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I have had a great experience at East Carolina University so far. I am a distance education student persuing a degree in business administration. I have had great teachers that have been helpful and freindly durring our interactions. The teachers are quick to respond to emails and seem to always be willing to help. I did have a schedualing error my first semester due to my advisor, which is why I am leaving 4 stars.
I have yet to officially start, but I've toured the campus 3 times and it gets better each time. Can't wait to further my education in Greenville.
Diverse community, Well-Kept campus, many clubs and organizations to get involved in, an overall great school
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East Carolina is very involved with students as far as a social aspect. Any school can be a party school so don't believe rumors. About 70 percent of the professors teach in a way students can understand. The food is great whether you want to be healthy or unhealthy, depends on the person. Transportation is pretty efficient from dorms to classes.
I am an incoming freshman at East Carolina University and it has everything you need in a college. From the great academics and programs, to the amazing athletics provided, this school definitely deserves 5 stars. Also the people there are amazing, the weather is perfect, and the student life id undeniably the best in the country
East Carolina University is the best school in North Carolina. There is so much school spirit and the professor are so knowledgeable and friendly.
I love the small-school feel at a large school. East Carolina gives me the opportunity to purse my education as a nursing major while feeling at home.
Like many colleges, the dining halls aren't great. However, there are plenty of other options on campus where you can use Pirate Bucks/Meals and , including the Galley (home to Subway, pizza, Mexican, and the grill), the Croatan (Chick-Fil-A and Chilis Too), and a section of the student center (Chick-Fil-A and Panda Express). The buildings on campus aren't new and shiny, but they get the job done. The school lives up to its name as a party school, but it's the student's choice to go to them. Overall, I love it here and I'm thankful I chose this school.
The academics are improving, (I heard) the social life can be good, and the athletics are fun events.
East Carolina University is a very lively place. It is filled with people who are eager to strive. Many students are involved in Greek Life which is a great way to know people. Another way to know people are the clubs and sports teams. The atmosphere is very positive. The academics can be pretty rigorous, but it is easy to find the perfect balance between getting and education and relaxing.
I enjoy my time at East Carolina but I wish that I didn't have to take so many classes that have nothing to do with my major. When looking at degrees at other schools there are way more prerequisites at Ecu that I wish I didn't have to spend my money on taking.
East Carolina University has a nice campus with many great people to meet and great resources to support student in their journey through college. The teachers definitely take their jobs serious and are willing to help students succeed. Also their are many organizations and clubs to where students are able to network and find something they love to do.
The school is very fun and the students really know how to turn up but the students aren't very serious about their education and spend way to much time partying. Also the place is filthy.
I am 100% happy with choosing ECU out of the other schools I was deciding between. The people including students, staff, professors etc. are all very welcoming and nice. ECU provides resources to help you succeed and keep you safe which has helped me out a lot. I love the town & the campus because everything is walking distance, the small town is a blessing. We have the best party scene on the east coast, I assume it is because how nice and friendly everyone is, everyone just wants to have a good time while getting whatever degree they are going for. The athletics here are awesome, we might not be national champions but we have the most school spirit you will ever see. The campus food that is provided through the dining hall is all freshly made, with a wide variety so you never get tired of the same food every day. I give East Carolina a 5 out of 5. Amazing school with amazing people. I highly recommend East Carolina.
I love East Carolina on how everything is set up well and organized on the campus. Everyone on campus and the community is very friendly, cooperative, easygoing and laid back to have different conversations with variety of people. I really like how diverse this campus is and the different organizations and clubs and sports this college has to offer to the students. The parties are really fun to attend with friends and have fun on the weekends after a long week of studies and reading in classes. I love ECU and really it has to offer to the ethnics and background of different people. GO Pirates!!!
ECU is a great place to be, as it has everything from party scene to student associations and activities. We also take our athletics very seriously, so if you are a sports fan, here is the place to be (though you need to be a student pirate club member to get the most of football games). The library is a great place to study, and the staff is super helpful, whether it be research or actually writing the paper at the writing center. The professors that I have had are super nice and willing to help if you ask. There is also a great variety of food available, from the dining hall to chick-fil-a.
I like ECU because it is in a great location and has a diverse group of students who attend. There are a lot of rec sports in which to participate and I have met a lot of friends in this way. I love attending a D1 school and love football season!! My classes are stimulating and I am being kept very busy.
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I am currently in my second year and feel as if I am getting a well rounded education here at ECU. The professors are genuine and care about overall academic success. There are a few flaws. Class scheduling and the ability to get into classes you need can be a difficult process. The advising has been alright. ECU has a very diverse campus and there is a lot to get involved in.
Very fun and good experience. The work is easy to manage and people are really friendly. Easy place to come out of your shell and become successful.
East Carolina University has been an exciting experience. Dorm life was a bit of an adjustment at first, but Gateway Dorm is new, clean and a great place to live. I found both the classes and Professors to be interesting and challenging. Through student life, Greek life and the Business LLC, I have met so many people and established bonds that I know I will keep well into my future. Overall, my experience has been life changing. East Carolina is a perfect fit for me.
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