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Very good school. Great music dept, fantastic language dept., honors is pretty good, most professors are very kind. Great opportunities for every major. Very cheap, too.
So far East Central University is pretty fun some of the dorm buildings are in very poor condition and need to be better. But so far so good
I liked the small classes. You have a close relationship to your professors compared to large schools. There are many ways to get involved on campus and everyone is there to lend a helping hand.
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I love East Central I've been here a few weeks and its changed my life. I have met so many new people. it was definitely inviting and welcoming. I'm very happy I chose this college.
All the faculty are so nice and helpful! I just wish that the campus was more modern. Some of the lecture rooms do not even have clocks.
The minute I decided to look into this school everyone was extremely helpful. I talked someone over the phone, and got great and information and resources. I set up a tour of the campus which was gorgeous and easy to find my way through. The tour guide was cheerful as well as question ready. She answered all the questions she could, and the ones she couldn't gave detailed contacts to get the answers we seek. Overall my experience was wonderful, and knowledgeable of the school.
East central is a fun and safe environment for college students who are attending. One minor thing I would change is to update the student break rooms and Horace man building.
East central university is a good school, has a conducive environment for learning. I’m not a fan of big campuses as I get distracted easily so East central university is for me. The professors are so good and they put in their best to pass knowledge to the students. Food; it can’t be perfect at all times so I’d say the food is on an average level. The dorms are quiet too. Trust me East central university is a place to be.
My experience here has been great! They offer many classes online. They also offer several classes through different remote sites. The advisors are very helpful.
I love East Central University because it isn’t a huge campus. I have made the best of friends my first semester. I also joined Greek life and I couldn’t imagine not being in a sorority. East Central is home to me.
East Central University is a great school! They have amazing professors that really care about each of their students. The administration of the university though lacks in almost every department. They lose documents, there’s no communication between departments, they don’t do anything in the best interest of the students.
The learning experience at this school was good but the student life lacked substance. I played college football here at East Central University and it felt like we were missing a traditional college football feel. For me, the best thing to do to unwind from the stress of college was to go for a walk and maybe a drive. Also, the cafeteria will run you tired from eating there, but I expect that with most things. I really enjoy the teaching staff on campus. I learned a lot from these teachers. They thought me how to carry myself, which I think is important in life.
I am Stanford Tetteh Obu. I had a very good experience my first semester. My first time in Oklahoma and the people are very interesting. They are very friendly and students and professors in at Ecu are also very nice . I enjoyed the experience of campus life,campus football ,basketball and many more. I am a big fan of sports especially soccer so I was a little disappointed when I realized we don’t have any soccer team. My academic experience went very well also. Tuitiors and assistant are ever ready to help us do well and pass our test and final . There is not much activity in terms of campus fair or parties. So campus is very dull when it comes to programs or shows for student get together and fun . I think a better job can be done in the area of school experience . Overall I think I had a good experience not too satisfactory but not too bad also. I hope to have a better experience the next semester and the ones head
My first semester as a freshman turned out to be an amazing experience. The professors were very helpful and I'm thankful for the opportunity to attend this small yet caring campus.
I love that the campus is so centrally located in the city. I love the availability of online courses during summer and intersession, however I wish there were more options of courses available. I also wish there were more offerings for on campus classes multiple times a year.
This university is about average. It doesn' t exceed any expectations, but it also doesn't fall short of them. I do enjoy how the professors in the kinesiology and nursing departments are so invested in their students. They are always readily available and willing to help. I would, however, wish to see an upgrade in the financial aid department. The workers in the financial aid office are cold and unwilling to help in most cases.
East Central University has a very "home" feel to me. Smaller campus with a teacher to student ratio of about 1 to 30. Very nice and helpful staff that seem to care about their students and their school. I enjoyed this college but is limited on majors, mainly Business, Nursing and Education majors mostly.
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I love how this is a small town college. It is not over crowded and that allows you to spend more time with professors without feeling rushed. They have the time to spend with you. Although it is a great school, some times i feel like I am not getting as qualified as I want to be. For example; I am a biology major and plan to get my degree in the medical field. For classes like anatomy and more advanced science classes, i wish we could get more hands on experience with the human body. Since we are a smaller school in a smaller town, i understand why we cannot have those. It just sometimes feels like a setback in learning.
What I like about ECU is that it close to home and it also has taught me a lot being in class from my professor. They have good library hours in case you you don’t have internet and need to get homework done.
Great campus community
Professors are committed to students
Lots of free on-campus activities
Located in a good area
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