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Dorsey Business School - Wayne Reviews

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Friendly and very persuasive. I would like to see them be more invested into the students lives rather than money.
The classes weren't too bad. The teacher were helpful but the downfall is the credential you obtain. It's not valid nationwide like they claim it would be. I got my certificate in Medical Assistance in this school but shortly after I had to move south. I figured I could apply for jobs and use my new certification but was shut down and informed I needed to go back to school to relearn everything because my credentials are not valid in the southern state. Be careful with the schools you attend. Make sure you do your research prior to attending so there's no shocking news in the end.
Dorsey school has a great team of Teachers and Couselors to help any one with their achievements. They will make it happen . They have great study tools . Also they have a variety of locations on all sides of Michigan for students conviene . They were very helpful-too me when I had stumbling blocks, that would have kept me from attending school.
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Wish students could get wi fi code on break we pay a pretty penny we should enjoy what we like give up wifi code to those who want it an
Just started so far so good
Good work is rewarded well
Hvac it's a broad field we learn mostly aspect of hvac work ethic
Hi externship Great
We have good access to school labs with fast internet some students feel we should have the wi fi code
There are extra online helper an part of engrave that helps

Students feel safe on an around campus
Great staff friendly they want u to learn
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