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Drury University was the best place for me to get my education. The people are friendly and I made best friends for life. They are also creating a master plan that will set the university for years to come.
I loved my experience at Drury. They want you to feel involved and the campus is beautiful. No matter where you go there is a smiling face!
The thing that I like most about Drury University is the class size. Because the class sizes are small, you are able to have a better connection with the professor. While many professors at big universities can't with a face to a name, the professors at Drury can. The classes are tough, but just about any college classes are going to be. You know that you are getting a good education by attending this school.
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I love that Drury is really a community inside the campus. Since class sizes are pretty small it's easy to make an appointment with a professor and get one on one help.
This school is supportive of it's students and allows them to thrive in their own individual ways. The diversity on this campus is great and all the students are confident and supportive of their friends and peers. Drury University is a great school and over all I am excited to be a part of this family
I like Drury because of its small and close knit community. It's in Springfield which is in a big enough town to get away from campus when needed. Drury's faculty is amazing. They really care about the students and that absolutely makes a difference.
Drury is a great local college that I am interested in attending due to their tennis program and business program, also because my mother is a Drury Alumni
I absolutely love this school and would recommend it to nearly everybody. The entire student body is an amazing community with lots of great people and amazing friends. And the professors are absolutely amazing and hands-on. They are also very concerned for the students and their personal lives due to the low student to teacher ratio. Overall, it is amazing!
Most gorgeous campus in Missouri, and by far the best school in Springfield! The only flaw with this school is it's price of tuition. If you can afford $33,000 a semester this is the school for you.
From the moment of enrollment, my personal advisor has been fantastic. I have been able to add or drop classes, and generally do everything I need through email with my advisor. The class sizes are small and the professor gives great individualized feedback throughout the course. I am very happy with Drury and would recommend them anyone.
Drury is an awesome school! Everybody is friendly and helpful, even if you do not know them. The classes are super informative and the teachers actually know what they are talking about. The campus is beautiful.
Drury is a great small liberal arts school where you really get to know most of the students and professors. However, the small size also means that there are limited classes you can take.
Drury is a very well put together school with a beautiful campus. I would definitely recommend going there.
Drury's campus is beautiful; it feels like a miniature town inside of Springfield. The teachers are wonderful and really throw themselves into serving the students. I love Drury's opportunities, but I would love to see an increase in scholarships. As an art student, my major is in fine arts. I went above and beyond for an art scholarship, only to receive 1,000 dollars. I feel like a lot was required for me to receive and maintain this scholarship. Because I am devoted to Drury's art program, I wish this scholarship was between 5,000 and 10,000 dollars.
Drury is awesome!! The faculty and staff genuinely care about the students and want nothing except success for us. I am so glad I choose Drury!!
I have nearly completed my first semester at Drury and I couldn't be happier! Since I'm from California, it's obvious that Missouri is quite a ways from home. Despite the near 1,800 mile difference, I feel much at home here in Springfield. The professors and advisors are wonderful, real genuine people that want nothing more than to help you succeed in life.
Over all Great experience, but an issue with one professor has really left a dent in my opinion of this school.
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I toured around the college, and I had a great experience. My tour guide was extremely kind, and she knew all of the information that needed to be given to us. The campus was beautiful. It was well kept. The admissions counselor was very helpful with all of my questions. Drury offers my major that is dueled with another major. I absolutely love the campus, students, and people there.
Many students leave Drury with a job already lined up.
I love the size of classes. Smaller classes make me feel more open and able to connect with everyone better. The Professors are able to get to know their students on a personal level.
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