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I love Dominican! Great school, friendly students, and a good environment to learn!! The school isn't too big or too small, and its easy to get to and from class. There are a lot of clubs and sports too join, so there is always something to do on campus. The professors are also nice, except there are a few that can give you a hard time (but thats the case for almost every school).
Dominican is a very cozy and comfortable University. Faculty and Staff are always there for students to come and see them with problems, suggestions and helpful advice. My first year at Dominican has been truly amazing because there is so many things to do on campus.
My experience at Dominican University has been amazing, it was my first college choice because it reminded me of my high school. It was the perfect size, and the staff was very friendly and made me feel at home, which made my decision easier to attend.
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Dominican University is a private university that is located in a quiet area so that there will be no distractions. An average class size is about 11 to 25 kids for every one teacher. It is easier to get help from teachers since DU is a small private school. Great teachers who are willing to help you with your work. Everything is manageable. I would rate DU overall a 7/10.
Dominican University is a small four year college with amazing opportunities. They care about the students and want them to succeed. However, I've found that some professors care more about their students than others. Some even after asking for help seem to just not care if you fall behind. The school offers many opportunities for internships and jobs once you graduate.
It is my first year in college. I am almost done with my first semester and I've so far have a great image of the school. Everyone is so welcoming and outgoing. If there was something that I would change it will be some dorm minor problems, but nothing that would change my mind of attending the school.
I like everything about Dominican University. The staff are so welcoming and friendly, they make you a part of their lives. Above all, everyone is looking for a way to grow together, as a community.
It's a great school from a commuter's point of view. There are a lot of opportunities to get involved. The small classroom sizes make it easy for students to get to know each other and their professors better than they would at larger schools. Lot's of free stuff and chances to participate in many different events. Soccer and baseball are the two big sports at the school, but there are also several other sports for both men and women to join.
I like the fact that the school offers many opportunities and the ratio of students to teachers is great which means you can talk to the teacher for help. Not a party school and student life is ok.
I can't say that I don't enjoy Dominican but I would definitely say that it is for a specific kind of student.
It is a community college disguised as a university. They slowly are making improvements in the renovations but it's nothing fast enough to notice a real difference. I took courses for computer science and 90% of the professors are unprofessional or seem unqualified to teach. Whether it be constant yelling, losing your homework and deducting points for their mistake or arriving late and keeping students late, it is definitely not worth that specific programme. The food is barely tolerable, the classrooms are small, the tuition is rising and the social life in non existent.
Dominican University is a small yet mighty college. It is one of the most diverse colleges in a nation and it does not have a Greek life affiliation. There are no sororities or fraternities which makes the atmosphere feel less judging and more accepting. There are a few faulty staff members roaming about, but Dominican does everything and anything to make sure students feel safe in their University and make as many changes as they can to continue this mission.
I first attended the University of Illinois at Chicago for my freshman year and It was a unfriendly campus. The professors did not seem to care for the students and the students on campus did not want to bothered. I am currently at Dominican University and it is definitely an entirely new experience. Not only is Dominican's Camps beautiful, the professors are extremely friendly and they get to know a student more outside from just being their student. Dominican University is a College that is worth every penny.
Dominican University is set on helping all students rise to their full potential. They offer many opportunities to students to get the academic help they need. When I first walked into Dominican, it was very clean and it was easy to find things. I talked to an admissions advisor about transferring over from community college into their nursing program, and she provided all of the information I needed to get into the program. The staff that I have talked to are extremely nice and are willing to help you in any way that you need.
Dominican University is a liberal art institution which I loved! Everyone is so diverse and accepting and I really felt that I could be who I wanted to there which I love. The professors are there to serve your every need which is wonderful!
It's great. I really enjoy the campus and the environment. The curriculum is simplistic, and the opportunities are vast.
I love DU! It's a very small school and all your peers and teachers get to know you better that way. I love the campus, its beautiful! Dorming at DU was a great experience too , its a very diverse school.
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I really like how it is a small university but there really isn't much to do on campus . The thing is that they don't really have that many big events like big universities
As a recent graduate of Dominican (class of 2016), I am very glad to have gone to school there. They helped me to afford to go to school despite not starting out with a lot of money, and now coming out the other side without too much debt, I'm able to look into grad schooling right away.
--Small class size. You're not just a number.
--Passionate professors. I took on independent projects with multiple professors during my senior year, outside of class.
--Great financial aid. I have almost no debt after graduation.
--Beautiful campus, great for just hanging around outside.
--Christian. The professors are generally accepting, but classmates can be bigoted against LGBT classmates or other religions.
--Sweltering dorm rooms. I had my window open in the dead of winter and it was still boiling hot in my dorm.
--Awful meal plan. They will only let you be exempt if you have food allergies.
All in all, it was a very positive experience, and I'm glad I went.
Small, comfortable, and beautiful. They have an excellent library and other facilities, many of which students can apply to work with and pay off their tuition or simply earn money. Very clean and quiet.
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