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ECU, for me, has been a great experience and I'm glad I chose to go here. All of my professors have been very knowledgeable and competent about their subjects. ECU is definitely making an effort to better itself for students, especially the dining halls and dining options on campus. There are resources for everything you could think of.

There are a lot of things for students to do and many ways to branch out and make friends. A lot of free activities for students to do all throughout the school year. If you're into sports then there are plenty of free or reduced prices/deals for the games. They have a lot of different clubs and plenty of classes that you can take for hobbies if you can spare the time.

Some cons are: lately, there's been a lot of crime around ECU but ECU police take everything very seriously and you're alerted through phone and email. Parking kind of sucks, but ECU is building a parking deck. Living on campus isn't terrible but it could be a lot better, dorm wise.
If your planning to attend the Athletic Training Program at this school....DONT attend this school, find another school. If you have any self esteem you won't have any left by the time you finish this program. The director of the program doesn't treat students with respect and will embarrass, humiliate, and make you feel as if you are worthless. She makes assumptions and no matter what you tell her the only opinion thats right is her's even if your right. She doesn't follow her own rules and regulations and if she doesn't like how you look she will force you to change it...your hair, beard etc. Your always on edge/fearful and stressed out due to not knowing what to expect. If you miss a mtg or do something she doesn't like there will be consequences. She embarrasses students in front of other students/staff. This could be a great program but the director ruins it!
It is a really fun and exciting school, everybody is open and friendly.Committed to academic excellence, personal growth, and service, ECU offers students the full college experience in which to live, play, and emerge as leaders. Learn more about campus living, recreation and wellness, athletics, clubs and organizations, and outreach opportunities.
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Campus is constantly under construction, which is good because it means things are constantly improving, but it's also somewhat annoying. It can sometimes be difficult to find somewhere to eat since locations have been getting renovated a lot recently. Otherwise, it's an amazing university with great school spirit and a positive and encouraging culture.
I liked how they have specific days where you can get an in-depth information session on your department of interest. They have really nice form rooms and eatting places. If you are a coffee lover they have five starbucks on campus, and even a starbucks food truck that travels all around campus. They also have a variety of local food trucks that come on campus for lunch. On campus they have a chickfia and a chilies which are both very good. They also have the living learning community for different departments such as education that seem really cool and amazing.
The thing I loved most about East Carolina University when I visited was their Nursing program and how they had a hospital right around the corner from the school which happens to be very accessible for the future nursing graduates of East Carolina.
East Carolina University is a D1 school. There are so many great opportunities and different courses to take to earn your bachelor's degree. They have so many committees, club organizations, fraternities, soroities and athletic events. They also have great security and police right on campus. I also like the concerts, tailgating events, on campus dining and the parking/transportation services. The bookstore has so many supplies and great pirate clothing for the whole family with great discounts. Also have so many on campus job opportunities to earn your own money. I love all the available resources and I would recommend East Carolina University to anyone. Come and see the football team and the lovely stadium. It is such a wonderful experience.
East Carolina University has changed my life and made me who I am today. The education and experience I received there throughout their nursing program was probably the best in the state. I explored my social life and grew as the person that I am today. Met many life long friends and made life long connections to help me in my future.
Although the city of Greenville itself doesn't seem safe, the campus of ECU makes its own community so students/staff feel safe while on campus.
East Carolina is the best university to be at in my opinion. I'm looking forward to going back to ECU in August. I had the time of my life my first year. The 10 best tings about ECU include:
1) The campus is beautiful
2) The beach / recreation area near campus and closeness to the OBX and other NC beaches
3) Attending football and basketball games, there is nothing like it. Plus tailgating.
4) Quality of Academic Programs, professors have been really helpful and available
5) Many out of state students (I'm from Brooklyn, NY and met many students from Jersey, PA, DC, Maryland, VA, Delaware, Connecticut, and other places during my first year).
6) Diversity
7) Social Life, it is easy to make friends, everyone is friendly. It is like a family, we are all Pirates!
8)Affordable compared to schools in NY.
East Carolina is a party College! I only wished to enjoy the moment there during my freshman year as well.
I’m only in my second year but I’ve learned that depending on the teacher you’ll have a biased learning experience. Same goes for advisors, depending on which one will depend on if you actually get the help you need.
As soon as I walked on campus, I felt a special connection the univeristy. Something just clicked in my brain and stuck with me that day. I have been dreaming of going to the university since and so thrilled to have been accepted.
I am coming back to school at 28 years old. I do not necessarily get to socialize and party like most of the students around me; therefore, this review will focus on the classroom environment and administrative assistance. I have yet to have a class that I felt was ill structured. The curriculum for every classroom has been detailed to assist in the learning process, and I can say that I've gained a lot from every class so far. Staff has been very helpful in my transition out of my career and into the classroom for further advancement. Any questions that have arose so far have been met with genuine desire to help me through the situation. I am very pleased with my experience so far!
I love how East Carolina has always presented themselves. They have been a huge part of my life. Through my parents and now through me.
I like ECU but there is entirely too much construction and currently no places to eat on campus. We have been paying for our new student center for months with the promise it would be done months ago, but it has yet to be finished yet. And as a result we are starving as on campus residents. Also they have recently cut cable campus wide... so thats, that.
I love ECU! Before I visited I never considered it an option for college; however, after visiting I fell in love with the campus and community. I haven't looked back a day since!
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I will be a new student attending ECU but I have toured around the school multiple of times. I really love the diversity around the campus and the educational program seems very promising.
I absolutely love school here. There is not a single thing I would change. All of my professors so far are very understanding and will for sure work with students on any problems they may have. Some older buildings have poor air conditioning, but that is no reason to dislike the school. I am beyond pleased with my experience here at East Carolina University.
Overall my experience was alright. The parking needs to be more accessible for everyone, even teachers. There shouldn’t be a years long waiting list for parking for teachers. Also, the general curriculum can put a dent in art students’ classes since their art classes are 3 hours each.
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