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I really enjoy the Occupational Therapy Assistant program faculty! They are absolutely amazing! I also enjoy the atmosphere of the college. The Student Government Organization really tries to make sure that all of the students feel welcome and that they participate in the campus activities. The only thing I would like to see change would be bringing the food truck back to the other side of the campus. the students may only have a small break to run across the street stand in line in the cafe and get something to eat. Also the food truck offered different food choices than the cafe.
This is my second year attending Durham Tech and I like it because the classes are not so big. A good thing that Durham Tech could provide is dorm rooms.
Advisers and teachers are extremely helpful. Teachers are always in their office when they say they will be and go to great lengths to make sure students understand the material.
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It is a really great place! Truth is you can learn as much as you want to learn, the professors make it very clear "you're paying for this class, not me". Everyone can get a D or C in the classes but those who want to learn will be earning A's. The professors genuinely care and it is nice having teachers who are rooting for you. Many of the student's are brilliant and some of the high school students are some of the most intelligent people I have met. In conclusion, Durham Technical Community College is a good place and disregard anyone who tells you otherwise. As for employers and colleges, please give these students a chance! It should not matter where they are coming from but where they will go and how hard working and determined they were to strive in a small environment. I love this campus and forever will root loudly for the college when I transfer; no matter it be in a small college like UNC or a prestigious University like Harvard.
Liked that it was a small school and almost always found someone I knew from previous classes in my new classes each semester.
Academics are fantastic. Being a community college, DTCC lacks any social scene- but there are clubs and seminars to be found. Most of the faculty and staff are engaging and accommodating people.
At Durham Tech. Community College you are able to meet many new friendly people. It is a place where you can give out to the community and learn about the people around you. It a place where you can learn about who you are as a person and see if you are capable to carry on in a four-year university. The professors prepare you to take on harder classes and let you know from their experience that going to Durham Tech. is the best option to learn and save money on your education. Apart from the professors, they sizes of the classes are very small, which makes it much easier to focus and learn what they teach. That is why I thinjk that durham tech is the best option if you are not fully ready to go to a four year college.
I appreciate the kindness and helpfulness of the staff and some of the faculty I encountered at this school! It offered me some great opportunities that I was able to take advantage of and it allowed me to accomplish my goal of graduating and then transfer to a 4-year school.
I love how cheap the Classes are and the teachers are really wonderful. They try their best to work with every student and their situations.
Durham Tech is a small school, and I think that is an asset to its students. Class sizes are small, and students can receive better one-on-one instruction and extra help. There are plenty of opportunities for extra help, like peer tutoring, the tutoring center, etc. The teachers are excellent, but the quality of students is hit or miss. My biggest complaint it that parking can be difficult.
Durham Tech is a great school. My two years here was amazing. I'm happy I picked this university to complete my associates in science degree.
Durham Tech is a good school. I enjoyed all of the instructors I had before going into the ADN program.
Durham Tech is a good local community college with many opportunities and programs to help students in need with volunteer and staff-run resources to those who qualify and seek it out. Lots of clubs to get involved in. A variety of teachers and classes to choose from, and several programs of general interest intended to either graduate with a certification to immediately start working, or to transfer to a 4-year college/university. Personally, I found some teachers -especially adjuncts- were not favorable, while other teachers were quite amazing.
I am currently in a 2 year dental hygiene program that I love. The hands on experience provides great opportunities for students to expand within the field and to further education.
My current Community College provides an education that has exceeded my expectations. When people speak of Community Colleges, they aren't often taken as seriously as a University. After previously attending an HBCU, I am pleased to say that furthering my education at a Community College was the best decision I've made. The classes are half the size, which gives every student the opportunity to learn at their own pace. This also creates a better working environment for those who have a hard time learning in larger settings. Professors are able to build personal relationships with every student, which I believe is extremely important.
In the fall of 2015 as an upcoming college freshman, there were many things I had questions about. Once I met with my advisor she was able to answer almost every question I had and gave me the way advice as to what classes to take. This is currently my second semester at Durham Tech and I am going in the right path thanks to my advisor. The size of the classrooms are a helpful factor for students like me who like communicating with my professor.
The school transfers most of your credits with out any problems
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I think the online course are great. I can contact the professors and any of my classmates quickly and efficiently.
The school advisers are their to help their student make smooth transitions into Senior or post graduate institutions.
The professors will help you if you bug the mess out of them, but other than that you are on your own when it comes to finding job opportunities
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