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I like that there is open areas on campus and there are little "picnic" tables out doors with shade, outlets, and wifi so that one can do their work on a beautiful day. DSU also has weekly Wednesday activities to keep the student life up beat and ready to have fun. One of the few things I wish they had was more parking spots for students and better food to choose from with faster food service.
It's an inexpensive college that provides a good diversity of courses. It's an amazing place to receive education without splurging all of your life savings.
The student to teacher ratio is low.

It's located in a very safe and quiet town, and the student apartments are priced at an acceptable range even for low income families.
I have loved Dixie State University. My biggest class size is 25 and you really have a chance to know your professor. My favorite place is the Holland Building. It is a library, a study place, has tutors for any subject, a writing center, and a lot more different resources that help students succeed. The campus is small that you can walk across campus in 5 minutes but you still feel you meet someone new everyday. I would love to see a more variety of classes and more degrees.
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Its an amazing school that i went to go visit.Everything about it feels like home .It was an amazing experience
Overall, this college is nice. I don't like that the approach to academics here. I prefer going to a college that stresses importance on the academic aspect of college. This university is centered around the athletics and some of that focus needs to be relayed to the academic parts of this school.
I love the affordability and small campus! The class sizes are small and the professors make time for everyone and are very understanding. My only issue is with the required meal plan in certain dorms.
I did enjoy my time at Dixie state while i participated in a soccer camp that was held on the campus. We stayed in the dorms and enjoyed the food but found that the campus was excellent and allowed us the ability to roam around.
Dixie State is great! Smaller school, more personal attention, lots of involvement, and free food at any event! If you love warm weather and outdoor activities Dixie is for you!
I really love the smaller class sizes, because the professors get to know you and are willing to help you to succeed! They are a growing university, so they don't have certain degrees there, but they are progressing quickly! The campus is still small enough that it is easy to be able to walk anywhere you need! Also you are surrounded by many outdoor beauties, and the temperatures make outdoor activities manageable and fun! There is always something going on so be prepared for lots of activities and clubs.
I loved the size of the campus and the teachers. Every class was personalized and the teachers genuinely cared about their students. However, I wish that the art department was given more funding.
Dixie State is a fantastic university. The location is awesome! The students there are all so friendly and genuine. The professors are very engaging and also care for the students and help them succeed. The clubs are awesome! Dixie State holds plenty of activities so there is never a dull moment on campus! All around Dixie State is one of the best universities in the west!
The campus, though smaller, is quite beautiful. The people are wonderful, and that includes the ones working there. They are so very helpful and know what their doing for the most part. Classes are small and teachers are helpful.
Great atmosphere, the people are super nice, School is super clean and you really get good vibes here.
Everyone is very nice. They are always will to help with anything. I love it there. I have made a lot of new friends
The small classes are great. However, the school doesn't put much focus on the biology department and their funds often go towards other parts of the campus.
Dixe is located in St. George, UT. It's safe and kinda boring. I do love how's so close to Vegas. The weather is nice but it does get really hot in the summer. Classes were easy. People were nice.
I loved attending classes at Dixie State University. The professors were well-learned in their respective courses, and each class was small enough to have each question answered in turn.
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I love DSU it is an excellent university! I love the student life there is always something going on for students to participate in. We have excellent professors that actually teach you and not an TA that's teaching you. We have so much to do around campus with an outside theater, multiple national parks, some resivours and many festivals to participate in for some extra fun when your not in class.
I haven't yet attended Dixie State but I will be in the fall. So far all the faculty that I have had the opportunity to associate with have been very helpful in getting not just ready for my college classes but for the college experience.
Dixie is a great and inexpensive college! There's lots to do around campus and around St. George. The class sizes are really small, so you get to know your professors really well and vice versa.
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