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The campus is extremely friendly and warm. The people are nice and genuine and seeing a frown is not a common thing. The staff is excellent and the people there simply wish to help and encourage you. I look forward to living out the "college experience" here and blazing a trail to my future.
Dixie State University is a great place to go to school! I'm excited to see all of the upcoming improvements that are in-store for the campus.
My first year here was very experimental. Trying new things, exploring, meeting new people from almost about everywhere. Having to build up your own character while being on your own, but so many resources here are so helpful. If you are an outdoors kind of person then I'd recommend coming here. If not then this won't be the place for you.
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Dixie gets a one star from me today. I absolutely loved it there when I went. But now the administration is firing tenured teachers without due cause. Don't go here unless something changes.
Don't go here the administration is awful and the religious good old boy system is very well in place and if you are not a member of their god squad they will destroy your reputation and career
I have no confidence in the current administration. The school used to have a lot of school spirit and very fine professors. Now, several of the tenured music and drama, and other professors have been terminated, quietly without due process and explanations. Students are in panic, and other professors are afraid to speak up with their opinions, or they may get fired as these recent ones were! I'm giving my rating below because of the recent firing of TOP professors!
The current administration at DSU has no integrity. No honor. They treat faculty and students with extreme disrespect. I am now ashamed that I graduated from this school.
Firing faculty without cause or justification halfway through a semester is not conducive to a safe learning environment. The administration doesn’t give us answers as to why and refuses to hear our concerns on the matter. I used to love this school and enjoyed coming to class everyday. Now I just hope to survive and graduate this semester (spring 2018). Honestly, if I wasn’t so close to graduation I would transfer out. If you or a your child is thinking about attending this University, trust me when I say there are far better options out there.
One Star while the current moron President Biff Williams sits on his thrown. #votenoconfindenceinbiff
During my time at Dixie State “University” I watched as several great leaders/professors were wrongfully fired. This disrupted the students learning in multiple ways. The administration has no answers for any questions the students have. The drug problem in southern Utah is huge and it’s surely about the only fun thing you can do while going to school here. Clubs suck. The sports teams are atrocious. But a positive of this school is that the professors really care about the students. When they are not worried about losing their jobs. Which is never the case. Basically the school is the worst. Go spend your money on a school that will give you an actual degree to be proud of.
I enjoy Dixie State University. I would say my only complete would be not being able to submit my school work on my apple computer. Its hard for me to go find another computer to submit my work on.
So far, my experience with Dixie is tied closely to the amazing advisers and mentors on campus. Their diligence and care has made an everlasting impact on me and my fellow students. The only downfall of Dixie is their failure to properly address Title XI issues, and I hope that they take harassment issues seriously in the future.
If you want to experience the high-level training and education that comes from a University but not get lost in the crowd, DSU is exactly what you need. My professors are so personal, they don't just want to teach a class, they want to teach ME and every individual student. For an incoming freshman, this is also one of the best schools to get an idea of what college is all about--it's a great "starter college" you could say.
Over all Dixie is a great place to go! There is so much to do on campus and the people are so welcoming. The professors work really well with you and want you to succeed. Dixie state is also located in a amazing city with lots to do on and off campus.
It’s very welcoming and the activities are awesome! Something I would like to see is more diversity amongst my peers
Dixie is the only college I've been to. its not very diverse, but I do believe the staff care. There are lots of activities on campus but I wouldn't say this college is the best ever.
I love being at Dixie state so much. It has such a beautiful campus and has all the resources you need to get a good grade. The teacher to student ratio is amazing, I’ve gotten to know many of my professors by going to them one on one for help.
So far attending Dixie State University has been great! Classes have been good with nice teachers, a decent amount of homework, and plenty of test anxiety (but the tests are not harder than they should be).
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Dixie State University has amazing instructors that will go out of their way to make sure you are on track and where you need to be. No hesitation whatsoever to help their students. Also, the classes are generally 20-30 students large, which makes it great to ask questions and learn more efficiently.
Alot of incoming Freshmen come to Dixie State looking for fun, parties, great outdoor activities, but Dixie has a low retention rate. They need to do something to keep students from leaving once they get there.
I went to Dixie State University for an overnight stay, trying to decide if I wanted to go to the college. I loved the dorms, student life, and surrounding area. They even have their own little cafe in the library and other food places on campus. That's not all, though. The surrounding area is safe and friendly to all people. It's not a huge town but is a good size. I've decided that I would like to go here.
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