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A very nice school and campus. Greenville has grown dramatically over the years and ECU is part of that growth. A good school and excellent value (especially if in-state).
Every year there's some kind of construction going on around campus. Currently half of the campus is closed off for a new student center, this summer another section of campus was closed off to build a new side walk. The party scene is decent, mostly frat parties. Downtown Greenville is average as well, only one main club everyone goes to, so its crazy packed on Saturday's. There's not a lot of diversity on campus, mostly European groups, most are nice, but there seems to be an increase of the stuck up spoiled ones flocking to campus.
East Carolina is a great school to considered for college. Their academics are great, along with their athletics and all other clubs/organizations they have going on. Most people, when they hear ECU, think of it as a party school. But once you step foot on campus you realize, this isn't really a party school, this school actually is a great place to earn you degree and a great place to live up your college life. There are really no changes that I want to take place as of now.
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East Carolina creates an atmosphere that lets you connect with other students by centralizing the college experience in a way that makes it convenient for everyone. It really makes you feel like you're part of something. Transportation and meal plans are also really good here.
Great school, beautiful campus!! This school is very diverse with a campus that celebrates this diversity. There are always activities available for people to participate in and a great bus system for those interested in living off campus.
ECU is a very good school for the most part. There are lots of school events like free concerts, CPR classes, free food, School activity board events, Zumba classes, free movies, etc. There is a writing center that can help you with writing assignments, a tutoring center for most Freshmen classes, two amazing libraries, etc. There is also a school Career Center that can help you write resumes and cover letters, as well as interview prep. The student health center is also usually free for most services.
The only problems at this school are parking, a huge size with two many students, overwhelming opportunities, bad dorms, and a bad math program.
East Carolina University gives students many opportunities to further their career or education. The football games in Dowdy-Ficklin Stadium, during the fall semester, are such a great time with all the traditions and tailgating. I did have some trouble with advisors giving the correct advice, or not knowing the answer to your question. I would advise doing some of your own research on the classes needed to take for your major; just in case you get a bad advisor. East Carolina charges students a fee for going over the required 140 credit hours; even if you are a transfer student, who transfered with 72 credit hours instead of 64.
I am enrolled in East Carolina University's BSBA in Management program. This is an online degree program that I began after obtaining my AAS in Business Administration and Accounting Certificate. I had a smooth transition to ECU from Roanoke-Chowan Community College. I did experience a little problem in the bookstore when I first bought books there. The woman that pulled the books for me got 1-2 books wrong, costing me more than the books I needed. Since I live 1.5 hours off campus, I had to make a second trip to the school to correct the problem. I have also had 4 different advisors during the past 2 years I've been enrolled. However, all of the advisors were friendly and eager to help. Some of the professors I've had are willing to work with students to help them pass. Other professors don't resolve grievances with other students the way I expect them to. Overall, my experience as a student at ECU has been largely positive.
East Carolina University (ECU) is a nice university that is close to home, and has the programs I need for my major and minor. However, as a Physics major, the university thinks more fondly of their party, Greek Life aspect than their academic aspect. Yes, ECU has the classes needed for a basic/advanced education. I believe the spending should be towards the courses needed for the jobs of tomorrow.
ECU is the home of the pirates. The student population is amazing when it comes to athletic events and extracurricular activities. When registering for classes, you have the opportunity to pick classes that are smaller if you can't handle the big classes. Also, diversity is pretty unique. Most people consider ECU a PWI, but I don't. Yes, the majority is white, but the rest is mixed a lot. You have a lot of students from all over the world. I love it. It gives you the opportunity to learn about someone else's culture and understand them better. The only time race becomes an issue is during the President Elections because people will use their freedom of speech as much as they want to. But it is a nice atmosphere. They have protest a lot but not the hatred kind.
I spent all four years at East Carolina. I have had some great professors and some not so great professors. Some of my hardest classes had a professor with a heavy accent which made understanding both them and the material hard. However, I have had professors that are willing to help as well is lending an ear. The athletics and student life were great to participate in and the school has a lot of school pride. It's great to be a pirate.
Overall, ECU is a great college with lots of opportunities. I like the friendly environment and hospitality. However, I'm not too big about dorm life and the structure of the buildings.
East Carolina University is a wonderful university. The professors across the board genuinely care about their students and their success. I earned both a BA in history and a BS in middle grades education as an undergraduate student, and both the history and education programs are amazing. I am now back at ECU pursuing my MA in history because ECU has one of the best history programs! Students who want to attend a university for strong academics, wonderful professors and courses, and numerous extra-curricular events and opportunities, should look into ECU.
Being a first year transfer straight out of high school was rough. But there are plenty of resources on campus to help make your first year easier.
East Carolina University provides a wide range of opportunities for its students. The teachers are great and are always willing to help you if you show the interest and put the work in. There are tons of organizations ranging from arts, to science to math, business, cultural and much more. The people are very lively and friendly and overall it's a great place to get your degree and build a create social network.
East Carolina University is an outstanding school with great staff. The only things I would want to change is them giving more aid for out of state students. Being an in state student I was fortunate enough to be rewarded financial aid but some of my out of state friends did not which was sad.
This year was my first year at ECU. I find my campus to be well built and environmentally stimulating. The students are nice and the faculty and staff go above and beyond most of the times. The party scene at ECU is pretty fun, but I'll be the first to admit that it does get old fast. I give ECU 4 out of 5 stars because I believe there can be improvements to their educational structure. There are a few teachers that are not qualified for their job. It's nothing personal but If my parents are paying thousands of dollars a semester for me to be taught by a professor then that's what I should get. I really struggled in one class alone this semester because I didn't know any thing because the professor did not do her job. I was basically trying to teach myself the information. As a freshman that's the last thing I wanted to go through. So I really hope in the upcoming future ECU really takes the time to evaluate some of the professors they have hired.
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I loved the campus and the outgoing feeling of support that I was offered during my last visit. The strong MIS program has solitified my deicion to make ECU may educational home for the next 4 years.
I have had a great experience at East Carolina University so far. I am a distance education student persuing a degree in business administration. I have had great teachers that have been helpful and freindly durring our interactions. The teachers are quick to respond to emails and seem to always be willing to help. I did have a schedualing error my first semester due to my advisor, which is why I am leaving 4 stars.
I have yet to officially start, but I've toured the campus 3 times and it gets better each time. Can't wait to further my education in Greenville.
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