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Overall I like how nice and welcoming they are. They always make you feel comfortable and do many events, so students can socialize with others. You always know your away around because everyone helps you out and are friendly. The professors are good but not all, sometimes some professors are based on just lecture classes. They food is good, they have two dining hall at the two different locations and the food is great especially on fried chicken Wednesday, everyone loves that day.
Campus is beautiful and offers so much to do and it's what made me wanna come here. I enjoy everyone I've met including teachers because I haven't had one bad one yet and it's been years. Only downside is the dining options are very limited and that the party culture stigma that surrounds the school is partly true and can become a huge burden on days like Halloween. I also think the dorms are trash and noticed that majority of the school lives off campus, it feel like a vicious cycle as students live off campus because on campus is trash but at the same time they don't update dorms because students are accustomed to moving off campus. However, it seems like apartments are affordable thanks to this.
They're really helpful, and the courses are great!! when you call, they are always there to answer, qnd they have a variety of scholarships to apply for.
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For a second career, transfer student, achieving my education goals at ECU has turned into one of the best decisions I have made in in life. The quality of the instruction, the requirement to work hard, the opportunities to travel or get involved in the local community contribute to the sucess of this university.
Overall, I love attending East Carolina University. I am a freshman and I have found it very enjoyable. The location of campus is perfect and the facilities are very nice or being renovated. Just because it is ECU does not mean it is an easy school. You are getting the same education and degree as you would anywhere else. It really depends on how difficult or easy you make it. Definitely take a tour because the campus is beautiful. You get the big school, without the big school feelings. Overall, I love it.
East Carolina has a reputation of a party school but it really does offer way more than parties. While our athletics is down right now, the fan experience is still one of the best in the country. The dorms range from average to really really nice. All the professors I have had are great and make themselves available to students.
I absolutely love this school, i was worried about being out of state and not knowing anyone but after the second day iv'e met so many nice people who will be my life long friends. This school academics are great and the party scene is amazing, there is literally a party everyday. We are so close to downtown and there are so many clubs to go to. The Greek life is great and there is so much diversity at this school. I couldn't even imagine going to a different school. The football games are so much fun!! just hanging out with all your friends and singing all the chants is great, they really love their pirate football here. GO PIRATES!!!!!
I love ECU. The staff is friendly and always there to help. The campus is beautiful no matter the time of the year or day. ECU is a family, not just a school. We love one another more than anything in the world.
Attending this college is amazing. The diversity in students helps make it what it is today. Most of the professors I have had are very good and are willing to help you in any way that they can. Their overall goal is to help you pass the course and become successful.
I love East Carolina University! I would never choose to go anywhere else! From the moment I stepped on campus I knew it was going to be my home for the next four years.
East Carolina University has opened me up to several new experiences. I have absolutely loved my first year and a half at this amazing university. The professors are incredible and always want to see their students succeed. Beyond the academics, the school spirit is over the top. As my communication professor once said, we all really do love being a pirate.
I love ECU. I'm not a student here but my bestfriends sister is and we come up to visit almost every 2 weeks. I love how friendly everyone is and I love the atmosphere. The parties are fun and the recovery days spent in the dorms with the help of food from the restaurants around or the dining halls are even better. My bestfriends sister loves her professors and her classes and she urges me to go here next year.
East Carolina for me so far has been a great experience. I have met many new friends and have been able to see so much. I do wish that they would improve and update the dorms along with adding more flavor to the food. Other than those minor things, East Carolina is a great place to attend that offers so much.
I loved my overall experience with East Carolina University. I loved the how majority of my professors helped with my studies outside of class when needed. I enjoyed being on campus my freshman year but think we should enforce the buddy system more because there still seems to be a good amount of ECU alerts that could have been avoided. I am glad that I chose to attend ECU and would go again to further my education.
I enjoyed my time at ECU. The school had a lot of interesting activities for those who lived on campus and I learned a lot during my time there. The residence halls on the quad were showing their age, however, and the RAs did little to keep the peace.
I've been taking online classes and have had great experience it. If I've ever had issues with anything there is always someone out there that can help me out.
The Campus is nice. The higher level teachers are really good, but the lower level teachers are a mix of alright and terrible. Coming in as a transfer student is a good way to get around that.
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I have only been on tours to visit the college but from the times being there I have liked the education program, and nursing programs. I loved the people the environment was also welcoming and comfortable for me.
I love it at Greenville, Its a very fun place to be in college. The courses I'm enrolled in are very good and challenging. The student life and party scene is better than any college around. It feels like a large family, I am glad I chose East Carolina University as my college.
East Carolina University is one of the beautiful campus' located here in North Carolina. This university provides its students with a great range of academic opportunities. Each faculty and staff member cares for the students. This is a university full of diversity and fun.
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