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one of the things I enjoy about Duquesne University is the loving welcoming and strong support system.
I would get why someone would love to go to Duq. Its campus is in downtown Pitt, class sizes are small, and the professors are cool. However everything else sucks. If your not trendy or a part of greek life you may have a hard time finding your place. I have met some of the best people here but I have mainly found some of the worst. The party scene is a lot different from other colleges. You can tell the difference from the type of people that attend Duq from those who attend a school like Pitt. You will have more fun at parties in Oakland and the people are nicer. Good luck finding a move if you or your friends don't know people. The guest policies are out of date and irritating. When theres campus events no one knows about them or no one cares. If you are looking for a college big on sports DONT come here. If this school wasn't in the middle of downtown, I would have left awhile ago. It's not worth the cost. I could go to a better college for half the price and better social scene.
Duquesne is a great school
if you are white, straight and Catholic. The student body is mostly middle class- not wealthy. Wealthy students attend Old prestigious universities, not Duquesne. "Other" students can fit in if they're willing to laugh at offensive jokes, be stereotyped by professors and peers and don't mind being the token friend. Greek life is present but most sororities are back biting, two-faced organizations. The food is awful and the sports teams are losers. Run away fast, it's not worth the money.
Review Duquesne University
Duquesne University is one of the greatest schools in America. Its Liberal Arts program is outstanding. Duquesne is located in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh. The students get along well with one another, and the professors are always available to help students achieve. Recently, our family had a difficulty situation involving our ability to attend. The staff and leadership of the school took extra steps to help us in our attendance. As a result, we are still attending school. We intend to graduate from Duquesne.
Duquesne University has a fantastic campus, comfortable dorms, and easy access to the local destinations. The faculty is helpful and easily accessible.
Duquesne creates the perfect atmosphere to further my education, because of the strong sense of community and support from staff.
Duquesne is a city school with a suburb feel to it. It is mostly known for its sciences, law and business schools. Although it seems that the business school mainly focuses on finance and accounting. All of the other majors are a little outdated and need revamped. All of the teachers and staff are more than willing to work with their students to make sure they succeed. Duquesne really makes sure that their students get internships and are prepared for interviews. The school has a wide range of diverse students who have many options when it comes to extracurricular activities. Duquesne is a stones throw away from the South Side, which has a great night life and many restaurants. Duquesne is an all around top notch school.
For me this is really the right fit. It's big a enough that it doesn't feel like an ultra private boarding school, but it is also small enough that professors know you, and who you are. If you interested in forensics like me they're one of the few accredited schools with a program. Also the sciencescort in general are big on undergraduate research which I love. You could be a freshman, and be doing research in a lab. Overall it's a pretty great school honestly.
Overall, Duquesne is a great school. The dorms and some of the buildings may be a bit gross and outdated, but the amazing academics, professors, and students make up for it.
It was a great place to study! It was not too big of a student population that I felt like a number, however, it was large enough to not be known by every staff member on campus.
Awesome school! I love the city where everything is accessible. The professors care about you. Even though the campus is located directly in the city, there are many police on campus looking out for us. My advisors in my program also care a lot about my well being and my progress. The price is a little steep.
Duquesne University is a great school. The average class size is 25-35 students so you really get an individualized approach. The campus is small but that makes it easier to get from class to class in the harsh winter weather. I think that they could improve Duquesne by allowing guests of the opposite sex to stay overnight.
My experience has been great at Duquesne so far. I love having a small campus and close family of professors, students, and advisors. Everyone is so friendly and helpful towards everyone. While no matter where you go to college, you WILL get tired of the food. QUICK. But my biggest complaint is that there are rarely healthy options like fruit and vegetables available at EVERY meal. Having all the classes connected to the dorms by A-Walk helps when you are late and you have to get somewhere, you can always get across campus in about 15/20 minutes tops. Some events on campus are extremely fun to go to since it is a small campus there is always something going on for everyone to take part in.
Duquesne University has a lovely and safe campus in downtown Pittsburgh. The facilities are great - from the rec center to the library. There is something for everyone at Duquesne.
In general, Duquesne University is a great college. Although it may be a rather pricey option for some, you certainly get your bang for the buck. Even though I write this review only being a first year student, I can tell you that my experience here has been amazing. The dining and housing services are great, there are tons of clubs for students to participate in, and the proximity to the rest of the city make this university an excellent choice.
It was ok, after my first year I decided to transfer due to how boring the campus was. The teachers were really nice and the classes weren't that bad. The people were just so different and weren't open to people who were different. Everyone was from Pennsylvania and already had people that they knew when I got there.
I love being in the school of education and experiencing the classroom starting freshman year. The campus and surrounding area is fantastic. However, as a commuter, I often feel neglected and separated from the rest of the students.
Review Duquesne University
The campus is gorgeous and there are alway activities going on to keep the students active and interested.
My school is a nice university, however, I think I might have chosen the wrong career path and it has definitely affected my time at the university. I do like pharmacy, but I think there is something else out there that would better fit my personality and desires. That being said, Duquesne University has been helpful with my decision to continue or switch majors.
Duquesne is just a 10 minute walk (over the bridge) away from the shady areas, however, the presence of campus police and walking in a group to places makes me feel better.
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