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I love the small size of Drake. It is very easy to get involved in anything and everything you want to. The small classes sizes allow you to personally know every professor.
Drake university has excellent academics. Lacks diversity within staff and students. Admissions recruiters are not the best. Very involved student body all around. Nice clean well kept campus. Small campus, can get anywhere on campus walking within five minutes. Challenging atmosphere
This review will be as honest as possible, from a first hand perspective of someone who attends the school currently. This university is mainly for pharmacy, law, and business. If you are looking to study a major in the arts, or writing/english, then this school is not your best fit. I applied as a graphic design major initially, and the art classes that I took were insanely mediocre. Some of the faculty do care quite a bit, but overall it was not challenging and felt as though I was in a high school class, yet I was paying thousands of dollars in tuition to be in these classes. The campus culture is close knit and it's a pretty welcoming community as long as you find your niche, which isn't all that hard to do. There are dozens of events each semester to take part in, as well as clubs, so there is variety in a social sense.
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Drake University is a midwest gem of a university. There are a plethora of opportunities on campus and in the local area for internships, jobs, clubs, etc. that help with the transition to college along with your personal development in your field. The students at Drake are motivated and hard working and it makes you want to go above and beyond in school and your activities.
Drake has been a great experience for me overall! The professors really care about each student's needs and goals, and they are willing to help students at a personal level. There is always something to do on campus and most people I have met (in and out of classes) are nice and outgoing. The campus definitely has a home feel for me. Some downsides are the food (which isn't great) and some of the extra things that come with it being a small school. For example, registering for certain majors can be extremely difficult because of limited class options and there are less options for housing, food, and activities than on a larger campus. Des Moines is also a nice in-between sized city! There is always something to do but it isn't a huge adjustment if you come from a smaller area.
Drake, like Des Moines offers numerous opportunities while still retaining a small town feel. As a CA native, it feels like downtown Des Moines is like 10 brlocks of LA (but a lot colder) in the middle of what would otherwise be a college town. Im studying Political Communication (through SJMC) in the heart of the Iowa Caucus, and was given a paid internship in my 1st semester. Specialized programs, welcoming atmosphere (more than any other colleges) and generous scholarship won me over from NEU, Syracuse, GW, American, and SMU. The other academic perks of being such a small school include NO TAs teaching classes which not only allows better instruction from professors but will help students bond with the professors for future letters of recommendation. The school is very preprofessional with a strong emphasis on career development and does very well (evidenced by 100% career placement) to give internships and other experiential learning opportunities to its students.
As somebody who graduated four years ago, I am elated that I can maintain contact with former professors and classmates. The environment, in addition to the smaller class size, at Drake was incredibly beneficial to fostering relationships with your fellow classmates and instructors, encouraging campus involvement and exploring opportunities.
The thing that I like the most about Drake University is the personal connections you are able to build since it is a smaller school. Every visit after my first one, I was greeted by the faculty I spoke to by my first name; the fact that they recognized not only my name but what it was that I wanted to accomplish at Drake, meant a lot to me. It meant enough to me to draw me in for the next four years.
I am currently a freshman here. The education is the best you’ll find with some top notch investors but if you’re looking for a party school then Drake is not the place for you.
I love my professors and the academics but the social crowd is very absorbed in their Greek life. Very pleasant college visit but hard time finding an average group of people.
I love that Drake is a smaller university which allows students to have smaller class sizes. It is also nice that it is located in Des Moines so you still get the opportunities that a state school would offer.
There's a lack of diversity (not their fault but could be better) and it sure is an expensive university that could be so much more.
However, the campus is nice and pretty safe for the most part.
Lots of local internships available and athletic programs on the rise. The neighborhood can be shady but it’s not as bad as people make it sound.
There have been problems in the dorms that haven't gotten fixed properly (many cases of mold and paint bubbling, the fan units not working correctly). The food choices are very limited and it can be hard to find something new to eat. However, the students and faculty work together very well and the College of Business creates a community that provides students with a path that guarantees them success.
The people and teachers are wonderful. The campus is beautiful. I feel safe and comfortable there for the most part. The food is better than my parents'. The classes are challenging. Griff, the live bulldog mascot, is adorable. There is always something to do. My only complaint is that it's really expensive.
Drake University is a small university that has amazing opportunities for students and staff. One of the best things about it is that it’s easy to get around campus. The staff and the professors here are very helpful. I am glad I choose this university and I am a proud Bulldog !
Drake is an awesome school located in the biggest city in Iowa. The campus is beautiful and on the smaller side. The people there are super friendly and the faculty and staff are always willing to listen to you and help you. There are so many fun classes, you are ensured to enroll in the classes you want and will enjoy them.
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Drake is a great university that really challenges it’s students to do the best. Professors do an amazing job making sure their students succeed and really get to know their students. The students become a family and overall attending Drake University is an amazing experience.
I really like it here. As an incoming freshmen a lot was done to make the transition a smooth one. I already had high expectations for this school, but once I was actually here I felt completely assured that it's where I belonged.
Overall, if you value academics, diversity, and student life, Drake University is an excellent option. You work hard to earn a degree that's both respected in industry and graduate schools. There are many academic programs to choose from, allowing students to fine-tune their interests. Professors are incredibly knowledgeable and strive to help you succeed. The new STEM buildings are incredible.

The campus is safe, however sexual assaults and other crimes do happen. The immediate area is not safe at night; shootings and robberies happen sometimes. When these happen, students are notified by automated phone calls and emails. With this said, I have never felt unsafe walking on campus at night, and Drake is taking steps to improve safety in the area.

The worse thing about Drake is its food: they use Sodexo for their food services provider. In short: the service workers are wonderful but the food is bad. They do run two Starbucks cafes on campus though.
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