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Drew University is an AMAZING school that had provided me with a very strong academic education, solid business connections but most importantly, life long friendships which, as those who may be a little older, are what really matter in life. I left Drew, went on to an Ivy grad school and currently do very well in business. The relationships and memories made at Drew are priceless. Drew provided a solid foundation for life. I think Drew is a hidden gem in the national ranks.
Such a welcoming environment. Everyone is so friendly and caring. Loved the campus. In a nice safe are where there are plenty of things to do on the weekend. NYC is 45 minutes away so its a good place to attend school.
- Decent academics
- Social life feels like high school, very cliquey and centered on mediocre sports
- Needs more emphasis on safety
- Very easy to feel trapped on campus
- Food is pretty good
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The campus itself is gorgeous in the warm weather. Everyone here is friendly and willing to lend a hand to those in need. The food varies, sometimes they make something really good and others they try but it doesn't work out well
Drew has great academics and professors. Many people form great relationships with their professors which makes the environment open to ideas and very helpful when you do not understand a subject. Although the food has been better than previous years it still needs work.
Drew University is a great place in a perfect location. Madison, NJ is such a nice, safe town that is great to relocate to after graduating. You also have the luxury of going into NYC as a student or working there after graduating. The professors at Drew are one-of-a-kind. They are very passionate about what they teach and truly care about their students. At Drew you will feel a great sense of community which is important when you are in such a major life transition. Almost everyone I know who graduated from Drew is doing great in careers or graduate school because we were so well-prepared.
I love the teachers, they work with students one on one and always make time to help out. The students here are friendly, but are cliquey and often it is difficult to find things to do if not involved in a sport activity.
I am a junior and I have had a very mediocre experience. The professors are wonderful, very hands on, and the academics are amazing. But social life does play a huge role in the college experience and if you're looking to constantly have fun and get your mind off of things, good luck. The night life varies from weekend to weekend and sometimes so many people go home that there isn't even a single thing going on. You really have to find the right group of friends, also you REALLY have to have a fake ID, otherwise you won't be the happiest. If you're looking for an all in all full on college experience, drew may not be the place for you.
I was between this school and a school that gets a slightly higher rating for academic rigor. I must say that this school challenges me intellectually in a way so intense that I know I made the correct choice. Please take a step bak and forget about the ratings of colleges and how well they teach their students formulas. This school educates your soul. With each class I can feel my soul developing and stretching. I am who I am because of this institution and I know the world more and more each day because of it.
I feel extremely safe on/around campus. No companies here
Beautiful. Absolutely Beautiful. ( the housing and the people)
Come here if you pay a sport because you love it but also have an equally large appetite for academics.
This school is absolutely magical. It's like a forest filled with knowledge.
I have always felt safe on campus. Last semester I had a class get out around 10:00pm, and I didn't feel unsafe walking from my class to my car afterwards.
You meet a lot of different and interesting people here. Your professors will try very hard to teach you about what life is going to be after you graduate. The school is SUPER expensive so I don't think the value and the education quite match up, but I am happy with the choice of the school.
I only lived on campus for a semester, but it was ok. I had a single room, and it was pretty darn small. There are a lot of options, so I would look at different locations before submitting anything.
So far, I have only had one year at Drew, but there have definitely been high and low points. High points: the students are all really friendly and open minded. No one really cares if you are a bit weird or what your religion/sexual orientation/race is. The professors are also very helpful (for the most part). The ones that I have experienced really do want you to succeed and understand the material. Low points: The housing on campus could be improved upon. When I lived on campus one of the outlets caught fire, and while Safety did help, it was extremely unsettling. The food also could be improved upon, but it's not bad, just not great either. Overall, I am happy that I chose this school, but it is not perfect. Then again, what is?
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I would not choose this school if I had another chance. It is too small, and the availability to network and actually have a real college experience is lacking.
The cost for living here is not worth it. The rooms and beds are not very comfortable. The facilities are always disgusting and messy. There is always a scramble to pick housing and get the best building, and there is only one building that is nice and modern.
Not many people go out and support the team at games, and when they do, it is very calm and quite. Th eteams are decent, but the games are usually boring because the spirit is nonexistent.