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Staff is amazing! They made my transition from Peirce College to Drexel a smooth one. My advisor did a great job at explaining the process to my and helping me to choose classes. I am looking forward to starting classes and motivated to make a difference.
I have met the most amazing people, and have had so many opportunities presented to me. The co-op program has helped me get a leg-up on those I graduated high school with.
It's an average school. Because of the quarter system, the university schedule is a bit fast paced. Additionally, the actual academic programs are good but not revolutionary. At points, I found my high school AP courses to be more useful than some of the classes here, especially for physics. Professors are pretty approachable, and going to office hours for professors and TAs is highly recommended as most of the first year teachers don't actually teach very well. There's also not really a sense of school pride, and the campus is kind of small. Co-op is a tempting program, but keep in mind, scholarships awarded by the school don't apply during that 6 month time.
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Drexel offers a lot of good amenities and as well as people that want to see you succeed. There are people that are always wiling to help and help you solve any issues that you have occurring. The campus is beautiful and large. You will meet a lot of new people and experience fun things.
A lot of students are focused on academics, but also they are involved in many school activities. It is the best school to prepare you to be a professional.
Overall, Drexel has been a nice experience. Academically, being a music industry major is a moderate amount of work. STEM majors take more heavy loaded classes like the sciences. The Diversity at Drexel could be better, but you will be able to find people like you that you can relate to. University Housing is currently in a crisis because there are a lot of students and limited space. The stress that comes with finding housing is the one thing that brings down Drexel's potential.
The best thing about this college is the co-op program. The co-op program gives you the opportunity to live financially independently and get a lot of professional world experience while still in college.
Drexel is fast-paced and diverse. It focuses on practical education and less on the college experience. My particular program is not supported as well as it could be by the overall university, but larger schools are and have great connections locally. The co-op program is the hallmark of the Drexel education and offers 6-18 months of full-time work experience that is usually paid. The location of the university is perfect and you have access to the whole city.
The dorms suck! There's no light in many of the rooms besides the one from the desk. Many doors dont lock from the outside and some keys don't work. Food on campus isn't much better they give out expired milk. Overall I'm far from impressed.
Drexel University provides its students with the skills needed in order to operate in their desired careers! My favorite part about Drexel is the Co-op Program, which offers real world work experience counted towards college credit. Attending this school will give you a head start in your professional stages of life.

Drexel also allows its students to engage with people from all over the world, which is very exciting. Students from all parts attend Drexel for its popular education system. This in combination with its professional amenities creates a wonderful college environment!
Drexel isn't a bad school but I believe that it's over hyped. The most useful thing that you'll get out it is the co-op experience but other than that, they charge far too much.
Drexel University is located in the University City district of Philadelphia. This is a hip, up and coming area that is also shared with the University of Pennsylvania, and USP. Due to this, the location is very student friendly, and nightlife is abundant. Students from all over can feel comfortable here once they get used to city life. That being said, it is quite expensive to live and attend here, so please keep that in mind.
As a business major, there are so many opportunities to be involved in research, societies, networking, etc. This school has really inspired and motivated me to become career oriented, but it also emphasizes the importance of being social. It has been beneficial for me to build a strong network of peers, teachers, and mentors to help me succeed in classes and find a co-op job. However, the tuition and cost of living are extremely high. There are places around campus to eat out but not to buy groceries which is expensive in the long run. There is basically only campus housing for the freshman. After freshman year, they encourage you to rent an apartment. The costs start to add up but the school sets you up to find a good high paying job.
Drexel University is located in a great part of Philadelphia. It is walking distance from Upenn, 30th Street Station, and Center City. I feel like the facilities at the school for the most part were very outdated and run down. There are only a few nice dorms and academic buildings and only one actual dining hall that is only open during the week. The dining options were very limited and I ended up spending a lot of money on food off campus. Drexel is a more up and coming school and I just did not enjoy my experience here.
This school is amazing! But be warned it is expensive and the food sucks as a freshman. Do not come here if you don't plan on doing co-op but if you do plan on it, this school is great! The experience gained for after graduation through co-op is awesome.
The Music management course curriculum is simply the best. It combines Arts, Technology, and marketing skills. It consists of a lot of studios where students can practice their skills.
The best thing about Drexel is that the professors and other staff are there to encourage you and set you up for success. They care about your future and how you spend the 4-5 years that you are in college. While the classes are fast-paced and difficult, it teaches you how to manage your work and outside hobbies. Life does not stop because you have homework and Drexel definitely helps you be aware of that. The classes are not only engaging and interesting, but they are structured in a way that allows you to think critically and outside of the box. It also goes without saying that the campus is beautiful too.
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The school is tough, mostly because of the quarter system that the school runs on. As an engineering student, I can say that the freshman design labs were interesting, the physics courses were interesting but difficult because of the professors, and the calculus courses necessary were tough.
Because of the nature of the quarter system, I would only recommend this school to a person who is willing to put in the time necessary to succeed, even if it means giving up part of your social life, simply because of how tough it is to balance all the assignments and exams assigned within a short 10-week period.
I am upcoming sophomore in Drexel University. As I am an International Student, Drexel is one of the most expensive school and the amount of money that I have to pay is not worth it, due to the lack of professional teachers. There are some teachers that are very good but most of the teachers that I got is pretty bad. Before taking classes, please check the professors online. Furthermore, the campus food is either blend or salty. There are varieties of food trucks around Drexel, which is way better than dinning food.
Tuition is way too high. Co-op Program still does not jusitify the high cost of tuition. Administrative personnel could be more helpful. Great academic programs.
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