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Divers Institute of Technology Reviews

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They help you look for a job
Learning to commercial dive is amazing
fnancial aid is offerd at this school but it does not cover tuition. the money you will be making once you are in the field working will be worth more than the tuition
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Most of the students are pretty helpfull, but there ae rude everywhere you go.
Job Assistence – DIT has been very helpfull on giving recomondations and helping students get lined up with companies.
Their courses are; Phisics, Medicine, First aid/ CPR, Chamber, Lightweight intro, Rigging, Offshore, HAZMAT, Welding, Underwater Welding, Burning, Underwater burning, Hydraulic tools, Salvage, SCUBA, Inland, and Deep dives. All the instructors teaching these classes are very knowlagable and experienced in the area they are teaching.
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