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Downey Adult School Reviews

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Downey Adult School is committed to providing quality career training without breaking the bank. You are able to choose from a verity of courses that are offered at other private intuitions for half the price. Financial aid is also available for those who qualify!
They have a great career instructor who is super helpful.
Class sizes are small. Instructors are always available for questions. Hands on clinicals.
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You can't beat the tuition for the Nursing program. Great instructors and curriculum.
I love DAS the staff in the main office are amazing and super helpful. The director and instructors are genuine and knowledgable about their programs. I wish I had gone there sooner in life.
This school has a lot of programs to offer with hands-on clinical hours. The staff is very knowledgeable and always willing to help their students.
The nursing classroom has their own WiFi which I am thrilled with.
My classroom is very diverse. We have a different variety of ethnic groups in our class so it's nice to see everyone's different sides.
They have a computer lab which is very helpful if you do not have one at home.
I like the layout and how everything is in close walking distance from the classroom (i.e. bathrooms, front office, financial aid office, etc.)
Work load was expected. I keep busy with studying and I feel very focused and disciplined.
I love that the teacher let's us stay after class to study and utilize the classroom.
I went to the financial aid office to explain my current situation and they wouldn't make an exception for me because they thought they would have to make an exception for everyone.
I love my clinical sites. So many amazing people who teach me so many new things.
I am able to still work part time while going to school full time.
My teacher is very helpful with providing information for future job opportunities. Also, students who have graduated come back to visit and tell us about their careers after Downey Adult School.
It's Reasonable and Effortable . The tuition fee for me I think it 's the most reasonable if we compared with a lot of school that have this massage therapy class program . The way to payoff here is good for the adult or the people who have to work full time or part time to get the money to do another thing in the life too. We can pay off the tuition fee before we get out to start to do the externship . The financial Aid I don't have no idea because they still not approved for the Massage Therapy program yet.
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In Trend – the program is all in the market and really in demand . The student will get a job and a lot of job waiting for us out there.
Super Professor – I love to go to the class . Everyday I learn a new thing and he 's very understand the student . So cool
Instructors Are Doing Their Job – There is, on the average, one academic class a semester because our speed classes are all day. The teachers are very helpful and understanding.
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