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Everyone is very friendly and they listen to you and your needs. I love that it is very diverse and that even the students are all friendly. it just feel like one big family.
Obtained my LPN in 2014 at Donnelly excellent instructors returning for LPN to RN bridge program Jan 2018. Great College
It is a very small school with a diversity of students. The teachers are more helpful than other colleges and universities that have more students. There are a variety of interesting classes to choose from every semester. I like the environment at the school and the activities they plan.
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The work load was good. I was about to attend classes in the day or evening and allow time in between. I love doing the homework and I was about to do online courses as well.
Campus Connect provided a great way for students to access their grades and class schedules and any messages with professors and all. Great way to communicate.
Great! I received my CNA here and my professor wrote me great recommendations and provided extra help.
Teachers and staff are very profession and will go that extra mile to help you succeed. They care about their students well being and success. They provide extra help and there are also tutors available if need be. Also the teachers will provide help. They have a lot of activities and computer rooms. Its a great school!
The nursing program is great!
The classes are small and the staff is very caring. Also they answer your questions and are very helpful.
The professors and office staff are very loving and caring and willing to go beyond what it takes for you to succeed in college. They dedicate their time and make time available for you if needed. The classes are small and the professors teach well teach very well. Also the students are friendly and the school is very nice and quiet and calm.
First semester usually some freshman only take twelve credits but ass soon you pass the first semester you can manage and choose the classes that you wanna take around the day. Some classes are helpful for students who work in the morning and want to finish their degree however they don't offer all the same classes that are offered during the day.
As for classroom activities it's the best teachers are always willing to help and most students are friendly and soon everyone around campus learns your name. As for assignments some can be hard but some are easy the tutoring center is really helpful when it comes to writing papers or math help.
As for staff around campus is hard to give a good opinion because, for the time I spent here most staff has quit and found a better paying job at another institution so Donnelly has been constantly hiring different staff. As for the career center only a few tutors are great helpers.
Donnelly does have a career fair for students who are looking for jobs however, they don't help out with internships. As for the value of their degree most students only get thief associates and move on to bigger colleges to finish their bachelors. As for student recruitment Donnelly has been failing to bring more students to campus and the career center isn't helpful.
The teachers at Donnelly are the best because, they care about their students and if they are failing they make sure to give them an opportunity to make up whatever they lost. Some of the are strict but they are committed to their job and help when students don't understand. Most teachers will leave their door open and if a student needs help they make sure the student understands the assignment.
Donnelly helped me cover the basics however, I have to transfer from Donnelly because they don't have the program that I'm looking for.
Great teachers they all care about their student success. You are more likely to get help from you teacher and other mentors around campus and since it's a small college you can make life long friends.
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I wish student loans covered all of it and I didn't have to pay out of pocket
I had a scholarship when I first started then they started to send me letters say I owe for books and tuition cost
Every job filled was filled by a student
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