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Everyone is very nice so far. They all know you by name after they've met you one time. Advisers are incredibly helpful and they definitely care. I have never been to a school that makes me feel like they truly want me to succeed.
East Georgia is a nice school. The teachers care about your grades. So Far East Georgia Has been good to me!!
The professors are great, and as are the advisors. The math professors could use some work though. The areas are always clean and the parking always goes smoothly. The facilities are nice, like the computer lap. The ACE is great. My only real problem is that it still feels like high school.
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East Georgia States College is small college where people can go to achieve big dreams. The easy going feel of everybody on campus is very relaxing. All of the professors are nice and will answer any question.
East Georgia State College is a great school. The college recruiters are doing a great job, but the student population is outgrowing the campus. We are in need of more dorms, more areas of study as in majors, more meal options and more student organizations to include Greek.
The small student body and location (Swainsboro, GA) makes East Georgia State College a comfortable home for students to pursue their two year degrees. The friendly, accommodating staff is more than happy to help students find what they are looking for. Although the student body may be small, the access to great academic resources is not, as its library has a helpful staff ready to assist in tracking down information. However, East Georgia State College is not the perfect fit for those seeking to study in a large environment with an abundance of opportunity. If you love small town living, then this is the place for you!
My experience at East Georgia State College has been amazing. Professors are willing to help and with small classrooms its easier to get meet new people.
I start this fall semester & I’m hoping to be able to rate this school, if they’re up to the standards I’m expecting them to be in all categories.
It was a good experience. East Georgia is a small school however with it being a small school, you get to know everybody. It has a family atmosphere and the teachers work hard to not only teach you material but life lessons.
This is an excellent college for those students who plan on transferring or need their associates degree. Tuition is competitive, and there are multiple locations with one located near Georgia Southern University.
If you like the country life, this is the school for you. There are barely any food places, no mall or shopping center, everything is literally on one main road and you have a Wal-Mart and Harveys . The School itself is somehwat decent, you can only eat two times a day with meal plan on mon-thurs and once on friday and no meal plan on weekends plus food is below decent. There are only two dorms, all four bed two bath. The school itself is two buildings for academic classes not including gym building. One building that consist of Financial aid, cafeteria and a very small and boring game room and book store. If you like small classes and small town and small school this is where you should be. But i can say the locals do know how to party,
I enjoyed the new dorm as they have separate suites. The school campus is nice and still growing. I feel that they could have more food options, but overall, that was OK. The learning resources available are great as well.
East Georgia State College is a two year school. I loved this school because the classes were small and simple. The teachers were awesome and they are willing to help. They also have FREE tutoring to help with classes.
I am a freshman at EGSC and so far, it is the best experince i can ask for. I enjoy school and can not wait to see what the future holds for me and oppertunites to take to be a successful young man.
ast Georgia College is a great start-up school. It prepares students for a major university. The professors are very friendly and really care about each student's progress; sometimes, I think they care a little too much. It's a bit like highschool, but more freedom. The coursework is easy to me, but then again, some people complain about it being hard. The hardest classes to me are Biology and Pre-calculus. Comp 1 was the easiest. They taught us third grade material (like where to put a comma); sadly, some students couldn't comprehend that. It's in a small town, and it's a two-year school; so the social life is a little blah. If you're looking for a party school, this isn't for you. If you're just looking to learn and get in and get out and transfer, then this is the school for you. I would advise completing your core cirriculum here as opposed to a major university
East Georgia is a nice college with a very clean environment. The professors here are willing to help when asked.
The school is great and the professors are extremely serious about their profession. The staff made my transition from high school to college easier.
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My experience at East Georgia college was Average. It was a little rocky at first coming here but the teachers i had made it very easy for me to fit in and get comfortable in the learning environment. They were very organized and helpful.
Everything and everybody is just beyond amazing . The school itself makes you feel welcomed and at home . They also have an amazing faculty & staff .
It's a small school with small classes which gives me the advantage to have more attention and activity within my classes.
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