the weekends a lot of kids didn't have the money to get food or don't have enough grocery's for the week to make breakfast, lunch or dinner. They also need more dorms because they are getting so many students now that I think a third building would be nice.
This college is helojng me realize my full potential due to its diversity and kindness. I'm making friends with students that are so amazing. This school is underrated and should be known all over.
I love east Georgia! It has a great education program and it's close to home. I hope to receive my associates degree. love this school so much !
East Georgia State College is an excellent college for people who want to get their feet wet before transferring to a bigger college. It is not a diverse school, but it does have very cheap tuition rate.
i like the campus the campus is very nice. its a welcoming school and a great start for your years of college
I attended East Georgia State College my senior year in high school as well as the following two years after graduation. I earned my Associates of Arts degree in Political Science and maintained my 4.0 GPA. Overall, my experience at EGSC was great. I had several wonderful professors, in fact, I can barely name one professor that was anything less than wonderful. The professors at this school truly care about your academic success, and if you need help, they will assist you without a doubt. I met more than just great professors at this school, but great people too. East Georgia States College is a small institution, so you get to know people pretty well. This school really furthered my education, and I have nothing negative to say about their efforts to do so. I loved my experience at East Georgia State College, and I would recommend attending this school to anyone that is looking for a higher education at a lower cost.
I had the pleasure of attending East Georgia State college for two semester! My experience there was wonderful, nice campus, great teachers and very nice housing. East Georgia State College pushes students to do and makes sure you have all the tools and experience you need to be successful in the career you're seeking. I absolutely love East Georgia State College, and I will be returning in the fall for another great year.
The way in which you grow up, mature, and find out who you really are, is something you can't accomplish without going to college. The feeling of being home sick, the loneliness of not knowing anyone can take a tole on you but at east georgia there were multiple individuals that made me feel welcome.
If you want a small town school, East Georgia is it. I go to the Statesboro campus. The building is literally one hallway. Some East Georgia classes are offered at GSU, so u get a feel for both colleges if you're thinking about transferring to a bigger school environment.
I love EGSC because they are the "down-to-earth" community, where the "real world" and higher education is combined. Your education is STRONGLY expressed, but also understands that situations arise. So, I am sending KUDOS to EGSC!!!
Just getting started. So far, challenging.
It has been a learning experience.
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My experience has been very convenient.
Ive only taken a few online courses but i really enjoyed them. it's a little more challenging because you have to be your own teacher in a sense but its enjoyable.
I haven't started my nursing classes yet, but i feel i'm adequately educated for my future career as someone could be.
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