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At the beginning I was worried because it was my first online class and I had four classes. They seemed too much but because of the friendly and understanding instructors I managed to co.plete the classes successful with A/B
Best instructor especially Biology and Chemistry. The classes are small size and the instructors are friendly, caring and try their best to help you even when you lose hope
I was a dual-enrolled student at durham tech and had a really good experience there! It was the first time I was excited about school because I always had very capable teachers who were invested in their class and their students.
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Affordable prices to get higher education, convenient location, classrooms and bathrooms are clean and I feel safe
I had a positive experience at Durham tech. My professors are very knowledgeable in the classes they are teaching and offer input from their professional experiences. I have found that most professors really want students to succeed, and are very responsive when asked for help. The downside is that administration is slow to respond to questions. Also, the location of the campus is also not in the greatest area, which can be concerning when leaving campus after a late class. Overall, I find Durham Tech to be a great value and have was satisfied with my classes.
I would like there to be more assistance from advisors with selecting courses. I more details were given in course summaries so you know what you're signing up for (papers, speeches, projects, etc.). I don't expect the syllabi, but I would like to know the estimated course load so I can choose my classes accordingly.
My first year at DTCC has been pretty great. They make a community college a good time. Many people don't think that going to a community college is any fun but it really is. They have plenty of activities to do to allow you to make new friends. You can help around the campus as well, such as the food pantry and working on campus jobs. This campus is a good size and I suggest this campus to anyone who is thinking about attending a community college either their first year or returning students.
The instructors are very nice and helpful. The campus library is a great source for research and reading material.
The teachers are excellent. Mini session courses were great i got a lot of credit hours in a short time while boosting my GPA. Although the financial aid office staff weren't as helpful. I attended for my first semester as a Freshman.
It has a reputation for being the best community college in North Carolina. I just began at it but so far it seems pretty good. The schools greatest pet peeve seems to be on attendance issues and tardys so pick a class that you're absolutely sure the time works for you.
Great teachers. Very patient and well spoken. Pushes students to be successful and not give up on our dreams regardless of obstacles faced or challenges.
Durham Tech is very affordable, its education is just as good as it would be at any other institution. All the teachers I've had are very good at what they teach, they're very organized with their material which is helpful to the students. Durham Tech also provides very good services in general, they have a food bank, which also gives feminine products for anyone there. They offer financial advice for everybody as well, which I found very helpful. One thing they could work on is getting the students more informed on what is happening on the campus and keeping us up to date on time.
I would like for the advisors to be kinder and more helpful. I would also like for the campus to have cheaper vending machine options. Things are very expensive for no reason.
Durham Technical Community college is a good school for all people, one thing I liked about it; faculty and staff are super understanding and helpful. In library, I would like to see many white board to write on while doing review.
The instructors are very good and they have a genuine interest in the success of their students. The classes I have taken have been challenging, especially Information Technology classes, but my instructors were always willing to spend time with me and explain the concepts to me during office hours.
Durham Tech has a really good program of English as Foreign Language (EFL). The instructors, despite their flexibility, provide students appropriate knowledge and skills to raise their English level. They respect students' diversities and help students to learn from one another through Harkness, Fishbowl, and Round Robin discussions.
The school is amazing! I thought It would be hard but it is really flexible and the people there are amazing, it’s a great way to start college and it is very affordable!
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Durham Tech is a great school. Has lots of opportunities and has lots of support for students. Teachers are very helpful and work with the students to make sure that they get the things that they need.
This school has given me an opportunity to get a good feel for what a college class is like while I am still in High school. It has also helped me to meet new people and to understand certain topics more deeply.
While in high school, Durham Tech offered a dual enrollment program that allowed me to obtain an Associate's Degree in Science will also obtaining my high school diploma. This was greatly appreciated because, I am now able to save so much money because I have knocked out two years of college. If I could change anything about Durham Tech, I would change the communication between students and professors. This change would allow better grades and better relations.
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