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This college is a money hungry place that will charge you for any and everything. The bookstore sells their books higher than they do online, they have NO campus activities, and the professors are in no way meant to be mentors. Some of the dorms (Jackson Hall) are HORRIBLE. They only have one washer and dryer inside the community bathroom and the WiFi sucks horribly. Not to mention that they are completely racist.
East Central Community College is a wonderful place to earn a 2 year degree. The staffs are nice and friendly and are willing to guide a student to achieve their goal. The campus safety is great.
I love how East Central Community College feels like home! Many people don't want to leave home after graduating high school and planning to move on in life, but ECCC is different. The staff is willing to work with you, and if you live on campus like I do, you feel even more at home. You can sleep when you want (when you don't have a class of course), have three meals a day, and there are many campus activities and groups to participate in.
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The food is amazing. The teachers are great. They help the students. They don't just sit at the front of the class and lecture, the teachers there actually stop to talk and explain to there students how to do the work and how to correct their mistakes.
I love the school and staff. I have a great advisor and if I couldn't get a hold of my advisor they were always someone there to help
The online books aren't always set up before the class begins.
It depends on the teacher.
Over all the professors really know what they're teaching, and are passionate about what they teach. I wish the courses had more of a variety.
It's ok, just some of the programs don't help those in their field find jobs if the student doesn't know how to..
It is a new major and somethings need to be change, but it's still a great major.
It's a great school with great classes, but there are a lot of things that need to be worked out. The 4 day classes are great and all, but why do people who stay on campus have to pay for 5 days worth of meals?
I was welcomed in and treated like a top priority student.
I am well prepared to continue my education and start my career.
No student at Mississippi State leaves without being involved in some club, group or activity.
Students are very well taken care of at Mississippi State.
I have learned a new thing everyday, in class and outside of class.
Mississippi State University has been the absolute best choice of college for me. It has such an indescribably home-like atmosphere no matter what part of campus one is on.
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The academic experience is wonderful. All the teachers are friendly and will help you with anything you need. They give you all the advice you need and answer any questions you may have.
East Central Community College is located in a small and friendly town. The teachers help you on a one-on-one basis.
The work can be made up depending on the professor. Normally there is a warning in advance about the consequences when you miss.
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