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Dorsey Business School - Roseville Culinary Academy Reviews

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No hassles great flexability no need to transfer credits.
It is very user friendly . And easy to access to complete tasks .
Everyone works with each other and look out for one another.
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All of the students come from different areas of life. Weather its young or old rich poor black or white.
They allow you to get your certifications during school instead of after .They have a 90% student success rate ,the work is related to the field.
The chefs come from every aspect of the field with different outlooks.They have study hall on Fridays .in registration they make it easy and simple for you .
There's always networking chances and a board of job postings and workshps.
They make your overall experience feel like your surrounded by family .
They give you access to computers .There is always someone there to help you .Also they have activities ,raffles ect.
Do not allow them to speed you through the process .Make sure that you understand all of your options and go through things slowly .
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