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I like that ECU is like a second home, the students all look out for each other and it’s a great atmosphere!
I have been at East Carolina University for going on 3 years. Some people say it is a party school but i say it is what you make it. To me it is not. It is a great place and campus is always thriving. The professors are not out to get you. They are there to help you and have your best interest at heart. They want to see you graduate and always have the resources to help you if need be. The campus is diverse with many people. ECU has many resources for your growth while on campus. Picking ECU has been one of the best choices I have made in my life.
There are simply no words to explain my experience at East Carolina University. The past four years have been jam-packed with countless hardships, rewards, meetings, classes, banquets, social gatherings, study sessions etc. Nevertheless, through these experiences I was able to learn and grow more than I could have ever hoped. My knowledge grew to advanced levels in subjects that would not have been available to me otherwise, while my social and professional life blossomed and reached new limits with the help of the University and their aids. In hopes that this was an adequate explanation of my overall experience, I know that only I will be able to remanence on my undergraduate experience and yearn for a future that will be as joyous and fruitful as East Carolina University was to me.
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The people here at ECU is the main reason for my attraction. They are all genuine and want to see you be successful in all your efforts.
I am a senior at East Carolina University where I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in May. Overall, I am beyond pleased with my time spent at the university. I am particularly happy with the Department of Political Science. The faculty are not only the ones who have helped me get to where I am currently, but they have helped me shape my future. As I continue on in the pursuit of knowledge, I am confident in the skills and abilities I have gained from a prestigious faculty. They have aided me in my professional and academic endeavors alike. My only hope is that the Department of Political Science will continue to get the proper funding, so that future students will be able to enjoy the same opportunities that I had been granted. Although originally weary to travel 1000 miles from my home in the Midwest to build a new life on the east coast, I am confident in my decision to do so and am proud to call myself a Pirate.
I absolutely love my program within the College of Business here. The staff I've encountered at this school have all been amazing, whether I've truly gotten to know them or just had casual encounters. However, I did have an experience with cruel, racist students here and that seems to be apart of the student life. It made me consider transferring but the school itself is so amazing that I couldn't let that screw up the ride to success I'm on here at ECU.
Overall advisors want to see the students achieve great things and to help the students become something that they admire and believe in.
I like the layout of having classes close together. Some of the advisors are extremely helpful, and a few are not. Overall a Very good school.
From the academic side of things, the teaching here is very good and the professors really strive to have you know the material and to be able to apply it to current issues/problems. The thing that the school could improve upon would be the quality and variety of food on campus, along with the hours that dining locations operate on.
I am an incoming freshman at ECU. I am from Minnesota so I got my first look at ECU when I took my campus tour and I fell in love with the campus.
I love the atmosphere at East Carolina University! Whenever you need help with any thing, there is always somewhere willing to help. I am a transfer and I don't regret becoming a Pirate. It has been an amazing experience.
East Carolina University holds a very comforting atmosphere. It offers programs and Majors that are very well planned and teachers that are highly qualified to teach these topics. It’s definitely somewhere to gain the “college” experience.
The atmosphere is amazing and every one is helpful and friendly! The campus is beautiful and small enough you won't get lost. The staff are all nice. Dorms are clean and well air conditioned.
ECU has great campus. It is a large university with a small campus feel. Most of the faculty are friendly and helpful. There are plenty of majors to choose from.
I love the School and the atmosphere, if you're looking for a fun student body that you can find time to study with and also create an amazing bond that will last a long time. I could never have imagined finding a better fit for me.
East Carolina University is very diverse. It offers endless opportunities. You are forced to communicate with someone different than you in any field you take. That is so important for our generation because you will be forced to interact with someone different than you in the work force. Some students have only interacted with someone different than them a hand full of times. ECU will help students to not be so surprised when they are forced to do so in the work force. ECU helps create diverse leaders. After all, what's a diverse population without a diverse leader.
ECU offers a lot of options for pursuing your academic future or dream. Their online/distance education is one of the best programs I’ve ever encountered.
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The main thing I really enjoy about the university, is the passion the professor's have for their students success. All of my professor's love to help their students achieve the class and have office hours for our help if any needed. Also, the university has a great tutoring resource called Pirate Academic Success center, for a lot of classes that offer students extra tutoring.
I love how everyone is very friendly and the campus is beautiful. There are plenty of learning opportunities and chances to experience new things.
Great campus with amazing faculty who are willing to help. I have never seen any problems at East Carolina University. All i have seen and heard are beyond amazing. Truly a university worth attending.
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