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I like how they are willing to find any way possible to help you solve a problem. The instructors are especially great in helping you out. One thing that I think could be improved is financial aid rewards with books, so that it does not take too long or get confusing.
I love ECU! Everyone is so nice. I have made so many lifelong friends. The teachers are always willing to reach out and help when needed.
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As a First semester Freshman at ECU it has been an amazing experience. It is such a nice atmosphere from staff, teachers, and other students. Students are super friendly, and are easy to approach walking throughout campus. My teachers this semester have been super helpful, and are unbelievably knowledgeable about their field.
It is a small town, but there are still fun things to go do while obtaining your education. Most of the facilities are nice, however, some buildings could be updated. The sporting events are very fun to attend. Classes are challenging, and help to advance knowledge very well.
Just enjoying myself needs to be more class choices that's all wish the food is great my favorite is the Starbucks coffee the donuts and the breakfast MENU and also the pasta bar excellent to perfection
I loved everything about ECU. From professors to resources offered, it's awesome! I always loved eating in the cafeteria because there was always a wide variety of food to choose from. There was a variety of nationalities on campus so you're always meeting someone new and learning about new cultures which is always fun and interesting.
This campus is very beautiful, the people that attend are very nice and helpful. I was a transfer student so I learning where the classes and buildings were at was a little confusing, I asked a couple of kids, and they helped me out very friendly.
It has enough people that you will never be bored, but is also small enough for you to not be overwhelmed.
East Central University is great school with a lot cultural diversity. The teachers care about your education. The school program is challenging.
East Central University is the perfect place for people who want the full experience of college without having a ton of people there to overcrowd the campus. Parking is the only issue, but there is plenty of room for everyone once the new dormitory is built in the fall of 2018.
ECU is a great school! I've had lots of help here from staff members/professors around the school. I'm thankful to be a student in such a caring environment.

The cost of attending ECU is surprisingly low too, which is very nice.
I have LOVED attending ECU! I am a freshman in the ECU marching band and Wind Ensemble. Everyone on campus, whether you have them in class or not are friendly. You will often see the President walking around campus, and she is always eager to say hello! Our football team isn’t very good, but hopefully that will change. I Love ECU and can’t wait to continue going here for five more years!
Great University to continue your academic career after high school. I've enjoyed and reaped benefits from attending classes here.
This is my first year in college and I love East Central. The staff and students are generous. The library is my favorite part to be! Amazing staff they will help you with anything that you need! The campus is well maintained. So far a wonderful experience.
I'd like to see a wider variety of teachers instead of one professor teaching 3 of my different classes. Other than that, the school and campus are nice.
it was an amazing experience . i really enjoyed being able to go to east central university. the professors and student body makes it ten times better and i would highly recommend students to go.
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I've enjoyed my time at East Central. Most of my professors have been very knowledgeable. My one complaint is when a professor uses a website or application to run their course. It takes away the direct contact between students and professors.
East Central is a good size college which makes finding classrooms a breeze, and if you're lost, people are friendly enough to point the way or take you. Also, you might see a tea-cup sized pig following one student along the way. The teachers are down to earth and so are the students, making it easy to get along with anyone. Also, the faculty staff is very friendly and will help you with your problems if they occur. Not to mention, their mascot is a tiger. Come on! Oh, and there is a park surrounding a pond nearby and two coffee shops just off of main street. So if you need a quick caffeine fix, the campus is just small enough to walk there and get to class.
Small campus with extremely friendly students. As a concurrent student faculty was helpful to walk ne through the learning process of enrollment and the transition from high school to college.
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