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Bad food. Bad people. Bad dorms. NO diversity. Good location. Good campus. Good professors. Way too expensive for what you actually get. It's just overall been a terrible experience. I've been trying to get out since day one and I know so many people who have felt same.
I very much enjoy going to Duquesne. It is in a great location and I can walk to most places I need to go. I wish that bus passes were linked to our student ID like they are at CMU and Pitt to make it easier/less expensive to get to Oakland. The loop bus is great but I wish it ran a little more often than just Friday and Saturday. The food isn't bad, there is always plenty of options but the dining hours kinda suck, there really aren't any late night food options. Academically I feel engaged and challenged, the professors thus far have been very competent and knowledgable. I have had several opportunities to study abroad with Duquesne and I thought the programs were well planned and unique. The diversity of the university is lacking and overall enthusiasm for sports is also underwhelming.
I like the atmosphere and the city/location that it is in. One thing I do not like is how small it is, and that the athletics are not bigger (football games).
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The school has a high national ranking with many diverse programs and majors. Being located in downtown Pittsburgh, there are not only opportunities on campus, but also off campus. The campus is generally very safe and there are many things to do either at the university itself or a short walk or drive away.
I love Duquesne as it is the perfect platform to learn and grow. Your degree means more than just a piece of paper when it comes from Duquesne, and the lessons you learn while attending the university both academically and environmentally couldn’t better prepare you for the “real world” one must face after graduating. It is an easy place to succeed both extracurricularly and academically, with various opportunities in both spectrums. Duquesne also hires impeccable staff, who go above and beyond not only to attend to the personal needs of each student but to make it his or her personal goal to watch their students succeed, and to play a major role in that success.
Duquesne has a great small college feel, right in the heart of Pittsburgh. The staff is all very helpful and care about the students at the school.
I think Duquesne is wonderful, especially for the city it’s in. The professors have mostly been dedicated and the smaller size really makes it known that I’m valued as a person and that they want the best for me. The only drawback is typically everyone knows each other from previous schools already so distance students can feel a little left out at first. However, as long as you become social and go to some of the many extracurricular programs Duq offers, you will do great!
I am a pre-med student majoring in Biology/Physics. The program, advisors, professors, and atmosphere for learning and obtaining your goals is conducive to sucess!!
Deciding to attend Duquesne University was a great choice for me. This school has been the perfect fit. I am a part of the Rangos School of Health Sciences. Although it is extremely challenging, as long as you apply yourself and figure out the best way to study, you'll be fine! The location is PERFECT. Walkable distance to very many locations.
This university is among the top ranked in Pennsylvania and in the nation due to its very high quality and focused education in a variety of concentrations. The most noticeable highlights are the business and nursing schools. Apart from consistently being top ranked, Pittsburgh is among the top most livable cities and is a business/technology and health care giant. This school is very-well connected and is extremely generous with tuition value.
Duquesne is a diverse school in the heart of Pittsburgh which makes the off campus life very fascinating. It has great academics and sports
The staff answer professors want you to succeed. There are many options for assistance and resources for students on campus and those taking classes online. They have a unique program that is set up for students who work full time. They are flexible and no log in set times.
One change that I would like to see on campus is the school push for an acceptance of non-religious students. The school promotes its association with the Spiritan faith almost more than some of the academic programs, and someone like me who isn't religious feels out of place sometimes. So if the school can focus on more inclusion, than it would improve drastically.
Duquesne is an extremely close knit community. You see the same faces every day which can lead to great relationships. Class size allow you to become friends with your professors and they really want you to succeed. The south side is the place to go. Nothing but love for my school.
I have enjoyed my experience at Duquesne University very much, the teachers are good and the housing is very nice. Even though I attend a Catholic campus i feel like some of the rules are too harsh, such as not being able to sign people in later than midnight. The food is good, but it is difficult to get to the dining hall to when you have later classes, one closes at 7 and the other closes at 6. There is only one dining hall you can go to till 9pm, but there is a downside it only uses flex which is very expensive compared to using meal swipes.
I am a transfer student at Duquesne University from Penn State Greater Allegheny. I have recently taken a 3 week summer course in order to catch up on my classes. In my time in the 3 week summer course, I have made new friends, learned my ethical framework for teaching, and had an amazing relationship with my caring professors. I hope to one day be like my professors when I go into the teaching career. In my short start to my academic career at Duquesne University, I enjoyed every moment and I am very excited for my next 3 years at Duquesne University.
Duquesne University has a warm campus where everyone can feel included. The staff and fellow students help you to feel welcome and the professors are always willing to help you with understanding the information. They want to help you succeed through your studies.
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Very fun and inclusive and safe campus most teachers are very willing to help and flexible. as long as you take initiative you will have a great experience.
The atmosphere of Duquesne is inspiring and it feels so homey since everyone is accepting of everyone.
It's a fairly good University, it fit what I went to school for as a graduate student. I was really looking for a place where I could focus on practicing as I aspire to be a performing musician, without too much course work that would get in the way.
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