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Drake University Reviews

819 reviews
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Drake University is a great school! I enjoy the academics. I learn new things everyday in class and it's a great school for my major. The only thing I would like to see change is having more diversity. Drake is slowly but surely trying to work on this now.
Drake is a great place to meet amazing and passionate people as well as get involved in all sorts of activities and causes. It is the perfect size, small school with just under 4,000 students. I know every professor and they know me. Everyone goes out of their way to make the best experience for you!
Campus is great. Definitely a community and welcoming environment everywhere you go. One thing that needs improving is the entrepreneurship program. The classes right make the major feel completely useless and there's a better use of time elsewhere.
Drake is very inclusive of all different types of people from different backgrounds. There is some sort of club for every single person, because Drake offers such a large variety of clubs. I also feel like Drake is very good at preparing their students for the future.
Most professors are very caring and do their best to help each student. The worst thing about Drake is probably the dining options.
I think Drake is a good option for students who want a small school setting in a more metropolitan area. Drake is located centrally in Des Moines which allows students access to restaurants, shops, entertainment, etc. Drake does lack diversity. Most of the students are upper-middle to upper class and white. Drake has a tradition of excellent academic achievement. There is also a large presence of Greek life (fraternities and sororities) on campus.
Drake University has a beautiful campus in Des Moines, Iowa. The campus is filled with tree and the live mascot, Griff, can often be found around campus.
DU is prestigious with many opportunities.
  • College Junior
  • 6 months ago
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student support, but education top priority
DU is private, comparable students, challenging
The SJMC has a +90% student placement rate, meaning most students find a job or get accepted to a grad program within 6 months of graduation
  • College Senior
  • 7 months ago
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I really do enjoy attending this school and am happy that is where I am
Not worse than any other American college campus.
Not the best but all the residence halls have air conditioning which is nice
I like greek life at my school, it's a great way to get close to a group of people
I absolutely love my school! You get to know your professors and they really care about your success.
Our campus is very accepting, however there isn't much to accept. It's mainly christian white kids from affluent families. However those in minorities are not looked down upon, they work into our campus just as any other student. I personally haven't ever seen an instance of racism on campus.
If you're the student who would like to partake in drug or alcohol activity you will find it as long as you look. The campus does try to keep underage students away from alcohol, so there are plenty of activities planned on the weekend for students who would rather not partake. There is no pressure however to do anything a student isn't comfortable with, theres a crowd for everyone.
I love classes at drake, the professors are caring people that really are there to create successful adults. They lend a hand to those who need a parent away from home, but they won't baby any student. I've built great relationships with my professors within the science department. The only thing that i wish could change is the number of classes offered for one course, there are few options for each course each semester and it can be hard to fit in all the classes you need to stay on mark with your peers in your major.
I'd say by graduation 9/10 students if not more have stepped foot into the real world with their major, via internship, research, or even employment offers. Companies seek out drake graduates for employees because they know just how much of a quality education these students have received and how dedicated they are as people.
  • College Sophomore
  • 8 months ago
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