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Duke is a great place to come for vast opportunities, career exploration, professional development and more. You can literally try anything here! It's so flexible. Campus is beautiful, the food options are plentiful, and research experiences are readily available. The academic advising here is amazing as well.
Duke students go by a motto of "work hard, play hard" and it's awesome that the academics at Duke are so great even as the party scene is really lit!
Duke University is pristine school with beautiful architecture that makes you feel like you are walking through Hogwarts. Every student is granted with individual attentions because Duke as an astounding 6:1 student to faculty ratio. Also, they have an interest of helping students where their families make an income of 60,000 or less. The only thing I wish Duke would change are try to include is diversity. As an African American, I wish for an university to have more than 10 percent Black/African American students.
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All freshman live together on East Campus. It provides for a lot of fellowship and a great way to connect from day one. The dining is some of the best in the country with both dining halls, restaurants and food trucks included in the meal plan.
As a graduate student, I have been very pleased with the education I have received from Duke. I have felt supported by professors and the academic leadership in my program, and feel prepared for a career as I near graduation.
It was very interesting seeing a campus such as Duke University so racially diverse. Duke's campus life is on like any other University I've ever toured before. This is one of my favorite colleges to attend.
I did a summer program here with the engineering school. The dean was great and really helped us with our presentation skills. She videotaped us presenting and made us watch ourselves to learn from our mistakes. The campus is very pretty and the basketball team is great!
It's an incredible college in which students are engaged and challenged. Duke truly makes its students smarter and prepares us for our careers.
Duke is a good school with good academics and a pretty nice campus and environment. There are a lot of interesting new things and a lot of opportunities here.
Attending Duke has been the best decision of my life thus far. My experience as a student-athlete, STEM major, and member of the Duke community compelled me to grow in myriad ways, all in a safe environment that prioritized my success. My fellow students were brilliant and passionate in everything they did, and the diversity of thought benefitted everyone on campus. My professors and coaches were dedicated not just to my education in the classroom and on the field, but to my personal and professional development. My many mistakes in all aspects of my life were seen as learning opportunities. And most importantly, after my four wonderful years came to an end, even bigger and better things awaited.
Love the endless opportunities to learn, the down-to-earth students, and the ability to receive funding for summer internships. No complaints, really.
I love Duke! The classes are engaging and there is always someone in the faculty that can help with any academic problems. The school culture is amazing and inclusive.
i went to go and visit duke over the summer, when i went there the college life and campus was amazing and the academics were outstanding they have a lot of great resertrants near by and they have there own way of connecting the police to be there in less than 2 minutes but one thing i don't like was there was no diversity there and as a african american person i felt so out of place and uncomfortable there .
Outstanding school ; Duke students are among the best and far more collaborative than competitive. A Duke degree opens doors for a lifetime.
Duke is an amazing place to live, eat, learn, and cultivate who you want to be when you grow up (as cliche as that sounds). I was a student-athlete, and my experience with the student body and professors could not have been better. I love having all the support in the world from people in the Duke community. Additionally, the classes are diverse and challenging, and professors take the time to get to know you (if you do the same). 10/10 would recommend
Incredible resources, faculty, and extracurricular opportunities! They have a lot of specialty programs for getting more real-world/hands-on experience in one's career/major interests, including Data+, Huang Fellows, Bass Connections, and DukeEngage.
The campus is absolutely stunning, and the opportunities for academic engagement are great. The atmosphere of the basketball craze is very fun and I really have enjoyed my first year. I wish the dorms were bigger and that there were not communal bathrooms. Surrounding area is nice but there's not much to it.
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Everything I have learned about Duke makes it seem like an amazing college and campus. The education is good, and it has many different majors to choose from. It seems to be a very good community overall with the students and teachers being supportive of each other.
Had a few academic road bumps, but overall, its the faculty that makes this school something else. The professors here are so amazing, and will often go out of their way to get to know their students and help whenever they can. I honestly wish I had spent more time getting to know my professors.
I really enjoy the atmosphere here at Duke. I got to know amazing peers and professors who give me inspirations and encouragement to challenge myself. There is a wealth of academic and extracurricular opportunities.
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