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Its a great environmental place to be. It has a bcm shere students gangbang out and socialize together. You can go there to do your homework and\or to make friends. Their bcm director is really great and awesome.
My experience at Dyersburg State Community College has been very pleasant. The teachers are nice and interested in the students, and the courses are very thorough and involved. I liked the easy accessibility of the campus. It's small enough to easily get around from class to class, yet it's big enough to not feel cramped. Probably one of the negative things I would say about Dyersburg State is that the student life and athletics didn't seem to be very involved. There was not much going on that you could get involved in, if you like that sort of thing. Other than that, this is a great little starter college, and I would highly recommend anyone to come here.
Would be 5 but our education department wasn't depare. Lack of knowledge.
The professor that stepped in done her best.
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my experience is good there,but the only things that could be changed is the student life. the student life could have more activities. overall i have no complaints the professers have are very helpful and willing to do things for you. The tutors at the asc learning center are willing to sit down with you and show you how to do things. Pretty much all professers are straight forward with the students. The only things that needs to be improved is the finical aid office they are not helpful at all. They expect you to know everything about FASFA and scholarships.
The professor are amazing! But if you are not of the christian faith this s a difficult area to be in.
I greatly enjoy this school.
I am taking five classes, three of my professors are fantastic, the other two have a lot to learn on how they talk to their students.
They do very well and have a wide range of students.
Nursing is a great major to be in at DSCC, they encourage you and make sure you have the correct tools to succeed!
I have had a great experience at DSCC, but I want a four year university that has more to offer.
It is interesting a lot of people are in my career area
I like my school so far because the teachers and other staff are very friendly and helpful, it is easy to get around the school.
I never experienced online classes, but I have heard from many of my peers that it is an amazing tool. Some even said that they made better grades online than in the classroom.
The career center was helpful in helping me find an internship job based on my major.
The professors are very helpful. The courses are very interesting and hands-on.
The school offers many internships to many students.
My major offers many internships and you have fun.
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The school is very nice and the people are kind.
My experience at Dyersburg State Community College has been amazing! The faculty and staff are amazing and have personal but professional relationships with all students. DSCC gives student's a way to participate and get involved in multiple organizations! I was on committees with the faculty and staff and also was in a school commercial. The professors are amazing and all will help in anyway that they can. All my credits transferred!
Resources are provided for free tutoring and computer access. The administrative and faculty staff are dedicated to each student's success. The faculty work with individual students who need extra help as well as providing study group options for students to help each other.
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