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Professors really challenge you to learn and get your moneys worth in the class, and are very willing to help students succeed. I would like to see more parking to adequately accommodate the on campus student body.
I like how I am able to complete my master's program online. In the future, I would like to see more graduate programs be available online.
Doane has an amazing atmosphere and really makes you feel at home when you're on campus. My first year at Doane has been an amazing one and being a part of athletics makes it even more enjoyable to be there. I really wish that it was more affordable for me to go there as it can be and is a struggle to pay for it.
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So far my freshman year has been amazing! It s a small school so everyone knows everyone. And because it is so small, the class size averages about only 13 students per class, so the professors know you by name. There are many ways to get involved on campus! The only thing about campus the I wish would change is the quality if the food served at the cafeteria. Other than that I love it here and I can't wait to see what my sophomore year has in store for me!
I love Doane and I could not have picked a better school for me. I was choosing between a few different schools and Doane was my second choice for a little while. My admissions counselor (Thad Dodd) is probably the main reason I am here.
Small town living. Good classes and professors, fun and close knit student body. Beautiful campus but miss the swans.
I loved the professors and the coaches. They were all super nice and very informative. The campus is beautiful! It just felt like home.
I come from a small school and wasn't looking to make the leap into a college like UNL. Doane is much larger than my high school, but I still get that small town feel, like I matter. Although I do not know everyone on campus, it is small enough that I don't feel like an outsider. Also, I can usually recognize most people on campus even if I have never said a word to them. This helps me know if they should be on campus or not.
I love the campus here at Doane university! the amazing trees and grass all around makes me The class size is also really great the most i've ever seen is thirty to a class. This allows the professors to really get to know students on a personal level and it also makes the professors more approachable. I would like to see the campus food options and the town of Crete's food options increase but they are working on it. Overall Doane is a fantastic place to live and i wouldn't change the four years i'm going to spend here for anything.
Well, I am only a senior in high school, but I plan on attending Doane next fall. Their campus is very well kept. There are always people there to help answer your questions if you don't know where you are. There are a lot of new things that you can experience on their campus. This is perfect for people who are trying to put themselves out in the world. Doane is known for their education program which is the number one reason I want to attend their college next fall. If you are questioning your college choice, if I were you, I would go on ahead and check out Doane University. ​
I enjoyed my time at Doane. My education was top notch, and I also gained great experiences & friendships!!
The academics are outstanding. The teachers provide a workload.
This campus is very diverse. Everyone is accepted.
Drugs are not available on campus, so it is very safe.
This campus is friendly and is a beautiful campus.
The value of the classes are wonderful. The teachers prepare students for the future.
This campus is very safe and has active security at night.
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Campus housing has a social atmosphere with friendly people.
Greek life is very important on campus. A lot of students are Greek.
Almost every student is involved in a sport on campus.
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