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I like how organized the campus at Drexel is, specific classes are at specific buildings. I like the professors at Drexel they really want to teach you the material, instead of acing that class. I also like the transportation it provides, shuttle busses take you to and fro the city. The gym is ranked the best in Philadelphia. The food courts are great and provide many healthy and fresh meals.
Drexel University is definitely for the person who wants to be in a city for their college experience, but also feel like they have a campus to enjoy. Drexel provides its students with so many great opportunities to prepare them for the world beyond college. They offer the co-op program which is a program that allows you to work at a real company full-time for 6 months during your college experience. Depending on the program you choose, you can do that up to 3 times during the 5 years you would spend here. It is a great program because it helps practice interviewing, and figuring out what it is that you want to do once you have graduated.
I've been @ Drexel University going on a bout a month now and I have to say that it was worth leaving my safe home in Annapolis,MD to be in Philadelphia, PA. I welcomed the change of pace for myself and I encouraged my grandparents to let me take this step out from under their influence to let me grow for myself.

As far academics are concerned, I always hear that the University is fast-paced and I am now beginning to understand what that means as we are already coming up on midterms. This 'fast-paced' way of doing things has taught me so far that nothing is going to wait for you at all, unless you take the initiative to know when things are due and how you are going to do those assignments within an allotted amount of time that you are given. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week, it is just a matter of what you choose to do with it as far your academics are concerned.
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It's pretty difficult with parking in the city. Off street parking is difficult as well but campus is accessible.
Drexel University has a unique campus compared to other Universities and Colleges nearby. It is integrated into the city, and not separated off. Drexel provides a large about of resources designed specifically for the success of its students, including one-on-one tutors. Drexel also has many connections to the real world which ultimately lead to great co-op opportunities. Co-op allows students to work in businesses as interns or a full time job to get experience. This combined with Drexel's connections both in and out of the country open up endless possibilities.
Drexel University prepares students to enter the real world. Many professors have worked in the industry previously before coming to teach so they are very knowledge and help students gain an understanding of how the world works. Drexel also has the Co-op program were students go out and work for 6 months to gain valuable experience that is then applied in the class room. This also allows students to create their professional networks and ultimately receive jobs post graduate.
My overall experience with Drexel University, after visiting their amazing campus, caught my eye as to be the only university I would love to be accepted by. From their stunning campus to their great programs of study and many co-op opportunities, Drexel is THE university to go to.
Great school. Amazing people. Awesome Food. Terrific women. I love it. I really, really, really do. That is where I met my wife. We reminisce about the times where we would hang out on the main campus. Amazing memories.
What I love most about Drexel is the co-op program. I already have experience working in my field and I haven't even graduated yet! In my Co-op 101 class I learned the do's and don't's of the job interview process and how to properly right a resume. Both of which I can use once I've graduated from college. Choosing Drexel's co-op program is a great way to not only get an education but prepare you for life after college.
I like that Drexel is in Philadelphia which is a major city; therefore, there are numerous means of transportation. It's easy to navigate the campus.
Overall, I have loved my specific program. The quarter system takes a while to get used to and its accelerated pace makes me rest assured I will be able to handle the workforce.
I have enjoyed every bit of my time at Drexel. I have made amazing friends, furthered my academics and created a path for my career
I enrolled in the Drexel university online program in January 2017. I currently have an associate degree in nursing. I am enrolled in the RN to BSN program. I have had nothing but positive experiences with my professors, classes/coursework and fellow students. The professors have all gone out of their way to help and make sure we succeed. No one has tried to make things so difficult that the work can't be completed. If errors are made, the professors offer constructive criticism in order to help us ALL excel. The classes have all been relevant to my profession and I have been able to take the things I learn in class and apply to my everyday job/tasks. My only complaint is the electives don't give enough credit hours. I have had to take electives at a local community college to get full credit.
The campus is beautiful, however it's not exactly in center city. The people are very friendly and professors are helpful and knowledgeable.
So far, I love this school! They've done so well to accommodate me and help me with what I need. I can't wait to continue my education here!
I go to law school here so I can't speak to much about the undergrad experience, but from what I've seen its been a welcoming experience thus far
Drexel has really tried these years: They gave out more than ever scholarships and financial aid to attract talents. The professors give you so many valuable insights especially practical knowledge in order to help you with the Co-op recruiting things. I found out the courses are always changing each year to catch up with the modern technology. On campus, it's like a miniature of the world since you get to meet all different kinds of people of different ethnicities. To people who complain about Drexel's high cost, they made it up by giving out generous amount of financial aid. Besides, all the technologies, facilities and services we get in the class and on campus are quite worth the money. In so far, Drexel has given me the best college experience and I won't regret to choose it the second time.
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In the heart of Philadelphia, Drexel University provides so many more opportunities than other colleges/universities. With the co-op program where you are getting three six-month jobs, you build on your resume, your experiences, and you academic knowledge. Because of this, most of our students graduate with a job. With the city on our side and having access to the world being right next to 30th Street Train Station and PHL International Airport, we have more access to companies and opportunities. We have state-of-the-art facilities and connections to companies who have what we do not have from PECO to Microsoft to Disney to Google to Apple and more.
It is an amazing college because of their Co-op program. A truly amazing aspect to Drexel that helps prepare students for the real world.
Drexel has a great hands on program. They make you work in the field you are studying which not only helps you to decide if that major is right for you, but it also helps with gaining experience in that field and building your resume.
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