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The financial aid ladies are the best! They will go the extra mile to help you and keep you in the loop.
The professors I have had are very helpful and aim to help their students succeed. Campus is always clean, and I always feel safe. The variety of classes and programs that are offered is extremely diverse. Also, it is very affordable!
I'm not currently attending but I have gone there for a couple of visits. The staff is very kind and very informative when asked questions. Admissions is a very helpful and proactive group of people.
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East Central College is a great place to get the classes you need underway, while meeting amazing staff members and enjoying great campus facilities!
I enjoyed my time at ECC tremendously. The opportunities for learning a wide variety of subjects from talented and caring instructors were vast, and I made many long-term friendships there.
It's a good school, but it could be better with planning good class times for students. The harder classes should have more effort put into getting them good times. It's a small college and it's easy to find your way around. Professors are also very helpful here when compared with other colleges.
Excellent instruction, personal approach to students. Reasonable class sizes mean it’s easier to really learn material as questions can be directly addressed by instructors.
East Central is a nice two-year community college. I provide plenty of classrooms and building for all majors and has a wonderful cafeteria building. You can not live on campus, as there is no housing, so you would need to live in a town near by or rent an apartment.
My first year if college wasn't bad. I rather enjoyed my time there and look forward to coming back. All the musicals and art I did and created was well worth it. Also what I am most proud of is that I feel I actually learned something.
I enjoyed the courses at East Central. They were worth while and all of my teachers were very nice and respectful. Most of the environment was very laid back which helped me not get overly stressed out.
ECC in Rolla is great if you live in the area and don't want to travel, it is also very affordable. The downfall is how unorganized administration is.
The class sizes are manageable and the admissions counselor worked hard to design a schedule that worked best for me. The campus is clean and safe with a wide variety of programs to select from.
This is the course where one does different careers at a time,it is combined with piloting and weather studies.Each and every day we must go for the assignment which should be presented the next class and during the holliday,the assigment and projects are usually sent through the email where it should finished before the end of that holliday.we ussually have co-curriculum activities twice a yaer and on that we dont perfome thwt good but we usually try.The school is well equiped in corner interms learning materials.And since i entered the school, i"ve seen or heard that one of our graduates is jobless or still at home searching for ajob this is because the career is demandable in country and even out of the country
this school is awell equiped aviation i"ve ever seen in my country and the experience is amazing because, i"ve been expossed to the outside world, meeting new people around the globe in relation to engineering.On the other hand, the school is very expensive and this usually discourages somebody not join the institution
ECC has been great with transferring my credits from prior schooling toward my degree. I was allowed to use more credits than I had initially anticipated. The process was very easy and they did all the work. All I had to do was have a copy of my transcript sent to the school. The school has also been great in allowing a couple of my courses taken this past year to fit in place of other classes I am required to take.
I was reluctant to take online courses, as I had never done so before. I have found that every online course I have taken has been a great choice. I can take classes online that would otherwise require me to drive 2 hours both ways to attend at another campus and this allows working with my schedule in a more convenient way for me. The instructors are always approachable and willing to help. The course loads tend to be a little more in depth than the in class, but that makes sense because you are not in a classroom. The peer-to-peer interaction and instructor-to-student interaction are a great way to further the online education, as well. Registration for the classes I have taken, so far, have been very easy and convenient for my hectic schedule.
I haven't really had any experience in this department of ECC. I know they have assistance in resumes and will work with you to help you find a job. I also know they have job fairs and will notify you of other area job fairs to help you be aware of other offers.
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I haven't had a single class from which I haven't gained education or experience. The instructors have all been very knowledgeable. They work with the students to expand on areas of difficulty and are creative in getting student interaction. I have also had a couple of instructors that have brought real world activities into the classroom to help bring a certain point home. The classes have all been very reasonable in size. I have yet to feel as though I do not belong or am just a student number to the instructors at this school.
I haven't really experienced the career prospects of attending ECC so far. I do know they hold career fairs every year and the staff are willing to help the students in whatever ways they can to ensure we are successful. I look forward to this aspect of attending ECC.
I love my major. Business, Management and Technology is a career field that really interests me. The classes I have taken are challenging but very doable. The instructors really take an interest in your success as a student and that really makes a difference. I haven't had one instructor I couldn't approach to ask questions or further discuss a topic. The classes are a nice instructor to student ratio so they are never so big as to make you feel like you are invisible to the instructor.
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