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This is the fastest growing university and college in Utah for a reason. The professors and resources are excellent and there is also a great school spirit and many fun activities. They continue to upgrade and build more resources for every area of the school including athletics, recreation, arts, and theater. There is a home for everybody.
I love Dixie the weather is great and the classes are small and intimate. tuition is going up but the student life is great.
Awesome Professors and great student activities each week. Parking is terrible whether you have a parking pass or not, or even if your a visitor.
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Dixie State University is a great school, that is actively growing in size and opportunity. There are many options and paths to choose from. It is also relatively small in size, which provides for a lot of opportunities to be active in many different aspects of the university.
Dixie State University is a great school because it has enough students that there is always something happening, but it's also small enough that class sizes are great. You can always find time to talk to professors when needed. There are clubs on campus for everyone. I made two new friends in the first month of the semester, but by the end of that semester I had a huge group of friends because they all just invite you in.
I love the involvement that’s available at Dixie. There are always activities and events to keep you active and involved.
Dixie State is small enough to have good class sizes and teacher-student interaction. Yet it is also constantly growing gaining many new programs. There are many activities on campus and fun outdoor activities 5 mins off campus.
Being a local, I really enjoy the university because it offers what I need at the moment. In the future, I hope the campus expands even more than it is currently to give students the full benefits. Dixie State University recently just opened their new graduate program just for accounting. I would love to see Dixie State carry more graduate programs.
I loved the balance I had between school, work, and life at Dixie State University. There's just an unexplained feeling at Dixie that makes it so fun to be apart of. It's that Dixie SPIRIT! I treasure all my time at Dixie State University.
Dixie State University has a really exciting vibe to it. There are always activities and events happening on campus, you can never get bored! The professors are awesome and class sizes are small, which makes it very easy to get to know your professor personally. They really care about their students and are willing to take time out of their days to help out. The Holland building has many helpful aspects to it if you ever need any help, there are people there ready and willing to assist your every need and answer any question you may have. There are also free tutors and writing help which comes in handy with hard homework or editing papers. Overall Dixie State University is a great place to attend school!
Dixie State University is a great university. The classrooms are small, which means that every professors knows my name and can help me personally when I am struggling with something. There are always school activities going on during the week or weekends if you like to go out and have some fun with friends. Since attending DSU, I have made tons of friends that I believe will be with me for a long time. All thanks to Dixie State.
They have been very helpful in trying to decide my field of study and whether i should go there. Thank you!
Dixie State University is a great place to get your education. All the professors that I have dealt with have all tried their best to make sure you do well in their classes. One thing that I would like to see improved is more activities or events held by the University to bring the students together. It feels like there are often stretches of time where there isn't much to do, and this is coming from a student athlete who usually have time to do anything else besides soccer and homework. But otherwise Dixie is stellar institution.
I love this university because there are people who help you with your homework or problems. The tuition is cheap and
Dixie State has been the school to meet my needs. I love the atmosphere and the ability to walk outside on campus in the warm weather found year round. Everyone is friendly and they always have activities going on. The sports are fun to watch and brings the school spirit to life with each win.

Another thing that is great about Dixie, is its cost. We are one of the cheapest Universities in the state of Utah. It gives me hope for receiving a good education with willing and loving professors to guide you into the future without having to break my bank in doing so.

Overall college is not for everyone, and Dixie State is not for everyone, but it is the University for me and it could be the University for you!
I love going to Dixie. I wish I had more time to be involved in the on-campus activities, because the ones I did have the time to attend were so fun! Great school with lots of resources.
Super cheap for what they offer. They care more about their losing football team than peoples academics though. They try to get students to engage in various activities which is pretty awesome. It's not the school that's going to help you get a job when you graduate, it's the connections you make with the people and making a great bond with a professor has proven to be immensely helpful. Being a digital design major I've reached out to several professors who have given me my first ever clients to do freelance work, which i'll be forever grateful for.
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Dixie State University is a great college for students transitioning from high school. The small class sizes and light work load make it a perfect college to get your feet wet with the college experience. The campus is clean and friendly, and there are plenty of activities to do outside of school.
I loved all my teachers. They were always helpful. They cared about your success. The faculty through out was always ready to help you succeed.
My experience at Dixie State University has been enriching. This has been the home of study that has received me with an immigrant and has given me the opportunity to study to improve myself and one day to fulfill my dreams. I like that the size of the classes is small and the teachers are dedicated to their students understand their classes and have good grades. Even so, I would like to improve the food options inside the campus, since it is very limited.
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