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Dixie State University is a great university. The classrooms are small, which means that every professors knows my name and can help me personally when I am struggling with something. There are always school activities going on during the week or weekends if you like to go out and have some fun with friends. Since attending DSU, I have made tons of friends that I believe will be with me for a long time. All thanks to Dixie State.
They have been very helpful in trying to decide my field of study and whether i should go there. Thank you!
Dixie State University is a great place to get your education. All the professors that I have dealt with have all tried their best to make sure you do well in their classes. One thing that I would like to see improved is more activities or events held by the University to bring the students together. It feels like there are often stretches of time where there isn't much to do, and this is coming from a student athlete who usually have time to do anything else besides soccer and homework. But otherwise Dixie is stellar institution.
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I love this university because there are people who help you with your homework or problems. The tuition is cheap and
Dixie State has been the school to meet my needs. I love the atmosphere and the ability to walk outside on campus in the warm weather found year round. Everyone is friendly and they always have activities going on. The sports are fun to watch and brings the school spirit to life with each win.

Another thing that is great about Dixie, is its cost. We are one of the cheapest Universities in the state of Utah. It gives me hope for receiving a good education with willing and loving professors to guide you into the future without having to break my bank in doing so.

Overall college is not for everyone, and Dixie State is not for everyone, but it is the University for me and it could be the University for you!
I love going to Dixie. I wish I had more time to be involved in the on-campus activities, because the ones I did have the time to attend were so fun! Great school with lots of resources.
Super cheap for what they offer. They care more about their losing football team than peoples academics though. They try to get students to engage in various activities which is pretty awesome. It's not the school that's going to help you get a job when you graduate, it's the connections you make with the people and making a great bond with a professor has proven to be immensely helpful. Being a digital design major I've reached out to several professors who have given me my first ever clients to do freelance work, which i'll be forever grateful for.
Dixie State University is a great college for students transitioning from high school. The small class sizes and light work load make it a perfect college to get your feet wet with the college experience. The campus is clean and friendly, and there are plenty of activities to do outside of school.
I loved all my teachers. They were always helpful. They cared about your success. The faculty through out was always ready to help you succeed.
My experience at Dixie State University has been enriching. This has been the home of study that has received me with an immigrant and has given me the opportunity to study to improve myself and one day to fulfill my dreams. I like that the size of the classes is small and the teachers are dedicated to their students understand their classes and have good grades. Even so, I would like to improve the food options inside the campus, since it is very limited.
Dixie State University is affordable yet offers a efficient education system while living in an excellent environment. Campus is small yet student-friendly and the faculty provides great service to the students. I am enrolled in the Computer Science program and I enjoy the program that Dixie has to offer.
Dixie State University is a student experience centered institution. They value their students, they provide amazing resources and experiences for them. It is a reasonably priced university with excellent programs. And it's in the fastest growing city in Utah.
The campus is extremely friendly and warm. The people are nice and genuine and seeing a frown is not a common thing. The staff is excellent and the people there simply wish to help and encourage you. I look forward to living out the "college experience" here and blazing a trail to my future.
Dixie State University is a great place to go to school! I'm excited to see all of the upcoming improvements that are in-store for the campus.
My first year here was very experimental. Trying new things, exploring, meeting new people from almost about everywhere. Having to build up your own character while being on your own, but so many resources here are so helpful. If you are an outdoors kind of person then I'd recommend coming here. If not then this won't be the place for you.
Dixie gets a one star from me today. I absolutely loved it there when I went. But now the administration is firing tenured teachers without due cause. Don't go here unless something changes.
Don't go here the administration is awful and the religious good old boy system is very well in place and if you are not a member of their god squad they will destroy your reputation and career
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I have no confidence in the current administration. The school used to have a lot of school spirit and very fine professors. Now, several of the tenured music and drama, and other professors have been terminated, quietly without due process and explanations. Students are in panic, and other professors are afraid to speak up with their opinions, or they may get fired as these recent ones were! I'm giving my rating below because of the recent firing of TOP professors!
The current administration at DSU has no integrity. No honor. They treat faculty and students with extreme disrespect. I am now ashamed that I graduated from this school.
Firing faculty without cause or justification halfway through a semester is not conducive to a safe learning environment. The administration doesn’t give us answers as to why and refuses to hear our concerns on the matter. I used to love this school and enjoyed coming to class everyday. Now I just hope to survive and graduate this semester (spring 2018). Honestly, if I wasn’t so close to graduation I would transfer out. If you or a your child is thinking about attending this University, trust me when I say there are far better options out there.
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