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I have really enjoyed Dordt College. The professors here are great and easy to talk to and everyone in the community loves the college and will do anything to help you.
I'm having a wonderful time at Dordt! I have fun weekends and evenings with worship opportunities and sporting events. I also have amazing professors who honestly care about how I do and make sure that I am learning and understanding the material presented in class. They also make great accommodations for disabled students!
I love Dordt College because of the friendships and the community I have experienced here. As a student wanting to grow in my education as well as my Christian faith, this place has helped me become the person that God has created me to be. I am going into my sophomore year of college, and I was so excited to come back! It is home to me. The small class sizes allow me to get to know more students and my professors on a first-name basis. There is not much that I would recommend they change. This school is a great choice!
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I like the community of Dordt. There are a lot of friendly faces on campus, and you feel at home right away. However, I would like to see maybe a few more classes offered, not necessarily major-focused, but more for electives or outside studies as a way to broaden student's intelligence and knowledge.
Very racist school that hates native Americans, blacks and Latinos. Popular saying by professors is "You ain't much if you ain't Dutch".
The atmosphere at Dordt College is all about community and everybody is kind to each other. People are always willing to help you out if you need it! Something special is happening on this campus!
Dordt is a great school that definitely will help prepare you for the future. A large majority of the professors really care about the students and do their best to help you learn. The town of Sioux Center is a bit small for those who are used to living in larger cities, but the campus and student life are pretty good, with activities going on very often. I would recommend Dordt to any student committed to their academics and wanting a good campus around you where you can make friends quickly.
I am currently a senior at Dordt College. I have absolutely LOVED the past four years at this school. The campus is beautiful and close, so everything is an easy walk away (helpful when running late to class:) I have found the faculty to be extremely helpful and passionate about my learning. All have been more than willing to write references for me, and I can be confident they can attest to my identity due to the small ratio and personal relationship with each. Finally, the students on campus are phenomenal. I am not looking forward to graduating out of this campus and leaving all of the wonderful people I have met and my roommates. Dordt has been fundamental in my physical, emotional, and spiritual growth as an individual.
Dordt College is a fantastic place for higher education. It is small and personal. The professors are always interested in the student's learning. There is a great campus community.
I currently attend Dordt College. I am enjoying the experience of being a college student. The facilities are very nice. The campus center, classroom buildings, chapel, rec center and dorms are all very up to date. The campus is beautiful especially in the spring and fall with all of the flowers that are planted. I am currently a Communications major. I am able to take a number of my major courses right away as a Freshman. The professors are helpful, and they are willing to meet with you individually if you need it. They have also been helpful in guiding me on which classes to take during each semester. I appreciate the different activities that are held on campus. These have helped me to meet a lot of different kids from other areas of the country.
Dordt is a great school with a great reformed christian background. The professors and staff there are caring and supportive of all the students and offer help and support to make sure all students succeed. It may cost a little more than other schools, but the overall investment is worth it. The students get to know each other by name throughout the whole campus regardless of grade and social status. The school gathers, grows, and treats each other as a giant caring and loving community.
Dordt is awesome, it was definitely the right choice for me. I love the community there and how much I am learning. The professors really care and go out of their way to let you know that. It is easy to be get involved and make a difference on campus.
The atmosphere at the college is very chill and relaxed. The students are nice and polite to each other, and the faculty does its best to help the students learn. The campus is very Christ centered and there are always events that can be attended. The classes are interactive and much of the content is hands on in some way. One change that I would suggest is the food. The facilities are nice for the small amount of people on campus yet the food quality could definitely improve as well as the variety.
Our son is thankful that he is making it through, and he had an awesome engineering internship this past summer.
Dordt is challenging but not over the top. Professors tend to give work that makes you think and grow but they are always willing to help you if you are struggling. Professors at Dordt really care about you, but at the same time they realize that you are a college student and success at college is really up to you and how you handle yourself. If you are having personal struggles like sickness or family issues (e.g. death in the family) and you tell professors about it, they will be kind and flexible to help fit your needs.
Not going to lie, Dordt is not the most diverse school out there. A lot of people come from similar backgrounds: Dutch heritage, reformed denomination, etc. That isn't to say diversity isn't accepted here, I am friends with quite a few international students and I love what they bring to the campus.
The male dorms do not have air conditioning which can be a struggle in early fall and late spring. People in the dorms are friendly and helpful. Community bathrooms encourage social interaction. Dorms are very close to both food and classes which is nice. Buildings are fairly old.
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The rec center is very nice, but can be intimidating to non-athletes. Most people have school spirit and want our sports to succeed although many do not attend sporting events.
The environment is very friendly and everyone is willing to help. There are many opportunities to be involved with other students and the community. I would come here again if I had the choice because I have met some amazing people and have been challenged in many ways.
I have had a variety of course sizes and professors. I have had classes with as few as 15 students and some with a couple hundred. This gives you a variety of experience as you learn to work in large groups and smaller, closer groups.

The professors definitely challenge you here, but they also really care. Often, at the beginning and end of the year, there are dinners and lunches at professor's houses for students in their field of study. They are very accommodating too. I had to fly back home unexpectedly over the year for my Grandpa's funeral, and my professors were all flexible and more than willing to extend deadlines if I needed it.
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