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I love Drake because of its openness and wide range of opportunities on and off campus. Everyone from staff to students are so engaged and vibrant that it makes Drake a place you feel at home at.
My overall experience has been pretty good. The courses are difficult but the professors care and I know I'm getting a good education and there are plenty of resources for further employment or education after graduation.
What I love about Drake University is how welcoming everyone is. Not only that, but the size of Drake is perfect. It's around 5,000 undergraduate students. This size allows for you to always see someone you know, but also meet someone new! Something that I would like to see change in is the diversity rate at Drake. Drake needs to improve how diverse they are, especially since that is something the school takes great pride in.
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Drake overall is a very fun, inviting community. I've greatly enjoyed my time in the institution. However, I am disappointed in the way money is dispersed through programs at the University. The lack of funding for one of the most prominent music programs in the midwest is mind blowing.
Drake is a wonderful university full of wonderful opportunities not available to state school students. The course work is rigorous however will place you above your peers in terms of academic success and job placement. However, cost is a large issue and unfortunately the financial aid department could use some major overhaul in terms of their ability and patience to help students who are funding their own education.
Expensive college, but great campus life - student life - relays events, etc. Loved my experience there...
I fell in love with Drake University during my senior year of high school because of all of the amazing interactions that I had with the people there whether it's the girl I had an overnight visit with or my admissions counselor. Drake is a very supportive community, and I've adored all my classes so far. I also love the flexibility it offers. It's possible to triple major or double major with two minors and still be able to study abroad more than once and graduate on time.
Drake University is a high quality private university that has many different majors and opportunities. The faculty and staff are very committed to the success of their students and its small size allows for a more personal relationship with them.
Drake is a really nice, small school that provides you with multiple career opportunities. I have really enjoyed my time at the school. I am positive I would not have gotten the experience I have gotten here at any other school.
Drake is a fairly large campus for how small the school is. Drake is working hard on building up the surrounding community to enhance students' experience. They have recently built new apartments and a pizza place moved nearby. In addition, Des Moines has lots of restaurants and entertainment for students if you want something off campus. However, there are also quaint restaurants and coffee shops within walking distance. Greek life is huge, with about 1/3 of students involved. The academics, particularly the business school, pharmacy, and politics are strong and develop successful students. Also, there is little competition for jobs in the Des Moines area since Drake is the only large school withing half an hour radius. Lastly, the dorms are larger than many other colleges especially state schools. Although we have to live on campus for two years, my current dorm has exposed brick and window seats. Other sophomore dorms let you have your own room and a bathroom.
Drake has amazing academic opportunities as well as very involved with student life on campus. I would say it's a very fun environment to be part of and the resources available on campus don't compare to other schools I researched.
I love going to Drake University. It is a smaller school but that makes it feel more like home. We are a tight knit community and the professors and students all want to see each other succeed. There are so many opportunities to advance yourself and to get involved on campus.
I love the small size of Drake. It is very easy to get involved in anything and everything you want to. The small classes sizes allow you to personally know every professor.
Drake university has excellent academics. Lacks diversity within staff and students. Admissions recruiters are not the best. Very involved student body all around. Nice clean well kept campus. Small campus, can get anywhere on campus walking within five minutes. Challenging atmosphere
This review will be as honest as possible, from a first hand perspective of someone who attends the school currently. This university is mainly for pharmacy, law, and business. If you are looking to study a major in the arts, or writing/english, then this school is not your best fit. I applied as a graphic design major initially, and the art classes that I took were insanely mediocre. Some of the faculty do care quite a bit, but overall it was not challenging and felt as though I was in a high school class, yet I was paying thousands of dollars in tuition to be in these classes. The campus culture is close knit and it's a pretty welcoming community as long as you find your niche, which isn't all that hard to do. There are dozens of events each semester to take part in, as well as clubs, so there is variety in a social sense.
Drake University is a midwest gem of a university. There are a plethora of opportunities on campus and in the local area for internships, jobs, clubs, etc. that help with the transition to college along with your personal development in your field. The students at Drake are motivated and hard working and it makes you want to go above and beyond in school and your activities.
Drake has been a great experience for me overall! The professors really care about each student's needs and goals, and they are willing to help students at a personal level. There is always something to do on campus and most people I have met (in and out of classes) are nice and outgoing. The campus definitely has a home feel for me. Some downsides are the food (which isn't great) and some of the extra things that come with it being a small school. For example, registering for certain majors can be extremely difficult because of limited class options and there are less options for housing, food, and activities than on a larger campus. Des Moines is also a nice in-between sized city! There is always something to do but it isn't a huge adjustment if you come from a smaller area.
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Drake, like Des Moines offers numerous opportunities while still retaining a small town feel. As a CA native, it feels like downtown Des Moines is like 10 brlocks of LA (but a lot colder) in the middle of what would otherwise be a college town. Im studying Political Communication (through SJMC) in the heart of the Iowa Caucus, and was given a paid internship in my 1st semester. Specialized programs, welcoming atmosphere (more than any other colleges) and generous scholarship won me over from NEU, Syracuse, GW, American, and SMU. The other academic perks of being such a small school include NO TAs teaching classes which not only allows better instruction from professors but will help students bond with the professors for future letters of recommendation. The school is very preprofessional with a strong emphasis on career development and does very well (evidenced by 100% career placement) to give internships and other experiential learning opportunities to its students.
As somebody who graduated four years ago, I am elated that I can maintain contact with former professors and classmates. The environment, in addition to the smaller class size, at Drake was incredibly beneficial to fostering relationships with your fellow classmates and instructors, encouraging campus involvement and exploring opportunities.
The thing that I like the most about Drake University is the personal connections you are able to build since it is a smaller school. Every visit after my first one, I was greeted by the faculty I spoke to by my first name; the fact that they recognized not only my name but what it was that I wanted to accomplish at Drake, meant a lot to me. It meant enough to me to draw me in for the next four years.
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