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As one of the top rated nursing programs in the country it is a big deal to be able to say you are a Pirate Nurse. The campus is beautiful and with mild winters it makes walking around campus bearable. The football fans are die hard and everyone bleeds purple.
Enjoyed ECU experience. A large amount of construction happening throughout my four years causing frustration and a lack of certain services.
I loved the school and the environment of the school. My classes and experiences were great. The only thing I wish I could change would be having the academic advisers truly advise you as to what a major will actually allow you to do in the field. If I knew what my undergraduate degree would be able to do for me, I would have switched majors.
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It feels very home-y and warm. Everyone was super nice. I felt like every employee that was working genuinely cares about me.
Campus is not too big or too small. Everyone is friendly. Lots of development in surrounding areas. Very close to downtown. Well known for their online classes.
I transferred to East Carolina University and honestly, I was surprised at how quickly I became apart of the community. There is a lot of organization and clubs to become a member of. While the university does have a lot of sorority and fraternities you can have an enjoyable experience without joining one.
I like the campus. The staff seem really nice. Dorms are good. College life seems fun. The academics are great
ECU is a diverse school that allows people to grow and prosper. Professors are approachable. However, ECU is always doing construction.
I like the environment and most of the people. But being from the Midwest getting used to southern people is awful. I feel like I have stepped back in time and have to deal with racists on the regular.
My experience was great the community is so live with Purple and Gold vibes. I love the football season when the town is swarm with people ready to tailgate. The diverse cultures intertwined with the creativity on campus demonstrates how the school prepares their students for the world. ECU could embrace Greek Life more.
Small campus, but beautiful. Great health programs for bachelors and graduate students. The nursing program is one of the greatest in the nation and is one of the hardest to get into. They treat t heir students very well. Greek life is also very active on campus, however in recent years is being brought down by the chancellor, who hates greek life. There are many organizations to be involved in and something special for every type of person.
I am from out of state and didn't know anyone coming to ECU, but felt right at home very quickly! Love this place
It's a good college, not a part school like people say. The quality of education is high. You get what you give. If you aren't trying or doing the work, it will seem hard, if you try and study, it will be challenging but doable.
Great college town with a healthy and relaxing pace of living. Beach within 1 hour and incredible nightlife for college students. Anyone that has ever graduated from ECU has a special bond as it’s a once in a lifetime experience to be apart of a unique college experience in Eastern NC where people still have morals and family values. Great community support and the football school of the Carolinas!
I personally love ECU, the feeling of being a Pirate is like no other. The other students have a family mentality even though the diversity here is lacking. The dorms depending where you pick can be really nice or actually terrible. Our sports...we don't speak about most of our sports except for baseball and volleyball. But the academics are strong they equally designate money so not one department is outshining another. There is always something to do no matter where you are on campus thanks to the on campus clubs and dorms. It a great place for an education. Also, beware of some teachers because they will act like students and really not care sometimes.
I have loved ECU so far this year and plan on attending for the next three years plus grad school. I have loved every second I have been there and wouldn’t change a thing about where I currently attend college.
The experience at this school has been very welcoming. The teachers, advisors, and students are very friendly and encouraging.
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Overall I think the school is great! I just wish it was more diversity among the students on campus. But, nevertheless it's still a great school and I would recommend it to anyone!
There is a lot of change going on at ECU right now, but it is a great school. Most professors want you to succeed and do well genuinely.
ECU, for me, has been a great experience and I'm glad I chose to go here. All of my professors have been very knowledgeable and competent about their subjects. ECU is definitely making an effort to better itself for students, especially the dining halls and dining options on campus. There are resources for everything you could think of.

There are a lot of things for students to do and many ways to branch out and make friends. A lot of free activities for students to do all throughout the school year. If you're into sports then there are plenty of free or reduced prices/deals for the games. They have a lot of different clubs and plenty of classes that you can take for hobbies if you can spare the time.

Some cons are: lately, there's been a lot of crime around ECU but ECU police take everything very seriously and you're alerted through phone and email. Parking kind of sucks, but ECU is building a parking deck. Living on campus isn't terrible but it could be a lot better, dorm wise.
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