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Dyersburg State Community College Reviews

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I attended here before I got married. I really enjoyed it and the professors work with you so well! Its super awesome! I would like for just the online classes testing exams you do not have to go in to the campus.
My experience wasn't bad. I haven't been at the school for that long. Everything went fine. There are mixed opinions about the teachers, but from what I have experienced for the most part the teachers were nice.
I fell inlove with this campus the moment I walked on it. The staff is exceptional. Every question I ever had the entire semester they went every hurtle to figure out my answer, and I soon became an employee and homecoming queen, which was a huge honor. This campus is extremely wonderful. The teachers do everything that they can to help you, and see you succeed. I would recommend this place to everyone.
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I really enjoy the faculty and staff at Dyersburg State Community College. They are always professional and extremely helpful when someone has questions.
Going here is like a grown up high school. Everybody knows each other and if you are the new kid you know it. People are nice though.
Student life it's outstanding at DSCC! The teachers are wonderful and strive to ensure that all students are successful. There are resource centres in every building as well as common areas for studying.
They really try their best to let you know what is going on. They work hard to help you succeed. I've had no issues with the school. They are very good with students who have a disability. They worked hard to help me understand what was going on, because I'm deaf. So, I would say that they are amazing.
Dyersburg State Community College is an amazing School. Everyone from the students, professors, and staff are all very helpful. If there was something to change about DSCC, I would suggest more student life activities. Such as more clubs or organizations.
It’s kind of hard to get through a compass test when they tell you that your just taking a test to see what you know than after taking the test tell you it’s a placement test, and holds you back on subjects needed
Its a great environmental place to be. It has a bcm shere students gangbang out and socialize together. You can go there to do your homework and\or to make friends. Their bcm director is really great and awesome.
My experience at Dyersburg State Community College has been very pleasant. The teachers are nice and interested in the students, and the courses are very thorough and involved. I liked the easy accessibility of the campus. It's small enough to easily get around from class to class, yet it's big enough to not feel cramped. Probably one of the negative things I would say about Dyersburg State is that the student life and athletics didn't seem to be very involved. There was not much going on that you could get involved in, if you like that sort of thing. Other than that, this is a great little starter college, and I would highly recommend anyone to come here.
Would be 5 but our education department wasn't depare. Lack of knowledge.
The professor that stepped in done her best.
my experience is good there,but the only things that could be changed is the student life. the student life could have more activities. overall i have no complaints the professers have are very helpful and willing to do things for you. The tutors at the asc learning center are willing to sit down with you and show you how to do things. Pretty much all professers are straight forward with the students. The only things that needs to be improved is the finical aid office they are not helpful at all. They expect you to know everything about FASFA and scholarships.
The professor are amazing! But if you are not of the christian faith this s a difficult area to be in.
I greatly enjoy this school.
I am taking five classes, three of my professors are fantastic, the other two have a lot to learn on how they talk to their students.
They do very well and have a wide range of students.
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Nursing is a great major to be in at DSCC, they encourage you and make sure you have the correct tools to succeed!
I have had a great experience at DSCC, but I want a four year university that has more to offer.
It is interesting a lot of people are in my career area
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