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This was my first choice of colleges to attend, however I did not realize that the town was as rural as it is. Meeting new people was not as easy as I thought it would be either.
I loved the social aspects! I met a whole bunch of people all the time and there is always something to do any day of the week no matter what. The academics however were not very challenging. And with all the socializing I was doing, which I was not really accustomed to doing until I went there, I lost track of my studies.
Overall, I think I paid a fair price for the education I got at ECU. If prestige is your biggest concern, it might not be the place for you, but at ECU, there's a lot of different opportunities to stand out, and hard work definitely gets you where you want to go. It's a decent university for a really good price (if you're in-state)
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I'd like to see more outreach for students struggling with mental and physical disabilities. A change in the overall environment might make it feel a bit more welcoming. If we saw more diversity in the school, that'd be excellent.
I love the professors and the atmosphere of the school. Everywhere you go there is always smiling employees to greet you and ask how your day is going. I would recommend going to ECU. GO PIRATES!
I wanted to attend this university because of their amazing Nursing program. I am currently finishing up some general education classes to apply for the Nursing program in the Fall.
The spirit of East Carolina cannot be beat. Pirate Nation is one of the biggest fan bases in the state, even if we do not win every football game. The energy of this school and the amazing professors truly has made this a great experience for me during my first year.
ECU is literally one big family. There is a lot to get involved in between clubs and organizations. The professors are great and the classes and advisors are as well.
I love the traditions involved with East Carolina University, as well as the mantra repeated everyday which is "Finish in Four!" ECU prides itself on providing a curriculum which makes you strive to graduate in four years which I love. Overall, this school is great if you are willing to work for it!
I very much enjoyed my time at East Carolina University. I had to transfer due to family matters. The professors seemed to want to help and see you succeed. At all times people would be on campus made it seem safe.
I love East Carolina! The atmosphere is impeccable! There’s so much to do and so many people to meet.
I just finished my first year at ECU. I chose this school because of how close it was to home. That was something that was very important to me considering how much of a homebody I am. I think my experience at ECU was very good for everything I went through during my first year. I had many personal issues involving my first semester roommate and then deciding whether or not to change my major. When dealing with these issues, I was able to talk to some very helpful people that showed me my options and how I could solve my problems. I was absolutely terrified when I started my freshmen year for many reasons but it turned out to be much for doable than I expected.
East Carolina University was a school I was skeptical about attending because of all the stories I hear about it being a really big party school. I learned that it is only a party school if that is what you are looking for. ECU offers so many opportunities to students that it is almost ridiculous. The community is amazing and the professors are honestly there to make sure that you succeed. I love it.
I have had many questions as a transfer student about ECU and every time I have called or visited I have had nothing but a great experience with everyone I have talked to.
My experience at East Carolina University has been amazing. After my Freshman year attending a different University, I did not know where I wanted to go and if I would be making the right decision on transferring. Once I decided on East Carolina and begun my sophomore year, I definitely did not have a doubt in my mind that I finally chose the right school. I love my classes and professors as well as the opportunities for tutoring that ECU provides. Student life and activities always have something to be involved with whether that is sports, clubs, or on campus concerts. Looking back I ask myself why I didn't pick ECU in the first place! Definitely a home away from home.
ECU is an amazing school. The professors actually want to see you succeed. They answer emails within a timely manner and answer any questions needed. The advisors are great as well. ECU has done a great job so far preparing me for my future.
This college has a beautiful campus, as long as you don't wander far off of campus, it is a safe and friendly place. Teachers are pretty friendly, but some want their opinion to be your opinion, and it shows in grades of you don't agree!
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I believe East Carolina University is average. Overall I believe the professors lack professionalism, drive and integrity. By the professors being below average, the overall academics are brought down. The campus is beautiful and small, which is convenient. The food is awful and I have on multiple occasions found hair or bugs in my food. Overall it is average, but I do not know if I would recommend this institution to a friend.
I love the community at ECU. There isn't much that I would like to change about my past 2 years here!
I have not started my intended major yet, I will be transferring this August. My experience with East Carolina Univeristy has been great so far with the whole application process and getting accepted.
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