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Great small school environment and great people- from students to professors. A very welcoming campus that challenges you accordingly. The tuition is expensive but there are a number of scholarship opportunities and the experience is worth it.
This university is diverse, which one of the things I absolutely love. Since this is a private university, it's not as big. Everyone here is very close with one another and are very friendly. The professors here are also very helpful and accessible. They will do their best in order for you to understand material presented in the class.
I absolutely love it here. The teachers are amazing, and the school makes it very affordable for students to get a great education.
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Dominican brings in professors that invest their time and effort into students education. This is currently my third semester at Dominican as a transfer students, and I must say I have nothing but positive feedback for all of my professors.

One thing that I would like to see change at Dominican is an expansion of the library. There are so many students who spend their time at the library working on homework and studying, and such little room to do so without it being congested.
I love the comunity. Everyone is welcomed at Dominican. Students always respect property and other students, as well as create a safe environment. I like how there are traditions, such as the Caritas and Varitas day and candle and rose ceremony.
I like the Professors I've had. I feel like the school is a big community that welcomes diversity. There were a few instances where some racial slurs were thrown around, but I was not involved in those instances. I used to work in the library at the school and enjoyed the experience. I am currently going into my Junior year at Dominican University.
Its a great school with small class sizes and I love the professors due to the attention they give their students but the tuition is very expensive and you can never find parking. I love how the classes are an hour long and they're one after the other so the day gets done quicker as well as you can easily walk from building to building. Its a great University for the rich.
Dominican University is a small school with many friendly faces. I would like to see in improvement in the food variety and quality.
I really like the small campus and class sizes that Dominican University has to offer. When you walk on campus you're overwhelmed with greenery and gothic aesthetic this campus provides to the suburban community of River Forest. Being a small school also has its downfall, particularly the lack of range in professors. It is common that certain classes are only taught every other semester which causes many people to resort to taking summer classes in order to fulfill their credit credentials. I would recommend for anybody to apply because this school is what you make it. There are a lot of clubs that you can be involved with and its close proximity to Chicago means that a lot of professors are good people to network with.
After finishing my first year, I'd have to say that Dominican University is a great college to attend. Classes can be stressful, but almost all of the professors I've had have been kindhearted and helpful. The people on this campus are great to interact and work with too. Open mic nights are a highlight.
The campus is beautiful and the class sizes are small. There are plenty of opportunities to further your social life and gain plenty of knowledge. I will say that they are strict in their financial deadlines and that sometimes you need to email administrators because of slow service.
I overall enjoyed the view of Dominican its a very safe environment and has a beautiful setting too it. It as well has plenty of kind people who are very helpful and will do there best with any concerns.
As my first year here it has been an amazing experience! It is a small campus but very beautiful and quiet perfect for studying. The Professors are incredible at what they do and always want to help you achieve your goals
I love the campus. Everyone who has helped with this process of transferring out from Morton College to Dominican has been so nice and helpful. My advisor replies back to my emails within a reasonable amount of time.
Dominican University is my dream school. I went to visit to the school and I liked the school. Right now I am a senior in High School and I really want to attend Dominican University. My sister goes theres and she loves it. The area is so calm and beautiful. The campus is huge and amazing. Theres a lot of opportunity for students. Especially during the summer where you can meet new people and feel welcome to the school.
I enjoy attending Dominican University. It is located in a beautiful campus and the surrounding area is very nice. The student body is very kind and the Professors are thoughtful and considerate and want you to be successful. I enjoy being a student athlete at this wondrous university.
What I like about Dominican University is that its not to big so it's pretty easy to know your way around campus. I also like the professor there because they are willing to help you if you ask for it.
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I love Dominican! Great school, friendly students, and a good environment to learn!! The school isn't too big or too small, and its easy to get to and from class. There are a lot of clubs and sports too join, so there is always something to do on campus. The professors are also nice, except there are a few that can give you a hard time (but thats the case for almost every school).
Dominican is a very cozy and comfortable University. Faculty and Staff are always there for students to come and see them with problems, suggestions and helpful advice. My first year at Dominican has been truly amazing because there is so many things to do on campus.
My experience at Dominican University has been amazing, it was my first college choice because it reminded me of my high school. It was the perfect size, and the staff was very friendly and made me feel at home, which made my decision easier to attend.
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