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I am a parent of an Earlham Student(class of 2020) and I also am in secondary education. (As a teacher and the advisor for students doing elite college applications.)

I am thrilled with the edcuation that my son is getting at Earlham. Comparing it to my other kids who have attended at Amherst, Middlebury, and Bowdoin, the Earlham education is every bit as good, and - in some ways - better.

I am impressed with my former students who return from Earlham on their breaks. They advance quickly when it comes to their academic and intellectual development, as well as their independence, confidence, and their overall awareness of the world. After one year at Earlham, when compared to their peers from the same high-school cohort, Earlham students are generally more advanced in their development. And after four years, they tend to be significantly more advanced.
I thrived in Earlham's collaborative learning environment surrounded by people who wanted to do good in the world more than they wanted to do well. Thankfully, I've been able to do both since graduating in 2004, thanks largely to the connections I made through my peers, faculty, and alumni. There are numerous opportunities for student leadership, and students are good at making their own fun (since Richmond isn't really a destination town). I went to big suburban public high school, and I was so fascinated to meet classmates from wildly different educational experiences. Earlham attracts some unconventionally awesome people. Earlhamites hold themselves, their peers, and especially the institution to high standards. If you want to change the world for the better and surround yourself with others who do too, this place is for you.
If you are looking for a close-knit community that challenges you intellectually and personally to become a leader and change agent in the world, Earlham is for you!
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Earlham is a place where faculty and students work as a team when doing research. Professors do their best to make themselves available at the most odd hours of the day and they actually care about you and how much you are learning. You feel special as a student and you get to ask your questions and express yourself. Athletics are popular and we have Lacrosse, Tennis, Track, Soccer, Football, Baseball and lots of student life groups as well as friday afternoons with pets. You are having fun as you are learning a lot and getting prepared for the workforce.
I am an’87 grad. I absolutely loved my time at Earlham. I am concerned with recent decisions by the board of trustees and their efforts to reshape the curriculum, with limited input or buy-in from the faculty.
Chose EC as (1) probably the best Japanese Studies program at a 4yr liberal arts school, (2) a relatively affordable option that offered the scholarships I needed, and (3) a Quaker school. Not disappointed on any of those fronts. Also loved the social engagement of the student body.
The campus was absolutely beautiful, head coach of track and field was extremely nice, and gave a great tour of the college! Can't wait to go back for another visit!
I would love everyone in the world to have the challenging, thoughtful, purposeful, life-changing and powerful college experience (academically, emotionally/mentally/spiritually and athletically) I had. With the changes Earlham has made (academic and athletic conference, drinking policy and college leadership and faculty staff appreciation/benefits/support), I'm not sure anyone can have that experience now, including at current-day Earlham.
My first year experience was very good. Everyone there is so nice and helpful and are very open. You know the teachers on personal level which makes it easier to ask questions and understand the material.
Earlham College is a life changing institution! It’s diverse, but cozy campus brings so many people together in one place and creates a family atmosphere! Earlham challenges you academically, also, socially! You grow and mature intellectually, along with morally! You gain an irreplaceable education, along with a lifelong passion for respect and humility for every race or creed in the world!
Earlham College is a great school academically, and offers a wide range of funded extra-curricular travel opportunities. A part from academics though, Earlham College has an average to below average student/night life, and the surrounding town has very little to offer.
I love it there, the professors are so nice and easy to befriend. They really want you to succeed and will do what they can to help you do so. Plus there's a bunch of extracurricular activities. If there isn't one you want, it's pretty easy to start one.
During my experience at Earlham College so far, it has been fantastic. I have met so many great people here in just one year. Everyone on campus is so nice and easygoing. The classes and professors are also wonderful. There is just a variety of majors and classes to take. Not just academics but there are curricular activities on campus as well. There are so many different clubs and sports that you can join. There is so much that one can do on and off of campus throughout the school year. I highly recommend applying for Earlham College or just coming to visit our campus sometime, you will truly love it!
I have loved my time at Earlham but much of the performing arts department needs to be restructured and set up to help its students succeed in a professional setting.
I would strongly suggest people to avoid Earlham. The quality of education I received was very low and most of the students are extreme leftists.
As an Earlham alum, I can't say enough about the impact and amazing transformation this place has had on my life and the person I am today. If you want to be challenged to think critically, to change the world, to see the world, to develop life-long relationships with people you spent your time on campus with (be they classmates or faculty), and to study with a diverse population (that is unparalleled in a liberal arts school anywhere in this country) then Earlham is for you. Its important to visit and experience first hand the community and engagement that exists at this very special placee. I promise it will be worth your while.
Earlham College is a great university dedicated to providing a top notch education to all of its students.
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I like that Earlham College takes the time to get to know you. They really are one-on-one. Any time I had a problem with signing up for something or getting a loan to go through or really just any questions at all, Earlham faculty really took the time to understand the problem and help make it right.
Earlham is a great college with a great academic environment and aspiring professors. The college is diverse with lots of international students. Classes size is small so the interaction between students and professors is high. I learned a lot from Earlham and from my
Earlham is an awesome school full of amazing people and some really neat classes. I love the tight community and the close connection with faculty. There are also so many extracurricular activities and academic opportunities . I do wish the school had more political diversity. The school has great financial aid and scholarships too!