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I think Duquesne has a great environment, great student life, and a lot of great opportunities. The chances to network, being right in the city, are outstanding. I have had a few questionable teachers that I am not to fond of but a few great teachers that have inspired me to be what I am today.
If you are considering Duquesne don't. If you want to eat the same food every single day then sure come here. If you hate parties and like to sit in your dorm all day surrounded by materialistic students, then this is the place for you. Not worth it unless you're a pharmacy student or health science major. Most of the majors don't help you further your career because teachers like to do the bare minimum. I am a nursing major and all my professors just like to put on movies and call it a day while my parents are paying thousands of dollars for me to learn material. Don't consider this school if you're actually looking to succeed in a career.
Ive been at this horrible school now for 3 years and heres my experience. All my friends go to other schools because I made a huge mistake coming here and a bigger mistake not transferring. The teachers suck other than Mrs. Stanger and the people all have something wrong with them. This s school is so cliquey so you will NOT make new friends so if your planning on going to this school the better option would be to pull the trigger.
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It's a great school that provides many opportunities to students and staff. It is a beautiful urban campus that gives their students a feel of the city in their backyard.
The classrooms/academics are great. The school is very diverse and welcoming. However, the buildings could use some renovations. The bathrooms in the residence halls aren’t the best and the actual dorms have a few problems as well.
Duquesne is a great school, no lie! The campus is stunning and not too large so you don't have to leave super early for classes. Duquesne is very diverse and always has so many fun activities for all of the students. The only part I don't like all too well is the walk to Market Square- a place full of food fun and good food. Since Duquesne is an urban school (the green campus doesn't make it seem urban), the walk to Market Square is full of weird guys that ask for money, whistle at you, or just look at you the wrong way. Lucky for the students though, Pizza Milano, China Wok, TGI Friday's, etc is all within a short (and safe) walk. At first, Duquesne wasn't even on my list. However, my sister is an undergrad and grad school alumni and I am extremely happy that I chose to follow in her footsteps. I would truly reccommend this place to anyone.
EVERYTHING about this school is terrible. If you dopnt have at least 20 friends going here already, then good luck going out cause I have about 8 here and we never go out. It. Is. Horrible. The teachers are insanely stupid and the classes are insanely difficult and don't help you earn anything important for your future career. I have wasted almost half a year of my life at Duquesne already and felt I needed to share. DO NOT COME TO THIS SCHOOL!!!!!
Best school ever. Great programs and great atmosphere. I am learning so much. I could not be happier here.
Duquesne University thrives in academics and a multitude of opportunities available for each student. The safety, at some times extreme allows for a small campus in a large city to feel very protected. The food could use improvement, but offers a wide variety in options for college dining, and accomodates for most all allergies and diets. There is a lack in club sport activities, which may involve more students. The Power Center is an excellent resource, as well as the Barnes and Noble Bookstore on campus. Duquesne provides a great education with qualified and knowledgeable professors. The campus is almost picture perfect and makes the transition into college very fluent.
It was incredibly difficult for me to find my place here at first. I think once I found my people, it got better, but Duquesne makes it very hard for freshman to meet up. The atmosphere is somewhat restrictive, such as not being able to go from floor to floor and meet people organically in the dorms - I was placed in an upperclassman dorm as a freshman and could not go anywhere unless I knew someone in another dorm...however you had to be in the dorm to meet people.
It was a pretty good school! The campus was my favorite! It was a good size and everything i needed was close and easy to locate. The staff was super nice and most worked with you the best they could to help you achieve whatever you needed.
I have only been here for a few days but overall the college is great. The orientation staff has put in a lot of hard work, time and dedication to ensure that the incoming freshman class has events to be involved in to help them get acclimated with the campus and college life. My academic advisor has also been extremely helpful. Overall, my short time here has been outstanding!
I love the family feel that it has. Everyone is welcome at Duquesne. I would like to see the price of attendance be lowered.
Overall, my first year at Duquesne was very good and a great start to my college years. I am satisfied with my choice of Duquesne and feel at home on the campus. All of my professors have been very helpful and have spent time providing me extra support and guidance when I needed it. Academics at Duquesne are challenging, yet are well preparing students for future careers. I would not make any changes to academics at Duquesne, for I have been very satisfied.
Duquesne is a great place for you to connect with your professors one-on-one, and the university's class size is small too!
I adore this campus. The campus is absolutely beautiful, with green grass to lay on as you overlook the city. While walking to class you have a city view everywhere in sight. This campus does everything in it's power to make you feel at home, and with the South Side right across the bridge, you will never be bored. The only reason it does not get 5 stars is the food.
You won't have a social life unless you are in a sorority. The teachers are fairly nice but there are always that bunch that don't seem to care about you too much. The food isn't great. The walk from class to class is fairly short.
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I have loved my time so far at Duquesne University. The campus is beautiful and set in the city of Pittsburgh which allows for many different off campus opportunities. The professors seem to genuinely care about your experience and the course load is challenging but manageable.
Duquesne is a beautiful university in an urban environment. The University has a great combination of social life and academic prowless and allows students to succeed and better themselves while still enjoying life.
Duquesne is a great school. The programs are amazing and really well ranked. The faculty is great. I wish that the school would put more money into academics than sports. Our school is not a huge sports school. They need to build a new library and re-do the dorms not build a new arena.
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