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At D'Youville college I like the student to teacher ratio. A perk to this is that they focus on everyone and know everyone.
Attending this college was the best decision I've ever made. I am very pleased with the quality of my education and the professors. I am enrolled in the Occupational Therapy BS/MS program and I have learned so much in the past 2 years. However, with the new president, there have been a lot of misplaced concern on what needs to be improved. The professors have been teaching without a contract for months which should be our administrations first priority. After that, the parking situation for this college made up of a majority of commuters should be addressed and the improving our existing buildings and facilities. New fields, gyms (for a D3 school), and other unnecessary expenses should be halted and priorities should be checked.
Professors care about their students and help them succeed. The food here is not good and neither is the neighbourhood. The school is very accepting towards veterans and international students. The school is overpriced for what you get. There is not much of a student life and if you go here be prepared to be immursed in your work.
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It is expensive, however the quality of education I think is worth it. I would recommend this school to anyone who is serious about a health profession, as there are many disciplines and they all work together at some point in their education.
A truly enjoyable college that is full of professors that go out of their way to help students in anyway that they can. I went out looking for an education and instead found a community of support and a network of friends.
D'Youville College is a great school for someone looking for a career in the health professions. There are small classes with dedicated professors that really do want their students to succeed. The college will go above and beyond to help you with any problem. From career discovery services, finical aid help to mental and physical well-being. The other students are friendly and dedicated too. The one thing I would change about this school is the food. Although that is not uncommon with most colleges. Its okay, I don't go hungry, but it could be better.
I love the atmosphere of this school. The professors are very helpful and friendly. There is always somebody around that is able to help you.
The staff is amazing and are willing to work with you outside of office hours. They are dedicated to make sure you succeed. The students are very nice as well. Dorms are very cozy and fun to live in. There are lots of food options at D'Youville as well
D’Youville is a great small college. It is increadibly veteran friendly and the professors are very helpful. All around a great experience for college
D'Youville is in an amazing part of the city - tons around to do and see, you'll never be bored! The faculty and staff at D'Youville are friendly, approachable, and truly care about the well-being of their students.
If you want to go into medical professions such as nursing or PA, this school is great. The curriculum is a lot more challenging than other schools and the professors are really helpful. The school isn't very diverse and the student life is pretty much dead.
I like how much i learn and the opportunity it offers, but it is so expensive. It is a very diverse and clean school, the area is very nice and safe because of the famous security. the nursing program is rigorous but worth it.
D'Youville College is a small, tight knit college with amazing staff that are always willing to go the extra mile to help you succeed.
D'Youville is a great school. It has a great nursing program in which I attend and I have learned so much. It is a small private Catholic college with small class sizes. There is nothing about this college that I don't like.
Staffs and professors are very nice and always seek to help everyone. Professors are very understanding and welcoming. And, they always have times.
The professors are very nice and helpful. They always have time for students and their doors are always open.
Been taking college courses here since high school. Everyone is very nice, but there needs to be more race diversity. It is a catholic school but does not force the religion on you, many of my friends have little to zero belief and are accepted.
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I went to D'Youville as a field trip with my senior class this year . Just to experience the college. When I first arrived I was amazed at how nice the campus was. The instructor started talking to us about the academics and since I want to go into the nursing field he explained how D'Youville was a great school for nursing. I was excited to learn about their nursing program. I didn't know what college I wanted to go to but every since I went to D'Youville i have been interested. It's like they're all big one family and I would love to have that opportunity to join.
I looked for a smaller college to attend because I was looking for a a college that would be interested in my education and not just money. The professors and others who work at this school have created a positive and helpful environment that has exceeded my expectations. This college has events and activities that can get you connected with other students. It also has many different options you can take if you need help with academics or any other problems.
I currently attend D'Youville and I love it here! I can really relate to all the other students and I love coming to class everyday. Even though we are a division 3 school, we still have a lot of sporting events that you can attend. I would recommend if you really want to focus on your academics!
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