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Dine College is a great institution for a 4 year community college, every staff here is very helpful, and wants you to succeed in the best way possible!
As a student at Dine College, I have to say the best thing about it are that most of the teachers are well versed and knowledgeable in the subjects they teach. The library also had a large impact on my ability to learn as the librarians were extremely helpful.
What I have always liked about Dine College was it wasn't far from home, the campus was only about hour to get too from my place. That to me isn't so bad, because you can still get to come back home and can study in peace.
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I really enjoy the science department and how they help students with understanding what they learned. It takes real world scenarios and applies them to what your learning. For me the English department wasn't as educating as I would've liked it to be and felt high school taught me more
The college is based upon what we as Navajos consider sacred. Traditional Navajo culture and westernized teaching are taught within Dine' College with this type of teaching it to bring the student to recognize that we can use what we learn within our culture to persevere in today's society.
It's a very good college. it's also affordable to anyone who is seeking an associates or a bachelor's degree. most of the teachers here are very helpful and dependable on. It's also great for many native amercian students.
What I like about Dine College is that it gives the Navajo philosophy into the college and influence everyone to achieve for higher success. What I like to see change is a better system for student life and food.
Dine college is a small college but it is located in a beautiful area. The landscape is breathtaking and along with that you get a one-on-one experience with your professors. The student life is great alone with people who you meet. I strongly recommend Diné College to anyone who enjoys a small place with good people.
I like the fact that I'm isolated from just about everything, making it easier to not be distracted from my study's. also I've learn so much about my own culture that you wouldn't learn in a book or on the internet. the only thing I would say to fix is increasing the profession and major that can be taken here at dine college
Dine College does a great job at incorporating the Navajo Language and culture in their classrooms and all around campus. It keeps the dine teachings and practices rich.
Dine College is an excellent tribal college with plenty of majors to choose from and a low tuition. There are a lot of experienced professors that are great teachers and make learning the topics simply and understandable.
Dine College is an excellent institution for the Dine (Navajo) tribe. Part of their enrollment requirement for their Navajo students is taking an assessment to determine how much of language we are able to speak and understand, and also traditional Native knowledge - such as our origin stories and teachings. Based on this assessment they place you in courses where you can learn more about our Native traditions and language from well-educated Navajo instructors. They have campuses in Tsaile, Window Rock, Shiprock, Chinle, Kayenta, and Tuba City (the campus I attend).
Dine Community College is a great college. I have been here for almost 6 years and I am proud to be a Warrior. The instructors, school advisers and classes definitely work with your daily lives. I meet quite a few new fellow and past students while attending. Also the main campus area is a definite view to see with the wilderness surrounding you. The one thing I would like to change is maybe adding more building to the other outside classes.
Currently a first year student. I enjoy my time here with many of my peers and instructors who are very insightful on many of the subjects they teach.
Every day, every week, every month, every semester and every year this College is changing. Degree programs are growing, allowing some majors a bachelors program. I love this college because other colleges can't teach and give me the hands on courses of the Dine (Navajo) Language. The Navajo culture is interpreted within the syllabus, the class and the environment. It's just a welcoming learning environment.
The College is Fantastic. Excellent teachers who know what they are doing! You get the higher education that you need and for such a great price! The food here is excellent and the students are great to get along with. With fast WiFi you do not have to worry about online classes taking forever you will always be up to date. The college is a bit isolated so there are not many stores to travel to, but they do know how to have fun here! The dorms are old but in good condition and you have just enough living space to be comfortable. The safety on campus is OUTSTANDING. The campus Police are always patrolling day and night 24/7 rain sleet or snow! the diversity is not too diverse with it being a native school so as expected it is a majority native population. The athletics here are OK with there being a basketball team and an archery team with a coach who was elected coach of the year for archery. All in all this is a great college and highly recommend it. 4 stars!
A wonderful and affordable community college. Full of all sorts of natives right in the heart of the Navajo Nation. Culturally rooted in the Navajo culture. Diné College is perfect for any person of Navajo heritage and is also great for anyone wanting to learn about the culture. Building are old but what college isn't old. Diné College campus is off the grid so it is great for anyone who enjoys the mountains and truly being off the grid.
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My experience at Dine College was different from what my family members said when they did attend here. I am isolated from fast food restaurants and the urban setting because your in a small area on the Navajo Reservation. I like the dorm setting but I feel like the rules are strict, the professors here are nice and willing to help you with whatever you need in helping you approve your grade in classes. You get to know people from across the reservation and the class sizes are small which is great! Being here made me more focused on my education as well as going outdoors and exploring around the area. I feel like the place could improve on the food in the cafeteria because it seems like your always eating the same thing.
They worked well around my schedule and I still got to do things that I wanted to do, and my credits transferred easily.
Although they have minor difficulties here and there the online courses allow you to work around time that is flexible to you and this is great help if you are working or trying to pursue another career and you still get the same education if you were on campus.
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