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Earlham is a great school with many opportunities. They offer great financial aid which can be put toward a semester abroad also.
There are absolutely phenomenal things about Earlham: the professors, the music department, study abroad opportunities, etc. There are also many things that are pretty horrendous about Earlham: an intolerant student body (DO NOT come here for a social science unless you think Bernie Sanders was too conservative), unhelpful faculty, run down facilities, housing inequalities, "unique" classroom settings, etc. If you're considering EC, genuinely ask yourself 1) If you're so liberal that you're ok living in an Alt-Left echo chamber 2) If you're ok with doing NOTHING off campus considering the tiny size of EC 3) If you don't mind every social science course being taught as a course on social justice. I am ultimately attempting to transfer, despite the things and people I love. Do not make my mistake and have to leave people you have grown to love in order to be happy. DO YOUR RESEARCH ABOUT EC.
Earlham encourages people to be themselves and reach for their full potential without inhibition. I think that the student life committee needs to be more involved with the student body.
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Earlham has excellent academic, and I've enjoyed my time here overall. However, there are significant things that could be improved at the school, and some things that make being an Earlhamite extra difficult, such as the area of Richmond, limited on campus opportunities, and occasionally obnoxious, rude students.
Heading into Earlham College, the surrounding area is not the greatest.
The students are very opinionated and liberal.
Being a Jewish student who supported Israel i was targeted by students and some of the faculty about my beliefs.
I would not recommend the school to my future family and also college bound students.
I always feel safe on campus, often walking alone late at night without any worries. That being said, sexual assault has been an issue on campus (as on every campus). Administration response has been frustrating, but students have responded incredibly well. Earlham students believe and support survivors of sexual assault. This past semester, a student publicly called out an assaulter in order to draw attention to the issue. AASV (action against sexual violence) is an on-campus student organization that discusses and raises awareness surrounding the issue. Although administration needs to step up its game, the student community is really good about addressing the issue of sexual assault.
Earlham has a very strong alumni network, with alums often connecting students to jobs or other opportunities (as well as sometimes attending Hash.)
  • 11 months ago
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Professors are, for the most part, incredibly helpful, passionate, and knowledgeable. They go by their first names (because of the Quaker values of Earlham) which makes them more approachable in some ways. Courses in every area are challenging and engaging. A lot of the assigned readings are incredibly interesting, and on more than one occasion I've discussed them with friends (in a non-academic setting). Courses are also frequently interdisciplinary, drawing on and connecting several subjects. Classes are usually very small (10-20), with a few intro classes reaching 50-60 students.
Dorm quality varies a lot. For freshman dorms, Barrett is usually considered better than Bundy. Bundy has a livelier atmosphere and slightly larger rooms, but Barrett is much cleaner and has AC (which is important for more than just August and May). There are also lots of spaces in the theme houses, which have the advantage of being closer to Dominos and Marsh, having more living space (which can also be used for parties), and living without RAs.
  • 11 months ago
  • Housing
Sports teams are visible on campus but not particularly popular among non-athletes. Some games are attended but usually not considered any kind of social event.
Earlham attracts an incredibly diverse group of students and professors, and classes are challenging but manageable. We have tons of great traditions, like Beerster (beers are hidden all over campus around Easter time) and Whiskey Tue.
Campus security is fairly accessible.
I have had great professors and courses.
I hope to have good career prospects as the school is known for its commitment to public and social service.
  • 12 months ago
  • Value
We do not have Greek life at my school.
I am marginally attentive to athletics at my school.
It's still the only school that I would consider attending due to the small size, the academic standards, the course options, the student population, and the professor credentials.
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The wellness center in my school is very nice and well-designed for everyone to work out.

The baseball stadium is one of the nice facilities Earlham has.
In terms of academics, Earlham is very rigorous and has a lot of inspirational professors who are willing to help. In terms of community, Earlham is very friendly and internationally diverse. In terms of financial assistance, Earlham tends to be very generous and supportive.
Very spacious rooms, nice buildings, but no air conditioning, odd layouts, inconsistent room styles, and partially gender segregated
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