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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Duke had to switch to virtual classes for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester, and will continue with remote learning for the Fall 2020 semester. The quality of these classes and your learning experience greatly depended on the quality and tech-savviness of your professor.
My experience at Duke has been great, but I would like to see more meaningful involvement from Duke when responding to incidents of hate and bias on campus, as well as greater transparency regarding their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, there are amazing opportunities on Duke's campus to get involved in student life and create a meaningful community, but there is also a sense of rigorous academic competition amongst your peers that results in people bragging about their unhealthy habits such as getting no sleep in order to study.
I loved my experience at Duke - it is the perfect combination of "work hard / play hard". If you enjoy college sports and/or school spirit there is plenty of it!
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I didn't take any lessons online, but the engagement of the professors and administration to inform students at the school was very high!
I think Duke professors did a fantastic job adapting their courses to online when campus closed in March. I am however, interested to see how professors handle online classes in the fall, when class communities and rapport have not previously been established.
I love the opportunities that are available at Duke, and have loved getting to learn and interact with my incredible peers and faculty. However, I think there is still something to be desired at Duke in the way of social cohesion, as it can feel very stratified at times.
Best experience of my life. Everything about the school is perfect, from the great food to the comfortable dorms (all with A/C) to the interesting classes and nice professors.
We switched to online at the end of 2020 Spring due to the coronavirus, and everything was super smooth. Even the really old professors knew what to do.
Duke's switch to online learning for coronavirus was superb. I'm glad that I am lucky enough to attend such an awesome institution.
I had a hard time choosing between Stanford and Duke, but at the end of the day, I'm so glad that I picked Duke. I love the campus, the food, the professors, the athletics, and the genuine respect and good vibes that everyone gives to other people. I couldn't imagine a better university.
The professors are understanding of the current circumstances and are easing up on due dates and projects with specific requirements.
Duke university is a high status university. From the gorgeous gardens near the campus, to the hardworking staff in the classrooms, Duke proves it’s to be one of the top colleges in the country.
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Duke is one of the best universities in the USA and in the World.
Many of the assignments University professors give are team assignments. Working in teams during the program is a way to provide a student with greater experience in team environments. Additionally, it is a way for a student to establish close relationships with your classmates and to develop a deeper network during the program.
Duke University works toward coming back to school safely in the fall, they are innovating every part of the Duke experience—from the academic calendar to residential living—to provide students the best and safest possible configuration of on-campus and high-quality remote teaching.
The school has given us lots of work but professors very helpful with the stress. Very impressed with how school tries to make sure we have all we need to learn. Via online. It’s pretty hard but it’s a hard school.
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The school is beautiful. It’s such an unbelievable place to learn. The professors go out of their way to help if you need it. There a lot of organizations if you want to join a group. Great atmosphere and lots to do in the Durham area. A lot of great places to eat. I’ve had a great experience here so far.
I love Duke University! The school is focused on research and building skills to help you excel in your future. Whenever I have a problem they are always there to help. The professors are very friendly and helpful! I would recommend Duke to everyone!
I have always struggled when I take online classes, as I learn best in the classroom environment. When I started to have difficulty with Duke online classes and reached out to my professors they helped me come up with some new techniques to implement in order to gain the most out of my classes!
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