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Dorsey Business School - Roseville Reviews

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I love that they are very organized and very hands on when it comes to helping the students! They make sure that we are doing our absolute best at all times!
What I experienced is at Dorsey you could achieve your goal. What I like about Dorsey Business School is that you communicate and meet new people and they will help you find a job that fit your need. No
I obtained my Patient Care Tech. certificated from Dorsey Schools. I had a very good experience while I was enrolled at Dorsey, well enough that I'm considering going back to further my education there.
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The class times were great for my schedule.
I love how easy it was to get into a program.
The class sizes are a decent size. There is elbow room but enough students to converse with.
They are there to help you get a job for the rest of your life. They're committed to helping you every step of the way.
The work load is not overbearing. The professors take the time to get to know each student as an individual.
There is a diverse group of adults that attend the same courses.
I feel that this school of choice is well worth the money I will be paying.
There is a great chance of success rate after graduation

The program is intriguing. The workload is just enough to retain vital information. The job opportunities are outstanding.
The professors take their time with each student and each students needs. The curriculum is fast paced but easily understood. Class registration was super easy.
its very easy to get around. Its an easy and open concept. The library has all the information on hand there is no waiting for it always readily available.
If I didn't have so much time and money invested in this school I would have quit and went somewhere else. I would not recommend Dorsey to anyone in the future. It was a bad experience.
I have just started to deal with career services and the experience has not been pleasant. They do not know what they are doing.
Most of the students in this school have no prior experience with college education or have struggled to get through high school.
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This place is run like a prison. The administrators don't know if they are coming or going half the time. The "adults" that follow the rules and are there to learn are treated like children.
Sometimes I feel like these classes are not preparing us for the real world and the jobs that we are going to school for.
Some of the instructors I've encountered have had no teaching experience and the students were cheated out of an education.
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