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Drexel is a great school if you know what you want to do in the future. If you are undecided this is not the place for you. People here are career motivated and are generally pursuing careers with certain lucrative employment.
Drexel has amazing opportunities for those who want to take advantage of them. With plenty of research professors, accelerated degree programs, specialized minor/certification options, and lots of extracurriculars, Drexel has something for everyone. That is, if you're interested in research and hands-on learning. This is more of a technical institute, even for business majors in the sense that Drexel teaches through experience.
I am going to finish my graduate degree online in the next year. I have not been very impressed with the quality of education nor instructors. I also feel that it has been hard to get through to advisors and have had little guidance. The price per credit is also expensive.
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Though Drexel was not my first choice of my list of college, I like the college after being here for the couple months. Instructors are mostly nice and really passionate about the topics. The tuition might be a little high. But the school offers great co-op programs for all majors. If there must be a thing to be changed, it must be the food provided by the school, usually unbalanced food and some workers in the food places are sometimes rude.
I am only two semesters in, but I have loved almost every single one of my professors and courses. I feel as though my courses are already relevant to what I want to do rather than just taking gen eds like a lot of my friends from other universities. There are a lot of ways to get involved if you want to be, but it is also not crucial to be in a club or greek life to make a solid group of friends.
I love everything about Drexel. Drexel has a Co-Op experience that will change your mind about working in the future.
I started out doing an online program with this school. First, the professors demanded things that could not be done across the country do to the computer configurations of their online program.

One professor refused to hear or help and I began to hate being in this environment. I talked the dean into letting me out and his comment was "the university is going to be upset your leaving"-- it was never about me and what was right for me.

I have met so many more with the same kind of horror stories. I moved on to a wonderful school.

This is NOT a happy school, and I don't recommend it.
Drexel has provided an incredible experience thus far. The campus is amazing and they really make an active effort to keep students safe. The school is incredibly diverse, students come from all over the world to attend. The academics are truly unparalleled and the incorporation of the Co-op program ensures real-world experience in your field of study. Professors at Drexel are incredibly knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated to their work. The city is thriving, Philadelphia offers something for everyone.
I love love love Drexel. I am a freshman now and I have not once regretted my decision to come here. The people are awesome, the professors are awesome, and there are so many things to do on and around campus (PHILADELPHIA) and the administration really cares about it's students. Honestly I think that Drexel is just going to keep getting better and better. They have a motto to become the most Civically engaged school in the country, and it is really succeeding, it is amazing how much of a part of Philly I feel.
I loved the feel of the Drexel campus and the opportunities that the college can present if you are able to pay for the high price tag. If you have the money to go to this college or can get enough money in scholarships than this is the school to go to in Philly.
Drexel University is not your typical university. It is not a university that is known for their quality education nor their extracurricular activities. It is not a school with much school spirit nor a school that students would want to go to for the "party" life. It is a school that has been structured in such a way that it prepares the student for a life after college, and it exceeds greatly in this area. With the university's co-op program, a program which allows half of their education to be working in the field real-time, it gives a practical application to all that the student has learned from their classes. While not the top university, because of this program, Drexel alumni are made equal, if not more, with other graduates from more "prestigious" colleges and universities during their job searches after graduation as they have real-world experience from a job-perspective, and they are able to practically apply the knowledge learned from classes.
I like that there are a lot of international students. I get to learn about different culture and travel to see my new friends in their homeland.
Drexel has great programs and even better faculty that will help you in anyway possible because they are all there to see you succeed.
Drexel is an innovative school. It gives students a lot of opportunities to explore their major for their future career.
Academically, Drexel does a great job making sure their students are getting a quality education. Academic advisors are in tune with students to keep them on track to graduate.
The co-op program is honestly the best part about this school! 1.5 years of experience before graduation is KEY!
Great teachers, lovely campus, strong security forces that work with area universities for maximum safety. The Co-op program offers students true work experience while in school and helps them decide if their area of study is truly the best for them. There are always wonderful activities to explore while in Philadelphia if your schedule allows that down time. Professors truly care about you and help in times of need.
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Drexel is a great place to expand your knowledge in a diverse environment. The academics isn't simply listen to the lecture and hopefully you know it but it is set up so you have to apply whatever you learn. Many of the professors are very personable and the people on campus are very open.
A niche school for niche students. This school does a good job to get students into jobs at corporations in the local area. This school also has a great study abroad office where you can feasibly study abroad from 2nd year through 4th year if you are dedicated. However, this school is extremely expensive, and thus you should only consider this university if you really value the two areas I mention above.
From the start of the enrollment process. Staff and Professors were extremely accessible and willing to help in any capacity. The Department chair personally gave me call to check on the process and to see if I need any additional guidance. The financial aid office was friendly and was able to handle my unique situation. I look forward to growing here.
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