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Earlham is an amazing college for those who choose to seek out the opportunities that it offers. A student can receive funding from the EPIC advantage program which will allow them to create an internship or research project that is fully funded and enables the student to gain experience. The small class sizes and overly qualified professors make the class room environment a caring and challenging one. Earlham has the capacity to build Rhode Scholar students, with the hands on professors and numerous research opportunities. For those saying it is is easy, then take different classes (because trust me, there are some difficult ones) the experience is what you make it.
This is my first year in Earlham College and it has honestly been the best educational experience I have received so far. I like all the resources Earlham College provides, like the scholarships and many programs like EPIC. I also like how the professors care about each student and how they are doing. The one thing I would change about Earlham might be just renovating the dorms. But overall Earlham College is very nice and helpful from students to all of the faculty.
Just finished freshman year. Was a decent experience. There are many issues with admin bureaucracy but there is a strong sense of community on the campus. However, academics can be very unchallenging and there is a very laid back vibe about the campus. This may work for others but I have found it can become drab for the more academically inclined
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The academics at Earlham are beneficial for political science majors. There is a huge divide amongst athletes and non athletes. The athletic teams are not all that great and the parties are not that great due to the small campus size.
However, there is a lot of international students and the campus is amazing.
I'm a student athlete here at Earlham. Overall, alright experience for college. It can get extremely boring here, given that there is very little night life and many of the campus activities happen during practice times. The food is about what you'd expect from a college dining hall. The professors I've had are pretty good to excellent. Many of them care, some of them don't but the ones that don't are in the minority. There's no school spirit at the school, mostly only other athletes go to the athletic events. The academics are good if you apply yourself and seek out opportunities . The support you get for looking for work after college, at the very least with the sciences and business degrees is top notch. And if you have good grades/test scores you can get pretty good financial aid.
Earlham offers an education that can and will prepare you to achieve any endeavor after graduation. The commitment to student growth and learning are beyond that of most colleges in America, and the professors are exceptional human beings and compassionate to student needs and interests. Earlham also offers several opportunities throughout the year to see and hear from exceptional visiting lecturers and performing artists, from T-Pain to bel Hooks. Richmond Is a small and rather poor midwest town, but has a tradition and history in music and fine art that dates back to the early 1800s. I met some of the most interesting and wonderful lifelong friends at Earlham, and though it doesn't have fraternity life, it has a social scene that is more fun and more memorable than I've seen at many other universities and colleges. The campus is beautiful, and includes 80 acres of Indiana forest. What else can I say? I'm glad I picked Earlham.
The diverse student body is the most exciting thing about Earlham. I have learned so much from just talking to such a large group of students with different perspectives on life. The professors are all so caring and truly want their students to succeed academically. They are also so clearly passionate about what they are teaching, it is inspiring. Anyone who is up for an adventure, will succeed at Earlham.
Earlham College is a diverse college with beautiful surroundings. We have a large portion of international students here, which can let us share different cultures and experience a lot. Even though it is a small college, you can find really interesting things here and have a wonderful four-year college life here.
The atmosphere is excellent and the Faculty are caring and smart. There is a strong focus on diversity and inclusion which makes the college feel very safe. Also there are lots of beautiful trees back campus.
Earlham is a great place to be if you are looking for diversity and engagement in the community. Having a smaller class benefits the students to have a better environment to learn. Also, have easy acess to communicate with the Professors. I think it is an amazing school for its culture and beliefs.
Great school with excellent study abroad opportunities. Coupled with the small classroom sizes and close-knit community, it fosters a great environment for learning both inside and outside the classroom.
I think it is a nice place for those who want to explore their options with in the academic setting.
A unique college that changes lives! A dense thoughtful community which will challenge your world view, and help you develop into a compassionate person. You can not graduate without being challenged academically or by the community.
I am a parent of an Earlham Student(class of 2020) and I also am in secondary education. (As a teacher and the advisor for students doing elite college applications.)

I am thrilled with the edcuation that my son is getting at Earlham. Comparing it to my other kids who have attended at Amherst, Middlebury, and Bowdoin, the Earlham education is every bit as good, and - in some ways - better.

I am impressed with my former students who return from Earlham on their breaks. They advance quickly when it comes to their academic and intellectual development, as well as their independence, confidence, and their overall awareness of the world. After one year at Earlham, when compared to their peers from the same high-school cohort, Earlham students are generally more advanced in their development. And after four years, they tend to be significantly more advanced.
I thrived in Earlham's collaborative learning environment surrounded by people who wanted to do good in the world more than they wanted to do well. Thankfully, I've been able to do both since graduating in 2004, thanks largely to the connections I made through my peers, faculty, and alumni. There are numerous opportunities for student leadership, and students are good at making their own fun (since Richmond isn't really a destination town). I went to big suburban public high school, and I was so fascinated to meet classmates from wildly different educational experiences. Earlham attracts some unconventionally awesome people. Earlhamites hold themselves, their peers, and especially the institution to high standards. If you want to change the world for the better and surround yourself with others who do too, this place is for you.
If you are looking for a close-knit community that challenges you intellectually and personally to become a leader and change agent in the world, Earlham is for you!
Earlham is a place where faculty and students work as a team when doing research. Professors do their best to make themselves available at the most odd hours of the day and they actually care about you and how much you are learning. You feel special as a student and you get to ask your questions and express yourself. Athletics are popular and we have Lacrosse, Tennis, Track, Soccer, Football, Baseball and lots of student life groups as well as friday afternoons with pets. You are having fun as you are learning a lot and getting prepared for the workforce.
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I am an’87 grad. I absolutely loved my time at Earlham. I am concerned with recent decisions by the board of trustees and their efforts to reshape the curriculum, with limited input or buy-in from the faculty.
Chose EC as (1) probably the best Japanese Studies program at a 4yr liberal arts school, (2) a relatively affordable option that offered the scholarships I needed, and (3) a Quaker school. Not disappointed on any of those fronts. Also loved the social engagement of the student body.
The campus was absolutely beautiful, head coach of track and field was extremely nice, and gave a great tour of the college! Can't wait to go back for another visit!