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I went and toured Dominican College this past summer and the moment I got there, I fell in love. The campus is well maintained and taken care of. All of the buildings were so clean and organized inside. The tour director was very kind. The dorm rooms had lots of space. The athletic fields were nice and taken care of, as a student athlete, that was important to me. Overall, my first impression of this school was amazing.
Some teachers don’t interact well with the students and aren’t that helpful. Some are nice and want to see you succeed.
I have been coming to Dominican College for two years and am getting ready for my third year now! The faculty at this college are fantastic and supportive. since it is a smaller school, they really invest in you as a student to make you the best person you can be.
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The campus in my eyes is extremely beautiful, it’s a small school but terribly small, it’s the perfect size for me personally
Initially, the school placed me on the right track to becoming a Nurse, but I got stuck and found myself growing minimally as a person. I made the decision to transfer based on a few crucial aspects that make a student's college experience enjoyable. My professors weren't stellar. The school was weak on extracurricular activities, something that I thoroughly enjoy. Demographically, the school was built in a very conservative and extreme area. As a liberal who advocates for equality, love, and peace, that irritated me. Overall, the school simply was not the right fit for me.
The dorms for Dominican are built behind a plastic factory that emits noxious fumes. I feel very sorry for any students who live on campus and for their parents who have no idea. Just look at the aerial map, its like you're sending your kids to live at a toxic waste dump.
It's a home like feeling school. Professors are amazing and so inspirational. Others who work at the college are just as great, they're there for you. They also want what's best for you, so they push and guide you to do your best. They also provide many opportunities to give back to the community, and always have events going on, so it never gets boring.
Love everything about it.. students and professors were great.. The place is small but very clean. Can't wait to start
Dominican feels like home. I love this school because the school is a great size for me with a beautiful campus.
Very hard to get a clear understanding of what things are owed(tuition)& what classes are necessary(advising). Youll have to make several appearances at the financial aid office to get clarity on bill. Very small campus & doesnt have all the resources it should; can seem over priced. Dorms were poorly constructed, has very thin walls & ONE bathroom per FL for everyone to share. When all resident buildings(only 3)get full they put students in a near by hotel for the semester/year. Only have one dining hall & a small café. Dry campus not much of a "party scene". Many people get violations if theres too many people in a room, if theres any alcohol found, or if theres a complaint of noise. Besides STAC & the Palisades Shopping Mall, there isnt anything else to look forward to in the local area. You'll need a car to get around because not all the roads have sideways or bike paths.
I love the professors at the college. Overall my experience is favorable with each of them. There are some professors that are more difficult to deal with than others but is overall manageable and the academics are highly thought about there. The friendliness of the student body is beyond what I ever expected.
Dominican College is what you make of it. Some hate the school and transfer out and others join clubs and sports teams and have the time of their life. It does not necessarily have to do with the school you choose. I chose Dominican College because they have a great Athletic Training program and to become a part of the soccer team. So far I have had no negative experiences.
Being a student at Dominican college has been a favorable experience of mine I enjoy the many activities offered to the students it's really gotten me involved on campus. Also, I truly enjoy the 15 to 1 ratio in classrooms the teachers really do know you by your name and not just a number. I feel Dominican College is preparing me for after I graduate and become a teacher. This is truly a homey and welcoming college that I would recommend to any person who wants to be a name and get the best experience possible.
Every aspect of Dominican college from academics to athletics is excellent. I will recommend this school to friends and family because they treat all people equally and with respect.
My overall experience at Dominican has not been too bad, all the professors are friendly and always willing to help. Considering the fact that it is a small campus everyone knows each other, and there is so much to participate in making it nearly impossible for anyone to feel left out.
I like the professors at Dominican College. Some of them are understanding. What I would change about Dominican college is financial fees. I wish they had other programs to help with the cost of the college. They don't have enough programs to help with the cost. I am a mother if 2 and attending this school means a lot to me. I need my bachelors and is sacrificing a lot to do so.
It is a very comfortable and welcoming school. The class sizes are small and you aren't a number. Each professor cares and is understanding if you have to miss class.
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My first year was an amazing experience.
The school isn't too bad sometimes wish there was more to do but overall it's a good place to focus on you career
You feel completely safe on campus even during late hours
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