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I like that the environment is very serious and it rewards hard workers. I appreciate that the university seems to care about its students and tries to help them in any way possible. I would definitely improve the food scene and reduce the incredibly high tuition cost.
I did both undergrad and grad at Drexel and I loved it! Their philosophy of experiential learning is what sets the school apart. I learn better through hands-on experience and I received plenty at Drexel. The campus has seen a lot of improvements over the past decade. Drexel's fast pace is not for everyone, but it's worth it for those willing to work hard..
Great location in the center of Philadelphia with easy access to local restaurants, museums, and historical landmarks. Professors are excellent and complement to well-developed program curriculum. Although the campus is old, it still provides the necessary services to complete the program successfully.
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Drexel overall, is awesome. I have no problem with Drexel it’s self. My main problem is the tuition. Drexel is a very expensive school. You get your money’s worth but it would be really helpful if they provided more scholarships.
Being a Drexel student is not just about the academics and student life, but also about being a part of the community - both in university and the city. Drexel offers unique opportunities in its co-op program for students to gain work experience while in college, and has numerous resources for student involvement and academic success. I particularly love its location in the middle of Philadelphia - as a Philly native, I have learned so much more about my city and the countless resources there are available to discover as a student at Drexel.
I love Drexel University. Not only does it have my specific major of Behavioral Health Counseling, but it has the post-graduate degree program I want as well. I really enjoy the city atmosphere, the classes are awesome and I have a great relationship with my professors. It is very easy to get involved on campus and for me, it's a great place to be for college.
It’s very challenging but in a good way! The professors are amazingly helpful and know what they are doing. The atmosphere is just the way I imagined but better.
It's a place where you able to practice the theoretical aspect of learning with modern technology and further understanding the course/subject matter.
Drexel has an excellent co-op system that really helped my job search. Some of the professors are good and some are not good at teaching. This past quarter, I had a mix of good and bad professors. I am not sure why Drexel keeps professors that have a lot of bad reviews. Coming into sophomore year, Drexel put me in a bad situation with housing because they gave me a very short notice for having insufficient space available for living there.
I love pretty much everything about Drexel. The atmosphere is vibrant, people are helpful, and resources are available to students everywhere. However, I would like to see the campus dining office make more partnerships with the food trucks on campus.
Although Drexel can be pricey, it's filled with opportunities. I'm going back to school for my Master's in Television Management and I love the environment. The staff members I've interacted with so far were all super helpful and I have no complaints!
Drexel University can help you make connections in the field and can equip one with the necessary skills. In this University, almost everything is learned by practical work. This realistic approach will make it easier for students in the real world once they graduate.

In my field of study, which is Music Industry, Drexel University provides the best education that one can find. Leading industry experts are brought in as guest speakers to widen our perspective. Once you are accepted into the program, the faculty will try their best to shape the students into artists.

From what I hear, Mechanical Engineering and Fashion Design and Computer Science are the majors most sought after at Drexel University.
I really like the campus and the co-op makes Drexel really stand out from among other colleges. The students are friendly and the professors are extremely helpful. The teaching is phenomenal. However, this college is not really known for its athletics or party scenes.
The education and experience really shapes students into more knowledgeable and wise young adults. The campus is beautiful and the community is absolutely amazing and supportive. There's an adjustment period that everyone goes through, but it all comes down to knowing how to time manage.
Drexel is the COLLEGE!!!! if you are looking for a college that meets all the academics success you got DREXEL. if you are looking into being prepared for the future, DREXEL is THE COLLEGE.
Drexel is in the city and it allows you a lot of opportunities for internships as well as jobs. I guarantee that the people you will meet are fully educated and broad-minded.
Printing on campus isn’t free, and for what the tuition is like I don’t understand why. Food choices are great, lots of places nearby or you can take the shuttle to center city. Professors I’ve had are great, and always want to help their students do their best. They will make time to help you if you reach out. There isn’t convenient parking available if you commute, you’re better off using the subway and trains to get around.
As a result of the co-op program that Drexel offers, I feel as though I am gaining great hands on experience in addition to academics. I believe that this program has set me up for a good future and I feel confident that I will be successful upon graduation.
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I feel like Drexel is the right place for me. I will be able to get more acquainted with my own city of Philadelphia, the people there seem so welcoming and it has the perfect major for me. I feel I will fit in great there and I will not have a dull moment.
just started Drexel this Fall 2018, but overall this is an amazing school, that focuses on the students and want to support in any way academics. Great Professors.
I love how the professors teach, I value their educational knowledge. I learn a lot from them. They are great nurse educators, I learn something new every day. One main thing I love about Drexel is how much knowledge the professors have and how we are able to learn from them. I also love the students who attend Drexel University. The students are very friendly and we help each other out during and after classes; its a friendly environment. I also enjoy the school enviornment at Drexel. I get to learn about the beautiful city of Philadelphia. Drexel is also a diverse university with different students with different cultural backgrounds. It is a great thing to surround yourself with diverse students.
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