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The campus is very open and has a lot of nature. If you like the outdoors, this college is perfect for you. Dominican is well known for their outstanding Nursing program so definitely apply here if you're interested in that field.
I love my major. If you are planning on going into the field of Occupational Therapy, then I definitely recommend Dominican. Apart from my major there are many things I dislike about the school. It's very cliquey and the school definitely shows favoritism to certain people, such as, sports players, certain majors, and people involved in certain clubs. Also the cafeteria food is the worst!
The diversity of student body and academic options is incredible--the faculty was invested in my learning and compassionate in my understanding. I feel I was pushed to seek new levels of my abilities and challenged to explore my innovative creativity. The campus itself is beautiful, although the buildings are old and could use some renovation. Angelico Hall, especially the theater/stage, could use some expansion and updating.
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Despite not having the massive sporting events and Greek life of state schools, it is located in an area where you can still maintain a social life by going to concerts, the city, Berkeley, or to the countless waterfalls/hikes in the area. The small class-size and close-knit community allows everyone to find their niche. Each person is able to get opportunities they would not necessarily be afforded at a large school and the staff and faculty wants you to succeed. For example, professors are willing to meet outside of class on top of the free tutoring offered.
My experience overall at Dominican was great.i met new people and found a new support system that I can count on. All the teachers are there to get you to success and it is very appreciated.
I recently got accepted to Dominican. The campus is beautiful and in an ideal location close to San Francisco and the overall environment is very welcoming. The school is also very generous with financial aid and merit scholarships.
Overall great experience in the science department. They provide opportunities for research and career development.
I love the small, tight-knit community Dominican has to offer. As a Nursing student, it is so helpful having small class sizes because the professors take the time to get to know you and help you succeed.
Great location, small school with nice people and nice professors. The campus is beautiful. The tuition is very expensive, but there are good programs for teaching and premed.
Small campus school with an intimate approach to education. Professors are friendly and willing to go the extra mile for all their students. Very high focus on the nursing program. Campus security is always present and quick to respond.
Dining hall is one of Dominican’s weakest points. Lunches are generally okay but dinners tend to be worse. Vegetables generally burnt, food is greasey, salad bar lols unhygienic. Had a very evident rat problem in the past year.
Dorms are given out based on a lottery system. Majority of students are commuters.
Campus is beautiful and located in a upper class, quiet neighborhood. Fireside trail located right behind. About one mile walk from downtown San Rafael, 30 minutes from San Francisco, 15 minutes from Berkeley.

I have chosen Dominican to be my home for the next four years. I'm extremely happy to be a penguin.
My experience at Dominican University has created nothing more than a positive environment that has enhanced my overall experience as a first year student. It has exceeded my expectations that I had for the school. For starters, the professors are all willing to help you in all possible ways to enable success. I feel extremely safe at my school as campus security is always there for you no matter the time of night. Being that I am an African American going to a school where I am the minority I was initially concerned about being discriminated against. However, the school goes to enormous efforts to stress the importance of equality. In today's society, it is nice to know that the university I attend seems me just as everyone else. No matter the background, race, religion, sexuality, etc., everyone is seen as equals and it is the such a beautiful environment to be around and further my education.
Valued the opportunity to attend classes through the Pathways/ADC program in the evening. The quality of education was not diminished - mostly PhD instructors with practice/work experience in Psychology. Would be great to work in cohorts with the opportunity to establish relationships and support for adult students. Also would have benefited from a more involved and consistent advisor throughout my 3 years attending the school.
So far there are a lot more to love than to dislike about this school. Teachers are always caring and are willing to help (most). The campus is beautiful and is probably one of the most beautiful campuses out there. The cafeteria food is inconsistent and usually the only good choices to eat is salad and fries. Financial wise they are a bit confusing. Other than that, I really like the school and it's demographics. You will meet a lot of people with different backgrounds in this school.
Love the small classes and the teachers. Possibly change the tuition price and cost of related school costs.
I enjoyed my time at Dominican. The campus is beautiful and the small class sizes really help your teacher to get to know you and vice versa.
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Education depends on the work you put in, I've had a great experience because my professors are very good at answering questions clarifying concerns and being attentive.
The people at this school were amazing. If you establish the proper relationships your opportunities are endless. I do think the faculty could be more accessible to students, unfortunately the current situation is either your teachers are extremely helpful or not helpful at all. The students are great and its very easy to establish relationships.
After completing my first year at Dominican, I am extremely satisfied with my experience thus far. The professors care about the students, and will do all that they can to ensure success. The one-on-one connections at Dominican open many doors for students in the academic world in addition to professions. Their are internships offered for most majors, and personal advisors are great for recommendations. Dominican is a friendly and welcoming environment.
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