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Dodge City Community College is a great experience and really helpful. This college gives you a lot of help when it comes to someone not understanding a class because they have tutors available. You can also connect with professors with your major and they can help you pick the right classes and the right future for you.
Great school and community. It is a quality education that is very affordable. It is a small town with a big city atmosphere.
What I enjoyed about Dodge City Community College was getting to meet new people and interact with your professors. The number one reason I am enjoying Community College was because it wasn't as expensive as a four year university but the professors were still very high quality, they tried their hardest to make sure that you understood the material and if you were needing extra help they would help you find a tutor for that certain subject. Another thing I like about Dodge City Community College is that everyone is friendly and are willing to help you if you need an extra hand.
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The nursing program likes to keep you on your toes, it is always changing, i guess in a way it is good it creates diversity. They teach the things I'll need in life to keep my career on the right path.
It really is a great school and some of the teachers are helpful. Sometimes I wish they were had a little more advertisment for what they truly have to offer and the resources they have. You really can't find much until you dig around and when looking for new schools some students don't dig in, if what they are interested in isn't promoted. This college has a lot of hidden talents.
It's a far from home school, with a different environment.
I have had great experiences at DCCC. One of them is the classroom size. The teachers have a chance to sometimes help you on one-on-one. My school is unique to me because everyone helps each other, no one likes to see someone fall behind. I would choose this school again, because I have had a great experience and I have gained knowledge in all my courses.
I really enjoy my current college. I chose to attend the community college in my hometown to save money. Dodge City Community college holds a lot of different activities for their students and gets them very involved. We as well have many sporting events to attend and our athletes go far with their future. I would attend my college again it has been fun!
Our student body is great! We have a very diverse school with great acceptance levels.
I have not applied to financial aid simply because I would like to pay for my education on my own without any loans or government help, but the tuition is great and I did receive a scholarship that paid for half of my tuition. The School offers many other scholarships and have a very helpful payment plan available for students like me. When I registered the staff made all of my costs very clear and made sure I understood where every dollar I had to pay for was coming from.
Mentors help students find jobs related to the career they are interested in and work to get people whom have jobs related to the students majors to come to the classroom and speak with the students about their career and what it is like to work in that specific area. Mentors also work with companies in the area to help get student internships done.
DC3 has great student resources. They offer tutoring help all week and the people are very helpful. There are multiple study places and a resource center for students with great hours. They are also working on a new activity center for students which is great since there are many students who live on-campus that will now have a place to hang out and have fun.
It is a great way to slowly transition into a bigger university. If you were looking for a less stressful environment, I'd recommend coming to a junior college.
The staff are very friendly and everyone tries to help you out as much as possible
They are very unorganized in their way of showing students what and why they have billed them.
It's ok, this school is a big athletic school so most students stick with their sport groups.
I am a freshman so I have not gone through that process yet.
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Since I play a college sport, the college was great with working around my practice times and scheduling classes to accommodate that.
I have not taken any online courses yet.
I was immediately able to begin hands-on experience in the field of my major as well as playing a college sport. I was also able to work study in a program that work up to my major.
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