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The housing for the school is a joke. The homes are surrounded by abandoned buildings that are falling apart. The homes have next to nothing in them for the students to use.
All the teachers are experienced and helpful. It is a great place with many subjects that you will get attached too. It gets a lot of great speakers. THe environment isn't the best, its a dying town the school is trying to bring back.
If you are thinking about going here and doing the Tom Savini program, listen to me, DONT. Only about 2 instructors actually care about the students, the rest are clueless and just want to be you friend or sleep with the female students. Its not worth it, trust me. The school itself is a joke and I honestly can't believe it is still open. If special effects are where your heart is at you are better off with The Stan Winston School. I cannot stress enough DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL.
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I myself have not attended Douglas, but my girlfriend is currently a student. I could not be more disappointed in what the school has to offer. I have watched my girlfriend leave for school countless times with a frown on her face and tears in her eyes, dreading to go there. The teachers there are disrespectful, expect you to know how to do everything on your own, act annoyed when you don't know how to do things, pick favorites, and are inappropriate and unapproachable. She has tried to approach many different staff members for help, all of which have been of no help to her at all. I am a college graduate, and my teachers would NEVER treat me like this. They would also respond to my emails in a polite and timely manner. It doesn't matter how people talk in the industry; bottom line, it's degrading and unbelievable. My girlfriend tells me every other word in a teacher's mouth is the f word.
I enjoy this school because it's the only one on the east coast that offers special effects makeup and prosthetics
I'm a graduated student. Do not go to this school for Tom Savani. He is a glorified, self centered, no-show who pays extra attention to the female students. There are two good teachers who, even with their amazing skills and dedication, can't pick up the slack of the other teachers. Two don't understand the materials and teach their courses incorrectly while another has inappropriate relations with students. While giving special treatment to her, he would ignore other students completely. DO NOT go to boss housing!! They will force you out before your lease is up and make you pay for the remaining days. Worse yet, they'll degrade you and LAUGH IN YOUR FACE. The Business Office will give you the run around if you're having troubles getting your checks. They'll say they can't make that decision, send you to someone else, and then call them before you get there to say, "I don't sign off." This school is a joke. Go somewhere else and save yourself the headache.
They give you the run around.
Most online classes are reading a book and answering questions and writing reports. I don't like that. We had a class were we did art projects online.
They constantly change career services people and teachers so it's hard to get an opinion.
I wasted a lot of money on loans that I have to pay back so that some scam artist could make me feel like I would be working in Hollywood making lots of money, but won't.
I don't think I can survive in this career. The jobs don't pay well if they pay at all. Most of the jobs are temporary.
The make up teachers are playing games, going home early and play favorites with students.
I went to this school for make up effects. They have the name of Tom Savini on it to psych you out so you go. Most of the town looks like a war zone, run down with crazies on the street. A bad ghetto.

The teachers were not holding class, were clearly having inappropriate relationships with their students and were playing favorites with certain girls.

The jobs in this industry are a joke. They pay minimum wage are are temporary. My friends are doing to well. This industry isn't a big industry to work in.

They had some good teachers but most of them left. I could have spent my money on a real career someowhere else where I didn't feel like I was going to school in a dead end ghetto.
Terrible quality and scheduling was a complete nightmare
I tried to transfer and this school has such a bad reputation that I have to retake classes that were not accepted.
The career services personell are clueless. They have new ones in the position constantly which makes it confusing and hard to get honest career aid. They cannot keep people employed here because the school has a horrible reputation.
This school was one of the worst things I have ever done with my time and money. The job placement for their arts programs is a complete joke and excessively overpriced for an associates degree that will get you nowhere. The teachers are mostly unprofessional and leave the classroom frequently. The career services personell know they can not place you with a full time job but lie to your face and upon graduation act like you need to relocate. Anyone I knew who did relocate for one of these said positions had to obtain secondary jobs to pay their bilks because the only jobs available in this degree were bogus. This school is a scam run by scam artists.
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Good luck finding a job. You most likely will not.
Meant instructors were not able to properly do their job due to unruly student bodies that the school allows in with their 100% enrollment attitude because they want the money, instead of a quality student body. Many instructors were unprofessional and would leave the room during most classes to do something else.
I attended a few other institutions and decided to give this school a try because it looked promising. I was very wrong because the school truly is a for profit institution and does not care about the student after graduation. I attended the special effects program and was told that placement was high and easy to obtain. They do not specify that they include jobs at Sephora part time making minimum wage as a qualifying placement position all the while the school is a whopping 50,000 for a pathetic associates degree that seemingly has aided me in getting nowhere except debt. The jobs they claim exist are nowhere to be found honestly and the staff is unprofessional. There are even student teacher relationships that nothing is done about but is widely known by the student body. The housing is deplorable. Basically they put you in a run down slum lord of a rental home seeded in the ghetto town of Monessen, pa which is not suitable for students. Anyone I know working with their degree from this school in their faux art program is working part time or eventually needs a second job to make ends meet.
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