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I graduated from DBU with my Medical Assistant Certification. I had a wonderful experience with great support from any staff member I addressed. The teachers were great and well informed by experience and the head of the program was phenomenal. They got me an interview and I still live my job nearly 6 years later.
They were all amazing teachers, staff. They had fundraisers for me and my family, and they understand when life happens. They gave me the time off I needed for my emergencies. They were all helpful and went above and beyond to help me succeed. I miss everyone there. I enjoyed this school a lot and I made some wonderful friends.
I had a few hassles, but when I asked for assistance DBU helped with everything they could so that I wasn't confused. Flexibility of classes are very understandable, you get to do your work with the courses when/if you work, and having a busy lifestyle.
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Professor/student relationships are great. Anytime questions arise, teachers don't hesitate at all when getting back to you. Peer-to-peer interaction is an experience. I don't chat with people online, but in online classrooms it helps to get everyone's feedback and communication.
The job prospects are great. As I've looked into how many jobs are needed for the courses I'm taking for school I see many. Many different branches of the field to turn down, and furthering education always helps with further informational jobs.
The quality of the employers who recruit, and tell you the information you need to know are excellent. Very, very helpful and any questions that you have will get answered by them.
The courses and professors at DBU have excellent information. The course catalog shows many variety of courses offered, many I don't need, but there are a lot to chose from though. The class sizes have been small, which gives everyone a chance to voice their opinion on certain subjects.
My major has many classes to learn about. The workload isn't too much, very informational, and when you pace yourself and stick with studying then the information sticks.
The interaction with the teachers and classmates are very helpful. Knowing that your goal is to have the preparation to learn, pass the course, and move onto other courses makes the transition smooth. This school is unique because it allows you to learn when you have the time, and the staff recommends appropriate learning strategies.
It's great, almost everyone that is one campus is going for the same thing.
Transferring credits was very easy, and when it comes to flexible schedules you can choose which classes you would like at the time that are convenient for you.
There's a few things that I would change but not much!
Being that it is a technical school, there are no activities. The campus administration is awesome and help as much as they can.
so far, it's been great
Everyone has been very knowledgeable and helpful
only have met a few online but so far, they are ok
Taking very long to get everything done
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I haven't used any but see lots of choices
Been very happy with everything so far.
I have been very happy with all my questions being answered.
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