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Duquesne is a decent school, with a well known reputation. My biggest complaint would be that for the high price we pay towards on campus housing, there should be nicer dorms and more options for suite style living. It would be nice if the current food locations on campus were larger because the liens can get so long that you are left with only five minutes to scarf down your food before your next class.
I like the overall atmosphere of the university along with its sport teams and reputation for going/graduating from there.
This was my safe school, but I ended up coming here due to the substantial financial aid that was offered and its proximity to home. This school isn't horrible, but if you are truly not in love with it in the first place, you never will be. In classes you will feel like you aren't progressing to the level you should be, like you're still in high school. If you're looking to be entertained during the week or the weekend do not bother to come here! This place turns into a ghost town since most students are from Pittsburgh they go home on weekends so they don't have to sit around in their dorms. No parties happen unless you're involved in Greek Life and occasionally go to mixers, but Greek Life here isn't the way it is at bigger schools. Also there is absolutely NO school pride. Overall Duquesne is the school you choose if you're not ready to leave home yet or have real life experiences.
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I have loved attending Duquesne. However, I feel that sophomore and junior years are the only times your social life is real. Freshmen year it is hard to find your friends since it is such a small school and you associate with everyone. By the time senior year comes, you are tired of seeing all the same people.
This school sucks. Nobody normal goes here and everyone just decides to urinate wherever they please and I'm not even kidding this is actually the weirdest school ever worst year of my life by far.
Just to be honest nobody deserves to go through this hell of a college this place is horribly boring and will only make you depressed and angry.
Classes are hard but Dookaners rlly no how to party I was at a really big dorm party the other day and I was having fun!
Duquesne has some good things to offer and also really bad things but I'm sure every college is like that. Id say the worst thing about Duquesne is the dorms.
Absolutely disgusting school. There is no hot water after the first semester bc why would they bother paying for that right?? Also don't go here if you wanna have fun or plan on working outside of Pittsburgh at some point during your life
I liked how close nit everyone was and how everyone was always supporting and helping each other. It didn't have the major I was interested in but my mother went there and loved it and I have done several camps. Everything is really close together which makes it really easy to move around. It is also locataed in downtown Pittsburgh, which makes it really easy to go places to relax and hang out. Its really easy to move around and it has its own systems, like its own money system that is good and nice to have. The university communicates very well within itself so there is always something to do. The university for being on the smaller side has several hundred different clubs, which makes it really easy to go out and connect with others and get to know people. I have been there for several camps and a college tour, and I loved it.
Only fun if you have connections , but still if you have connections its not even that fun just goes you an excuse to drink with a couple of people in a house at Southside no parties really happen in this school but sexual harassment still somehow occurs almost every weekend on. campus... people drink in for rooms and then get fined.
To any kids who didn't have friends In high school and didn't get invited to any parties I have the school for you. Duquesne University I home to the regents of every highschool and is filled with annoying friend groups of freshman who cannot hold their drinks. Wanna use the bathroom? nope they have throwup all over the seats because of some kid who thought he could finish 5 drinks in an hour (I know for most people thats not a lot but for the kids at this school 5 drinks can last them a semester)
If you're thinking of going to Duquesne make sure you Read this... the on y reason this school is rated an A for party scene is because of how many bars there are(it says so on the website). But its important you know that you will not get into nay of these bars unless you have a real ID WITH A PICTURE OF YOUR FACE..youll be embarrassed if you use someone else...ive tried.... there are frats but a party happens once a month other than the first week of class... this school is rated way too high but if you are a senior it is fun (why go through three miserable years of school for one fun year though????)
doesn't really have anything to offer except a degree, but I love being close to home so I can't really complain I go home most weekends cause nothing happens here
This was my safety school I got a big scholarship so I felt I had got come and I really regret my decision I m really not a fan of this school. Some of the people are great and I made a couple off friends but honestly there iS nothing to do even though you're in the city this city is kinda the worst city ever to exist
Overall this school is nice I like some of the teachers and my friends but theres not much it has to offer. My brother is still trying to get a job after graduating and he's 26. now I'm scared
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we had 2 sexual harassment emails within the first 4 weeks of school so I feel this is the perfect school for anyone to go to if you liked to be grabbed unwillingly
This isn't really the school you go to if you expect to get a good education or have a great social life. More of the school for the creepy high school kids who could never make friends.
Go to Pitt. this school is not worth going to because youll be spending money on Ubers to go to Oakland every weekend anyway might as well save your money because nothing happens at Duquesne
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