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I like ECU but there is entirely too much construction and currently no places to eat on campus. We have been paying for our new student center for months with the promise it would be done months ago, but it has yet to be finished yet. And as a result we are starving as on campus residents. Also they have recently cut cable campus wide... so thats, that.
I love ECU! Before I visited I never considered it an option for college; however, after visiting I fell in love with the campus and community. I haven't looked back a day since!
I will be a new student attending ECU but I have toured around the school multiple of times. I really love the diversity around the campus and the educational program seems very promising.
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I absolutely love school here. There is not a single thing I would change. All of my professors so far are very understanding and will for sure work with students on any problems they may have. Some older buildings have poor air conditioning, but that is no reason to dislike the school. I am beyond pleased with my experience here at East Carolina University.
Overall my experience was alright. The parking needs to be more accessible for everyone, even teachers. There shouldn’t be a years long waiting list for parking for teachers. Also, the general curriculum can put a dent in art students’ classes since their art classes are 3 hours each.
I love the environment that ECU has, there is quite a bit of diversity and community bonding within the campus. The staff have been very helpful to me during my time at ECU and a big plus was all the free gear that the school gives out to it's students!
I love ECU. Getting involved in a club was the best decision I made this year. I am in Club Boxing, it gave me most of the great friends that I have now.
The professors here are doing really interesting and relevant research. All of the staff is also really nice. Getting any official paperwork done is a hassle though.
The best part of East Carolina University is the beautiful campus. During the fall it has to be the most peaceful site. The university also has a great three story library it is one of the best spots on campus.
My experience at East Carolina University as a freshman was amazing. Living life on your own, making your own decisions, meeting new people; but best of all is the community as a whole. Everyone at ECU is very friendly and wholesome. It feels like a second home every time I come back. I’m in need of this scholarship because I worked hard coming in from high school to a freshman in college and I understand rewards are not suppose to be giving out for things you are suppose to do good in regardless but my parents are old and working entirely to hard to keep me in college and I’m trying to help them out as much as possible thank you so much for reading my experience in college.
Sincerely Khileil Walls-Nesbitt
Generally speaking, East Carolina University is great and affordable. It can be difficult to obtain help with financial aid or getting in touch with support staff, however.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at East Carolina so far. The atmosphere never fails to feel like home and I constantly feel support from the community.
East Carolina has become my home away from home. I did not believe that I could have loved this school as much as I have come to do so. It will be hard to leave this place. Once a Pirate, always a Pirate!
The atmosphere is very welcoming from the first visit. The students and faculty all share that common school spirit. There are myriad of clubs to join from yoga to community wellness. It does live up to its reputation of being a party school but it's balanced out by its academics. After a while, the school develops a home-like feeling.
I am very happy with this school and I am glad I transferred here. The atmosphere is nice, and the campus is gorgeous, if you don't mind the construction going on.
This was my first choice of colleges to attend, however I did not realize that the town was as rural as it is. Meeting new people was not as easy as I thought it would be either.
I loved the social aspects! I met a whole bunch of people all the time and there is always something to do any day of the week no matter what. The academics however were not very challenging. And with all the socializing I was doing, which I was not really accustomed to doing until I went there, I lost track of my studies.
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Overall, I think I paid a fair price for the education I got at ECU. If prestige is your biggest concern, it might not be the place for you, but at ECU, there's a lot of different opportunities to stand out, and hard work definitely gets you where you want to go. It's a decent university for a really good price (if you're in-state)
I'd like to see more outreach for students struggling with mental and physical disabilities. A change in the overall environment might make it feel a bit more welcoming. If we saw more diversity in the school, that'd be excellent.
I love the professors and the atmosphere of the school. Everywhere you go there is always smiling employees to greet you and ask how your day is going. I would recommend going to ECU. GO PIRATES!
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