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The Freshman dorms and food could be improved. Class sizes are great. Its not a bad place to go to school, but the cost is too high for people without scholarships or who are not in a program. The Coop program is the major selling point of the school.
I can only speak on Drexel University as an older, online, returning student. That being said, I have had nothing but great experiences. The advisors are extremely helpful when you have questions. Returning to school was daunting, to say the least, but with the help of my professors, I quickly got into the swing of things and felt extremely comfortable. I would recommend Drexel Online to anyone thinking of returning to school, or anyone that just needs to attend school online. You will not regret the experience.
Drexel has its ups and downs, but in the long run, I am glad that I am here. I am a five year three Co-op student, if it was not for Co-op I feel that I would have transferred due to the crazy amount of work and stress I have experineced at this college.
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The co-op system really does make this university. I used my 3 co-op internships to figure out what I DIDN'T want from my future. I was able to work in the feild and really decide that research was not for me. And because of this, I was able to change my major and path, and I am now passionately working in a direction that I could not have found otherwise. In my opinion, this is what college should be about. Without this, I would have needed to figure these things out later, when it was too late. Other students, with a more clear vision, really do have a major advantage after graduation. They graduate with real resumes with real work experience. My friends from other schools are struggling to find work because the most valuable work experience they have is, say, restaurant work.

But co-op doesn't save this place entirely. The cost is tough to swallow, and campus life can be pretty average if you don't know where to look.
Drexel University is the best fit for someone who is ambitious and wants to graduate with a competitive edge.
Drexel University is a great school with a beautiful campus. They just opened up a law school with a lot of great professors and people i know who went there love it.
I enjoy the quality education I am recieving and the resources that Drexel has to offer. I dislike how expensive the university is and the quarter system.
Drexel is where your dreams can come to life! Ambition cannot wait! Very fast-paced, important to stay on top of your work. And get help when needed, it is not hard to find a tutor or a friendly person willing to help you when you are struggling. The teachers care immensely about each and every student and are always available to help. The food is top-notch after having a new food provider being instated earlier in the year! Drexel is the college of your dreams if you favor fast-paced, hands-on, and job security.
It is a great school that really prepares you for your future career. Make sure you come in knowing what you want to do. Also keep in mind that it is a quick paced school, might seem overwhelming at first but people easily adjust.
I am currently in my junior year and have no complaints about Drexel. School is fast paced, with only ten weeks a term, but you learn a lot of interesting and helpful skills. We learn a little of everything that involves our majors and it gives us a chance to experience different branches of what make up the career that we choose to study. This basically allows you to build up a dynamic skill set and to hone in on the skills that you enjoy.

The Co-Op program also gives us an advantage over others. Through the Co-Op program at Drexel, we can gain first hand experience working in our field of study. It gives us the opportunity to see how the real world works around us.
I loved my professors, they really helped make my experience enjoyable. I enjoyed the proximity to the city. Some thing to improve on might be the cost of attendance.
What kind of University backs a man like George Ciccariello? this professor is repeatedly extremely racist and calls for genocide publicly
I have been at Drexel for the past two years and I love it. I love how there are so many majors and different types of people in the university so its easy to find people you click with. I am an animation major and our department ( Westphal) is amazing. Our professors care about us and really want us to succeed. I am really glad I came to Drexel. I think it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.
I love Drexel University! It has provided amazing opportunities for me. I was not sure I wanted to be an engineer, but Drexel University has helped me to find my calling!
Drexel is a great school if you know what you want to do in the future. If you are undecided this is not the place for you. People here are career motivated and are generally pursuing careers with certain lucrative employment.
Drexel has amazing opportunities for those who want to take advantage of them. With plenty of research professors, accelerated degree programs, specialized minor/certification options, and lots of extracurriculars, Drexel has something for everyone. That is, if you're interested in research and hands-on learning. This is more of a technical institute, even for business majors in the sense that Drexel teaches through experience.
I am going to finish my graduate degree online in the next year. I have not been very impressed with the quality of education nor instructors. I also feel that it has been hard to get through to advisors and have had little guidance. The price per credit is also expensive.
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Though Drexel was not my first choice of my list of college, I like the college after being here for the couple months. Instructors are mostly nice and really passionate about the topics. The tuition might be a little high. But the school offers great co-op programs for all majors. If there must be a thing to be changed, it must be the food provided by the school, usually unbalanced food and some workers in the food places are sometimes rude.
I am only two semesters in, but I have loved almost every single one of my professors and courses. I feel as though my courses are already relevant to what I want to do rather than just taking gen eds like a lot of my friends from other universities. There are a lot of ways to get involved if you want to be, but it is also not crucial to be in a club or greek life to make a solid group of friends.
I love everything about Drexel. Drexel has a Co-Op experience that will change your mind about working in the future.
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