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Amazing school spirit and great student body. Active engagement of students is well-displayed and students demonstrate determination to succeed.
Duke is a phenomenal academic institution. There is ample opportunity to explore various majors and coursework, and meet a wide variety of students from various backgrounds. Duke is very helpful and supportive in the employment process leading into graduation.
Amazing school! Wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Work hard play hard is definitely a fitting motto for Duke. Everyone here is smart and academically focused but the parties are still crazy and meet all my expectations about college.
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If you aren't entirely decided on what you want to study, or want to combine two fields that don't seem to fit, Duke is the best school available to you. The flexible pathway through Duke is one of its best features, and it guarantees there's something academic for nearly everyone here. Not to mention everything that goes on outside of academics. Whether you're a performance artist, coder, engineer, service-learner, researcher, intense athlete, or a just for fun one, there's a place for you here. If you're anything at all, and looking to challenge yourself, then come to Duke!
Duke is a great school. A lot of dorms are far away from classes because of the different campuses, but generally they are nice and fairly spacious. Some used to not have air conditioning, but thats mostly been fixed.
I attended Duke as a transfer student, so I have a different perspective on the school. Attending Duke as a freshman is an integral part of becoming involved in the community, so I would recommend living on East Campus and engage in everything there is at the school!
Duke has been one of the best experiences of my life. The dorms are luxurious, the food is wonderful, and the student life is something extraordinary. When I first arrived on campus I felt welcomed by many of the RA's, and other students, and I have enjoyed my time here ever since.
I really love the community at Duke, however I think there needs to be a social change. Greek life is too prominent and dominating of the social scene. Additionally, I feel like Duke likes to focus on bringing in donations from alumni instead of its current students.
Duke University has the most beautiful campus i have seen so far. If you are into basketball and want to go to school with good return on investment, then Duke University is the school for you. It is also located 10 minutes away from Downtown Durham and has a really good transportation system for those who commute or do not have a car. I particularly like the Duke Van which is free service that is great for those who want to stay on campus after 11pm to study and live about 1 to 3 miles from campus. In my graduate program, there are people from over 20 different countries and we are not even up to 50 in my class of 2018. I am a grad student and don't have meal plans but i seriously wish i did because Duke has the place campus food i have ever had and this is coming from someone that has gone to two colleges in the United States in Illinois and Maryland. Overall, i will recommend to anyone who wants a well-rounded college experience.
What i liked about Duke University is that first of all it's a pretty well developped university and they also offer many courses to students such as computer science,political science,life science and the big thing is that they didn't forget about those who are good or talented in different sport activities.
And what i didn't like is that it's really expensive,they need to reduce the fee so that they get more students who are qualified in good things.
Thank you for the comprehension.
Great place to study. Very compatetive. Professors are very intelegent, smart and willing to help. Be a hard worker, otherwise, duke is not good for you.
Top notch academics with a good social scene. The large amount of school spirit, mostly due to Duke's success in division 1 athletics, is tough to beat not only at other high-caliber institutions, but arguably at any school (see Cameron Crazies). Beautiful gothic architecture, too.
I could not have made a better choice in coming to Duke. Duke is everything I ever wanted and strives to positively surprise and impress me every single day. The campus is absolutely gorgeous, the food is excellent even for freshmen (although some complain about the meal plan, which I and most people I know personally love), the housing is so great I never feel homesick, the party scene is great if you're into it (if you're not, there's plenty else to do), academics are top notch (and incredibly challenging), and the people here are amazing. I've made lifelong friends in just one semester. To say that I love Duke is too little. It has made me grow in ways I did not know that was possible, kept me happy at every time, and challenged me academically in a way I did not consider possible. For me, it is the best institution of higher education in the nation, and I highly recommend it to all of my high school friends.
I like the overall atmosphere because everyone is so smart and enjoyable. The campus is very beautiful and the professors all seem very down to Earth
Collaborative. The one word I was searching for to describe my next four years, and yet with countless college tours, there wasn’t one University I was satisfied with calling home. I decided then and there I wanted to become apart of the unique community. I was introduced to this University because I had attended the Summer College Program there. I went to classes and was able to learn from brilliant world leaders, one of whom is Professor Miller. I researched topics in the the Perkins Library; I read books in the Kilgo Quad, and when my time at the program was over. I always worried that once college arrived I would become stuck, at a dead of a path feeling trapped and not up to my full potential. I promised myself that no matter the circumstances I would climb the wall in the labyrinth if necessary. Though when I left the program it was then that I realized I wouldn’t have to climb any wall, because there was an entire path open to me.
Duke provides an overall great college experience. I think the highlights are the strong programs in a variety of fields, so if you're undecided this is a big bonus. As a premed student I found the close vicinity of the hospital to be a great asset as far as gaining clinical experience. There is something for everyone on campus, be it a student group, sport, activity, or academic endeavor. The downsides are obviously the price if you don't have aid, and the town is not very student-friendly, especially at night. Parking is a nightmare. School spirit is great - so much energy! Food has gotten an upgrade with recent renovations to West Union.
If there is one word to describe this school, it is energy. I'm not just talking about getting decked out in blue for basketball games, but I am referring to Duke's ability to galvanize a feeling, a position, and a perspective and generate an irresistible buzz on campus. Passion is an understatement -- people at Duke get involved and they show it. If you're looking for a school that makes such passion its leading characteristic, I would strongly encourage you to check out Duke.
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Duke has already helped me grow in so many ways. I have enjoyed all of my classes and they have each opened my eyes toward new topics in unexpected ways. There are so many amazing professors and the campus is truly beautiful. Sometimes things can get overwhelming or difficult and the atmosphere may not always be the most supportive, but if you seek it out actively, it is certainly there!
The culture shock was real in all aspects of Duke culture including campus life and academics but there is no regret of my choice in universities. Duke has its own unique way of life that is unparalleled.
I always get emails and calls from duke and hoping to take a tour next summer .Duke was always my number one school for sports never missed a game but law enforcement and medical is where it's at and looking at the the review stood out the most plus it's what I want to major in so I have no problem going there #💙bluedevlis
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