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I really love the Drury campus as it is really beautiful and makes walking to classes really peaceful. There are also a lot of interesting people from all over and this diversity opens people up to new ideas and points of view. I would like for there to be more foreign language classes taught on campus- such as Korean. While there is the opportunity to study foreign languages at MSU, not everyone can fit it into their schedules or get to MSU for their class.
I've only been here for a year and I've fallen in love with the school!!! Drury University is a place to call home for anybody!!
Though the academics and professors are all very helpful and caring the athletics at this school are poorly monitored when it comes to the issues of hazing. They have had many incidents in the past and are sure to have many more if they do not change the way that they treat those that see it and let it happen, whether it be faculty or athletes.
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The Professors constantly encourage you to excel and keep working hard. It is a positive learning experience. The university employees are all friendly and helpful.
When I was a wee young child, my family stayed at a Drury Inn & Suites while on vacation. The experience was life-changing. The breakfast buffet was great. I liked the oranges. I ate five of them. Since that day, I knew that my dream was to run my own Drury hotel. That's why I came to Drury University, because it's the best place to learn how to manage a Drury. The school isn't perfect, though. I for one, wish there were more oranges on campus.
I love Drury University and I am very happy i chose to attend this college. It is a friendly environment and very easy to navigate your way around. Almost all classes have a max of 30 students there-for allowing more one on one time with teachers.
I love that Drury offers small classes both online and in a class room. You definitely get that one on one attention that you don't get at most colleges!
The law enforcement academy at Drury university is one the best programs I have had the pleasure of attending. The instructors are knowledgeable on the subject matter and put time and effort into helping each student understand the subject matter and to excell as future law enforcement officers.
The school is great. The professors are very easy to talk to. The location of the school in Springfield, MO can be sketchy at times. Overall the university has a great atmosphere for learning.
I enjoy attending Drury University. The classes are small, and it is easy to know other students around campus. The professors are very helpful and easily accessible, whether it be after class with questions about that days lecture, or by email or office hours.
The atmosphere just walking the campus is one of the best I've seen. Since its a relatively small private school, most everyone knows each other. Not to mention their academics are absolutely stellar, and when it comes to architecture, they're one of the top schools in the country if that says anything at all. The diversity here is amazing, with about a fifth of the population being international students. Overall, it's just amazing.
Drury University feels like a home away from home! You can easily get from one building to another, and you can meet almost everyone on campus. You can easily go to Wal-Mart and to the mall. There are plenty of food places.
I love it at Drury! I just finished my first semester, The only problem I have had at Drury is the food is not very good. The professors are great, the environment is great!
I truly love attending Drury through the online program. I live in California and the professors work very well with students. I’ve had the flu and missed a week of assignments and the professors worked with me to make up my assignments. They are always available for questions and open to suggestions. It makes online learning fun and easy. At first I was nervous because I am a visual hands on learner but through the many resources and class discussions it helped my learn another way to learn. I truly recommend Drury!
Drury University was the best place for me to get my education. The people are friendly and I made best friends for life. They are also creating a master plan that will set the university for years to come.
I loved my experience at Drury. They want you to feel involved and the campus is beautiful. No matter where you go there is a smiling face!
The thing that I like most about Drury University is the class size. Because the class sizes are small, you are able to have a better connection with the professor. While many professors at big universities can't with a face to a name, the professors at Drury can. The classes are tough, but just about any college classes are going to be. You know that you are getting a good education by attending this school.
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I love that Drury is really a community inside the campus. Since class sizes are pretty small it's easy to make an appointment with a professor and get one on one help.
This school is supportive of it's students and allows them to thrive in their own individual ways. The diversity on this campus is great and all the students are confident and supportive of their friends and peers. Drury University is a great school and over all I am excited to be a part of this family
I like Drury because of its small and close knit community. It's in Springfield which is in a big enough town to get away from campus when needed. Drury's faculty is amazing. They really care about the students and that absolutely makes a difference.
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