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Graduated in undergrad in May 2019. I had the best time making lifelong friends at Duq. Something that’s very unique is their study abroad programs. I did a Spring Break away course you take in spring then over spring break you do the study abroad portion. I have also did a May semester in Rome. It was awesome, a experience I’ll never forget!
My experience at Duquesne has been incredible. I enjoy the atmosphere of the campus and each of the classes I am taking.
Duquesne University is an excellent school. I have enjoyed every minute of my time here. As a senior, I feel I am well prepared for a career in the area of accounting and finance.
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i really liked the college feel of the campus and how the class size was smaller. it's a private school, but still really fun. there were numerous activities to do all the time and i was in the heart of the the city which was cool.
I personally loved Duquesne University; it is a small, secluded campus on Bluff Street. It is a beautiful campus that makes you feel like you’re in the city. It feels like home, especially in the Fall. The faculty here is wonderful; they truly care about your well-being and education.
Duquesne University was the perfect fit for me. I come from a very small town, graduating with only 63 kids. At Duquesne, I have had the opportunity to experience small classroom sizes and personal connections with all my peers and professors. Above all, the academics here at top notch. I have learned so much in just my 3 years here.
I like Duquesne University for it's park-like campus but it is in the middle of a city. It is very safe with its police force right on campus. The community at Duquesne is very warm and accepting. The one thing I would like for it to change is the way we are only allowed to sign people in before midnight if they want to sleep over, or before 2 am if they are not staying the night. Overall, my 4 years on this campus have been unforgettable.
Duquesne is located in a nice area of Pittsburgh. Short walks to Market Square, the Cultural District, South Side, and is located right next to the T station which can be ridden free to North Shore. All of the Professors, especially in the science department, are very personable and willing to work with all of their students.
I have had an overall good experience at Duquesne University. The academics at Duquesne are rigorous, but attainable with hard work. The professors, advisors, and staff are always willing to help students out so they can reach their goals. While tuition is more expensive than most schools, the small class sizes help students receive individual attention. I have always felt valued at Duquesne and genuinely enjoy studying at this university. The campus is incredibly safe and welcoming, and being located in the city allows for many opportunities, both professionally and socially.
Duquesne is a great school without many major downfalls. I would like to see more diversity in the student body, and the quality of food could be improved, especially in Hogan Dining Center. Overall, Duquesne feels like home and is very welcoming to all of its students. Faculty, staff, and the student body are all very friendly, and there are a lot of opportunities for student involvement on campus. I also love how Duquesne is situated so close to downtown Pittsburgh while still being geographically separate by its location on the bluff.
I love the campus feel while still being right in the city of Pittsburgh! It doesn't feel like you're living in the city because of Duquesne's college-atmosphere campus, but all the city living is less than five minutes away so there's so much to do.
Ideal location, feels like a secluded college campus in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh. Faculty in the chemistry department are fantastic and take the time to work with students one on one. Professors care about the success of their students, and the smaller size creates a more personalized experience for students to learn.
I love the environment. The people and the professors care so much about education and the wellbeing of the world. Personally I come from a smaller knit major and every professor of mine knows me personally and is always pushing me towards success. The same cannot be said about the higher up administration. It’s really sad how much they only care about money. My professors and colleagues deserve more the for the work they put in. The work and heart they put in is what makes Duquesne a wonderful place to learn, not the administration.
I like the school being in the city but still kind of private. The professors are generally nice and really push you in academics. The people and the atmosphere here is still very clique-y like in high school, which is what I wanted to get away from personally.
There are good and bad things about Duquesne, just like all schools! The professors are great for the most part and the academics are good. The food could be better. It just what you make of it. Many people are very nice.
Duquesne has given me a lot to love and a lot to hate. I am in the biomedical engineering program which is pretty new and also pretty unorganized. Professors are also either fantastic or totally and completely awful. As for campus life I love the campus and the friends that I have made at Duquesne. The food is not that great and more options would be more than welcome. Dining hours sucked when I was an underclassman with the main dining hall closing at 6 some days. It seems totally unrealistic to believe college students operate on the same schedule as their grandparents.
Duquesne University is in the heart of Pittsburgh so anyone that attends that school can really enjoy the city life, while also having the safety of a college campus. I formed great relationships with multiple professors at Duquesne and it is very reassuring knowing that they truly care for the success of their students.
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The professors really care to see you succeed. They’re very friendly and always available to answer questions or for extra help.
Education wise, I can't think of a more enriching school to be in. That being said, diversity and individuality at the university is extremely lacking. The cost of attendance is also through the roof. I would like to see more diversity on campus and a smaller price tag.
I chose correctly when I decided to attend Duquesne. The school is rather small in size, which is nice because you feel connected to everyone there. The campus sits on its own little hill and makes you feel as if you're in your own little town, completely separated by the city of Pittsburgh. Most professors are very helpful and care about their students. Most class sizes are small which allows for nice one-on-one communication with your professor in class.
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