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I loved my overall experience with East Carolina University. I loved the how majority of my professors helped with my studies outside of class when needed. I enjoyed being on campus my freshman year but think we should enforce the buddy system more because there still seems to be a good amount of ECU alerts that could have been avoided. I am glad that I chose to attend ECU and would go again to further my education.
I enjoyed my time at ECU. The school had a lot of interesting activities for those who lived on campus and I learned a lot during my time there. The residence halls on the quad were showing their age, however, and the RAs did little to keep the peace.
I've been taking online classes and have had great experience it. If I've ever had issues with anything there is always someone out there that can help me out.
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The Campus is nice. The higher level teachers are really good, but the lower level teachers are a mix of alright and terrible. Coming in as a transfer student is a good way to get around that.
I have only been on tours to visit the college but from the times being there I have liked the education program, and nursing programs. I loved the people the environment was also welcoming and comfortable for me.
I love it at Greenville, Its a very fun place to be in college. The courses I'm enrolled in are very good and challenging. The student life and party scene is better than any college around. It feels like a large family, I am glad I chose East Carolina University as my college.
East Carolina University is one of the beautiful campus' located here in North Carolina. This university provides its students with a great range of academic opportunities. Each faculty and staff member cares for the students. This is a university full of diversity and fun.
I like the diversity. Everyone is friendly! The campus is huge. There's daily tours throughout the week if you were ever interested to coming to this university.
East Carolina University had a wide range of places to eat and felt like a homey environment. Definable nothing to extravagant.
It was a nice school a little older but nice. I am a big city girl which is why its not the school for me because Greenville is so small
I currently attend East Carolina as a freshman. Although I have only been here a couple of months, it has been a great experience. There are many clubs and organizations to join, they truly have something for everyone! Student life is great. They have lots of activities for you to take part in everyday. The students are all very friendly and helpful. The classes are very interesting and engaging. The campus is gorgeous. It's truly the perfect college!
I really enjoy ECU but like every other university, there are some things that need to be changed to make it a better place for the students.
I attended the online program for RN-BSN. I enjoyed the program. It was challenging, yet rewarding. I was able to earn my degree in 4 semesters. The only thing I did not like was that there was not more of a relationship formed with my professors because of distance learning as opposed to face-to-face interaction.
East Carolina is everything I wanted. There is a fun and positive environment. So many opportunities to get involved. There is something for everyone. ECU is also a good academic school. They provide with all the help you need. One thing to criticize is that stores and food courts close very early.
Campus is gorgeous, and the athletics are worth watching. Great music program, and the Student Recreation Center is fully kitted out. Offers quite a number of online courses, and there were no issues with the professors.
Such an amazing and diverse climate. There's something for everyone at ECU, wether it be sports, arts, clubs or Greek life, everyone can find something to be apart of.
East Carolina has offered me unlimited resources. Overall, I would say ECU is a great school for not only nursing and health programs, but Engineering. East Carolina's engineering program is relatively new, but over its years of expansion has made its mark in developing quality engineering students for the corporate workplace. School pride is high, and environment is fairly friendly.
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This was the only online option in NC to get my masters in communication. The distance learning provided by ECU is perfect for my busy schedule. I can log onto my classes when I have time.
The campus and its students and staff are all welcoming and create a fantastic environment for incoming freshman to easily adjust to.
ECU offers an extensive list of classes. The student life and faculty are great! The ECU campus is beautiful. So many clubs and activities are available to join in order to meet new exciting people. ECU sporting events are a blast!The food options on campus are excellent.
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