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I love Duke. It has been a great place for me to both learn about myself and the world around me. The campus is beautiful and the student body is very focused on growing and learning!
Duke University is one of the prestigious University. My experience at the University was awesome right from the professors to the staff and the students too.
I absolutely love my school! I have more school pride than I would have ever anticipated and I highly recommend this university. It is only my first year an I could not be happier here.
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Duke offers me so much more than what I expected, with various classes offered, flexibility to collaborate and dive into interdisciplinary projects, various certificates and programs to choose from, to friendly and accomodating stuffs in academic, administration, and even nutritionists and mental help. The campus is breathtaking with amazing library and high quality of food provided.
Choosing Duke is definitely one of the best decisions I have made.
In my first semester, I appreciated the experience at Duke University. The Academic Rigor and the power of the school allow many doors to open when you attend this prestigious institution. I know personally that people find jobs swiftly.
Concerning Diversity, the school representation is similar to the demographic makeup of the U.S. (Except that there is a higher percentage of Asians). With that in mind, many minorities complain but do not realize that this representation is a reality, this is how the rest of the U.S. is regarding variety. It is very diverse in comparison to so many other colleges around the United States. Furthermore, Duke has a plethora of international students ranging from countries like Zambia to Venezuela.
The West campus is gorgeous and East Campus is inviting, but Central Campus is extremely ugly. There is so much to do on campus: parties, food, clubs, and more. Inside of Campus is also very safe.
Honestly the best choice I’ve ever made. Everyone’s intelligence is beyond words and there’s a good range of socioeconomic background people come from. Everyone’s very respectul to each other and to themselves, and the consensus is to work amazingly, amazingly hard. Boundless opportunities are constantly fed to us by the university; everyone here gets summer internships/super high-end jobs with the minimum effort of looking around.
I loved Duke, pretty much everything about it. I made amazing friendships and had an excellent time. I made strong relationships with my professors, which was key for preparing me for graduate school. Only complaint is that if you are not associated with a frat, there is not much of a party scene. But then again I would be embarrassed to be associated with a frat.
Duke is incredible. It is a highly rigorous academic institution, but it also provides plenty of opportunities for growth socially, professionally, and even spiritually should people be seeking that. I could not be more thankful to be a student here!
I fell in love with this school when I visited. It not only has great programs; it's faculty is one of the best in America. The people here are super nice.
This is one of the most prettiest schools in the nation. The school is amazing. They will help you with whatever you need and the basketball games are the best.
Duke offers a rich and diverse student body, with various opportunities at the students' fingertips. Whether it be socially, academically, and spiritually, Duke prioritizes the student first (past, present, or future).
Duke University is one, if not the best, schools out there> they have great programs like FLUNCH where you take your professors out to eat with you, and DukeEngage, where students work in other places funded through the summer. They have some of the best foods in America, and although their basketball team is not the best, they do have a good one. I love the fact that they take new ideas and "make it happen".
I love this school. The food, the academics, the atmosphere, the campus, the athletics, etc. Everything about Duke is great.
I love Duke University because there are excellent facilities and resources available to the students. Unfortunately, I am only here for summer classes so the atmosphere is a little different than during the regular semester.
Overall, Duke was a good school. It's known for its academic rigor, and it definitely was rigorous. There were many opportunities for students to take part of, the campus is beautiful, and you can go places as a Duke Alumnus. However, I wish that some people on campus would be more accepting of others from different backgrounds and with different beliefs. It would be a more welcoming campus for all if this happened. Also, a greater variety of classes to explore different cultures would be nice, along with more professors of color.
One of the best things about Duke is that it attracts some of the most creative, driven students in the country. There is a certain atmosphere of collaboration that is often absent at universities of the same tier. I also like how Duke encourages traveling abroad (and makes it feasible to do so). Most students participate in DukeEngage or spend a semester abroad which is truly incredible. However, Duke does not do a good enough job of admitting students of a wide variety of backgrounds. Most of the people I've met so far are heterosexual, white, and wealthy.
Excellent experience, perfect academics, athletics, environment. Great return on investment. A lot of campus food options.
Need more housing options.
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Fantastic experience at an UNDERRATED paradise. Students and faculty have an amazing collaborative environment. Academics are hard but doable, lots of opportunity for extracurriculars. Medical school is a great asset for any medicine related research.
Amazing school spirit and great student body. Active engagement of students is well-displayed and students demonstrate determination to succeed.
Duke is a phenomenal academic institution. There is ample opportunity to explore various majors and coursework, and meet a wide variety of students from various backgrounds. Duke is very helpful and supportive in the employment process leading into graduation.
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