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East Arkansas Community College Reviews

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East Arkansas Community College is located in Forrest City, Arkansas. The tuition is low and the classes are small, which I really like. The instructors are awesome, and have a genuine interest in the success of their students.
This college was a great starting point for my educational career. The professors all gave me the attention that I needed to succeed, and obtain a higher GPA. Without that, I would have gone to a four year university with a low GPA and test scores. But now I have all the components for better opportunities while I am in the process of transferring.
East Arkansas Community College is a great small school with great teachers. Class sizes is small which gives you more one on one time with the instructors and makes it easy to learn and ask questions. The school has good resources and clean facilities.
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East Arkansas Community college is a well diversified college. EACC offer plenty of resources such as work study, student support, workshops, job fairs, and transportation to school fairs. The instructors here are very helpful and gives students a micro perspective of attention.

The Limitations of EACC is that they are a small college that has limited budgets and can struggle with student activities.
I moved in with my church family who lived four hours away from where I was recently living not knowing anyone and was terrified. I didn't expect a community college to have what they all offer. I was amazed that we had opportunities to be in clubs, play sports, and be in plays and musicals. East Arkansas Community College has helped me in so many ways. The professors have helped me in any way possible and the workers have been so kind. I love walking in a place and feeling welcomed and being surrounded by people with the same goals as me. There is honestly nothing I would change because I believe I got a lot more out of this college than what I expected to.
My experience with east Arkansas community college...the people nice,and the teachers help you when you need it, overall my experience with the college is great.
I love that all of the staff members are friendly, knowledgeable and very willing to assist you in any area. If you are looking for information that isn't available in one department, the staff members go out of their way to make sure you get to the correct department. The instructors have all been willing to work with students when it comes to understanding the material. Work-Study positions are always available, even if it is simply a student willing to be a tutor. You have the option to not only get a review of the content your are tutoring someone on, but you get to further impart your knowledge on to a educationally driven student that wants to better their future.
This is a good school. Good professors, wonderful staff and clean campus! They have recently merged with the technical campus so I'm interested to see the up coming changes!
My experience has been GREAT.
My experience here has been wonderful.
They have a wonderful career center.
The professors are very helpful.
We have a lot of different recruiting on campus and they are very helpful. A degree from our school will take you a long way.
I am majoring in dental hygienist and it has been a great field so far.
The school that I'm attending is GREAT. I would recommend anybody to attend East Arkansas Community College because the instructors and other people will help you. They have wonderful tutors here and a lot of different opportunity.
The psychology professor makes the material easy to learn. He explains things throughly. I feel prepared to continue my studies at a university.
The professors are great. They help students as much as possible. They are all passionate about the subjects they teach.
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My Teacher gives unlimited info for me to advance.
its ok mostly african american students alot of different organiztions an fun activities.
its okay nothing fancy to look at.
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