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Dorsey Business School - Madison Heights Reviews

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haven't started yet but everyone seems to be really nice and there is lots of help if u need it .I plan to start there very soon if I can get enough money to go to school that is
I applied for nursing school about a month ago. The process was simple and easy. The staff at Dorsey took the time to help me adjust and make sure this was the field I wanted to go into.
I came from different school and i had more credit for graduation requirements but unfortunately, i had to retake some classes because from school to another is different. But at the end i did it and i graduated as the top students. My favorite classes were: Math, Physics, Sport and HOSA(Health Occupation Students of America).
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The staff so far has been very friendly and supportive and they have walked me through everything they are trying to accomplish for the advancement of my career goals.
The school was very straightforward about how much was expected of m to pay, the loans I would have to take out, and the money I could possibly be awarded. I will have to take out loans but I believe for the education i am receiving, they will be well worth it.
The classes that will be given to the students applies directly to the field of study the student is going in. The professors are very helpful in any way necessary and they give an appropriate amount of work in order for the lessons to stay with the students. its an overall great academic experience.
The school will set the students up with a netbook upon admission to make working and communicating much simpler. There are also staff willing to tutor and help you as well as other students, and a pretty impressive resource book room.
The job placement percentage for this school is around 78%. In the current market, those numbers are pretty high so i would say that the school does an excellent job trying to help the students find a career after the completion of school.
The way the school sets up their programs and allow the students to learn is impeccable.Every student gets the attention they deserve and always will be able to interact with other people for help. Its an amazing support system.
Hard Workers – Mostly the students are hard workers and buckle down and get the work done. They are friendly and very helpful to their fellow students.
Major Problems With the Network – The computer network is extremely slow and the computer that is covered in you tuition constantly kick you of programs. You can only access the wireless on our school computers so it doesn't help to buy or bring a personal computer to avoided being booted off.
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