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I’m an freshman this year (2018-2019) and I can honestly say going to Duke was the best decision I’ve ever made. Although I haven’t been to campus yet, the online friendships I’ve already made with classmates have been extremely exciting! Duke ensures that each incoming class is extremely diverse and that’s part of the reason I elected to enroll. I can’t wait to start my Duke career this fall!
Duke University provides an overall amazing experience for students that fit the "work hard, play hard" mold. There are so many things to do to make the most of your college experience.

Nearly every aspect of student life at Duke falls into the "Goldilocks Zone" in terms of not being too little or too much, but being "just right".

The best part about being a Duke student is having the power to make the most out of every moment presented to you. Opportunities at Duke are not simply handed to you. You must take it yourself, and you must strive to be the best person you can be, and Duke helps you do just that.
I love attending Duke university because it has the perfect balance of athletics and academics. The school provides a remarkable education for students and competes at a Division 1 level in all its athletic programs. Duke provides opportunities for students after they graduate, whether it be assistance in finding a job, internship, or networking. The university has very challenging academic classes and professors with great experience.
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I like the location, and their athletics program. I would one day like to attend duke university as a college junior. I live in Florida, so one thing i dislike is that its not nearby, but that's literally its only flaw.
my overall experience at duke was pretty good, but like most places it also had its issues. I loved the faculty that I became close with and the school provided services for the most part to help students who needed some type of safe space.
The courses delve into the concepts as if you will be spending your whole life studying it so really great academic wise. People are generally kind around campus and there are always a lot of activities for students to do. Something that could improve is the way minority students are treated by the faculty and administration. It is most definitely not fair treatment.
Choosing to go to Duke has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Its campus is BEAUTIFUL; we have lush gardens and there are so many birds here, from towhees to even the occasional hawk. The opportunities here to get involved are almost overwhelming. We have this program called DukeEngage where students go to all parts of the world to work with communities through research and volunteer work. I will actually be going to Costa Rica this summer to help in rainforest restoratuon and conservation through this program!But what I truly love most about this school is its students. The atmosphere here is not competitive but collaborative. I came to Duke feeling insecure about my qualifications compared to those of the other incoming freshman. But never once did I feel belittled or patronized. Students here want each other to succeed, we want to see each other grow and challenge ourselves to improve. Here at Duke, 'Southern Hospitality' is the real deal!
Duke University is all I could ever ask for. It truly embodies the 'work hard, play hard' mentality that elite schools so often strive for. You will be busy with schoolwork during the week, but it's easy to stay focused because all your peers will be working just as hard. On the weekends you can let off steam with countless activities going on in and around campus. It's a wonderful balance of rigorous academics mixed with typical college fun.
Duke is a university with stellar academics. Like any school that is "academically rigorous", it can be stressful at times, so that is not unexpected. Sports are generally a big deal on campus (sports = basketball), and the food is good. It can feel a bit like a bubble though -- Durham is a city rich with life and growth, and while a lot of students don't venture into downtown much, I would recommend it. It has a great food and arts scene, as well as local grassroots organizations who deeply care about improving Durham.
If I had to go back in time, I would pick Duke again in a heartbeat for my college experience. I was pushed to excel in every aspect. I was surrounded by so many talented and motivated individuals. There was such a breadth of opportunities available at Duke, as well as chances to meet a variety of people and have the fun associated with college.
The school is amazing! Work hard, play hard— students take both academic and social life very seriously. Love the environment.
Its a unique place where academia isn't the only thing we discover. We have a vast world of opportunities just a conversation away. Everyone is willing to help us succeed and we have the chance to travel the world in the name of academia. we get to live in a community of inspiring minds and admirable people.
I visited the Duke Kunshan campus and it was amazingly breathtaking. The scenery, open area and the people, it was all so inviting. I would love the chane to be able to study there
As an international student, I had a big cultural shock and housing issues when I arrived. However, the staff really helped me out and is easy to contact.

Also, Duke has wonderful facilities and is well maintained.

The courses and professors are excellent, I am very satisfied.
I love it here! It's a very welcoming environment and an extraordinary experience. I go here many times a year and there's always new things to experience.
I like the atmosphere at Duke, especially the professors. Even though Duke is a very tough academic school, the professors work with you. However not all professors are understanding and try to help out especially in harder classes when you need the support the most but most are.
Duke definitely has many positive attributes, especially the academics, athletics, and connections fostered there. My only real complaint is that the social environment can be pretty toxic, with students tending to judge based on status and wealth, and a fragmented housing system. But in terms of classes and opportunities, it's absolutely incredible. Definitely worth the investment.
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The school is an amazing but challenging experience. Kids are great, education is amazing, professors are amazing, the sports are so fun to watch, the food is good, the dorms are not bad. My very good friend goes there and loves it
Duke has an excellent core of teachers, a beautiful campus, and the gardens are one of my favorite places on the planet. There were definitely great people in the student body as well, but overall people there are very self-interested and juvenile. As long as you can navigate that, going to Duke will be a very enjoyable experience.
Duke has great academics but I wish they would stop overcharging their students fro everything. The facilities are great but parking is expensive and not worth the price.
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