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The only thing I don’t like about Drexel is that you are constantly under an intense amount of pressure and stress due to the quarter system. The quarter system means you have class all year round: fall quarter, winter quarter, spring, and summer. No breaks unless you opt to take your own or you are on co-op.
Drexel is a very fast paced university. Because there are 4 terms per year, a lot of material gets crammed into 10 weeks. The best part about attending, is the co-ops. You get to experience your career choice before graduating, which is very helpful in decided whether you want to pursue said career or not.
I love that Drexel has co-op opportunities. I was able to have positions at hospitals to better my understanding my field and where I want to work. These experiences made me feel more comfortable talking to patients and experiencing different areas of a hospital. One thing I think Drexel need to improve is their advising to students. I have needed a lot more assistance with my financial aid and navigating through loans and scholarships, and I felt as though Drexel has made it harder to find answers. It is also difficult having to meet with multiple different advisors, such as academic and co-op, and also trying to meet with a billing office. If they were able to have specific advisor for students who can cover all aspects of their college experience, I believe it would make the experience much easier and with less complications. Some times information can become lost or skewed between communications between so many different people.
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Drexel has the most amazing co op program. It’s the best kick start to one’s career. Co ops enable you to gain hands on practical experiences. Drexel ensures that students excel not only academically at school but also at their work places.
I just started my freshman year, so I don't have a lot of feedback. So far, my classes are good but feeling a little nervous... it's a big difference from high school. I can say Drexel is very welcoming and have many functions to help you get accustomed to college. I also found my advisor to be very reassuring, helpful and knowledgeable. Additionally, she could point me in the right direction on other areas I had questions about.
While the cost of tuition may have gone up in the past few years. Drexel has a lot of opportunities for those willing to seize them. The co-op system is a good way for students to gain experience in professional working environments and in the interviewing process.

ps: I don't know how good the actual dining hall is, but the food trucks around campus are very good, and not too expensive.
Has dragons and is pretty cool. Had the admissions lady come to my high school today to talk with us about the school. She was very friendly and told me about some great programs they offer.
It's a great university with an amazing engineering program. They have a lot of work opportunities with their co-op program. If you do the 5 year - 3 co-op schedule, you'll have a competitive edge over most graduates with your 1.5 years of professional work experience.
I love living in Philadelphia, and Drexel has an excellent campus! The food service is my only complaint, no healthy options and food is horrible. As a sophmore, I will cook my own food.
The advising for the school is very disorganized. I have been through numerous transfers for my coop advisor and my academic adviser. The food is not worth the price and the food staff are mean. The housing tricks you into signing early while also losing checks, power, water, and HVAC.
I had a bumpy freshman year, but overall I had a great time! It’s just a very expensive school to go to!
I liked the inclusiveness at Drexel. Also, the professors want to see students succeed and try to help those struggling.
My experience at Drexel University so far has been supportive and informative. I have had numerous opportunities to connect with my academic advisor. My upcoming Fall semester will be my first semester at Drexel within the Accelerated Nursing Program. I believe other students would benefit from attending Drexel University due to their various Co-Op placements for students. These are selected based on student interests and their individualized career objectives.
Drexel is located in a rich area of Philadelphia, and thus, there are many opportunities available. Their co-op program is very beneficial and highly recommended. They have every type of club available and many clubs offer amazing experiences.
Co-op program is amazing. Philadelphia has so much to offer, making co-op really beneficial and abundant in opportunity. From Greek life to concerts in students’ basements, there is something for everyone. Overall, a diverse school with lots of opportunity and great food trucks. Not the nicest library but you can use Penn’s.
Staff is amazing! They made my transition from Peirce College to Drexel a smooth one. My advisor did a great job at explaining the process to my and helping me to choose classes. I am looking forward to starting classes and motivated to make a difference.
I have met the most amazing people, and have had so many opportunities presented to me. The co-op program has helped me get a leg-up on those I graduated high school with.
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It's an average school. Because of the quarter system, the university schedule is a bit fast paced. Additionally, the actual academic programs are good but not revolutionary. At points, I found my high school AP courses to be more useful than some of the classes here, especially for physics. Professors are pretty approachable, and going to office hours for professors and TAs is highly recommended as most of the first year teachers don't actually teach very well. There's also not really a sense of school pride, and the campus is kind of small. Co-op is a tempting program, but keep in mind, scholarships awarded by the school don't apply during that 6 month time.
Drexel offers a lot of good amenities and as well as people that want to see you succeed. There are people that are always wiling to help and help you solve any issues that you have occurring. The campus is beautiful and large. You will meet a lot of new people and experience fun things.
A lot of students are focused on academics, but also they are involved in many school activities. It is the best school to prepare you to be a professional.
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