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Drexel is good for their co-op program. Getting real experience before entering the adult world is super helpful and gives you a leg up on the rest of the graduating classes. Drexel itself doesn't really care about your education, they just want your money so they can expand, but you can get a lot out of your tuition if you apply yourself right.
I love the diversity and location of Drexel University. Set right next to downtown Philadelphia, there's always something to do here. Many different majors are offered here with many different opportunities available for each major. One thing I think Drexel needs to improve is the unity of the diversity. Being a University, Drexel should have more clubs, and community-based activities available for students who want to have fun, but still be a part of something bigger or related to their own major. Drexel should also focus on bringing more to the table when it comes to their Design majors. Like most schools, budget and attention is generous when it comes to majors in arts, sciences, and law but less so when involving the Arts.
Drexel University is a great school to attend if you believe in succeeding. I feel as though the co-op program is what most people come for, but the program itself is not the only benefit you will receive by coming here. You will most definitely meet many great people who you will be friends with for the rest of your life. I found some already. Nevertheless, Drexel has been a great experience so far, and I am continuing to enjoy it. One of the biggest downside is the 10 week term which is quite hard to keep up with, but regardless, that means you have to be great at time management. Aside from that, Drexel is FUN!
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I loved the locations in Philadelphia right in a city is just what I wanted. The academic program looks very intense but very smart. The coop programs is real because I will be able to have a real job and still earn a degree at the same time. The work will also help pay for school since Drexel is one of the most expensive universities.
It's my fourth year at Drexel and I've been having the time of life. The city life, the people i've met, the experiences that couldn't have happened else where. As expensive as Drexel is, its worth tagging along for the ride.
I can't put into words the relief and gratitude I felt when I was able to transfer out of this horrible, nasty institution. Never, ever go to this "university". They are money-hungry, greedy, and shady. They don't care about the quality of education, only about getting prospective students. They have one of the highest transfer rates in the country for a reason. It's ugly, the education never meets anyone's expectations. The administration is rude and disorganized. They are only concerned with your money being put in their bank account. Even years after I transferred, their administration is still berating me. Do. Not. Go. To. Drexel.
Drexel was a great experience for me and while it can grab the attention of employers when listed on a resume, it sometimes can be hard to justify the price. Great school if you are going for engineering, business, or comp sci. Otherwise, I would suggest looking elsewhere
During my time at Drexel I have appreciated that the university has a good reputation and name. Co-op has been excellent and everyone is very willing to work with you and help you. Some of the downsides include class sizes. There are very large lectures with little one on one. The professors are either a hit or miss in my experience.
I really like the high quality educators. I feel like it could be less expensive. Safety is often a concern. I get frequent campus alerts about violent crime in the immediate area. The University does however offer waking services and safety hotlines. It is a city campus within Philadelphia.
Drexel challenges you and has a great co-op program. Co-op really prepared you for the real world working scene, but classes do not always prepare you for co-op. Sometimes class are too fast paced or too slow paced if it is split up into two semesters.
I really enjoy all the experience you get here at Drexel. From the co-op to being in a major city, there is plenty to experience!
It's an okay university. I don't really dislike it but I do dislike the location and it's pretty inconvenient that the Nursing college is in center city. The teachers and faculty do communicate well and really care if you learn something. At least, in my opinion. I'm a commuter so I can't speak about the dining halls or the living conditions. However, some buildings need to be renovated because some classrooms have black mold. Also, some science equipment is terrible considering how expensive it is to attend this school. Even though this school is downtown, I've never felt unsafe.

If you work hard at this University you will get far. A lot of your time must be dedicated to work and study. One last thing is that the school is very much military friendly. There are a lot of services to help military specific students.
I am in Drexel's ACE Program and I find it to be a great school that is very helpful to it's students. I love the campus and being in the city.
Drexel is a moderate school for those lacking in productivity. There are so many good opportunities around; you just need a good eye to see them and maybe some nice upperclassmen to help you along the way. Most of the resources are free so please use them accordingly.
Being an international student, I could not come to a tour or any pre-enrollment event to help me get to know Drexel better. But after coming here and experiencing my freshman 'welcome week' and attending my Drexel experience class during my first quarter here, I've found that I did not need to. All the information I needed to know to utilize Drexel's facilities to their capacities were basically given to me on a silver platter, which really helped me academically. Plus, during welcome week you get a lot, and I mean a lot of free stuff like notebooks, pens, shirts and even pizza! It was really fun and helped me feel at home.
City Life is amazing, classes are challenging and well organized, most university housing is extremely well kept. Overall I am extremely happy here and would recommend it to anybody!
Having only been at Drexel for one term, it's hard to judge it to accurately, but if i were to judge it as so, i would say that it hasn't exactly been the experience i expected it to be. It is a very academic-heavy school and, because of that, it is hard to engage with people. The dorms are everything i could ask for but the food leaves something to be desired, with what seems to be thrown together dishes that are highly overpriced.
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Drexel is an unusual university and you leave with work experience after completing a coop. It helps you figure out what you want to do quicker than another school would via coop and quarter system
I strongly believe Drexel University stands true to their motto "Ambition can't wait". If you are determined to succeed and put in the effort to do so, Drexel will help you accomplish your goals.
As a freshman, I felt welcomed at Drexel. With a pretty small population, everyone feels they have a place in the community. I have made friendships that I know will last a lifetime and met people from all around the world. No matter where you come from, you will find others who share your interests and beliefs.
Additionally, Drexel is a safe and healthy environment with a community that is willing to help in any way. My professors and peers are very informative and supportive. I always find someone who has the answers to my questions.
Being a Drexel student, I feel confident about my future. Not only will this experience shape me as an adult, it will provide me the skills needed to succeed. I feel that if I am willing to put in the hard work, Drexel will prepare me for a bright future.
A lot of opportunities to further your undergrad career and great way to experience the city. Co-op option lets you get a job and experience
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