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I like that the classes are hands on. The instructors are there to help you succeed as long as you ask for it. I just wish it wasn't so expensive.
I would like to see change in the facilities, it is a very old building and has very poor circulation with heat and air conditioning. Also I would like to see them add housing or dorms for students.
The teachers and instructors look out for your best intentions and help your success after school. The school does a good job opening up the campus to jobs that fit what you are going to school for to provide easy access to jobs when finished with school.
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Great school for someone who enjoy's one on one attention from the instructors and don't want to feel like a number.
Great hands on learning, experience and knowledgeable professors, nice and engaging learning environment!
Very good school. Small classes, very hands on learning. Employers love Dunwoody graduates, and are on the top of the list for jobs. Very good instructors that care how you do and how much you learn. Highly recommend!
Small classes to spend more time with students
I have not graduated yet, but they will find you a job.
You cant beat this school, everyone wants a Dunwoody Graduate
Very easy schedule, allows you to work on the side which is great since I have 2 very youngchildren!
Its very hands on, and they will find you a job!
I liked the flexibility to choose night classes or day classes.
I have only taken one and it was very helpful.
They set you up with a job right out of graduation.
I love it here. I wish I choose this school sooner.
The team there is amazing they really care about their students.
They really do set you up with a job right out of graduation.
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I love this school because it is small so each student gets the help they need.
The one online class I had went very well. You need to make sure to check the web page regularly to keep up with postings, but the overall experience is very positive. The workload was very reasonable and the teacher student relationship did not seem hindered at all.
Since the school is an education-to-employment type of school the teachers basically let you fly after graduation, but in my experience, still make themselves available to you after you graduate.
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