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Drew has been a great decision for me so far. I am a current senior and have loved my experience on campus. The classes are small in size and the professors care a lot about your individual learning and experiences. The school is entirely what you make of it--there are opportunities for people to be superstars and lots of amazing mentors to help out along the way. It has been the perfect home away from home for me.
Over 1 semester I would give it a 0 in stars if I could. Campus life is lack luster here, with only about 1500 students that go here you won't be meeting new faces and after 1 week those friend groups are solidified. If you're looking for sports I would highly recommend looking for a more serious program, the facilities here make Planet Fitness look amazing. Party life is non existent on the campus during the weekends, a typical weekend here looks like a ghost town with the only eating option being the Commons. Dorm situations are particularly awful, the hallways look like a hospital and the rooms are not much better with only 1 small window. For how much this school costs I expected the quality to be much better, instead I'm just disappointed. My expectations are now so low that I'm enlisting in the military instead of continuing another 3 years here. 0/10 IGN - "Would not recommend to friends or family".
First year student and so far I am loving it here! It is a great smaller campus that really gives students the opportunity to get to know your professors on a personal basis. The campus isn't too tiny but small enough so you don't have to take buses everywhere.
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Drew needs more emphasis on student life and not just education. We love to learn or we would not be here but we want to enjoy our selves and half fun like normal college students also. I hope that in years to come to social aspect of Drew becomes better.
Drew University has definitely helped grow into the person I am today. It’s tight knit environment allows us to form a close relationship with our professors and help us focus on our studies. Drew University is quick to assist you in any financial or academic issues you may be facing and have lots of resources to fall back on. However, the environment is not as diverse as one would hope.
As a first generation commuter student, I found Drew to be the perfect option for me. Since the first open house I attended, I knew that this was the school for me. A small school is exactly what I wanted as I found it to be very easy to build close professional relationships with your professors who are very helpful.
Drew University is a great school overall. It is a small community of high achievers all with the similar goal of achieving future success and helping each other.
Great school with that home atmosphere.
The class sizes are small and the staff is Great with pleasant attitudes.
My overall experience was not good because of the school, it is good because of what I made of it. It is really easy to go to Drew do nothing but school work and hide in your room all 4 years. I joined clubs, became an RA, got a campus job, went to UPB and other club events and even joined a club sport. There is a lot to do which is great. Most people at Drew are nice but there are clickish behave that comes with living with the same people for so long. Some students are so negative about campus life that it will start to drag you down to think negatively too, don't let it. Make your own opinion about Drew Univerity. Despite the negativity, I found groups at Drew that I would call family.
My dream school is Drew. I love the academics, the community, the professors, and the town of Madison. Drew feels like home.
This school changed my life in so many ways. I had great professors, met great people who I am still in contact with and overall think back on my Drew days fondly. I had a graduate school experience at a larger state school after Drew and it was no where near what Drew was to me. If you are on the fence about going to a small school (I was at age 18), I immediately knew I made the right choice after less than a week here. The History department (at least back then) was excellent and I really liked the small classes. You will not get that at large schools, but ultimately it was the people I met there who made the experience such a positive one.
Drew University is a small liberal arts college in suburban New Jersey, about 45 minutes from New York by train. The university offers a wide range of courses, from the arts to the hard sciences. Our theater department is nationally renowned, and our math department recently received a $1,000,000 gift from an alumnus to be used to hire new faculty. Speaking of faculty, they are great. Almost every professor I have worked with at Drew has taken my needs as a student into account and has gone out of their way to help me. On the other hand, the administration could be better. As well, the food is pretty awful and tuition is exorbitant, but that doesn't take away from the unique academic experience. I have learned so much at Drew and my time here has helped me prepare for grad school and beyond in more ways than I can count. I strongly suggest every high school senior at least come take a tour of Drew!
I love Drew University! It is a small school and is beautiful! I have met their soccer team and really love them and the coach is great!
Drew University is an excellent small campus that welcomes everyone. The inclusion by faculty who know your name in a class and care about each students success is the best. Academics are challenging and give you great problem solving and critical thinking skills. Campus social life is excellent people are really easy to talk to. There are party's if that's your thing, but no one forces anyone to attend. The food at Drew is average campus food, there is always a wide selection, but also room for improvement especially on the weekends. Walking around campus I always feel safe and not threatened, public safety is always driving around. But if someone tried to threaten campus I don't know public safety could stop it because the only time a guard is on duty is when the main and back campus gates are closed. The guard is supposed to ask where you are going, most do, but there is one lady that doesn't care if you stop.
One of the best features that Drew has to offer is its small student to faculty ratio and the bond you form with your professors is something that's a rarity these days. As far as campus life goes, there's a sense of community which is very welcoming, especially to those living away from home for the first time.
The college is very good, it is small so there are not a lot of people but, you need a car to go to places.
The staff explained everything very well. The student tour guide was well informed, professional and friendly. The campus is small and cozy.
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I really love studying at Drew. It fits with me so well academic-wise. The professors are amazing and really passionate about their jobs, which helps me to do better in my classes.
The clubs, however, aren't as great as they could be. There doesn't seem to be many clubs that help the students to become more involved and friendly with each other.
Have my career due to my on-campus job at Drew. Experienced dedicated staff and faculty, which more than made up for the lackluster student-body and campus life.
its an amazing school, where everybody knows everyone. It has a wonderful campus full of vegetation and lots of paths to walk and just hang out.