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I enjoyed my time at Dominican. The campus is beautiful and the small class sizes really help your teacher to get to know you and vice versa.
Education depends on the work you put in, I've had a great experience because my professors are very good at answering questions clarifying concerns and being attentive.
The people at this school were amazing. If you establish the proper relationships your opportunities are endless. I do think the faculty could be more accessible to students, unfortunately the current situation is either your teachers are extremely helpful or not helpful at all. The students are great and its very easy to establish relationships.
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After completing my first year at Dominican, I am extremely satisfied with my experience thus far. The professors care about the students, and will do all that they can to ensure success. The one-on-one connections at Dominican open many doors for students in the academic world in addition to professions. Their are internships offered for most majors, and personal advisors are great for recommendations. Dominican is a friendly and welcoming environment.
My experience at Dominican has overall been an amazing one. I really think that having the right advisor helps make the experience here truly something worth it. The resources on campus are also very helpful and it's easy to form a real relationship with most of the people you meet throughout your educational career at Dominican.
Dominican has an environment that fosters self-sufficiency while simultaneously providing you with help to palliate the steps it takes to get where you want to go. People here care.
My overall rate of Dominican University of California is of a very nice school. The campus is impressive and beautiful. I like how the professor to student rate is considerably small, because that way students have better communication with their professors. I also like their nursing program and how relatively convenient it is, it makes your internship and college years much simpler. Only thing I wish they did, is to offer more scholarships for students from different backgrounds.
My experience so far at Dominican has been fabulous. I am enrolled in Dominican's teaching program and it has made my dream of becoming a teacher a reality. My professors really do care about me as a person and about my academics. The classes at Dominican are very rich in content and really are worth your investment. The overall campus is beautiful. Wherever you are on campus you will see trees or bushes or flowers. Dominican's campus is composed of over 400 different plant species. Dominican's community is so welcoming, kind, and diverse. The diversity is so beautifully present here. As always, students will want to get off campus and San Rafael is a great location. Located in Marin County, there are many diverse places to eat, malls, movie theaters, book stores, and hiking locations. San Rafael is also just a 30 min drive to San Francisco and a 15 min drive to Berkley.
Wanting to be located in close proximity to San Francisco but also be out in nature by the redwoods was a must for me coming from congested Los Angeles. the location is perfect, and the professors are personal and the classes are challenging but manageable. If you are here solely for a strong education then this is perfect for you. Small classes give you hands-on experience with plenty of internship opportunities. I will be coming back for another year.
When I went to go visit Dominican it was really gloomy but the people there brightened the day. The people there were really generous and the campus is not that big, which I really like. Everyone knows each other there and it is a small community that really make the campus have a positive vibe.
As a transfer student, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I know I received more! The counselors were helpful with scheduling. Classes are smaller but it is not too difficult to get the classes you need.
Psycho professor Afshin Gharib who was asked to leave by his previous job and has the worst ranking and reviews online. He was involved in a sexual relationship with another faculty member and his lectures were all about 'men craving for sex with their mothers and women wanting to have sex with their fathers. Sick mentality!
Dorms are very close to campus but the lottery system is not truly fair to anyone who truly needs on campus housing.
Freshmen year was good! Looking forward to my second year!
There's security and it's a small school.
It's a small, personalized school.
There seems to be a lot of alumni network and there is a very high rate of getting a job from this school.
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It's a great school! The professors and staff care about the students a lot and the campus is beautiful and everyone is so nice and caring.
I have walked around late at night and feel safe and if you don't you can call for the campus police to give you a ride places.
Everyone is super nice and helpful and supportive to freshmen. You have to clean your own room and bathroom. Bathroom shared with 6 girls.
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